My Uranus in Aries

In the late 1980s, one of my college professors shared this story while showing us a famous building during a geography class. It’s been many years so I’ll paraphrase:

During the holidays we visited friends who showed us their vacation pictures. We saw the wife, Rose, in every single shot. Rose in front of the palace; Rose in front of the museum; Rose in front of the skyscraper. I suggested that next time my friend take a picture of Rose behind the building.

Searching for this professor, I discovered he passed away. I wonder what he would have thought of today’s proliferation of “selfies.”

Maybe if someone had sent this professor a selfie he would have requested a selfie behind the building. Or maybe he would request an “otherie.”

Uranus is the planet of inspiration, sudden shifts and enlightenment entered the sign of Aries in March 2011. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a fire sign and is often quoted as saying, “Me first.” Aries represents the self (as in “selfie”).

According to this Wikipedia site, the term “selfie” became a common buzzword in 2012. Like many other thoughts, ideas and inventions, it didn’t arise one particular day but gained momentum over time until suddenly (Uranus) everyone was saying it.

(As an aside, the visual aspect of the selfie probably arises from Neptune moving into Pisces in early 2012; Neptune rules film and image.)

Marketing has also evolved to respond to a “selfie” culture. Many marketing programs today have the description “My” as in MyPanera Rewards or My Verizon.

My, my, my, have times changed.

Uranus in Aries

In early 2011 almost as soon as Uranus entered Aries, several Middle Eastern countries rebelled (another Uranus term) against their governments. This was called the Arab Spring.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. Aries is a fighter, competitive and forceful. Aries fights for self-determination and individuality. Aries is “me” not “we” so uprisings reflect the fire energy of Aries, but not necessarily the desire to equal the playing field. Aries didn’t write Utopia, a Pisces did.

Where the populace sees no need to overthrow the government, Uranus in Aries appears to be the increased expression the personal self. The selfie appears part of that as well as marketing tailored specifically to my person and my habits.

A dark side of Uranus in Aries is a rise in personal violence, “My Personal Vendetta” or “My Personal School Shooting” in the US. Individuals initiating random violence is a great low of this energy. Of course, individual violence is not new; what’s new is the seeking of attention through this means.

In the US’ most recent school shooting in Oregon, the county sheriff insisted he would not share the name of the shooter. This is a brilliant response to the negative manifestation of Uranus-in-Aries energy – a refusal to acknowledge the “self” that performed this heinous act.

With energies, I always like to think about what we don’t see in the news. Uranus in Aries in your individual life might simply be standing up to authority, saying no for the first time in your life or simply refusing to participate in situations that compromise your self worth. If you get the urge to slap people around at the same time, hopefully you go to the gym instead to work off the warrior energy.

Uranus in Aries like all energies has a specific characteristic which can be manifested in a number of positive and negative ways.

Uranus in Taurus

Like all energies, Uranus in Aries will pass. In mid 2018, Uranus will move into Taurus. Taurus is the fixed earth sign. Where Aries is concerned with self, Taurus is concerned with material reality.

Possibly Uranus in Taurus will bring up the property rights of all the Uranus in Aries creations of self-expression that occurred on social media.

Uranus in Taurus will also bring sudden changes to the physical and financial landscape. While it’s a bit early for astrologers to send in their Uranus-in-Taurus predictions, in a couple years you’ll probably be reading astrology blogs about financial crashes and physical earthquakes.

Keep in mind that Taurus always follows Aries – this can nullify the effects of dire astrological predictions. In childhood development, we know a baby is not aware of others. At a certain age the baby then becomes aware of others in the environment as separate entities. That is Taurus.

Aries is the uprising and forming of a new country. Taurus is the marking of the boundaries of the country, creating an economy and defending the borders. Aries breaks through the eggshell and Taurus must look to survive in the very real environment of friends and foes.

Taurus naturally follows Aries so the environment will exert itself. People will see the difference between your corporeal reality and the picture you posted on social media. Your real self may need to meet your branded image (i.e., your resume needs to match your skills). You’re informed now so that you have two and a half years to sync them up (which is also the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle which requests that you sync your beliefs with your actions).

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Astrology for Sale

Here in the West, we consider astrology to be, in the words of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, pure “hokum” (i.e., nonsense).

With amazement and fascination I watch as astrology is rebranded in modern terms and sold as personality assessments. That’s the funny thing about capitalism – you don’t have to believe in something to sell it.

With even more puzzlement, I see the invoices for these personality assessments. Why pay thousands when astrology is free?

Admit, I will, that although astrology has been around for thousands of years, people still insist on killing either other and stealing each other’s stuff. I suspect these personality assessments will fare no better. My own anecdotal feedback is that personality assessments in corporations are used simply for control and do not help people get along because it contains too many variables to manage.

In more simple language, people never get along for long periods of time.

Five-minute astrology

Here’s your five-minute astrology lesson. Astrology is:

Four elements

  1. Fire – energetic and enthusiastic
  2. Earth – practical and serious
  3. Air – social and communicative
  4. Water – sensitive and emotional

Three modes

  1. Cardinal – initiators
  2. Fixed – sustainers
  3. Mutable – changers

The four elements times three modes equal the 12 zodiac signs.

The elements interact this way:

  • Fire is compatible with air
  • Earth is compatible with water

However, the polarities are in compatible elements yet are the same mode which makes them opposing:

  • Fire Aries is opposite air Libra (cardinal)
  • Earth Taurus is opposite water Scorpio (fixed)
  • Air Gemini is opposite fire Sagittarius (mutable)
  • Water Cancer is opposite earth Capricorn (cardinal)
  • Fire Leo is opposite air Aquarius (fixed)
  • Earth Virgo is opposite water Pisces (mutable)

Any personality profiling system in segments of three, four or 12 can be traced to astrology.

Personality Assessments


Astrology stops the sky when you are born and looks at ten planets in 12 signs in 12 houses and their geometrical relationship to each other. In that way, it is complex and nuanced.

Because astrology is complex it is difficult to learn quickly. Perhaps this can be likened to knowing another person. Do you ever know another person? If so, how long does it take to truly know them?

Carl Jung

While psychologist Jung didn’t sell his product per se, he broke out human nature into four quadrants:

  1. Intuition (fire)
  2. Sensation (earth)
  3. Thinking (air)
  4. Feeling (water)

There’s more detail on this blog.

Four Humors

A friend recently showed me a motivational book with test that essentially is the four humors with some modern language attached. For example, the traditional melancholy is “detailed.”

In a motivational book, I suspect honoring the poor, melancholy poet who wonders the point of life on earth and lives in someone’s attic to be contrary to our continual-improvement model of modern Western society.

Anytime you see these words, you have gone back to ancient Greece:

  1. Sanguine (air)
  2. Phlegmatic (water)
  3. Choleric (fire)
  4. Melancholic (earth)

True Colors

The True Colors profile has these four quadrants:

  1. Orange (fire)
  2. Gold (earth)
  3. Green (air)
  4. Blue (water)

Social Style Model

I’m not sure who created/owns this model, but it’s similar to the four elements/humors although it seems to cross over to the modes at times:

  1. Expressive (fire)
  2. Driver (earth / fixed)
  3. Analytical (air)
  4. Amiable (water / mutable)

Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs personality assessment has 16 profiles, which are the four elements times four. I suspect the formula is a breakout of degree of elements combined. This one may be more effective because, like astrology, it is more nuanced.

The test determines the polarity of four segments. This one’s tricky because the signs are a bit more nuanced than these categories. I may change my mind later on this . . . (a mutable thing to do).

  1. Introvert or extrovert – fire/air (extroverted) or earth/water (introverted)
  2. Sensing or intuition – earth/air (sensing) or fire/water (intuition)
  3. Thinking or feeling – earth/air (thinking) or fire/water (feeling)
  4. Judging or perceiving – earth/air (judging) or fire/water (perceiving)

Strengths Finder

This profiling system has 34 segments which don’t correspond to our elements or modes. As with Myers Briggs, the more complex is probably the more accurate. Strengths Finder will show you your top five strengths as well as sub-strengths but never attempts to synthesize them into one label such as “Performer” or “Healer.”

If you could be any combination of the 34 strengths, I believe that is 1,156 combinations.

Astrology, in contrast with ten planets in 12 signs in 12 houses (the horoscope) is 1,440 combinations if you don’t consider that each sign has 30 degrees and can alter the relationships between planets. Also, outer planets take generations to move through a few signs so those in the past will also have charts very different from those in the future.

I don’t know how to calculate how long it takes the 10 planets to return to the exact same sign (and degree) placements as when you were born. It must be a very long time.

In summary, horoscopes are unique but yet all contain the same total energies and also reflect generational energies.

Astrology for free

Astrologers may consider themselves lucky that astrology isn’t “believed” in our culture. If it were, we would be regulated, our querents would need insurance, we’d spend our nights filling out paper work and we’d have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on certification.

We’re lucky we’re still an informal, committed guild.

On the other hand, possibly in trade off of credentials we could also have pharmaceutical companies fund astrological research.

Possibly the pharmaceutical companies could develop a drug to give to Leos so that they don’t need so much attention (sleeping pills?), or a dose of something to make Scorpio and Capricorn less serious (rather than alcohol which sometimes heightens the effect) or possibly a medication to help air signs plant their ideas on the earth (rather suggesting they garden or clean the house).

Next time your boss assigns you the task of analyzing the personalities of your team, suggesting astrology will probably get you nowhere and raise the ethical concerns that personality-profiling seems to casually avoid.

Ohio Astrology has your solution! In service to humanity, offers its Diner Food Personality Profiling for FREE.

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The $10 Woman

At the end of the last Republican Presidential debate on September 16, the moderator asked a couple fun questions including one about the $10 bill. The moderator said that earlier this year the Treasury announced it would put a woman on the $10 bill and asked each candidate to choose a woman for that honor.

First, the statistics. Out of 11 candidates, six unique women were chosen (54.5% response). If we kick out two women who were not born in the United States (assuming that is criteria for being on the nation’s currency), then the total is four (36.4% response). If we knock out one more pick because she’s already on currency (Susan B. Anthony), then we have a new total of three (27.3% response).

The one woman on stage, Carly Fiorina, indicated that she’d leave all the bills as is and focus on women receiving equal pay and reaching their potential.

Of course I’d like to chide the men on stage for not having a powerful, historical woman top-of-mind. But if you’d asked me (a female), I would have been hard-pressed, too, to come up with a quick answer. The women that do immediately come to mind such as Victoria Woodhull (who ran for president in 1870) and Margaret Sanger (who championed for birth control) would be way too controversial to be on currency.

Thinking of my choices, I realized there are plenty of women in history who challenged and/or moved humanity forward but were entirely ignored during my high school education. Most of the men on stage are older than me so they may also have been denied learning the glory of women’s achievements.

Good luck Hillary and Carly.

The Picks

Here are the women chosen for the $10 bill in the order of the answers, which is important as one woman was chosen three times.

Rand PaulSusan B. Anthony (nice pick, but she’s already on a $1 coin)

Mike Huckabee – His wife

Marco RubioRosa Parks

Ted Cruz – Rosa Parks or his mother

Ben Carson – His mother

Donald Trump – His daughter or Rosa Parks

Jeb BushMargaret Thatcher (British born)

Scott WalkerClara Barton

Carly Fiorina – no pick

John KasichMother Teresa (Macedonian born)

Chris ChristieAbigail Adams

Moon Aspects

Traditionally the aspects to the moon indicate one’s relationship with women (regardless of your own gender). The moon is your reactive, unconscious nature as opposed to the sun which is your active, conscious nature.

Venus can also indicate relationship with women in a man’s chart, but Venus is more about pleasure and the seeking of ideal. Venus is the woman you want; the moon is the woman you get. Hopefully your Venus and moon are in positive aspect so that what you want and what you get are in harmony.

My own “mark of a politician” is a hard aspect (opposition, square) of Pluto and the moon. Pluto is about power, all-consuming power, and in hard aspect to the moon creates a compulsive need to control the environment.

The moon can also represent the mother and moon in hard aspect to Pluto (or in Scorpio) can be the “devouring mother” that astrologer Liz Greene describes. Pleasing (or displeasing) mother is the root of much behavior.

Let’s take a glance at moon placements and aspects for our Republican debaters.

Rand Paul – Moon (in Gemini) square Pluto (in Virgo). Paul also has Saturn conjunct Mercury (which rules Gemini) in Aquarius. Combined, I get the sense that Paul’s speech and ideas were put under intense scrutiny and never adequate enough. Maybe he’s running for president to say, “See, people like my ideas.”

Mike Huckabee – Moon is in Scorpio with a wide square to Saturn. Moon is square Pluto in Leo. Huckabee’s struggle was for intense love and affection. More than seeking power, Huckabee is seeking love.

Marco Rubio – Moon is in Cancer or Leo and is not in hard aspect to Pluto. His moon is pretty free of Saturn (another big heavy) too. Why are you in politics Marco? You seem to have the love and affection you need from the immediate environment. Is that Saturn in Taurus making you feel you have to achieve status for material security?

Ted Cruz – Moon is in Libra with Uranus conjunct. There’s no hard Pluto or Saturn aspect. Uranus conjunct moon describes an unpredictable, impulsive nature. The mother may have been on and off with affection. She may have been fascinating in a number of ways but not “motherly.”

Ben Carson – Moon in Sagittarius is trine (positive aspect) to Pluto but square the sun. Mom and dad didn’t get along with dad as the more demanding parent. Not quite the mark of a politician which is good for daily living but possibly not what Carson would like to hear.

Donald Trump – Moon in Sagittarius trines Pluto but is opposite Uranus, as is Cruz’. Again, unpredictable nature but more apparent here than with the Capricorn-sun Cruz. Trump has Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer also suggesting lack of a “motherly,” nurturing environment.

Jeb Bush – Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Pluto in Leo. This is not a particularly hard aspect, but not soft either. Pluto, however, is opposed Bush’s Aquarius sun. It’s dad here, more than mom, driving the power need. Obvious, I know.

Scott Walker – Moon as well as sun are in Scorpio in positive aspect to Pluto. But Pluto is on top of Venus and Uranus (in Virgo). Lots of power-tripping and need to organize everything. But no matter, Walker has exited the race so he can get back to organizing Wisconsin.

Carly Fiorina – Moon is either in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Watching her debate, I’m guessing Capricorn. In Sagittarius, Pluto is trine and in Capricorn, a wide out-of-sign trine or not aspected. In Capricorn the moon would be conjunct Mars which suggests her desire is really competition and proving she can make it to the top. She might want to remember it’s lonely at the top and reconsider.

John Kasich – Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Pluto, which, again, is not too bad or good. As with Fiorina’s potential moon in Capricorn, the desire is to make it to the top by pleasing authority rather than killing the king to take the throne.

Chris Christie – Now’s here’s a power-tripper. Moon in Sagittarius is square Pluto and sun in Virgo in conjunct Pluto. Pluto, Pluto everywhere. Can’t get away from Pluto here.


Now let’s take a quick look at the synastry between the candidate and his choice. Synastry is comparing two charts to see how people get along. Since we don’t have the charts of mothers, daughters and wives, we’ll stick to the six unique picks.

Rand PaulSusan B. Anthony had Mercury, sun and Jupiter in Aquarius which provides strong intellectual capacity, which jives well with Rand’s moon in Gemini. But Rand has Saturn in Aquarius conjunct Anthony’s Mercury so might have tried stifle her speech. Anthony also had moon, Pluto, Venus and Saturn in Pisces, which is very (very) emotional, way too emotional for the Capricorn sun – Gemini moon Rand.

Marco RubioRosa Parks had Uranus, Mercury and sun in Aquarius and would have made a nice intellectual companion for sun-in-Gemini Rubio. Parks’ moon in Capricorn would have been too emotionally distant for the moon in Cancer/Leo Rubio. In a very interesting coincidence, both Parks and Rubio have/had Saturn in 27 degrees of Taurus suggesting physical and financial want. This seems a sincere pick on Rubio’s part.

Jeb BushMargaret Thatcher has Mars, sun and Mercury in Libra which is compatible with Bush’s sun in Aquarius (both air signs). Bush’s Saturn in Libra, though, might have squelched some of her diplomacy. Thatcher’s Jupiter in Capricorn would be admirable to the moon-in-Capricorn Bush. Thatcher’s moon in Leo is near Bush’s Pluto in Leo. Interesting match – some synergy, lots of admiration, a few power struggles.

Scott WalkerClara Barton had Neptune, Uranus, sun and moon in Capricorn. That makes for a very serious personality which is in perfect alignment with Walker’s very serious personality. She had Capricorn seriousness and Walker has Virgo/Scorpio seriousness so their seriousnesses cover the entire spectrum of gravity. Barton also had Mars in Virgo which energizes Walker’s Virgo. Great synastry, great pick.

John KasichMother Teresa had sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo, Saturn and moon in Taurus and Uranus in Capricorn, which is most of the planets and all of the earth signs. Kasich has Jupiter, Venus and sun in Taurus and moon in Capricorn, both earth signs. Together, these two could have conquered the astrological earth (signs). Great synastry. If Kasich doesn’t win the presidency, maybe he can help the poor.

Chris ChristieAbigail Adams had sun barely in Sagittarius and moon in Cancer. She also had Mars and Saturn in Virgo; combined with sun in Sagittarius creates brash and critical speech. The sun in Virgo, moon in Sagittarius Christie is a time-warp soul mate. Adams had Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (and Jupiter in Scorpio too) creating a bit more seriousness to thought and speech than Christie with Mercury in Libra which ultimately tries to please.

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune is Coming to Your Neighborhood

While reading a blog on transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune (in Virgo), I realized that there are a finite number of Neptune signs walking the planet. Neptune takes about 164 years to complete a cycle through the zodiac and since the average lifespan is about half of that (or less), natal Neptune in the charts of the living are in about six different signs.

Today, most alive today have Neptune in Cancer to Pisces, although the Neptune in Cancer generation is nearing 100 years old. Neptune in Leo will be the new starting point soon.

In the summer of 2013, Jupiter began transiting Cancer. Jupiter takes a little over a year to transit a sign, unless it goes retrograde (visual backward motion). Jupiter will continue through eight more signs until it finishes a transit of Pisces in 2025 while Neptune is still transiting Pisces (which began in 2011).

In other words, you, me and everyone we know will have a Jupiter transit of our Neptune.

Soon after transiting Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries, transiting Neptune will follow suit and we’ll have a year of individuals born with Jupiter in the same sign as Neptune.

We definitely have Jupiter/Neptune energy to share and in 2025, I’m expecting some major energy shifts. Pluto, with a 248-year cycle, will be changing signs as well – from Capricorn to Aquarius.


This blog’s description of planets, planets in signs and transits is brought to you by The Astrologer’s Handbook by Sakoian and Acker.

According to the handbook, Neptune’s sign:

…indicates the kind of cultural expression manifested by the imaginative and creative faculties of mankind in a give thirteen-year period. The generation that has Neptune in a given sign shares a common spiritual destiny. The intuitive and creative faculties of such a generation will take on the qualities of whichever sign Neptune occupies.

From each sign’s description, I’ll include a brief positive/negative from each description:

Cancer (1901/2 – 1914/16) indicates a generation of people with strong psychic ties to home, family and the earth. The negative side is maudlin sentimentality and an exclusive, emotional attachment to one’s home and country.

Leo (1914/16 – 1928/29) indicates a generation of people with strong musical and artistic talents. The negative side of this can be self-delusion regarding love and courtship.

Virgo (1928/29 – 1942/3) is in its detriment, indicating a generation whose creative, imaginative facilities are thwarted by adverse material circumstances. The negative side is a tendency to psychosomatic illness and excessive emotional preoccupation with inconsequential detail.

Libra (1942/43 – 1955/57) gives the present younger generation (this was written in 1973) an intuitive awareness of social relationships. In its negative manifestation . . .there is an instinct for emotional and social conformity.

Scorpio (1955/57 – 1970) indicates a period of exploitation of man’s natural desires. Many will have clairvoyant abilities and be forced to acknowledge the need for spiritual regeneration. There is much intensity and confusion causing the turmoil of the unconscious to break out in such chaotic artistic phenomenon as rock music.

Sagittarius (1970 – 1984) has brought us into a period when the need for higher spiritual and religious values will find positive expression. The negative expressions are aimless wandering, as among the hippie generation, and fanatical adherence to misguided, impractical religious cults, false prophets, and gurus.

Capricorn (1984 – 2000) indicates a period in which world governments will be in chaos and economic and political structures will be brought to their knees. In order to survive, they will be forced to incorporate spirituality into their practical lives.

Aquarius (2000 – 2011/12) will be a time when enlightened humanitarianism and on science using new technology and new forms of energy. The intuitive, clairvoyant faculties of humanity will be developed, and universal brotherhood will be established in practical reality.

Pisces (2011/12 – 2024/25) will be a time of peace following the beginning of the Aquarian age. This period will provide an opportunity for the unfolding of spiritual faculties and development of exalted forms of music and art; healing will make great strides.

It’s interesting that the authors saw Neptune in Aquarius as heralding the “Age of Aquarius.” Until Aquarius, the authors provide positive and negative perspectives. In Aquarius and Pisces, all is good and peaceful, revealing the hope of the authors.

It’s interesting to see how frequently the future is seen as all good or all bad, while daily life is a constant mixture of qualities. Predicting a future that is the conglomeration of energies we experience every moment is not popular probably because it doesn’t make good narrative story.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Regarding Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Sakoian & Acker describe the “fertile imagination” that can occur during this aspect especially in relation to art, music, philosophy and religion. Heightened sensitivity is indicated but also the possibility of losing contact with reality to live in a world of private fantasy.

My personal twist is that Neptune is where we link to the source which often manifests through art, music, philosophy and religion. Neptune in a sign can indicate where it manifests for a generation. I see our link to the source as an intravenous (IV) tube hooked up to our soul. The problem I perceive in the world is that others want to hook into the IV tube. Our source is direct but gets waylaid by a million images and ideas – marketing. The world is full of “middlemen” who want to feed from your connection.

Jupiter transiting is like adding an extra dose of whatever you have in that intravenous connection. If your Neptune is in Pisces it might be a direct spiritual connection. However, if a planet such as Mercury interferes (opposite, perhaps), then the words of the world confuse that direct connection. Jupiter coming along will expand that conflict.

Jupiter transiting your Neptune will bring out all of the qualities of that Neptune, all of the spirituality, all of the delusion. Figuring out the line between the two is never easy.

Jupiter is coming to your Neptune and your ideals and any conflicts surrounding will rise like a balloon. Will your ideals keep rising, connecting to the source? Or will they pop as delusions created by the interference of marketing?

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Tom Brady’s Inflation and Deflation

While not in the least a sports fan, news about deflated balls (“Deflategate”) with socially-inflated sports heroes caught my eye. Inflation, deflation – I knew there were great astrological lessons here.

Jupiter rules inflation (expansion and its associated generosity) and Saturn deflation (contraction and its associated frugality). The signs ruled by these planets are Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively. Interestingly, transiting Saturn is passing through Sagittarius now for the next two and a half years so Deflategate themes may be coming to a situation near you.

Inflation and deflation are not positive and negative although traditionally Jupiter was seen a good planet (benefic) and Saturn as bad planet (malefic). If you find a tumor on your leg, would you want inflation or deflation? When you look at your checkbook balance, do you want inflation or deflation? Inflation and deflation are good or bad only in context.

What is Deflategate?

This story explains the controversy:

The controversy began when the New England Patriots were accused of using underinflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage in the Patriots’ AFC championship victory over the Indianapolis Colts on January 18.[2015]

The underinflation came to light at halftime after a Colts player intercepted a pass and gave the ball to his team’s equipment staff.

The equipment staff discovered the ball was inflated to 11 pounds per square inch, less than the 12.5 to 13.5 psi the NFL allows, the ruling said.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, according to the article, was given a four-game suspension for being “generally aware” of the deflation. This week that ruling was “nullified” by a Federal Judge.

Let’s take a look at what Jupiter and Saturn were up to at the time of the incident through the recent overturning of the suspension.

Tom Brady

According to the Astrotheme horoscope, Brady has sun in fire-sign Leo and moon in fire-sign Aries. Fire is always good for an athlete, especially Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of forward motion and directed action and hence the ruler of athletes. Brady’s Mars is in Gemini suggesting a dual nature and great flexibility in both mind and body.

Where are Jupiter and Saturn? Jupiter is in Gemini, far from Mars but adding additional mental energy that Gemini brings. Saturn is in Leo in a wide conjunction (about eight degrees) from the sun.

Another planet I’d like to bring in to the discussion is Neptune in Sagittarius, which is opposed Mars in Gemini and forms a wide fire trine with Saturn and moon.

The other placements are Pluto in Libra, Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer.

Let’s begin with the sun. I think most of the story is here in how the natal horoscope can bring events into one’s life that mirror those inner energy patterns. Brady’s sun is at 11 degrees of Leo – 11, coincidentally, are the pounds per square inch of the purportedly deflated football.

The sun in Leo is considered an exalted position for the sun. The sun is meant to express, shine and be noticed. This exalted position creates great energy for those born in the sign of Leo which goes by the common name “charisma.” Leo loves to be the center of attention and is often able to find a truly adoring, admiring audience due to its natural warmth. Lots of North and South American rulers were born under this sign.

Even Leo at its most self-absorbed is often forgiven because of its equally strong desire to love and share. Like the sun, Leo is passionate and I think in my lifetime I’ve met only one Leo who didn’t seem to be able to bounce back from adversity.

The twist here is that Saturn is also in the sign of Leo. Saturn in Leo is considered its detriment, a place Saturn doesn’t care to hang out. Why? Leo’s natural exuberance is in contrast to the contracting nature of Saturn.

What Brady has here is an inner “deflategate.” The sun is naturally strong, proud and animated. Saturn near the sun suggests a figure, most likely male, who tried to suppress or control that nature. The controller may also have been an institution of some sort that controlled education or religion and tried to hamper Brady’s natural optimism. For Brady, the natural pride of Leo comes with a little voice that asks, “Why do they really love you?”

Leo can often have an inflated ego creating the natural story teller and actor. Neptune in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries add to the self-promotion contained in the stories of treks up mountains that end in hanging by the root of a tree dangling off a cliff before being saved at the last minute by a blast of wind blowing in the right direction.

In other words, Saturn in Leo cramps Brady’s style and has for a long time. Deflategate may be public, but he’s probably dealt with this before.

On January 18, the date of the game in question, transiting Jupiter was in 20 degrees of Leo, turning backward (called retrograde), at one degree from Brady’s natal Saturn. The forces of inflation and deflation were joining. This may be about a football today; but if you look closely at our relationship to those we exalt, we love to see them fall as much as we love to see them rise. There’s definitely more going on here.

At the time of the January 18 game, transiting Mars and Neptune were in Pisces opposite Brady’s Mercury in Virgo. This doesn’t bode well for the truth being revealed clearly. Virgo detail and accuracy are a bit in contrast to a personality filled with fire. However, Mars and Neptune opposing means external pressure chose to present the facts in misleading ways. There are lots of ways to make facts lie; I know, I’m an analyst.

Fast forward to September 4, 2015 when Brady’s suspension was nullified. At this time, Jupiter had just moved out of Leo and was now at five degrees of Virgo within three degrees of Brady’s natal Mercury in Virgo (at eight degrees). Jupiter, again, provides expansion and in Virgo it’s an expansion of detail and information. Transiting Neptune, however, moved to eight degrees Pisces directly opposite Mercury.

Without following the story at all, the Virgo/Pisces opposition suggests selective information to create image. Neptune is the opposing planet which suggests the people “out there” are doing the story telling. This is also in wide square to natal Mars in Gemini which can turn in any direction when needed.

While Brady has survived “Deflategate” he still carries this contrasting energy of inflation and deflation in his horoscope. If I were a Medieval astrologer, I’d warn Brady not to allow the Neptune in Pisces opposition forces to create misleading stories out of simple facts.

Saturn conjunct one’s sun is never easy because it describes having responsibility heaped on you from a young age. With that sense of responsibility and duty, it can be easy to allow the forces of tradition and structure to control you. But the control, especially for a Leo sun, can drain life energy and enthusiasm. Brady may want to look at his controllers and let his fire trine tell them to piss off.

The other Medieval point to note is that moon in Aries in the 6th house (if the Astrotheme horoscope is correct) portends head injuries from impulsive actions. Transiting Uranus in that house adds to that impulsive energy. I’m suspecting the head injury has already occurred as Uranus has passed over the moon in 2013.

Is that something that Neptune opposing natal Mercury in Virgo is hiding?

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Jupiter in Virgo – Falling Out of Love


Jupiter is now in Virgo. Since writing this blog, the Supreme Court gave the green light for same-sex marriage. That’s a Jupiter-in-Leo love story I didn’t imagine.

Originally posted on Ohio Astrology:

Recently I reflected on Jupiter’s current transit of fire-sign Leo, a transit that will end in August when Jupiter moves into Virgo. I wasn’t sure I saw the “Leo” of this transit. Of course, Jupiter must play with the other planets which can alter the pure effect of its energy.

But then I saw this news article noting that the US birth rate rose in 2014, the first time since 2007.

Leo and the 5th house of the horoscope rule children.

Go, Leo, go.

Leo also rules love and romance, something a wee bit difficult to quantify. How many people fell in love in the last year? Did more couples dance in the moonlight? Were there more birthday parties? Were Saturdays more playful and less chore-filled than in the prior year?

Let’s hope so.

Go, Leo, go.

Transition from Leo to Virgo

Virgo is what’s called a mutable sign…

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Jim Gilmore . . . the Jackal?

Republican Presidential Candidate Jim Gilmore entered the race so late (July 30) that this political blogger planned to ignore him. Next time there’s a presidential election cycle, Mr. Gilmore, can you please show up on time?

But then . . . through unrelated research on incarcerated terrorist Carlos the Jackal, I noticed the birthday looked quite familiar. Carlos the Jackal was born six days after Gilmore.

Suggesting a Venezuelan terrorist and US politician have personality traits in common is where you can lose a lot of folks on astrology. Yet this is where it is most fascinating and reveals its greatest truths. The motivations of a politician and a terrorist may be the similar and the yet outcomes different.

Joining a nation’s military force is socially-sanctioned so any violence inflicted on acknowledged enemy is deemed appropriate. In contrast, having a personal mission and inflicting violence is illegal.

I’m guessing we’re all okay with that but life can put situations in our path where the difference isn’t always so clear. For example, if one country supports another country’s “rebels,” aren’t they agreeing that it is okay to sometimes have a personal mission? What if in your socially-sanctioned military defense organization you are asked to perform violence that doesn’t directly protect your nation? If one day your socially-sanctioned mission is perceived by others to be evil, are you personally responsible?

Astrology can explain energy and motivation which can result in different outcomes. The outer planets describe the environment and how a generation may perceive those motivations and manifestations.


Carlos the Jackal is the moniker for Venezuelan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez. If Illich doesn’t sound Hispanic to you it’s because Ramirez’ father named him after the Communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Upon being born, Ramirez was faced with idealism – forced idealism.

Both Ramirez and Gilmore were born with Neptune conjunct the sun in Libra. Libra, an air sign, is the sign of partnership and often reflects off of others to form identity. Therefore, looking at Libra life paths, it can be important to understand their external influences. Idealism attached to Libra often involves idealism of relationship.

The Neptune-in-Libra generation I refer to as the “Make Love Not War” generation although many of these babies did go to war. Remember that others lived in communes and re-invented relationship. In fact, somewhere in time romantic partnerships began to be called “relationships” and I’ve always suspected it was the Neptune-in-Libra generation that changed this.

From Gilmore’s online biographies, I can’t tell if he is idealist and, if so, how. There’s really not much about him out there. I did discover he plays the clarinet; Libra is ruled by Venus and you often find artistic behavior in the charts of Libra. Venus can also manifest as an overly strong desire for pleasure as exhibited in Ramirez’ playboy lifestyle while functioning as a terrorist.

From a timeline perspective, Ramirez was active in terrorism in the early 1970s while Gilmore was in the military serving in counterintelligence during that same time. During the mid 1970s, Uranus was in Libra (it’s in a sign for seven years) ending in September 1975. At that time, Ramirez was initiating terrorist acts that would eventually land him behind bars. According to this Encyclopedia Brittanica timeline, from the end of 1975 until the early 1980s, he was inactive due to pressure from the governments where he was living. At that time, Uranus had passed into Scorpio.

Uranus transiting Libra would have created an even stronger impulse for idealism in these two men and sudden life changes. Uranus energy is sudden like lightening and inspiring like an idea for a new invention. Uranus disrupts the system in order to create a new system. Uranus rules Aquarius which is also idealism of the mental kind. The ideologies developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are pure Uranian constructs.

Neptunian idealism, in contrast, isn’t always logical but joins people on a spiritual and/or emotional plane. The loss of self experienced during a religious ceremony or the loss of self experienced by a young girl in the early 1960s watching the Beatles live both fall under the spell of Neptune.

Ramirez was captured on August 14, 1994 when Saturn was transiting Pisces and opposite his natal Saturn in Virgo. The year 1994 is when Gilmore earned his first elected office – Attorney General of the State of Virginia. Saturn represents responsibility and authority. Ramirez became responsible for his past actions and Gilmore became responsible for the physical well-being of his state’s citizens.

According to this CNN timeline, Ramirez converted to Islam in the mid-1990s. I’m not sure if Gilmore had any change of religious, moral or ethic belief at that time, but it would have been driven by Saturn’s sense of responsibility.

Mars and Pluto

Both men have Mars and Pluto conjunct in Leo. Mars rules war and Pluto destruction and in Leo demands others honor your sense of pride – or else. Pluto in Leo is the “Me Generation” which later created the social unrest of the 1960s.

Mars and Pluto conjunct in any sign could become demanding to the point of invasion of others’ boundaries – i.e., some sort of violence. Violence isn’t always on the physical plane, of course. But violence is only one manifestation of the Mars need for action and the Pluto need for transformation.

Both Ramirez and Gilmore have a strong aggressive drive – Gilmore possibly even more with moon in fire-sign Aries (more below). While both have similar drives, the paths and outcomes are different.

Moon and Venus

While much of Ramirez’ and Gilmore’s charts are similar, two planets changed signs in those six days – moon and Venus.

Gilmore’s moon is in Aries, the fire sign opposite Libra. The Aries-Libra polarity creates a lot of confusion between self (Aries) and other (Libra). Libra reflects off of others to develop a sense of self. With this polarity, there are fluctuations of independence and dependence. It’s kind of like perennial teenager-hood where you want mom and dad to leave you alone but after they give you your allowance.

Ramirez’ moon is in Gemini. Gemini and Libra are both air signs so Ramirez was probably able to disassociate from his actions through mental constructs. This would explain Ramirez’ playboy lifestyle while at the same time creating violence for the cause of Communism. Neither Libra or Gemini are strong feelers – others’ reactions help understand the emotional territory. The only water in Ramirez’ chart is Uranus in Cancer. Since Uranus provides sudden shifts, shifts to personal emotions and family life are indicated here.

Gilmore has Venus in Scorpio, a water sign, which provides more emotional awareness. Venus changed signs a few days later so Ramirez has Venus in Sagittarius. Gilmore is looking for emotional connection while Ramirez is (and was) seeking freedom.

Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio to go back into Sagittarius. We may have a news story in the coming months about Ramirez seeking parole. Saturn in Virgo put him behind bars and I suspect Saturn in Sagittarius (square aspect) will keep him there.


Enough about the Jackal – he’s not running for President of the United States. But maybe Gilmore isn’t either as I can’t find his running-for-president website . . .

Why Gilmore waited so late to announce his candidacy is a bit of a mystery. Jupiter is transiting Leo which activates his Mars/Pluto conjunction in that sign. But Jupiter is soon to move into Virgo so I think Gilmore may be exhibiting some Libra inability to make a decision. He should have jumped in the fire while Jupiter-in-Leo was hot.

I suppose Mars in Leo, which occurs soon and lasts for a month, can sustain him for that period of time.

Jupiter in Virgo will meet up with Gilmore’s natal Saturn in Virgo about mid October. I’m expecting Jupiter will enhance Saturn’s true belief that Gilmore isn’t really perfect enough to be commander-in-chief.

Next January transiting Saturn in Sagittarius will square natal Saturn in Virgo. If Gilmore makes it past October, January is sure to bury him in the snow of New Hampshire.

With Mercury, sun and Neptune in Libra, there can be more than a little indecisiveness. That’s not a good thing for a presidential candidate. The Leo energy in his chart is good, but Jupiter in Leo has passed so it must stand on its own.

Transiting Uranus in Aries conjunct Gilmore’s natal moon would have created sudden inspiration to run for President. But that transit appears to have passed so, again, the energy is gone.

Reading about Gilmore, I learned that he ran briefly in 2008. I’m guessing that will occur here as well due to his late arrival and missed fire energy. I think by January Gilmore will be on to other pursuits.

Gilmore wants something if he is continually dipping his toe in the waters of presidential politics. But since it’s only a toe, he may want to follow the Libra energy and do something more pleasant or diplomatic.

Here’s an idea – both the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan have their national days in the sign of Libra (October 1 and October 10 respectively). China might be a good place for this Libra diplomat who wants to do something political.

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Republican Debate Prep Sheet (August 6, 2015)

When I showed my cat the chart of the first Republican debate (August 6, 9 am EDT, Cleveland, Ohio), she announced she wasn’t going to watch it.

“Neptune in Pisces is right on the ascendant,” she noticed right away. “It’s going to be a masquerade party filled with posturing, mendacity and hyperbole.”

So cynical.

“We all have a personal brand that we protect,” I reminded her. “For example, you’re called a tuxedo cat which is pretty fancy for your humble origins.”

Seeing I upset her, I reminded her that Neptune in Pisces on the ascendant may simply bring rain and fog. Cleveland gets lots of lake-effect precipitation.

“The debates are in Cleveland?” she replied, stunned. “Why aren’t we going?”

“The debates aren’t open to the public,” I informed her. “Clearly the public isn’t needed in this process.” I left it at that. Telling her that cats were welcome nowhere would have added insult to injury.

Disappointed, my feline went to play with her catnip squeaky mouse. I know it’s not Neptune that’s truly bothering her. Her favorite candidate, Rick Santorum, didn’t make the top ten that debate at 9 pm.

Astrological Prep Sheet

Political candidates get prepped by their advisors. I’m sure, quite sure, none of those advisors is an astrologer. OHA is dedicated to political public service so will provide some astrological tips to the top ten candidates.

What other kind of advice is there?

Comparing tomorrow’s chart to each of the individual could take a few days, so we’ll focus on a few planets, mostly the moon and Mercury which move fast and affect our personal relations.

Moon in Taurus

Tomorrow’s moon is in Taurus is a calm, steady placement. The moon reacts and Taurus doesn’t so it represents emotional equilibrium. Taurus is the fixed earth sign associated with money and property. While the economy is always a subject of debates, we may also get more questions about the environment.

  1. Jeb Bush – This moon is an exact conjunction to natal Jupiter in Taurus. Be prepared to explain your finances. But don’t worry – tonight will generate more money!
  2. Ben Carson – While you have lots of earth sign Virgo, natal moon in Sagittarius may want the debate to be a bit livelier than Taurus provides. Calm down horsey.
  3. Chris Christie – Ditto the Carson comments as you also have sun in Virgo and moon in Sagittarius too. And you’re alphabetically aligned as well! Be sure to talk slow without spittle.
  4. Ted Cruz – This moon is conjunct natal Saturn. Don’t wear on your sleeve your insecurities about being a poor boy.
  5. Mike Huckabee – Ouch! This moon is opposite natal moon/Saturn in Scorpio. When everyone is playing nice, don’t make a nasty comment like “Sure Mother Theresa is nice, but . . .”
  6. John Kasich – This moon is tucked between natal Venus and sun in Taurus and trine natal moon in Capricorn which promotes the energy of your being. You will make Ohio proud.
  7. Rand Paul – This moon squares natal Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. Don’t get stuck talking about only one subject. The debate will bore you, with moon in Gemini. Don’t show it.
  8. Marco Rubio – This moon both helps and hurts you. Like Bush, plan to talk about your personal finances. By golly, talk about the environment. And don’t let the square to Mars in Aquarius make you appear obstinate.
  9. Donald Trump – Of all the candidates, you will be most bored by moon in Taurus since you have no earth in the chart. If you talk out of turn, you will simply look like a bull in a china shop. Pass notes with Carson, Christie and Paul. They will be bored too.
  10. Scott Walker – Double ouch! Taurus moon opposes your four planets in Scorpio (which includes moon). As with Huckabee’s advice, plan carefully when to issue aggressive comments that question motives.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Leo tucked between Venus and Jupiter. The gregarious Leo portends that all will be nicely dressed with new haircuts and shiny hair gel. Ties should be bright.

Unfortunately Leo squares Taurus so expect a bit of stubborn pride which may focus on a single, small topic for way too long.

  1. Bush – Leo energy is opposite your Aquarian sun. Leo is self, Aquarius is other. Don’t focus too much on the groups in which you are a part.
  2. Carson – Leo provides energy to your Mars and moon so you’ll have a few moments to shine in between the boredom. Just don’t reveal your Pluto/Mars conjunction controlling nature.
  3. Christie – Leo energy trines your moon providing confidence. Remember, Leo is dignified pride, not self-righteous indignation.
  4. Cruz – Leo makes some positive aspects and some negative aspects. Leo pride will shine brightest if you talk about your partner.
  5. Huckabee – With five natal planets in Leo, you won’t need caffeine. You’re energized but the squares to your natal and the Taurus moon bring on an arrogant edge.
  6. Kasich – Leo squares Taurus. While Taurus is on your side, I’d suggest you make sure to look extra-special Leo nice. You been looking haggard and this is where Leo may get you.
  7. Paul – With natal Mars in Leo, Leo energy gives you confidence. It also makes you look focused, which you’re not.
  8. Rubio – Leo energy is a mixed bag for you. It trines Jupiter/Neptune (in Sagittarius) providing enthusiasm. It opposes natal Mars in Aquarius suggesting you’re more comfortable championing for others rather than yourself.
  9. Trump – Leo is good for you with so much fire and air, including Mars in Leo. Leo is good for hair too so hopefully that will work itself out.
  10. Walker – Yikes. Leo squares both the Taurus moon and all your Scorpio planets. Taurus is looking for peace, Leo for pride and you are seeking salvation. Figure it out.

Neptune in Pisces

Now I see why the debate is limited to ten candidates. This is a lot of work.

Neptune is a slow-moving outer planet that dissolves boundaries and allows us to peer into realms considered religious or spiritual. While that may sound intriguing or desirable for the spiritually-driven, when the ground dissolves under us, we often react in panic. Peering into the universe from the comfort of your couch through a long-lens microscope is way different than finding yourself in outer space without a spacesuit.

How do our candidates deal with dissolution?

  1. Bush – Hates it. His natal Aquarius sun and Capricorn moon seeks rules, law and order.
  2. Carson – Has a hate/love relationship with it. Sun, Mercury and Venus seek definitiveness. Moon in Sagittarius likes to break free of that, daily.
  3. Christie – Ditto Carson as he also has sun Virgo/moon Sagittarius. However, his Jupiter in Pisces likes to dissolve even more frequently.
  4. Cruz – Ignores it. His three planets in Scorpio can acknowledge it, his Neptune in Sagittarius tries to latch onto it (which isn’t possible), but the rest of the chart is focused on people and objects.
  5. Huckabee – Loves it when others dissolve and he’s the leader with sun in opposite Virgo and five planets in Leo. He’s too proud to dissolve.
  6. Kasich – Hates it. Taurus sun and Capricorn moon need control.
  7. Paul – Knows how to use it. This boy has a wide mutable grand cross (Jupiter-Pisces, Venus-Sagittarius, moon-Gemini and Uranus/Pluto-Virgo). He may dissolve from the race.
  8. Rubio – He kind of likes it. Pisces fills the gap of a mutable grand cross (Pluto-Virgo, sun-Gemini, Jupiter/Neptune-Sagittarius). Pisces gives the feeling to the cause. Pisces is also the victim.
  9. Trump – Can’t tell. I’m not sure with Uranus/sun in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius if there are any boundaries to dissolve.
  10. Walker – Has a hate/love relationship with it. Four planets in Virgo hate it and four planets in Scorpio like it when it occurs with intimate associates.

Since this Neptune-in-Pisces transit is on the horizon when the debate begins tomorrow, possibly our first question of the evening will involve environment or water concerns. I’m expecting, at least, a glass of water on each podium.

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2016 Presidential Fight Club: Walker and Kasich

When I told my tuxedo cat that Ohio Governor John Kasich was running for President, she asked if Ohio Astrology (OHA) was endorsing him.

“Why would we do that?” I asked.

She gave me a look I can only describe as dumbfounded, in that I was dumb. Finally, in the patient voice you use with a small child, she explained that we are from Ohio and Kasich is from Ohio so naturally we would endorse him.

I responded that contrary to common human behavior, we didn’t have to endorse Kasich simply because the accident of his birth and the accident of our births landed us in a defined geographic area called “Ohio.” Endorsements are serious business and we should choose a candidate to endorse that we believe could do the best for the country, even if the accident of his or her birth was in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Canada or Kenya.

“Fine,” she replied with a twitch of her tail. “Don’t complain that OHA has no funding.”

It was my turn to be dumbfounded. While I complain regularly that OHA needs funding for thorough astrological research, my loyal feline doesn’t understand that political “donations” rarely, if ever, fund astrology.

New Candidates

Since my last blog, two new candidates have entered the race – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Scott Walker

A common complaint about astrology is that it describes everyone similarly. While it’s easy to get defensive with this sort of complaint, I believe the complaint is accurate because it reveals a truth – we aren’t that different from each other. There, now let’s have some peace.

Those running for president may have some salient traits in common such as strong ego and a compulsive need to control the environment. Toss in a dose of the obsessive desire to please authority and you may have the general template of a candidate for president. Some candidates have this more, some have this less. I dare the American people to elect someone without these traits. Double dare.

Walker has four planets in Virgo (Jupiter, Pluto, Venus and Uranus), four planets in Scorpio (Mercury, sun, moon and Neptune), Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries.

The chart is mostly earth (Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Scorpio). Saturn is in a fire sign – Aries – but Saturn is traditionally where we feel lack. There are no planets in air signs.

Possibly it’s time to rank and categorize our candidates rather than describing them. In terms of need for control, Walker ranks pretty darn high, maybe top. Let’s just say that if you are planning a surprise birthday party for Walker, you may want to let him know so that he can brush his hair and shine his shoes in advance. If you don’t, he will smile throughout the party then never talk to you again.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, a good omen for a presidential candidate. Scorpio with Virgo is pretty darn sharp, both smart and savvy, able to process both analytically and intuitively. The wee problem with this combination is that if Walker does notice a hair on your head is slightly out of place, he may obsess until sundown (in the year 2050) about whether or not you’re having an affair.

Walker’s astrological soup mix is good stuff for a chief executive because of this intense focus (Scorpio) and intense attention to detail (Virgo). Scorpio also has lots of old fashioned charisma, the kind where people become loyal to you for life.

If Walker were president, you could definitely drill him about the nuances of every aspect of his role and get a detailed and accurate response. That’s the detective mind in the Scorpio/Virgo combination.

Now if you broke up with him in high school, he probably sat outside your house and tracked all your visitors, did background research and left an anonymous report on your doorstep about the jerks you were dating. Scorpio/Virgo could do that too.

In our country’s current surveillance state, Walker would fit right in.

If I were one of those old-fashioned medieval astrologers (and I swear I’m not), I’d recommend that close associates of Walker always say nice things about the boss and never, ever, even subtly, subconsciously betray him. You cross this one, you are in trouble. If Walker gets to the general election, our national enemies may also want to pay attention.

The lack of fire and air in Walker’s chart means there is no balance to his serious personality. He’s serious in the morning, at lunch, at night and even in his dreams he may be unloading the dishwasher and organizing towel closets.

Fire brings enthusiasm, passion and self-confidence that don’t need external support. Air brings the ability to go with the flow, share ideas, talk to anyone about anything and change direction when needed.

Candidate Ted Cruz strikes me as second-most-serious of the candidates, not first, because he does have moon in Libra, a more pleasure-loving sign. Walker, in contrast, has moon in Virgo which relaxes by working. Work is relaxing and when you want to sit around doing nothing, Virgo gets antsy. Fill up Walker’s schedule so he has only 15 minutes a day to potty and he’s quite comfortable.

Saturn recently transited Scorpio so the last two and a half years for Walker have been emotionally and financially trying. It can be a “dark night of the soul” time for Scorpio, which is more likely to have this feeling than other signs. But the hot-coal path is now behind him and he appears refreshed.

The one-year Jupiter transit of Virgo that will begin in a couple weeks will energize his four Virgo planets. This worker bee is going to be visiting a lot of flowers – and will enjoy it. Virgo looks forward to big projects like children look forward to ice cream.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces opposes Virgo – currently Jupiter and won’t oppose Pluto/Venus/Uranus for years to come. Pisces synthesizes where Virgo analyzes. For a controlling person, the nebulous fog brought by Neptune is threatening. At this time, the nebulous is keeping its distance but in the years to come will increase in size and lack of clarity.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn has already finished transiting Walker’s Mars in Capricorn. That transit suggests intense power struggles. If Walker has business ventures, these were affected. That has passed as well.

Walker is nothing if not prepared for this venture.

Ohio Astrology Endorses Kasich for Vice Presidential Candidate

Ohio’s governor, as expected, has received adequate coverage from OHA. That’s not to suggest bias; no, OHA tries to serve its readers, many of which live in Ohio, hence the name “Ohio Astrology.”

Here’s the Kasich archive.

While Kasich’s sun in Taurus, moon in Capricorn with a square to Mercury in Aries may be a little too blunt, a little too direct, for president, OHA thinks he’d make a fine Vice President.

Transiting Uranus is in Aries and for the next year will be conjunct Kasich’s Mercury. Mercury is communication, Uranus is sudden like lightening and Aries is impulsive like a raging fire. If Kasich were to be vice president for four or eight years, that would give time for Uranus to move off of his Mercury and he’d be able to control his impulsive outburts (Mercury square moon) more effectively.

When Uranus moves into Taurus in May 2018, it will begin its seven year transit of that sign and touch Kasich’s Jupiter, Venus and sun, in that order. Uranus is sudden enlightenment. Taurus is fixed earth. You might say Taurus likes Uranus like a mountain likes a bulldozer. If Kasich has property on a fault line, now is a good time to sell.

But that’s a few years away. The Jupiter transit of Virgo (that begins in a couple weeks and lasts for one year) will create a trine to his sun and moon and create a transiting grand trine. Grand trines bring the best, worst and most of an energy. Expect Kasich to work hard, earn lots of money and make firm steps up the ladder of achievement.

With energy like that, OHA is proud to formally endorse Kasich for Vice Presidential Candidate.

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Marketing: An Astrological Perspective

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

A couple years ago after having a rather heated discussion with a colleague, I developed a new, personal definition of marketing.

The colleague and I were discussing the results of a marketing campaign. The results were counter-intuitive and he simply did not believe them. Yet the campaign was set up correctly for a scientifically accurate result.

Our point of contention was marketing itself – what do we expect when we send marketing to people?

My own definition of marketing arising from that confrontation is: appealing to identity to affect behavior.

All marketing is an effort to make you do something. If you are buying a competitor’s product, I want you to buy mine instead. If you are buying my product, I want you to buy more of it. If you are buying as much of my product as humanly possible, I will try to reward you so that you continue this behavior. Rewarding you may cost money, but I’m ultimately trying to prevent you from ceasing use of my product.

Marketing does not use direct force, so I must persuade you to do something through various appeals. I think identity can be found in most choices, except possibly for the desperately poor where identity is overridden by true need.

Marketing then is not simply a force to sell consumer products but a force used to sell you on anything from an idea to a person to a product. Marketing, like gravity, existed before it was named. It may be useful for everyone to understand marketing since it is such a prevalent force in our lives.

Astrological Aspects

In your horoscope, you have ten planets (includes moon and Pluto) in 12 signs. Those 12 signs have geometric relationships to each other called aspects. Aspects of common focus include those considered harmonious (60-degree sextile, 120-degree trine) and those considered tense (90-degree square, 180-degree opposition). Conjunctions (0 degrees) are a bit up in the air; I suppose it depends on the planets attached.

When you hear that squares and oppositions are bad (from those ancient astrologers), you hope your own personal astrologer finds none in your chart. Yet without aspects that create friction, you find a certain lassitude or lack of drive.

The aspects, especially the frictions, are what drive us to do things like get off the couch, make dinner, paint a picture, start a business or run for president. Mars is the planet of that drive and a friction to Mars increases the need to accomplish something.

While watching a civil rights documentary several years back, I realized the fully open opposition to African Americans sharing schools with white Americans increased the resistance since it was so open. Astrologically, that is represented by the opposition aspects (180-degrees).

Today’s more subtle forms of racism are more difficult to oppose and resist because they first need to come out in into the open. In that way, they are more like an astrological square in that they create tension that is difficult to resolve because your opponent is somewhat hidden. The opponent is behind the wall, far away in an office, an economic policy or hiding in a cultural definition.

Marketing is like the astrological aspects. The more harmonious aspects are what might be termed in marketing as affinity. You find something you like and create a habit that lasts a long time.

The squares create the need to change an aspect of yourself that is unpleasant to others – bad breath, wrinkles, hair loss, acne, excess weight, working class clothes, personality clashes, letting others merge onto the freeway and tailing in the fast lane – that kind of thing. I’d say a great portion of marketing involves squares.

Oppositions aren’t usually solved by product marketing but by political marketing. Greece, for example, has a new, charismatic leader who is taking on the entire leadership of the Eurozone. There are many, fine, examples of oppositions occurring in this situation. Astrologically, oppositions seek balance since the opposing signs (such as Aries and Libra) contain the seeds of each other. Aries assertion of self can be inadvertently destructive without realizing the “other” that Libra represents. Libra other-focus can lose the sense of self through desire to mate.

Now let’s apply this to a shopping choice.

Let’s say you are in the toothpaste aisle (in the US) facing our two major brands – Crest (blue label) and Colgate (red label). Which do you pick and why? Does one taste better to you? With only two brands, is there really a choice (you can ask this of US politics as well)? Do you think about pleasing your dentist on the next visit? Is this just a habit and you can’t tell me what toothpaste you truly use? Why do you brush your teeth anyway? Do you really need fluoride in your toothpaste when it’s already in your water?

Picking toothpaste can represent sextiles (habit), trines (affinity), squares (social pressure) or oppositions (your mom is making you brush your teeth).

To read all about aspects, check out Café Astrology which, as usual, has a nice, clear write up of the aspects.

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