The Virgo Litterbox

On Labor Day, I stopped at the pet store to get some cat litter. It’s America, stores are open almost all holidays so why not? I followed a dog into the store that was much happier to be there than me (probably because he doesn’t have to pay).

Oh yeah, and why are dogs allowed and not cats? Which is the most common house pet, huh?

A bit to my surprise, the store was packed and product thin as the store must have had a special sale. My surprise didn’t last long, you might have guessed, as I’m an astrologer and Labor Day does fall in the sign of Virgo, which rules pets.

Virgo also rules work, health, food and diet. Virgo is ruled by Mercury which is learning and communication. It’s no wonder we go back-to-school in Virgo. It’s also no surprise that Labor Day falls in this sign.

I’m guessing the vitamin store was packed too but I didn’t stop there. There’s not enough time in the day for all the Virgo.

Why the pets?

That Virgo rules work and health makes sense as Virgo, being an earth sign, is concerned with the material world. Taurus builds and buys, Capricorn owns and controls, so Virgo must do the project planning and logistics.

Virgo manages daily world details from getting to work on time to making sure you have enough vitamin B12 and don’t pass out on the desk when the boss is walking by.

How do pets fit in?

Like the tai chi symbol, each sign has a polarity, a complementary opposite. For Virgo, that sign is Pisces.

Like the tai chi symbol, each month is ruled by a sign but contains the seed of the polarity which manifest during the full moon (when the moon is opposite the sun).

Like the tai chi symbol, when a sign becomes extreme, it becomes its opposite.

Why the fastidious, keep-your-feet-off-the-table, oh-my-god-did-I-eat-butter, Virgo would rule drooling, shedding, smelly animals is a mystery only if you don’t think about Pisces.

Virgo has the attention to detail that is needed to maintain domestic animals while Pisces supplies the empathy for beings that are dependent upon us without utility. Virgo love of pets involves Pisces feelings of love and tenderness.

Pet Extremes

On the Virgo-Pisces extreme for pets, we have animal hoarding and, in certain cases, animal rescue.

This article is by a psychologist who has worked with individuals who’ve hoarded animals. She notes that the individuals have a great capacity for love but may have had some trauma or loss that triggered the need for the conflict-free love that comes from pets.

Pisces is the mutable water sign, the last sign of the zodiac and the most sensitive. Water signs don’t bounce back from trauma and loss the way the other elements can, especially fire, which rules the spirit. Air finds new interests and people. Earth has the fortitude to continue with practical matters and routine.

Water, though, flows downward naturally and can have a difficult time letting go of pain and injury. Water signs may also feel injured where other elements haven’t registered a notable event.

What’s interesting about hoarding of any kind is that it’s seen as an inability to categorize. Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, is about analyzing and categorizing. Unbalanced Virgo-Pisces seems to run the gamut from over-categorizing obsessive-compulsive disorder to uncategorized hoarding.

Virgo is analysis, Pisces is synthesis. We need a little of both to be in balance.

Related to animal hoarding is animal rescue. Sometimes hoarders are rescuers and sometimes rescuers are reluctant to allow the pet to live with others when the environment is not perfect (another Virgo trait – perfectionism).

Pisces is the rescuer of the zodiac. This trait can create difficulties for the rescuer creating the need for Pisces to be rescued from its own rescuing efforts. This article suggests the rescuer identity is simply a means to create relationships.

Neptune Calling

Transiting Neptune is in Pisces, the sign it rules. Neptune entered Pisces in February 2012 and will be in Pisces through 2026. That’s a long time.

Neptune in Pisces should bring heightened spirituality. Neptune (and Pisces) lower desire is for that same feeling through heightened sensation so expect continued increase in use of intoxicants, both legal and illegal.

Neptune and Pisces bring rain and fog and water, which we’ve already noticed. Now water issues, such as lack of water in the world and polluted water, are becoming more common.

Every Virgo season (end of August to end of September) until 2026, Neptune will be opposing some of that energy. Some full moons will be more intense than others depending upon which degree the moon lands and where Neptune is residing.

This month’s full moon is September 8 and will be in 16 degrees of Pisces. Neptune is only in five degrees of Pisces so it’s okay to be on the roads. But if you drink, take a cab.

I’ve never noticed the long-term influence that astrologers predict with full moons; but, then again, I’ve never really studied it. The full-moon energy is always present as the polarity (or unmanifested side) of any energy we experience.

What I have noticed, again since Labor Day, is that my pet cat has been chasing cobwebs (or, dare I say, ghosts) through the house. I thought I’d missed the full moon; but no, it just came early this month, while the moon was in Sagittarius.

Or maybe my cat is reminding me that this Virgo month she RULES. And if I forget, she will gladly wake me at three in the morning to let remind me.

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The Comcast Family

When I tell people that I no longer care to pay for television, they immediately respond with the varying options available to me in my market. (Anecdotal evidence suggests Netflix has the best brand awareness in my market.)

What’s interesting to me, having been on this planet before the advent of cable television, is that there is no question about whether or not to pay for television. When paid television was created, it was considered an entertainment expense. Today, it appears, it has become a necessity. Paying for television is no different than paying for electricity or water. That’s probably because it’s often tied to two services that are increasingly essential – telephone and Internet.

According to this site, experimental television broadcast began in the early 1930s. At that time, Pluto was transiting Cancer, the sign of family and belonging.

Prior to Cancer, Pluto transited Gemini from 1884 to 1914. Gemini rules communication and during this critical time, most of our modern communication devices were created or being created: mass circulation newspapers, state education, radio, telephone and television.

At the end of Pluto in Gemini, we had our first “world” war. Wars are part of our known human history but a “world” war meant something important – we now saw ourselves as one world. We were now a world, not a family or a clan but a whole world.

How did that happen but from mass communication?

If we became one world in 1914, why did we fight instead of inviting each other for dinner?

As Pluto moved from Gemini to Cancer, the sign of family, Pluto did bring us together but unfortunately not at the dinner table. If Pluto in Gemini brought the “mass” to communication, Pluto in Cancer brought the world together through radio then television.

In 1947, television finally exploded after we ended our two “world” wars and had the capacity to develop it. By this time, Pluto in Leo was birthing the “Me Generation” who fought with their parents (in the 1960s), called themselves “hippies” and was expressive to the point of irresponsibility.

How would a group of youngsters across the country have amassed a movement without the power of image that came through television? What was “fame” prior to television? What was self-expression prior to television?

Hippies dropped out of the “establishment.” Was there always an establishment or was establishment a development of their parent’s generation?

Born in the Time of Television, I will never know.

The power of image and any portal that provides image is beyond what I can describe. It’s truly magical, like reality itself. As I often read, we’re not even sure how the eyes make sense of the world.

That we pay for image is understandable because of its great power and magic. As Neptune is transiting Pisces for many years to come, I expect this power to be better understood.

Possibly ingesting image does to your mind what ingesting food does to your body. Neptune in Pisces has brought water issues (such as pollution) to the surface and over its long transit may help us understand image issues and what they do to our mental and emotional health.

Hopefully we’ll get a little of Pisces’ opposing energy – Virgo – to do some picking through the garden to determine which plants are edible and which are weeds.

The Comcast Family

Comcast, the largest broadcast and cable company in the world, according to Wikipedia, was formed on June 28, 1963 as American Cable Systems. Interestingly, the current CEO, Brian Roberts (son of the founder), was also born on June 28 (1959).

Comcast was founded with sun in Cancer, the sign of mothering, nurturing, belonging and family. The moon was in Libra, the sign of partnership.

In this blog, we see early images of television viewing with families gathered together to watch a show. Today I’m sure that still occurs, but probably at a far lower percent as the choices are incredibly more abundant and the idea you watch what your mom watches has definitely gone out of style.

It’s quite interesting to me that television started as a family event then created extremely rebellious youth. That’s the power of image and mass communication.

Comcast was born at a time when television united families after the Pluto-in-Cancer loss of domestic life from 1914-1939. Now that transiting Pluto is in Capricorn, it opposes Comcast’s sun suggesting that the government will breakup the Comcast family.

Comcast is currently trying to merge with Time Warner Cable. Astrological indicators (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries) suggest that not only will this be blocked, but Comcast may suffer some other Plutonian damage in the process either from breakup of the family business or excessive regulation.

Could Comcast be nationalized in some way?

In July 2015 when transiting Jupiter opposes Comcast’s natal Saturn in Aquarius, the company may receive the final outcome which will probably involve some communal (government?) stake in the business (Aquarius) and re-branding of certain portions of the business (Leo). From a business perspective, I’m not sure what it means but Jupiter in Leo says, “You can call it yours but you must give a part to the entire group as recompense.”

Natal Saturn in Aquarius doesn’t fit in with the group, is not playing by these ideal rules the group creates that do not consider family or personal relationships.

Possibly the government will do to media what it does to banks – says you have to give up market share to another brand.

I haven’t followed media as much as banking, but know that in banking the government doesn’t care what you’re called or how many pieces you have because it’s involved in all those pieces regardless.

Maybe it’s the same with media. I haven’t explored why the government regulated television conversion from analog to digital which seems odd for something that is just entertainment. Possibly that digital regulation represents the Pluto opposition which was in orb at the time (2009).

Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts, current Comcast CEO, has Uranus, Mars and Venus all in Leo. Jupiter will begin transiting these planets in spring of 2015. Uranus will also continue its transit of his moon in Aries.

At that time, Roberts may take impulsive and unexpected action. Roberts’ chart isn’t one of someone who speaks irresponsibly, but in his role as CEO he might find himself taking back his words as Jupiter creates a strong need to save a brand, save an image.

Roberts has natal Saturn (in Capricorn) opposing sun (in Cancer). Transiting Pluto has already been over that so the worst of the bargaining is actually over. The worst wear and tear of government versus security has passed. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio transiting Roberts’ natal Neptune then Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that some money was owed or demanded and that, too, has passed.

My own political saying is that it takes 20 years to hear the political truth, well past the time you can do anything about it. Likewise with this Pluto-in-Capricorn transit which affects both Comcast and Roberts personally, as they have the same birthday. Maybe in 20 years we’ll know what Comcast had to negotiate with regard to this business transaction.

Both Comcast and Roberts also have a little transiting Neptune action with transiting Neptune in Pisces opposing natal Pluto in Virgo. Neptune is Pisces is the big picture, Pluto in Virgo obsession about details. Through excessive focus on detail, Roberts may be missing a big smokescreen.

With Pluto calling the shots, I’m guessing Roberts has already signed on a dotted line. Pluto’s a difficult planet to manage if you want to hold on to anything that you have.

Dynastic fathers and sons

The astrological contacts between father Ralph Roberts (founder) and son Brian Roberts involve planets you’d expect from dynastic succession – Saturn (structure and authority) and Pluto (power and control).

Both father and son have Saturn in the sign opposite their sun. The father has Saturn on his son’s Pluto and Pluto on his son’s sun. Ralph, essentially, had no choice about being in the business.

Ralph may be a business man at some level with that moon in Aries, but he may have gravitated naturally to something less “successful.” Natal Saturn in Capricorn represents a compulsion to be successful and a compensating fear of failure.

When you’re left an empire, how can you fail?

When Ralph Roberts’ Leo energy gets activated next year with the help of Uranus transiting the moon, we may see some self-expressive behavior that ignores Saturn-in-Capricorn’s cautious advice and fear of failure and loss of reputation.

Roberts Sr. is at quite an advanced age (94) and we don’t know how much influence he exerts on his son. From the charts, I’m guessing it is a lot regardless of his ability to enforce his views. As Roberts Senior lessens his hold over time, Roberts Junior may be able to shed some of that Saturnian, paternal, influence and exert that Leo energy.

Jupiter in Virgo

While transiting Jupiter in Leo may ignite changes from Brian Roberts, it probably won’t be until late 2015 that changes to Comcast occur.

In October 2015, Jupiter will conjunct natal Pluto and Mars in Virgo in the Comcast chart. However, a few months later in January, Jupiter goes retrograde (apparent backward motion) and returns to the October 2015 placement in May 2016.

Virgo squares the natal Venus and Mercury in Gemini which suggests some limitation of communication.

CEO Roberts may want to take his vacation before Jupiter enters Virgo as it will be a trying time for the company.

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Good Planet, Bad Planet

Over a hearty but greasy breakfast, a friend and I discussed our Jupiter returns (in Cancer, surprise) and that it wasn’t quite what we expected. With Jupiter, you expect some mighty fine stuff to happen.

Jupiter, my friends, is the ancient astrological great benefic bestowing good upon all like Santa Claus who bestows gifts, a Jupiter figure who visits as the sun moves from Sagittarius (when Santa makes all those gifts and sends them to Walmart) into Capricorn (when Santa must then pay off his hardware store credit cards).

At an astrological conference a Saturn return ago (long time), an astrologer pointed out that Jupiter was not “good” or “bad” but bestowed its Jupiter trait of expansion upon what it finds.

If you have planted a seed in the ground, Jupiter expansion can help it grow into a big tomato.

Good Jupiter.

If you have a lump in some part of your body, Jupiter expansion might be the opposite of what you want.

Bad Jupiter.

Saturn, in contrast to Jupiter, is an ancient malefic bestowing hardship and contraction upon what it finds.

Saturn contraction on our little tomato seed might prevent it from growing into a juicy beefsteak.

Bad Saturn.

The lump in our body welcomes the contracting principle of Saturn. When you diet, you also enjoy a little Saturn – what is skinny if not Saturn?

Good Saturn.

Sai Weng

There is a Chinese story of a man who experiences events that others perceive as “good” or “bad.” Sai Weng replies to the praise and pity with equal temperance.

The Lost Horse

A man who lived on the northern frontier of China was skilled in interpreting events. One day for no reason, his horse ran away to the nomads across the border. Everyone tried to console him, but his father said, “What makes you so sure this isn’t a blessing?” Some months later his horse returned, bringing a splendid nomad stallion. Everyone congratulated him, but his father said, “What makes you so sure this isn’t a disaster?” Their household was richer by a fine horse, which the son loved to ride. One day he fell and broke his hip. Everyone tried to console him, but his father said, “What makes you so sure this isn’t a blessing?”

A year later the nomads came in force across the border, and every able-bodied man took his bow and went into battle. The Chinese frontiersmen lost nine of every ten men. Only because the son was lame did father and son survive to take care of each other. Truly, blessing turns to disaster, and disaster to blessing: the changes have no end, nor can the mystery be fathomed.


Good Planet, Bad Planet

In a piece of prose by Seng-Ts’an in Buddhist Scriptures, he says:

. . . To set up what you like against what you dislike, that is the disease of the mind . . .

This wisdom might be applied in the study of astrology. When we view Jupiter as expansion and Saturn as contraction, there is no value judgment.

Your property will expand. That can mean building a deck or it can mean that you will soon be aware of a sinkhole in the backyard.

Your property will contract. That can mean someone lays claim to your land or it can mean that you move into that cozy retirement home and leave lawn mowing to the young dads.

The problem for us astrologers is that if we leave our astrological interpretation to the properties of the planets without trying to determine the “good” or “bad” outcome, we may leave our inquisitive questioners wanting more.

Is that good or bad?

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Looking Competition in the Eye

If you were the only person on this planet, would you be tall or short? Beautiful or ugly? Without the “other,” many of your qualities would disappear in the void of reflection.

In The Cosmic Serpent, a book about DNA-like images in the visions of Amazonian shamans, we see a picture from Egypt of the double-headed serpent. This serpent, we learn, provides attributes. Attributes need duality.

If you were the only person on the planet, would you be happy or sad?

Without the “other,” you still have feelings. But how many of our feelings are reactions to the “other?”

If you removed all the feelings you have that are reactions to others, what is left? What do you feel that is not a reaction?


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is known for its focus on self which includes competition. Its ruler, Mars, figures prominently in the charts of athletes (physical competitors). Aries’ focus on the self brings an independent and headstrong nature.

Opposite of Aries is Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac known for its focus on others which includes partnerships from friendship to marriage to business ventures. Libra’s focus on others brings a dependent nature as the identity is formed through reflection off others.

This self-other axis seems the energy that produces competition. The reflection off others that forms identity for Libra becomes competition when the response to that reflection is to exceed what that other is doing to increase the Aries sense of self.

Libra may see your shirt, enjoy its qualities then seek one like it or something different that provides the same sense of pleasure. Aries may see your shirt, enjoy its qualities then seek something it sees as superlative to that shirt (more expensive, more colorful).

According to a recent NPR story, it’s around the age of five that kids start playing to win (i.e., become competitive). Interestingly enough, that’s the age where kids begin the socializing process called “school.”

At the age of six Jupiter forms its first natural opposition to its natal placement (because it has a 12-year cycle). Your natal Jupiter’s social awareness is understood through Jupiter’s opposing social pressure. I want to eat lunch at nine; the school wants me to eat it at noon. I’m told to be myself, but I’m also told to stop my many quirky habits.

At age six, at this first Jupiter opposition, you learn there’s a social world out there that’s going to make you its member, willing or unwilling.

Twelve years later, in many cultures, Jupiter makes that same opposition it made when you were six. Now it’s time to face the social world outside of school as we turn 18 and enter higher education or the adult world of home and work.

The NPR story concludes that good competition helps you improve yourself, not merely excel over others. Bad competition, of course, is about winning for its own sake.

The socialization process creates competition both good and bad. Maybe what we need to do is see what Jupiter is up to.

Is Jupiter culture asking you to be more physically fit and studious? Or is Jupiter culture telling you to buy expensive jeans and watches?

Those that are exceedingly competitive are more reactive than average to the culture and others. By extreme reaction, the self is lost as it extends outward to whatever the culture has deemed valuable, to whatever the culture has laid in its path. If the culture has promoted building character, competition becomes “good.” If the culture promotes greed, competition becomes “bad.”

Maybe rather than looking at competition as good or bad we need to look competition in the eye and see what the culture is up to. Then we can look back in that mirror of reflection and ask, “Is this really who I am?”

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28 Degrees of Cancer – Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson


When an event happens, it’s difficult as an astrologer not to take a peek as I did at Robin Williams‘ chart upon learning he died. His sun at 28 degrees of sensitive Cancer reminded me of this post. Williams also had moon in a super-sensitive sign as well – Pisces. Unless you have a lot of water in your chart, you may not know what it feels like to be so sensitive that it “feels like you don’t have skin” as a friend recently described. Philip Seymour Hoffman who died earlier this year of an accidental drug overdose had sun at 29 degrees of Cancer. The last degrees of the water signs must be the most sensitive.

We don’t know how these actors felt, only how they made us feel.

Originally posted on Ohio Astrology:

Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson were both Cancer sun writers who were heavy drinkers, loved to travel (and write about it) and committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound while in his 60s.

Hemingway had sun in 28 degrees of Cancer. Thompson had sun in 25 degrees of Cancer with Pluto conjunct at 28 degrees of Cancer.

Hemingway’s moon is in Capricorn while Thompson’s is in either Scorpio or Sagittarius. From Thompson’s excess and traveling lifestyle, I would guess Sagittarius.

Clearly both men suffered from depression which led to heavy drinking and later suicide. Both men were under a major Saturn transit at the time of death.


Hemingway with sun in Cancer and moon in Capricorn – opposite signs indicating he was born close to or during a full moon. Cancer is warm, clingy and extremely sensitive and needs lots of affectionate love and constant reminder and feedback on…

View original 526 more words

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High on Neptune in Pisces

The current discussions about legalizing marijuana might end sooner if we could all just get honest. Let’s admit to each other and ourselves:

We all like to get high in some way.

Ok, not all of us. Statistically we can never assume 100 percent of anything and astrologically we know there are Saturnian characters out there that derive more pleasure from discipline and denial than a shot of whisky followed by a brownie while sneaking a peek at someone’s private parts.

I try to stay away from this “one percent.”

Neptune in Pisces

The funny thing about Neptune, and smoke and fog, is that is doesn’t have boundaries. As in the old days when restaurants and planes had a “smoking section,” any non-smoker could tell you that smoke does not limit itself to a “section.”

Neptune will be in Pisces until 2026, so we have some time to work this out. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, water, and dissolving.

It’s possible that in the next 12 years we’ll all be smoking/drinking/taking something that will dissolve the world in front of us and it won’t matter anyway.

Luckily for us with corporeal form, there is a Saturn which holds the “world” together.

When we wake into our new world as Neptune transits Aries in 2026, we might have more than one head (as Aries rules the head) or we might find we have a whole new way of being a “self.”

The funny thing about some drugs is that they alter your way of perceiving. If we are not all on the same drug, we can’t share perception and share a world.

In 12 years, will we all be on the same drug?

Today’s technology has focused our vision on our palms, laps and other locations 24 inches in front of us. We are microscopically aware of what others are doing (and small pieces of information) yet unaware that five cars are honking behind us because the green arrow has lit (true story).

Pisces looks at the source of the universe while its opposite sign, Virgo, looks at the palm of its hand. A generation born with Pluto in Virgo is today aged 42-58. Some of those also have Uranus conjunct in Virgo.

No surprise this Pluto-in-Virgo generation is looking at its own hand (and putting on hand sanitizer). Because they care about cleanliness and order, they do want to clean up the planet which is where they meet Pisces and consider the whole.

In 2026, will we be looking at our palms or at the sky?

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Ohio Political Fight Club: Astrologically-Aligned Scandals

As OHA expected, the heat began for Ohio governor contender Ed FitzGerald as Jupiter moved into Leo from Cancer in July.

The “FitzGerald Scandals” have begun. If you have children hovering over your shoulder as you read this, please turn their innocent eyes away from the screen.

FitzGerald, Democrat running against Republican incumbent John Kasich, has not one but two scandals looming over him as the gubernatorial election is just 90 days away.

Scandal 1: Two years ago FitzGerald was seen in the wee hours of the morning in a car with a woman-not-his wife. now writes there are witnesses claiming they were seen in the backseat.

Scandal 2: FitzGerald didn’t possess a driver’s license for ten years.

Will FitzGerald survive these scandals?

He might, as few around me have even heard of FitzGerald. If this is representative of the state, FitzGerald has some time.

These scandals are, how shall we say it, not the stuff of a prime time TV show. We may need something more, how shall we say it, interesting, to bring FitzGerald to the attention of an electorate still planning last-minute summer vacations and the beginning of the school year.

By the way, the real scandal, pointed out months ago by OHA, is that we don’t know where FitzGerald was born. Astrologers demand an answer. There’s your scandal.

New and Improved Scandals

If I was an evil astrologer, and I swear I’m not, I’d recommend a few tweaks to the scandals to be in line with the heavens. Back in the day, you know, the Middle Ages, astrologers helped politicians with stuff like this all the time. We even got PAID.

Astrology, of course, is nonsense so let’s have some fun making up scandals so that the Ohio governor election in November is both fun and national-news worthy.

FitzGerald Scandals

This writer is always happy to see women more involved in politics, but has a little disappointment that the involvement includes only one portion of the female anatomy. While backseat trysts generally make good scandals and remove men from political achievements, we can think outside the vagina.

FitzGerald has sun in emotional Cancer and moon in cold Capricorn or possibly equally-cold Aquarius. Yes, Capricorn moons have passionate love affairs (I hear), but it’s not often you find any Capricorn energy with its pants down.

If the moon is in Capricorn, we have a nice T-square of moon, Venus (in Cancer) and Saturn (in Aries). That suggests some trouble in love through lack of ability to assert the self. Cancer is family so if we really want to juice this up, we can claim:

FitzGerald in Backseat Tryst with Distant Female Relative.

Uranus will transit FitzGerald’s natal Saturn in Aries after the election, but is currently squaring his natal Mars in Cancer.

What’s a good scandal involving fiery Aries and watery Cancer?

FitzGerald Throws Homemade Soup at Journalists, Misses, Hits Senior Citizen. FitzGerald Refuses both to Apologize and Divulge Recipe.

That has Aries aggression coupled with Cancer love of cooking.

We know FitzGerald didn’t renew his driver’s license, suggesting he has absent-minded professor Aquarius as his moon (this is truly bizarre). Maybe we can go Aquarian and say:

FitzGerald Produces Star Trek Federation ID Instead of Driver’s License.

That makes him weird, a big no-no in politics.

Lastly, with four planets in water we can add:

FitzGerald Responsible for Toxic Algae in Lake Erie.

Kasich Scandals

With Jupiter, Venus and sun in earthy Taurus and moon in earthy Capricorn, all scandals lead to one place with this chart – money.

Money, assets, property, investments – all lead to productive, albeit somewhat boring, scandals. Kasich has already been involved in one money “scandal.” The Jupiter-in-Taurus period of summer 2011 to summer 2012 is the best time to look for expansion of money in Kasich’s recent past.

How can we make an interesting money scandal for Kasich?

With natal Pluto square sun (mark of a politician), we can add payments to Plutonian-underworld figures. I don’t know if we’ve ever had that kind of scandal in Ohio. With casinos sprouting like algae, maybe that’s the tie-in combined with Taurus’ practical approach to spending:

Kasich Rigs Slot Machine Then Buys $5000 Worth of Storage Containers from the Container Store.

I’m guessing Kasich is frugal so maybe something along those lines might add a little color to the money stories. Let’s try:

Kasich and Political Friends Order $5,000 Meal, Split Bill and Leave $3 Tip.

For politicians, money troubles usually involve taxes. Saturn is transiting Scorpio and is opposite Kasich’s sun so it’s rather a good time for this type of information to emerge.

Kasich Avoids Taxes by Cashing Checks at Always Payday and Stuffing Cash in Mattress.

Transiting Uranus square natal moon in Capricorn might bring women out of Kasich’s backseat as well. But a little twist might be to involve a Capricorn-authority character. We’ll add a little of the natal Mercury-in-Aries outbursts, which will continue to increase for Kasich as transiting Uranus moves through Aries.

Kasich and Female Officer Found in Backseat After He Calls Her an Idiot and She Finds She Likes It.

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The Libra Lunchbox

The Indian film The Lunchbox is a story of reflection as symbolized repeatedly throughout the movie and even noted in the dialogue at one point.

Set in Mumbai, the storyline involves a woman making lunch for her husband and it being delivered to the wrong person. As I learned from the movie, in Mumbai there is a “lunchbox” service where either family or restaurants make fresh, hot lunches for office workers that are delivered by a sophisticated network of deliverers.

The wife realizes the mistake when her carefully-prepared food is not acknowledged by her husband and she writes a note to the office worker. The office worker writes back and they begin a dialogue and, you might say, a relationship.

It’s also delightful to see paper notes! I can’t imagine this beautiful movie with email as the communication method.

If you haven’t seen the movie, this article has spoilers.

Libra and Reflection

Libra is the sign of “the other” and because of that is viewed as the sign of relationship. But “other” and relationship is more than romance. If you were alone on the planet, would you be tall or short? Would you be beautiful or ugly?

Many of your qualities seem null and void with no “other.”

Can you be funny if there’s no one to laugh?

In The Lunchbox, we see the woman talking to her emotionally-distant husband while her reflection is shown in the mirror, the most obvious imagery of reflection in the movie.

We also see the wife talking to a neighbor upstairs whom we never see. Through the disembodied voice of the neighbor, we learn about the wife and sense the camaraderie of an older wife helping a younger wife through the travails of marriage.

The office worker who erroneously receives the wife’s lunch is retiring and through his relationship with his replacement, we learn more about him. Later through his notes to the wife, we learn even more.

This written relationship (as well as his relationship with his replacement) revives the office worker, a melancholy widower, who considers a deeper relationship with the wife until facing a reflection of his own. Through the smell of his bathroom and a passenger giving up a seat for him on the bus, our widower receives a reflection of his advancing age, which humbles him.

In several very beautiful scenes, we see the worker’s relationship to the wife’s lovingly-prepared meal as he opens the carrier and smells the food like a child returning to his mother’s kitchen. It’s sensual and we can also imagine him breathing in the essence of the wife. The wife, we learn early on, is attempting to appeal to her husband through his lunch and has developed great cooking skills.

When the worker inhales deeply the aroma of a wonderfully cooked meal, we get the reflection of a better time, a time of home-cooked meals, of comfort, of satisfaction, of love.

The other cardinal signs

Libra is the cardinal air sign. The other three elements also have a cardinal sign: Cancer (water), Capricorn (earth) and Aries (fire).

Called The Lunchbox, you might think there were themes of Cancer, the sign of mothering and cooking and belonging (such as family life).

The food is there, also a reflection of family life as exhibited by the lonely widower watching a neighboring family enjoy a communal dinner.

The opposite sign, Capricorn, represents work, which is also part of the story. Our worker is retiring, but doesn’t seem to want to go as he has no “Cancer” life to go to.

And what about Aries, the headstrong cardinal fire sign?

At the end, I believe, we see the Libra reflection leading to Aries self-assertion and realization. If we don’t have self-assertion and realization, what is the point of reflection?

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What Sign is Brick Heck?

Brick Heck, character name for the youngest child on the show The Middle (played by actor Atticus Shaffer), is a character we’re seeing more often in television. Brick is a quirky intellectual who prefers interactions with books to interactions with people.

In a Halloween episode Brick dresses as Sergeant Charles MacKenzie, a Scottish World War I hero. In frustration at being mistaken for a host of other characters, he laments “Doesn’t anyone on this block read?”

Does this remind you of another TV intellectual who prefers ideas to people?

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, character Sheldon dresses for Halloween as the Doppler Effect, his sound-wave stripes being mistaken for a zebra.

As with Sheldon, those around Brick desire that he learn to “socialize.” Clearly Halloween is an important socializing event.

In a brilliant episode of The Middle, we see the difference between Brick’s character and the socialized character. Brick and his small band of misfits (one who can’t get his socks dirty, one who imitates cat behavior) are banned from the library and forced onto the playground at recess to “have fun.”

Brick and his eccentric cohorts hide under a slide until Brick comes up with a plan of escape that proves that while he doesn’t care to socialize, he does understand how it works.

The first foil is to interrupt the ball game of his peers. That disturbance creates some discord, but not enough to move the door guard from his post. Brick then, in a demonstration that he understands the social order even if he doesn’t follow it, throws candy at the group of ball players who then in a frenzy dive for the candy on the ground creating mayhem. The playground monitor must now intervene while Brick and his cohorts escape.

What sign is Brick Heck?

Those going against the grain bring to mind, for me, the sign of Aquarius. While Aquarius is known for its rebelliousness, it actually is the sign of group and group ideals. The rebel, then, is quite aware of the crowd, too aware actually. Dysfunctional rebelliousness is then an extreme reaction.

Aquarius is an air sign and air signs need to know what’s going on around them. That could explain Brick’s curiosity, but not his lack of desire to communicate with others, communicate all those ideas he reads in books.

Brick does, however, communicate with himself. One of his eccentric quirks is to whisper to himself words from the end of his sentence. If he says “I like crackers,” he may then look down at his chest and whisper “crackers” or “I like crackers.”

What’s that about?

My Internet search indicated this habit is known, is called palilalia and is considered a nervous tic indicating anxiety.

Brick does openly display nervousness regarding social situations such as when he and his cohorts stranded on the playground fear the dodge ball game (who wouldn’t?).

The nervous tick and anxiety bring to mind three signs, two of them water and one earth: Cancer (water), Pisces (water) and Virgo (earth).

Virgo is associated with health and worry. When extreme, nervousness erupts in “symptoms.” Brick rarely complains of illness so we’ll kick that sign out.

Virgo’s opposite is Pisces. While Pisces is highly empathetic, its high sensitivity can create high introversion like Brick’s due to the need to re-charge lost energy from social interaction. While air and fire signs might jump out into the playground filled with energy and leave filled with even more, it’s the water signs that discharge energy and feel drained from the experience.

That doesn’t mean the water signs Pisces and Cancer don’t care for social situations. The type of social situation that feeds water energy is specific – for Pisces, shared beliefs feed its hungry soul and for Cancer, family or shared community events that create warmth inside.

Neither Pisces nor Cancer in pure form may fare well in the rough and tumble of the playground, but put clerical robes on Pisces or put Cancer at the head of the Thanksgiving table and you will see the social aspect of these sensitive signs.

So is Brick a Pisces or Cancer?

I’m leaning toward Cancer because of Brick’s favorite item – his backpack. Backpacks carry things that provide comfort, much like the crab carrying his home around on his back. We also know that Brick has read Moby Dick more than once, a tale of water and sea creatures.

I still think Brick may have a little Aquarius hanging around or at least Uranus (which rules Aquarius) in a prominent position in his chart. Brick is not openly rebellious but can defend his own as when the school librarian (complements of actress Betty White) tells Brick he can’t go to third grade unless he returns all those missing library books.

Brick’s repartee with Betty White earns him an Ohio Astrology Emmy Award as our brilliant little eccentric outsmarts the librarian, who, we discover, also has a little quirk of her own.

Why so many Brick Hecks?

While Brick Heck has more social skills than Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory, the brilliant but socially awkward character is arising more frequently in entertainment.

Monk, the OCD detective and House, the brilliant socially inept doctor, seem to fall within the range of some of the new anxiety or social disorder labels.

It’s difficult to tell if there is a rise in anxiety disorders or if we’re simply more aware of anxiety disorders. Or, ironically, does increased awareness of anxiety disorders lead to increased anxiety?

The reign of the Baby Boomers, born with Pluto in Leo, are giving way to the Pluto in Virgo generation who seem to have collectively decided to tackle the Virgo issue of anxiety as well as other Virgo concerns such as diet, health and work.

It’s the Pluto in Virgo generation’s children that are receiving the plethora of anxiety labels. Some of the children from this generation were born during a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. For a couple years, Saturn was also involved.

Uranus, Neptune and Saturn all in Capricorn indicates that technological, spiritual and material concerns all focus on the social order. I’ve wondered for years if this conjunction of outer planets in Capricorn (and then Aquarius) doesn’t represent a different way of perceiving. How this group perceives the three-dimensional world is different and so they receive labels.

The drive to “socialize” these individuals is Capricorn talking. The abundance of Capricorn puts socializing above other values (such as unique self-expression) and suggests that these individuals might be collectively working toward finding the balance of social and personal expression.

Following that generation is one born with Uranus and Neptune transiting Aquarius. This is Atticus Shaffer’s generation and reflects the movement from Capricorn social order to Aquarius shared ideals which create spontaneous and organically-developed communities.

Transiting Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn until 2024 then it moves to Aquarius for 20 years. As Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, a few structures of the social order collapsed including government and banking. As they are their own controls, they remain.

Brick Heck and his band of eccentric individuals with their odd ways and strange habits are the generation that will create a new social order. While not all of these Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius individuals are receiving anxiety labels, to those of us in the Pluto in Leo-Scorpio generations, the increased use of technology appears to create cyber connectedness but physical disconnectedness.

To older folks on the planet now, even those younger folks considered socially normal are odd to us because of their intense use of technology and frequent disregard of physical environment. The most obvious case is texting while driving which is a time when your physical sensations are extremely important.

Each generation evolves us forward in some way while older generations long for the way things once were. Brick Heck is the new generation.

Brick, my hero, Semper Fi, Semper Fi.

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Jupiter in Leo

Originally posted on Ohio Astrology:

Have you paid attention to Jupiter lately? Jupiter, my friends, is our Greek God Zeus renamed for Roman palates and he demands attention. For the last year he has been raining and mud sliding his dramatic tears onto the planet while transiting Cancer. For those who have ignored the mold in the basement, the leak in the roof and the muffled sobs of the person lying next to you, he will speak more loudly this July.

[Image from Wikipedia]


This July Zeus will have a megaphone, a spotlight and maybe even a TV show. It will be like giving an arsonist a match, like providing a self-absorbed 19-year old affluent a six-figure book contract to write his/her memoirs, like giving executive power to a cop.

American Idol aired its first episode on June 11, 2002 as Jupiter was in the final degrees of Cancer. Jupiter moved into Leo two months…

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