Marketing: An Astrological Perspective

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

A couple years ago after having a rather heated discussion with a colleague, I developed a new, personal definition of marketing.

The colleague and I were discussing the results of a marketing campaign. The results were counter-intuitive and he simply did not believe them. Yet the campaign was set up correctly for a scientifically accurate result.

Our point of contention was marketing itself – what do we expect when we send marketing to people?

My own definition of marketing arising from that confrontation is: appealing to identity to affect behavior.

All marketing is an effort to make you do something. If you are buying a competitor’s product, I want you to buy mine instead. If you are buying my product, I want you to buy more of it. If you are buying as much of my product as humanly possible, I will try to reward you so that you continue this behavior. Rewarding you may cost money, but I’m ultimately trying to prevent you from ceasing use of my product.

Marketing does not use direct force, so I must persuade you to do something through various appeals. I think identity can be found in most choices, except possibly for the desperately poor where identity is overridden by true need.

Marketing then is not simply a force to sell consumer products but a force used to sell you on anything from an idea to a person to a product. Marketing, like gravity, existed before it was named. It may be useful for everyone to understand marketing since it is such a prevalent force in our lives.

Astrological Aspects

In your horoscope, you have ten planets (includes moon and Pluto) in 12 signs. Those 12 signs have geometric relationships to each other called aspects. Aspects of common focus include those considered harmonious (60-degree sextile, 120-degree trine) and those considered tense (90-degree square, 180-degree opposition). Conjunctions (0 degrees) are a bit up in the air; I suppose it depends on the planets attached.

When you hear that squares and oppositions are bad (from those ancient astrologers), you hope your own personal astrologer finds none in your chart. Yet without aspects that create friction, you find a certain lassitude or lack of drive.

The aspects, especially the frictions, are what drive us to do things like get off the couch, make dinner, paint a picture, start a business or run for president. Mars is the planet of that drive and a friction to Mars increases the need to accomplish something.

While watching a civil rights documentary several years back, I realized the fully open opposition to African Americans sharing schools with white Americans increased the resistance since it was so open. Astrologically, that is represented by the opposition aspects (180-degrees).

Today’s more subtle forms of racism are more difficult to oppose and resist because they first need to come out in into the open. In that way, they are more like an astrological square in that they create tension that is difficult to resolve because your opponent is somewhat hidden. The opponent is behind the wall, far away in an office, an economic policy or hiding in a cultural definition.

Marketing is like the astrological aspects. The more harmonious aspects are what might be termed in marketing as affinity. You find something you like and create a habit that lasts a long time.

The squares create the need to change an aspect of yourself that is unpleasant to others – bad breath, wrinkles, hair loss, acne, excess weight, working class clothes, personality clashes, letting others merge onto the freeway and tailing in the fast lane – that kind of thing. I’d say a great portion of marketing involves squares.

Oppositions aren’t usually solved by product marketing but by political marketing. Greece, for example, has a new, charismatic leader who is taking on the entire leadership of the Eurozone. There are many, fine, examples of oppositions occurring in this situation. Astrologically, oppositions seek balance since the opposing signs (such as Aries and Libra) contain the seeds of each other. Aries assertion of self can be inadvertently destructive without realizing the “other” that Libra represents. Libra other-focus can lose the sense of self through desire to mate.

Now let’s apply this to a shopping choice.

Let’s say you are in the toothpaste aisle (in the US) facing our two major brands – Crest (blue label) and Colgate (red label). Which do you pick and why? Does one taste better to you? With only two brands, is there really a choice (you can ask this of US politics as well)? Do you think about pleasing your dentist on the next visit? Is this just a habit and you can’t tell me what toothpaste you truly use? Why do you brush your teeth anyway? Do you really need fluoride in your toothpaste when it’s already in your water?

Picking toothpaste can represent sextiles (habit), trines (affinity), squares (social pressure) or oppositions (your mom is making you brush your teeth).

To read all about aspects, check out Café Astrology which, as usual, has a nice, clear write up of the aspects.

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The Ohio-New Jersey Governor Swap is Canceled

The Ohio-New Jersey Governor Swap is officially canceled as Chris Christie entered the presidential race and John Kasich is expected to enter on July 21.

Christie entered the race on June 30 with the moon in enthusiastic and fiery Sagittarius. That’s where Christie’s natal moon is placed – perfect timing for the “straight talk” public relations message. An astrologer couldn’t have planned that better after missing the sun in Taurus period (May) when all the other Virgos entered the race.

Both Christie and Kasich are known for straight talk. Let’s take a look at their straight-talking suns and moons. Christie has sun in Virgo and moon in Sagittarius. Kasich has sun in Taurus and moon in Capricorn.

Earth Signs

Christie and Kasich cover all three earth signs. They are:

Taurus is the fixed earth sign. The earth quality it brings is sensation which can also be literalness and simplicity. When folks “stop to smell the flowers,” often our minds are busy with other activities – What kind of flowers are these? Should I post a picture to Facebook letting all my friends know I stop to smell the flowers? How can I categorize these flowers? Taurus is probably the one sign that actually smells the flowers with no other purpose than the sensation of smelling. In that way, Taurus’ literal here-and-now doesn’t complicate simple acts and gets enjoyment from daily life.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign. The earth quality it brings involves health, diet and work – all of the earth components you experience daily. The Pluto in Virgo (with help of Uranus in Virgo) generation is bringing you green and sustainability movements. They also made you use hand sanitizer by making you afraid of germs (hey, your mom couldn’t do this). Virgo is ruled by Mercury so is mental like the other sign ruled by Mercury – Gemini. For Gemini, however, thought brings fun. For Virgo, thought brings worry. That’s the earth.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign. The earth quality it brings involves work, career and authority. What’s a world without stop signs? Imagine, if you can, a world without government. Next time you complain about the government ask yourself if you truly could live without it. We do want boundaries but often rebel against those boundaries. As ruler of boundaries, Capricorn is serious, ambitious and often known for a shrewd, calculating nature. This goat is climbing up for a reason – to get to the top. Don’t forget that.

Mercury communication

Mercury, the planet of communication is in Aries for Kasich and Libra for Christie. Aries and Libra are opposite signs. Aries is fire, Libra is air.

Aries is definitely outspoken being the first fire sign and very demanding of attention to the self. Libra is the sign of the other known for seeking partnership and usually willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve balance in relationship.

Mercury in Aries yells at cops. Mercury in Libra tells you what you want to hear. Kasich’s Mercury in Aries is in square to moon in Capricorn which is what makes his irritability rise to the surface.

Who’s more the straight talker?

I vote Kasich, and not just because I’m from Ohio and he’s my governor. Straight talk can be plain boring, like Kasich. Christie’s “straight talk” is more fiery and challenging and, of course, more fun. But is he really telling it like it is?

Christie and Kasich at the dinner table

If Christie and Kasich were brothers, Thanksgiving dinner might be like this.

Christie, with moon in Sagittarius, would upset the apple cart by bringing to dinner a person of different physical, racial or economic background from the family. As this person sat at the table and the family went into uncomfortable silence deciding what conversation was appropriate, Christie would send Virgo sun criticisms about the turkey and stuffing all the while enjoying them with Sagittarian gregariousness.

Meanwhile, brother Kasich, with Capricorn moon, would take charge of getting the situation under control (a comfort zone) by bringing up a very Capricorn/Taurus conversation point that offends no one – the weather. He might later talk about relatives as that’s what often happens when family gets together as that’s what you have in common – you’re family.

After discussing the weather and departed relatives, Kasich would be sure to thank the parents (and god) for dinner as Taurus/Capricorn is both respectful and loyal. That would remind Christie to provide his thanks as fire is never outshined by earth signs and Christie’s newest bumper sticker promotes community values which involves remembering all that mom and dad truly do for you.

Later, in the corner by the bathroom, Kasich confronts Christie and asks him what the heck he is doing disrupting the charming Thanksgiving festivities. Christie defends his behavior while Kasich defends the family stability. Christie walks out in a huff calling Kasich too conservative and boring. Kasich then challenges Christie’s ideals but asking if his community values involve all or are truly selective in some way.

Need I go on?

This makes me excited for the debates.

Candidate Update

In addition to Christie, two other sheep entered the fold in the last couple weeks. Republican and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal entered the race more quietly than a cat jumping on the counter to knock over your salt shaker. I couldn’t even find his running-for-president website (it’s there now).That’s kind of surprising for a guy with sun and Mercury in Gemini. But maybe that Saturn/Venus conjunction just keeps saying, “You’re not worthy.”

Here’s the 2012 blog on Jindal.

Democrat Jim Webb has also entered the race. He’s got a nice presidential chart with lots of fixed energy. As I’m always saying, Americans like their presidents to have fixed energy. As I watch the Greek economic drama unfold with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras playing craps with his country as the ante, I decided I’m on board too with needing fixed energy (although Tsipras is a fixed fire Leo).

Here’s the blog with a write-up on Webb.

Looking at sun signs, we now have 19 candidates with 9 earth signs, 5 air, 4 water and 1 poor little fire shouting in the distance (Lincoln Chafee).

Looking at Mars, the planet that always wants to drive, we find the fire in this campaign. There are 8 fire signs, 5 water, 3 earth and 3 air.

The first debates (Republican) are in less than a month right here in Ohio. Let’s see who makes it to the podium.

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Angela Merkel’s Pluto Opposition

You read astrology blogs, you read about these things called “aspects” like sextiles and square and oppositions. But what do they mean?

Astrology like a lot of news focuses on the rich, powerful and famous simply because they are on the collective screen playing out their dramas. I can tell you about my chart and my experiences, but that doesn’t mean anything to you because you can’t see me and I’ve done nothing to warrant your attention.

A drama playing out currently is that of the Greek economy and the potential for Greece to leave the Eurozone. In this drama, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is struggling with leaders of the Eurozone. One of the most powerful of those leaders is German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In novels, the hero is called the protagonist and those that oppose him or her, the antagonist. In the current Greek drama, some may call Tsipras the protagonist and Merkel the antagonist. But then again, you might have a different view and assign them the opposite roles.

Regardless of who is the hero in this drama, the characters oppose each other for both tension and development as in a good novel. Hopefully the Eurozone will have a happy ending.

Oppositions represent the energy outside of us with which we push and pull and become transformed beings. While some astrologers think of the opposition as a negative aspect, the benefit of the opposition as opposed to the square is that your problem is right in front of your eyes. Hidden or secret problems can be much more insidious.

Angela Merkel’s Pluto Opposition

Merkel has Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and sun all in the sign of Cancer. By the way, if you haven’t sent Merkel her birthday card, you have about a week to get it to Germany.

In 2013 Pluto made a tight opposition with her Mercury and has recently passed opposition with her Jupiter. In 2021, Pluto will oppose her sun.

What’s Pluto about?

Pluto is the planet of evolution and transformation. It often transforms through destruction, but won’t if you truly plan to change your deeply-ingrained self-destructive habits, which is so easy to do . . .

Folks with Pluto (or Scorpio) prominent in their charts are powerful individuals. While Saturn is authority, Pluto is power. Pluto might wear the uniform of authority as with a police officer; or it might not, like the head of organized crime. It’s powerful with or without the uniform.

You often find Pluto types where there is a power over others such as in religion or medicine. Pluto has the capacity to handle this type of responsibility where peoples’ souls and bodies are at risk. Pluto is willing to take on the unseemly sides of life that others avoid.

If the astrological gods gave Venus (and its sign Libra) charm so she could do her mating, the gods gave Pluto (and its sign Scorpio) charisma with which to capture the concentration of others. Charisma is power.

The planet Pluto in Merkel’s horoscope is in the sign of Leo. Funny, transiting Jupiter is in Leo and will make an exact conjunction to Merkel’s natal Pluto this weekend.

So, Merkel has transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) opposite natal Jupiter (in Cancer) and transiting Jupiter (in Leo) transiting natal Pluto (in Leo).

Let’s look at Pluto oppositions with our friend Robert Hand.

Pluto transit in opposition to Jupiter is described by Hand in Planets in Transit in the first paragraph as:

The transit will make you drive yourself and others around you to attain success, excellence or preeminence in some way. It represents the drive to actualize an ideal you hold about how the world ought to be. The danger of this transit is that you may become arrogant and domineering toward those around you, as if you were a kind of superman, above all morality and law except your own. Admittedly, that is a rather extreme manifestation, but that is the danger this transit brings.

If you read about Pluto transit in trine (120 degrees considered harmonious) you also see theme of drive, but with a more positive manifestation. The first sentence reads:

At this time you will seek to make many positive reforms and changes in the world around you.

In the opposition, there is just that – an opposing force. With the trine, the forces are with you, not against you. With a trine you may want to reform people that so desire it. With an opposition you may want to reform people that prefer to stay on their present course.

Now if we look at the signs in which this is playing, it gets even more symbolic of the current situation. Cancer is a sign of belonging, associated with mothering, home, nurturing and personal consciousness. Capricorn, its opposite, is about authority, structure and law. When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we had a global economic collapse (which we lightly call a “recession”).

Cancer wants to belong and Capricorn wants to control and be boss. You can have only so many cooks in the kitchen. The Eurozone is struggling with Capricorn power and who belongs and what they need to do to belong.

Now for transiting Jupiter conjunct Pluto, we have the same two planets but now Jupiter is adding its energy to Pluto’s energy (called a conjunction) in the sign of Leo. Jupiter expands what it finds. In this country, the Pluto in Leo generation is the “Me Generation” of Baby Boomers that re-invented family and social life. They watched TV then formed a rebellion.

According to Hand this transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto aspect brings:

. . . the urge to achieve to the forefront of your life. You will make great, even extraordinary, efforts to gain success as you personally define it. You work harder and strive to gain your objective with every ounce of energy at your disposal. Consequently, this transit often occurs just at the moment when some tremendous effort in your life bears fruit.

It sounds like it’s going to be a nice weekend for Merkel!

Hand goes on to describe this transit as a “tremendous drive to gain power.” Again, with Pluto involved, power is important. With the sign of Leo, the power revolves around pride and dignity.

Does Merkel’s Pluto opposition now make a little more sense?

Interestingly, Merkel was once the “opposition party” (is it still called that?). Now she’s the party being opposed. The tension is the same, the protagonists and antagonists shifting like a game of musical chairs.

In 2013 Pluto began its opposition of Merkel’s Mercury (which rules communication). That was the time of the last German election and the year Merkel learned her phone was tapped by the US government’s NSA. This year Pluto opposed Jupiter. In 2021, it will oppose the sun.

When Pluto moves into orb of opposing Merkel’s sun (traditionally about five degrees) in 2021, I suspect the opposition will be to Merkel’s own person, as the sun rules the self. She’ll be 67 at that time, a time when some US workers get to relax and spend all that Social Security money they saved up. Maybe Merkel will be ready for a more relaxed life after the Pluto oppositions.

I hope so. If you don’t follow Pluto’s advice, it has this way of forcing you to change.

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Columbus Fight Club: Andrew Ginther

When I told my cat that we were experiencing a political scandal right here in Columbus, she was shocked.

“What kind of scandal would happen in Columbus?” she asked.

“Political kickbacks,” I responded.

“Isn’t that called lobbying?”

If you wonder what your cat does while you’re at work all day, get a camera. I was shocked to find my feline reading astrology and politics. But now I understand why she can ask such tough questions.

I hear dogs just look out the window and sleep.

In response to her question about lobbying, we had a long discussion about the role of money in politics and whether money was politics – does the person with the most money always win? She didn’t quite agree with my idea that lobbying is simply institutionalized bribery conducted by an unacknowledged but extant aristocracy.

My cat thought that money was necessary in a political campaign, but we needed to find a way to make the money more equal among candidates.

That idea seemed quite liberal for a cat that supports Rick Santorum for President. But, then again, if we have to depend on lobbying dollars, Santorum won’t stand a chance against the behemoth candidates Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

That’s politics.

Andrew Ginther

Andrew Ginther is the City Council member running for mayor. He won the majority (51.8%) of the vote against three other contenders during the primary in May.

Ginther was in the news late last week for being connected with a red-light camera company employee who claims to have bribed officials, including Ginther.

One man’s (or cat’s) bribery is another’s lobbying. It will be interesting to learn the difference as this story unfolds.

Ginther appears to have the birthday April 27, 1975. Sun is in Taurus. Without knowing time of birth, moon is either in late Scorpio or early Sagittarius.

Interesting moon placement – very interesting.

It just so happens, coincidentally, of course, that Saturn is transiting that very realm of the zodiac, that very border between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Saturn transits a sign for two and a half years. It just moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius last December. Then in March it took a turn backward (called retrograde) into Scorpio.

Ginther’s moon is anywhere between 24 degrees of Scorpio and 7 degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn has been moving within these degrees since November 2014. Saturn will move forward again in September and then finally move past 7 degrees of Sagittarius in November 2015.

In other words, from last November (2014) to this November (2015) Saturn is moving back and forth like a metronome over the area where Ginther’s moon resides.

With time of birth (, we could know what area of the chart this was affecting. With the current news item, I’d suggest it was transiting the 8th (shared money) or 12th houses (secrets and hidden enemies). It could be 10th as well as that affects reputation and public standing.

Ginther’s Neptune in Sagittarius is a definite placement as Neptune takes 15 years to move through a sign. Regardless of where moon is placed, Saturn will transit Neptune starting late December 2015.

Saturn transit Neptune, especially in a sign like Sagittarius where the idealism is high, can be depressing. Idols fall from pedestals, you realize the entire world will not convert to your religion anytime soon and you may even have some issues with the body as nothing grounds one like a body issue.

Natal Mars in Pisces and Venus in Gemini create a mutable T-square with Neptune. The very social and open side of Ginther’s personality may clamp shut with Taurus-like stubbornness when the events related to this news story come to pass.

As a political sports fan, I’d say Ginther’s apparent ease in the mayoral process and sudden scandal arising soon after the primary suggest a powerful enemy. I couldn’t find the birthdates for the two runners up ( Zach Scott and Terry Boyd, which would be the next place to look in a political drama.

Hidden enemies are the realm of the 12th house of the horoscope so I’d guess Ginther has some activity going on there.

Jupiter is transiting Leo but will move into Virgo mid August. Right around election time, as fate would have it, Jupiter will add the missing puzzle piece of a mutable grand cross in Ginther’s chart – Venus/Mars/Neptune are the T-square; Jupiter forms the cross.

Crosses suggest tension in this case between the mutable energies. Gemini is friendship and communication; Virgo is work and health; Sagittarius is philosophy and idealism; Pisces is empathy and belief.

Ginther also has a couple interesting oppositions in his horoscope with Uranus (in Scorpio) opposing sun (in Taurus) and Jupiter (in Aries) opposing Pluto (in Libra). The sun/Uranus opposition suggests sudden impulses around money, assets, property and sex. The Jupiter/Pluto opposition suggests issues of dominance and cooperation in personal relations.

Tension and idealism are balanced in the chart through Jupiter’s trine to Neptune and the sun’s sextile (wide) to Saturn. In other words, difficult aspects are balanced by more harmonious aspects.

What will happen to Ginther?

Luckily Ginther has that nice, steady Taurus sun. Taurus isn’t really fond of being on a boat in a hurricane, but the balancing powers of Taurus should steady the ship a bit.

There does seem to be a great challenge to idealism and belief from November 2014 to December 2015. Will this come from a political downfall? Or will it come from a win but a complete change in attitude?

We’ll know in December.

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Jupiter in Virgo – Falling Out of Love

Recently I reflected on Jupiter’s current transit of fire-sign Leo, a transit that will end in August when Jupiter moves into Virgo. I wasn’t sure I saw the “Leo” of this transit. Of course, Jupiter must play with the other planets which can alter the pure effect of its energy.

But then I saw this news article noting that the US birth rate rose in 2014, the first time since 2007.

Leo and the 5th house of the horoscope rule children.

Go, Leo, go.

Leo also rules love and romance, something a wee bit difficult to quantify. How many people fell in love in the last year? Did more couples dance in the moonlight? Were there more birthday parties? Were Saturdays more playful and less chore-filled than in the prior year?

Let’s hope so.

Go, Leo, go.

Transition from Leo to Virgo

Virgo is what’s called a mutable sign – one of the three modes (the two others are cardinal and fixed). Currently Saturn is retrograde transiting the late degrees of Scorpio but will move forward again in September to pass through Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign.

Neptune is currently making a long transit of Pisces, the mutable water sign.

See where this is going?

The mutable air sign, Gemini, will probably pine for a trip into outer space as three of the four mutable signs make what’s called a T-square.

Since Jupiter travels much faster around the sun than Saturn or Neptune, it won’t be until June 2016 when Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo that a true T-square is formed between these planets. At that time, the sun and Venus will be in Gemini forming a full grand cross.

If we fell in love during Jupiter in Leo, Jupiter in Virgo might be that period after the honeymoon where the eyes clear and you rationally assess your partner. What seemed pleasurable during Leo may look like a self-destructive habit during Virgo.

Searching for reasons we fall in and out of love, I find that falling out of love is much more clearly defined than falling in love. Ideas on why we fall in love run the gamut from pheromones to finding our other half to liking someone’s hair.

Falling out of love, on the other hand, can easily be made into a list, something that is often done during divorce proceedings. I wouldn’t say divorce is Virgo, but the reasons you get divorced definitely contain the quality of discrimination.

Although I found a lot of articles on both falling in and out of love, I find this one particularly interesting. The reason we fall out of love, she reasons, is that we are human. Falling both in and out of love is normal and she recommends simply falling back in love with your spouse and offers lots of other insights on making this happen.

Articles like this touch on what astrology teaches – energies and cycles. To look at falling in or out of love as a one-time event may have us ignore the cycles that churn around us providing opportunities to fall in love regularly – maybe with the same person.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo will change the focus of expansive energy to health and work. We’ve already had some major news on the work environment with both WalMart and Target announcing wage increases for their employees.

The current focus on police and use of force began last summer near Saturn moving into Sagittarius. Virgo energy will keep this conflict alive for the next year, at least, because Virgo squares Sagittarius. I don’t think it’s a Virgo issue as much as a Sagittarian issue – do underlying beliefs create different rules for different races?

Jupiter in Virgo will correspond with most of the US presidential election. One Virgo theme that has already arisen and may be a focus of the campaign is policy on vaccinations. In recent years, due to fears of vaccinations being linked to autism, segments of the population have stopped inoculating their children.

Virgo also rules pets so we may see an increase people having pets or issues around pet health. (Could this be due to many people falling out of love?).

Virgo can bring sickness or wellness so we may see news on both – new health ideas or new illnesses. Virgo is the worrier of the zodiac so fear of illness creates great drive to understand diet and the role of vitamins and supplements. We may see new legislation around food or supplements.

Virgo is ultimately the discriminating mind so expect more research, challenges to prevailing ideas and criticism of authority. Virgo is an earth sign but does not worship authority as the other two earth signs do (Taurus and Capricorn).

When I see a movie where an average person stands up to a large corporate or government entity, I see Virgo. While Virgo doesn’t appear to have a strong ego, when they are protecting others or animals they can be fierce. Virgo fights with facts, not physical force.

In movies like Norma Rae and Silkwood we see individuals challenging large corporate entities. Possibly during Jupiter in Virgo we’ll see a return of the “u” word – union.

The Labor Films Database can help you catch up on what’s been happening in the labor force.


While falling out of love seems a dire prognostication, there are some who believe disillusionment is the greatest gift to a human. You are now seeing clearly. Illusion, no matter how pleasant, should be pierced.

Virgo is a great time for study – we often start school years in the sign of Virgo. You may decide to study up on labor, health or the role of pets and discover something truly illuminating.

You may find that something you’ve been eating or drinking for years is affecting your health in ways you haven’t understood. You may learn more about food processing and find yourself advocating for changes.

Maybe there will be a cure for one of those diseases where we’ve been raising money for research for our entire lives.

These are Virgo activities that illuminate and change lives.

Go, Virgo, go.

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Political Thoughts Floating Through Air Signs

When I told my cat that Jeb Bush formally and finally announced his run for the presidency, she cattily replied, “If this is a Clinton-Bush election, I’m not going to vote.”

That may seem a strange comment coming from a feline. It’s possible, maybe, that I gave her the idea that when I went to vote I was voting “for the both of us.”

We then had a lengthy discussion on why Bush waited so long to announce. My cat felt he did that to imply that he wasn’t from a political ruling dynasty and his nomination wasn’t a guarantee. She felt the long, pensive lead-in was staged to portray him as a regular kind of guy, the kind of guy that eats Purina from the grocery store and not the expensive stuff from Pet People.

My take was similar; the longer the wait, the more the drama. Bush has sun in Aquarius and moon in Capricorn – both signs having reputation as a bit cold. Bush needs all the drama he can get.

Yesterday’s announcement occurred with Mars and the sun conjunct in Gemini at 24 degrees. Bush’s 10th house cusp of career (using the Astrotheme chart) is at 22 degrees of Gemini meaning the sun and Mars popped in there sometime on Sunday. Mars and sun were trine Bush’s natal sun at 23 degrees of Aquarius.

Mercury was also in Gemini – in the early degrees meaning it’s transiting Bush’s 9th house. Venus transiting Leo is in Bush’s 11th house of groups and ideals.

Wow, an astrologer couldn’t have planned that better.

Air Signs

Today, Donald Trump put his name in the hat for the presidential race. Trump, as profiled here on OHA, has sun in 22 degrees of Gemini. The Mercury/sun/Mars transiting conjunction is good to him as well. The Gemini energy trines natal Jupiter in Libra.

Astrotheme’s chart for Trump has his natal sun in the 10th house. He must get especially energetic about work in June. I knew a Gemini who seemed to pick up a new job at the beginning of every summer vacation (end of May, beginning of June when sun enters Gemini).

Gemini is an air sign as are Aquarius and Libra. Four planets transiting Gemini is bringing the air signs out to play.

Trump has four planets in air (Uranus and sun in Gemini / Neptune and Jupiter in Libra). His moon, however, is in fire sign Sagittarius opposite sun in Gemini. Trump is the Newt Gingrich of the 2016 election. Gingrich also has this sun/moon opposition. Expect from Trump a bit of Gingrich big idea and unexpected and unpredictable confrontation. Trump may already be known for this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gingrich endorsed him.

The sun will be in Gemini through Sunday so we may see some other Geminis, Libras or Aquarians jump into the race.

The Pluto Problem

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn will meet Bush’s moon in a few years. It’s still a bit out of orb and will take a while to get in orb. Moon in Capricorn likes law, order and rules and rarely expresses feelings which make them feel weak and vulnerable.

Pluto will force confrontations with power and authority and transformations of that relationship. Will this occur as president of the United States?

Trump around the same time will have Pluto opposing Saturn and Venus in Cancer. For Trump, there will be a great longing to be part of a small, loving group and not on the world stage where, frankly, people don’t truly love you they love what you represent. I’m suspecting that Trump will turn away from the Capricorn successes in life for some home cooking that he may never have received or never stopped to enjoy with his Gemini-Sagittarius need to be in constant motion.

Any More Virgos?

Our Virgo political tsunami of early May has subsided. See, May the sun is in Taurus, an earth sign and the earth signs came out to play.

June the sun is in Gemini, an air sign, and the air signs came out to play.


One Virgo still hasn’t come out to play – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The next month of earth sign energy is September (Virgo). I doubt he’ll wait until then if he decides to run.

Last Sunday Christie was interviewed on Face the Nation. The interviewer and panel all commented with admiration on Christie’s straight-talking style. Yet when asked if he planned to run for president, he replied that the process was “a linear evolutionary decision-making process.”

I had to write that down to remember it.

The actor who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory says that he remembers his complicated and lengthy dialogue by writing it out on notecards. The straight-talking Christie must have had a note card somewhere or practiced that for a few hours in front of the mirror.

Virgo, Christie’s sun sign, is known for its discriminating and critical mind. Virgo does some straight-talking, for sure.

But the reputation Christie has appears to come from his moon in fiery, challenging Sagittarius. Like all fire signs, the moon in fire projects boldness and confidence, often too much because the moon is so reactive. Moon in fire can be a bit overbearing.

OHA’s write up on why the Christie card folded in 2012 isn’t because of the straight-talk, but because of the loose talk, which is definitely not the Virgo portion of his personality.

The Current Count

Currently there are 16 candidates running:

  • 8 earth signs
  • 4 water signs
  • 3 air signs
  • 1 fire sign

Fixed sun signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) often make it to the White House in this country. We currently have three fixed sun signs (Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rick Santorum).

We do, however, have 10 candidates with Mars in a fixed sign. Mars is like your sun’s backup energy and general motivator. A few without Mars in a fixed sign still have Mars in Aries (which it rules) or Capricorn (where it’s exalted).

Those with the weakest Mars placements are Rick Santorum (Pisces), Rick Perry (Libra) and Lindsey Graham (Cancer). The Mars aggressive energy has to filter through signs that are normally not openly aggressive thereby making them a bit dysfunctional. Mars doesn’t always express itself clearly or directly in these signs.

Let’s see if the sun in Cancer next Sunday brings out more water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). We’re still short on fire, but we know that fire is coming last to the political party this time around.

OHA 2016 Presidential Election Archive

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Five Movies to Watch While Saturn is Retrograde in Scorpio

Your community astrologers have probably told you that Saturn has just gone retrograde in Scorpio. Retrograde is the apparent backward motion of a planet, an optical illusion caused by the planets being so distant from each other. Really, Saturn is going forward but it doesn’t appear that way from here on earth.

Saturn passed into Sagittarius late December 2014 from its two and a half year journey through Scorpio. In March, it began going retrograde and is now just passing back into Scorpio.

That means we still haven’t fully processed and created new structures involving Scorpio energies such as:

  • Sex
  • Death
  • Inheritance
  • Others’ money or shared money

These are the traditional life realms monitored by the scorpion. I would add intimacy and trust to this list as anything Scorpio crosses energetic or physical boundaries.

Here is Café Astrology’s write up on Scorpio.

Now that you’ve learned about Scorpio, let’s go to the movies.

Five Movies to Watch While Saturn is Retrograde in Scorpio

Since we still have Scorpio lessons to learn, watching movies is a good way to experience Scorpio while enjoying the psychological purge in the comfort of your own home.

Or you could try this stuff in real life, your choice.

The ultimate “chick-flick,” Jaws finishes with three men on a boat chasing a big, white shark. Kudos to the wardrobe director for putting sexy lead Scorpio Roy Scheider in black. He starts off on the quest with a khaki shirt over his black turtle neck (perfect for hunting a shark). Later the khaki is gone and closer to the shark attack the turtle neck turns into a regular black shirt. Nicely done.

Joining Scheider on the boat is Scorpio Richard Dreyfuss. We’ll call him “cute sexy.” The third man is Leo Robert Shaw. Leo is sexy too and currently Jupiter is transiting Leo which will square Saturn in Scorpio in July/August as the sun moves from Cancer to Leo. In the movie, Robert Shaw’s character conflicted with both Scheider’s and Dreyfuss’ characters. That’s a great demonstration of Leo square Scorpio.

Could there be a movie more aligned with the stars?

And there’s a little transiting Pluto-in-Capricorn message here too as the mayor, afraid to lose tourist dollars, lets the town swim with the sharks. Keep this in mind as you make consumer choices.

Black Swan
Speaking of black, Black Swan is Scorpio in that our main character is repressing her sensual and sexual nature. Never do that.

Repression of your sexuality, the movie teaches, will make you kind of nuts. I think every teenage boy knows this but since we teach the teenage boys (rather than the reverse), movies like Black Swan become necessary for society.

Black Swan has some scenes not appropriate for youngsters as Scorpio goes to the depths and reveals what is lurking in our immature little ballerina.

Mom in the movie is Scorpio as well, suffocating her daughter through obsessive love.

Terms of Endearment
Scorpio’s ability to face the depths of any pool or cesspool brings on the more dark reputation. However, Scorpio, like all water signs, is intensely emotionally honest. Emotional honesty in the world can be kind of rare so when a loving Scorpio connects with you, prepare to feel naked.

In Terms of Endearment, Debra Winger is the open and expressive daughter of a restrained, repressed and judgmental mother. Regardless of how her mother treats her, Winger’s character never gets bitter or resentful. She deals with mother and every other emotionally trying situation (cheating husband, moving far away, saying goodbye to your children when you are passing away) with complete, beautiful honesty.

Even when she cheats on her husband, she doesn’t justify it with bitter rationalizations. She’s honest with herself. She just does it.

Crying at the movies is a cathartic experience brought to you by water signs, including Scorpio. Cry, cry, cry.

Shallow Grave
Scorpio rules money, other people’s money. You’ll find lots of Scorpios in banking, especially on the lending side. Money is an exchange of energy, very Scorpio. When you spend money, you are demonstrating your values, which is Taurus energy, the opposite of Scorpio.

So many movies about money, so little time.

Shallow Grave is a Scottish gem where three flat mates bring in a fourth who has earned his way through one of the group’s humiliating interviews. We never get to know our flat mate because, soon after moving in, he’s found lying dead on the bed, overdosed on drugs, with a suitcase full of cash under the bed.

The three friends decide to keep the cash. We see Scorpio themes as we watch the friends trust, mistrust and betray each other. Stolen money from dubious activity has a negative energy attached which comes to the apartment late one night.

As the title suggests, we also have death (maybe more than the aforementioned) and a burial or two. If you don’t bury your secrets deep enough, they will rise to haunt you. But maybe you shouldn’t have buried them in the first place.

Good movie to watch before you find a suitcase full of cash and have to decide what to do.

While I pondered putting in Fatal Attraction or Nine 1/2 Weeks in the list, I realized obsession is covered nicely in Black Swan. So I thought I’d go right to the source and suggest the movie Scorpio, which I’ve never seen.

The lead, Burt Lancaster, was a Scorpio. I wonder if that’s why he was cast?

The movie is appropriately titled because political intrigue, the theme of the movie, is also very Scorpio, power being another energy exchange. In the US, our presidential election occurs during the sign of Scorpio. The last days of campaigning are nastiest and even through comments on this blog I could see the change; no one cares all summer, then everyone is polarized and angry in October and November, then it’s Thanksgiving and no one cares anymore.

Emotional roller coaster.

Since I haven’t seen Scorpio, I’m copying the plot summary from IMDB.

Cross is an old hand at the CIA, in charge of assassinating high-ranking foreign personalities who are an obstacle to the policies of the USA. He often teams up with Frenchman Jean Laurier, alias “Scorpio”, a gifted free-lance operative. One day, the CIA orders Scorpio to eliminate Cross — and leaves him no choice but to obey. Scorpio is cold-blooded and very systematic; however, as a veteran agent, Cross knows many tricks. He can also rely upon a network of unusual personal contacts, some dating back to the troubled years preceding WWII. A lethal game of hide-and-seek is programmed, but what are the true motives of every single player?
– Written by Eduardo Casais <>

Motives. That’s what Scorpio figures out with its detective mind. Everyone has a motive.

Stay cool this summer – experience Saturn in Scorpio at the movies.

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2016 Presidential Fight Club: Fire Last at the Party

If you’ve ever wondered, “What sign of the zodiac is most likely to show up late to a party?” we might look at politics as a guide.

As of this moment, there are 14 declared contenders for president in the 2016 election. Of those, 57% are earth signs. The first sign to declare was an earth sign (Ted Cruz). In one week, four Virgos announced they were running (clearly, an astrological-political conspiracy of some sort).

Earth signs clearly follow the “early bird catches the worm” school of thought.

This week we had three announcements, one being our first fire sign. Fire, it appears, is last to show up to the party.

Let’s look at our three new candidates.

Lincoln Chafee (Democrat)

Chafee is our sole contender with sun in a fire sign (Aries). Not only did Chafee bring fire, he brought a heaping load of the hot stuff. Not only is sun in Aries, he also has Pluto and moon conjunct in Leo. Pluto-moon aspects are my own mark of a politician (followed by Pluto-sun).

The emotional compulsion to control is very strong with Pluto-moon. In Leo, I’d imagine a person who would create intricate, dramatic situations to hook the attention of others for ultimate control of a situation. If you don’t like live theater, you’ll want to stay far, far away from this one.

Since I’m far, far away from Chafee, I’m looking forward to the aggressive in-fighting he will ignite in the Democratic Party. Chafee’s Pluto-moon is on the edge of Hillary Clinton’s Mars-Pluto-Saturn conjunction. Chafee will hit way, way below the belt on this favored candidate.

Why watch sports?

If we had Chafee’s time of birth, we could see if he had any subtly, gentleness or sweetness in his rising sign. I suppose his Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Libra could be there providing an inclination to melancholy love poetry (written by Mercury in Pisces).

But if there is no Libra or Pisces rising, I’d say this is an individual with a very strong sense of “me now.” Venus and Mars in Taurus might be slower to act than Aries is to talk, but Taurus is a fixed sign and very determined, as is fixed Leo.

Jupiter is also in Taurus square Pluto-moon so if I were an evil astrologer, I’d start with the money here. Money is the key to all politics, but some charts have more vulnerability in this regard. There’s a strong sense of liking very nice stuff at any price. The nice stuff increases the sense of specialness. And if you have one, I want one too (now).

Saturn in Libra confirms the “me” not “we” color to his personality. With Neptune hanging out with Saturn, there is a great idealization of people but great letdown because they are not quite as grand as imagined in that Pluto-moon in Leo imagination which models a medieval chivalry epic. Chafee can easily feel “betrayed.” The damsel was not in distress and the knight is not white.

This year’s Jupiter-in-Leo transit fueled this fire. But Jupiter will be moving on to Virgo later this summer. While there always ten planets transiting somewhere, I feel like the current aspects of Jupiter to Pluto aren’t affecting Chafee strongly. It’s kind of like he’s free to be who he is while the rest of us have to deal with “others.”

Ohio Astrology is looking forward to watching this fiery comet enter the orbit of the 2016 presidential election. Let’s see if this comet collides with any large bodies.

Lindsey Graham (Republican)

Graham entered somewhat quietly. I almost missed this one.

Graham’s announcement may have been more discreet because of his six planets in water (assuming moon in Pisces). Four of those planets are Cancer (Venus, sun, Uranus and Mars). Saturn is in Scorpio.

Jupiter and Pluto are in Leo and Mercury and Neptune are in air signs (Gemini and Libra respectively). There’s no earth in the chart. Graham’s values aren’t centered on material concerns. He may have problems managing material aspects of existence like paying bills on time.

Reading about Graham, I learned he is a bachelor. News stories speculated on whether that would cost him a serious run for president. I’m always fascinated by these types of comments. We Americans pride ourselves on individuality yet these comments show the subtle undercurrent of conformity. Graham is suspect because he’s “different.”

If there’s a reason (outside the logical ones) why Graham hasn’t married, I’d say it’s that he’s extremely sensitive (assuming moon in Pisces). Sometimes this extreme sensitivity can lead to a kind of paralysis that makes others think you are weird or have no feelings. On the contrary, there are lots of feelings in this horoscope.

Reading his bio on Wikipedia, it appears he was a caregiver to his sister. Water often ends up in caregiver roles. With too much water, ones own needs are often ignored. Sometimes it’s difficult for the caregiver to accept care.

Interestingly enough, water is rather suggestible and can follow the crowd from a desire to belong, especially the sign of Cancer which Graham has prominent in his chart. Graham may have found his “family” through his spiritual and political beliefs rather than through the traditional means.

Currently Pluto in Capricorn is opposing all the Cancer energy. When Pluto was in the early degrees of Capricorn back in 2008-2009, Venus was affected changing Graham’s social situations (including romance). Now Pluto is opposing the sun and will move on to oppose Uranus and Mars.

This is a strong indication that his “family” may reject him due to issues with reputation. Marriage may be part of that or it could be any other “bloodline” concern. The powers that be will probably tell Graham “no” or offer him some Capricorn position of authority to move him out of town and out of the way.

Rick Perry (Republican)

Rick Perry . . . now that name sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before? Oh, yes, the 2012 election.

Reading about Perry today, I learned that prior to running for president in 2012, he’d had intense spinal surgery which he didn’t disclose and which explains his then flighty responses.

Ohio Astrology caught on to the “health” indicators in Perry’s chart in 2012 suggesting that he run instead for Surgeon General.

Ohio Astrology continues its support of Perry for Surgeon General or a new role such as Veterinarian General.

Jupiter will be transiting Virgo from this August 2015 to fall of 2016. This transit will conjunct Perry’s Saturn-moon conjunction in Virgo. Health will again be an issue. Included will be anxiety and nervousness.

Perry has sun in Pisces as does Mitt Romney, who almost decided to run again. Not sure what’s going on these Piscean minds; I do know that Pisces as the sign of self-undoing can often stay in or go back to an abusive situation.

We may need to create a political safe house for the likes of Perry and Romney. The safe house will help victims of political abuse distance themselves from abusive political situations. Over time they will see the pattern of being a “political doormat.”

An Economist article on Perry states his new glasses may be a gimmick to help him look intelligent (i.e., nerdy – a true compliment). However, with Jupiter coming upon his Saturn-moon, I suspect there are true health issues which affect the eyes (or just aging eyes).

If Perry misled us in 2012, why wouldn’t he do it again? Why would a man facing health issues engage in one of the most serious, stressful activities known to man?

Pisces, stop it.

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In the Matrix or a Dickens Novel?

Since 1999, when we question the reality around us, we ask if we are in “the matrix.” But I wonder if we should be asking, instead, if we are in a Charles Dickens novel.

When I heard the new US Attorney General was named Loretta Lynch, I couldn’t help but imagine that had there been an Attorney General in Dickens’ time of public hangings that would have been her (or his) name in one of his novels.

In other Dickensian news, this week Akron elected a new mayor – Garry Moneypenny. It’s difficult to imagine having a more financially-descriptive last name.

If this were a Dickens novel, Lynch might be violent and Moneypenny cheap. Does the astrology support these characterizations?

Loretta Lynch

To be honest, my first thought upon hearing “Loretta Lynch” was that the country singer Loretta Lynn had become Attorney General. That would be unusual, melodic and quite cool.

But that’s not what happened.

I must preface by saying I don’t have the astrological profile of an individual who would lynch another (or lie or cheat or any other characteristic). However, violence in general is associated with Mars and Pluto energy.

Lynch has Mars in the family-oriented sign of Cancer. Her drive is to create personal relationships. This is supported by Venus also in Cancer and Neptune/Moon/Jupiter in Scorpio. That’s five water signs and quite a few of the personal planets.

The sun is in 29 degrees of fixed earth sign Taurus, the anaretic degree. Mercury is at 15 Taurus. Lynch also has Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn which represents all the earth signs.

Earth and water are compatible, what’s called a sextile. The outlier is Uranus in the fire sign of Leo. Her chart has no air signs (unless her rising is in air).

Is Lynch violent?

No, I wouldn’t see violence in this chart, although we don’t have time of birth.

However, water is extremely sensitive and easily hurt. Scorpio is the fixed water sign known for strong, intense feelings which can become, if unchecked, obsessive and vengeful. The sun in opposite Taurus is also fixed so if you’ve offended Lynch, don’t bother trying to continue the relationship.

Scorpio and Taurus, fixed energies, are extremely loyal. Say you haven’t offended Lynch but saved her from a tripping on the curb, she will also remember that forever and treat to an extreme love and kindness.

Lynch’s chart is serious, deep, loyal, patient, responsible, hardworking, trustworthy, loving and proud. She’s got lots of good, solid qualities once categorized as “character.”

If Lynch were in a Dickens novel, she could be the head executioner with a steady Taurus sun and Scorpio moon ability to look at the underside of life. She could also be the town’s mayor, the town’s business magnate (in funerary would work) or even butcher or carpenter will all that earth-sign focus.

Garry Moneypenny

The mayor of Akron doesn’t get quite as much press as national or state figures (not fair), so it’s difficult to find his birthday. But I believe Moneypenny to be a Capricorn sun and possibly Virgo moon if I’ve figured it out correctly.

Both Capricorn and Virgo are earth signs so the focus on money (and property and status) is definitely in the chart. With Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, there’s additional emphasis on control of resources.

If this is Moneypenny’s chart, there’s a strong controlling and caustic edge to the personality. Moneypenny’s bio says he started off as a police officer and this type of strong personality seems a requirement.

If the moon is in Virgo, the Jupiter-in-Virgo transit from August 2015 to August 2016 will add more work to an already workaholic lifestyle.

Transiting Pluto has recently passed over Moneypenny’s sun (at 12 degrees). Pluto evolves and this must feel like a brand new life for Moneypenny. Other aspects of body, life and soul represented by Capricorn include bones, knees, skin, career, reputation, respect and responsibility. All of these areas have undergone transformation.

Hopefully moon in Virgo will understand that evolution has occurred and not try to manage the new life in the detailed way the old life was managed. The Virgo to-do list will always expanded but Virgo might want to remember that lists are a guide, not a mandate, kind of like a recipe.

The inventor of the recipe was probably Virgo.

Moneypenny recently had a Saturn return at 29 degrees of Scorpio. His Mercury is at 29 degrees of Capricorn, the anaretic degree. Both Lynch and Moneypenny have planets at this degree.

The last degree of a sign is very intense. It’s like the deep end of the pool. If you’re thrown in, you must learn to swim. Moneypenny must learn to swim in Scorpio intensity and Capricorn authority.

If Moneypenny were in a Dickens novel, he could be the banker. He could also share roles with Lynch as they are made of similar earth and water sign energies. If anything, we shouldn’t put them in the same novel; there might not be enough disparity in characterization.

The matrix or Dickens?

Since beginning this blog, a new contender for the 2016 presidential race has arise – Lincoln Chafee.

Lincoln – now that’s a name you can take to the White House.

And Chafee – that sounds much like the character Chuffey from Charles Dickens’ novel Martin Chuzzlewit. Hopefully Chafee is not like Chuffey described by one critic as representing “passive submission to other people.”

A quick glance at Chafee’s chart (Aries sun/ Pluto & moon in Leo) says he’s very much not passively submissive. But that might also be a clever device – name him the opposite of his personality.

Very clever, very Dickens. If we are in a Dickens novel, how do we find out? Who is your character?

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2016 Presidential Fight Club: New Fighters

When I came home the other day, my cat was rolling in catnip with that look of “I told you so” all over her face.

When I asked what was making her so smug, she replied that she didn’t have to take down the “Pick Rick” poster from above her litter box. Rick Santorum, 2012 Presidential contender, was back for the presidential race of 2016.

The poster, frayed around the edges and smelling of ammonia, could use a refresh I told her. I promised to pick up a new one for her should Santorum make it that far. Trying not to appear defensive, I reminded her that Santorum might not make it to the debates as the Republican candidates were swarming like the ants trying to get into her food bowl.

In 2012, I added, Santorum was barely allowed to speak.

“Have the powers-that-be chosen a Republican candidate yet?” she asked, whiskers twitching.

“There’s no clear ‘Mitt Romney’ yet,” I answered. “But in the coming weeks the media will pose one candidate front and center of each debate then we’ll know who we’re supposed to vote for.”

Three New Entrants

This week three new contenders joined the race, two Republicans – Rick Santorum and George Pataki – and one Democrat – Martin O’Malley.

The last wave of entrants was made entirely of Virgo suns. This wave has more diversity but is skewed to the earth signs. A summary of current candidates suggests the earth signs shall inherit the presidency.

The two earth signs are Santorum and O’Malley. George Pataki is a water sign.

Rick Santorum

Santorum goes first because my cat insists. But we’ve (she and I) written quite a bit about Rick which can be found here.

What’s changed for Santorum since 2012?

In 2012, Jupiter was transiting Taurus on Santorum’s sun and moved to Gemini near the election. Jupiter on one’s sun is generally deemed positive. For Taurus, it involves acquisition of money and property.

Jupiter during this election cycle will be transiting Virgo which makes a trine to the other two sun signs Taurus and Capricorn. Trines are nice and provide comfort but not excess. For Santorum, however, Jupiter will be opposing his natal Mars in Pisces and later squaring his Saturn in Jupiter.

If you’ve heard Santorum speak, you know he’s direct as his Mercury in Aries would suggest. With sun in Taurus and moon in Aquarius, his thoughts are definitive.

The Jupiter opposition and squares are in mutable signs which are adaptable and changeable. Sometimes, too, mutable deals with conflict through avoidance. For Santorum, avoidance isn’t a natural response so he may be learning when to push and shove and when to sneak out the back door and pay off the doorman.

Saturn in Sagittarius (it’s currently retrograde in Scorpio but will be going forward again soon) will make its return in Santorum’s chart at about the time the next president is inaugurated (January 2017). In fact, it will be almost exactly in return on that date.

All I can tell you and the cat is that in January 2017, if Santorum isn’t president, you won’t see him again seeking this role as Saturn will set him on a new path. If we live to our 80s, we’ll have three Saturn returns. The first at age 30 is when you mature; the second around age 60 is when you think about the “remains of your days.” The last return coincides with a Neptune return where you must make peace with Saturn as Neptune (dissolution) comes floating through the cracks in the windows and doors.

Santorum’s second Saturn return will define that late-middle portion of his life. In Sagittarius, if he doesn’t become president, he may choose some other podium from which to proclaim his ideas.

Martin O’Malley

In O’Malley, we have our second challenger to the sovereign Democrat contender Hillary Clinton. O’Malley, incidentally, is 11 days older than Republican contender Rand Paul.

When my cat reviewed the “Martin O’Malley” for president website, she almost changed teams. While I hesitate to use the word “shallow,” sometimes my feline chooses candidates more on looks than on issues. People would never do that.

O’Malley has sun in Capricorn and moon/Neptune in Scorpio. The last two and a half years must have been tough with Saturn transiting these two planets. With the exceptions of Mars in Leo and Venus in Sagittarius, O’Malley’s chart is serious so the Saturn transit was a “do or die” period of time for O’Malley.

Running for President must be what he decided he must “do.”

Saturn will be moving into Sagittarius where it will transit Venus. Saturn has been testing the limits of relationship and probably marriage.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo has been good to Mars and Venus. But in August, Jupiter will move into Virgo and begin moving over his Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. This is the generation my comrade-in-astrology mentioned would be having their political and non-political heydays.

Natal Jupiter in Pisces will oppose this Jupiter-in-Virgo transit. O’Malley’s serious nature may make him extreme during this period. This is perfectionism gone wild with lots of anxiety and worry to boot.

O’Malley’s Mercury and Saturn are in Aquarius. He’d actually be a good running mate for Santorum if they were on the same team. Mercury in Aquarius represents a great ability to speak to the public (our “Great Communicator” President Reagan had sun in Aquarius). However, Saturn is also in Aquarius making him feel like he’s not intellectually or ideally part of the group.

There’s a lot of strength in this chart; strength for both Capricorn and Scorpio often come from taking the path of most resistance because of the need to face (all) responsibility. If O’Malley can hone his more fiery planets (Mars and Venus), he might be able to carry his seriousness to a nation that seeks optimism in politics.

George Pataki

Pataki has three planets in watery Cancer – sun, Saturn and Mercury (Saturn and Mercury are conjunct). Moon appears to be in fiery, wandering Sagittarius.

Cancer and Sagittarius are quite different in drives and motivations. Cancer is looking for a place to belong while Sagittarius gathers no moss. This is the kind of guy who created the RV so that he could travel across the country while carrying the comforts of home behind him.

It’s a hermit crab on Miami Beach.

With Mars and Venus in Taurus, I feel like Pataki should have run in 2012 when Jupiter was transiting that sign. However, he does have natal Jupiter in Virgo so we have that transiting Jupiter- in-Virgo influence in this chart.

For Pataki, Jupiter in Virgo (natal or transit) makes a square to moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Gemini. This is mutable eccentricity at its best with a diversity of friends and unusual sideline interests. I like this guy.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn, however, is opposing the Cancer energy while Saturn will be transiting the moon (in Sagittarius). Pluto and Saturn can put an abrupt halt to life’s endeavors which include your marriage, job and political aspirations.

While running for president is never easy, the transits in Pataki’s chart suggest that the stones thrown in his path may be more like boulders. Sagittarius moon likes to leap over boulders while Cancer sun likes to crawl under them and hide.

I’m expecting his campaign to have unusual situations and quirky responses. This is the kind of fun I expect from a political campaign so look forward to it.

The Roundup

We currently have 11 confirmed candidates. As I mention often, the US likes fixed energy in its presidents. The fixed signs are Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), Scorpio (water) and Aquarius (air).

By sun sign, only two have sun in a fixed sign (Clinton, Santorum). However, when we look at Mars, which represents drive, eight of the 11 candidates have Mars in fixed sign. Of those five are in Leo, a strong sign for leadership in the Americas (Carson, Clinton, Huckabee, O’Malley and Paul).

The three candidates without Mars in a fixed sign are Fiorina (Capricorn), Sanders (Aries) and Santorum (Pisces). Mars likes being in Capricorn where it’s exalted and in Aries because Mars rules Aries. Mars in Pisces is the weakest position because Mars wants to move in one direction and Pisces creates a foggy situation and muddy roads.

By total number of fixed signs in planets from sun to Saturn, Clinton and Huckabee win with five each. Rubio may also have five if he would let us know in which sign his moon is placed (write to with time of birth).

Those with only one fixed sign are Carson, Fiorina and Sanders.

Fixed-sign suns do not always win the election; but they are still the majority for US presidents. The other two modes are cardinal and mutable with mutable coming in last, Gemini specifically. It will be interesting to see how the fixed energy plays out in this election.

What is interesting is the bale of earth signs coming out to seek the presidency. The upcoming transit of Jupiter in Virgo will trine the earth signs (which are a natural trine, see?). The energy appears to be revving up early as eight of the 11 candidates are earth. The three that are not are Clinton, Pataki, and Rubio.

While Santorum has only two fixed signs in his chart, they happen to be the prominent sun (in Taurus) and moon (in Aquarius). My cat thinks that Santorum’s fixed energy will trump all the fixed and earth in the election.

We have a wager; if she’s right, she gets a new litter box. If not, no more political gloating for her!

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