Donald Plusquellic – The Teddy Bear?

Sun in Cancer and moon in Libra – what a delightful and charming companion!  Donald Plusquellic, the mayor of Akron, is the ideal partner for a seven-course candlelit dinner.  He will not slurp his soup or spill wine on his lap.  He will not embarrass you by asking the server the price of an extra cup of coffee (although he will think about it).  The talk will be light and fun.  He will ask about your family and tell yarns of his own family, and his dear mother.  If you can slip in an extra bottle of wine, you might even hear tales of his romances (which he hides out of propriety, not out of embarrassment).

Cancer, Plusquellics’s sun sign, is a water sign associated with family, with mothering.  At its deepest level it represents the need to belong.  The first place we “belong” is our family.  For a Cancer, family problems are worse than war.  The war is “out there.”  Family is where you belong.  Banishment or abandonment are the worst forms of punishment for this sensitive sign.

Libra, Plusquellics’s moon sign, is an air sign associated with partnership, with others.  Have I mentioned that Plusquellic loves to be around other people?  I can’t imagine him spending time alone, ever.  Probably from a very young age Plusquellic had a best friend who accompanied him to school, to the lunchroom, the playground, and back home.  And then he asked his mom if his best friend could sleep over.  It wouldn’t surprise me if his best friend was a girl and his request rejected in amused surprise.

Plusquellic is in love with love, as Neptune is conjunct (next to) the moon in Libra.  The generation of Neptune in Libra I personally call the “make love not war” generation.  Plusquellic also has Pluto in Leo, that generation referred to by the press as the “Me Generation.”  Plusquellic likes people, but I repeat myself.

Mars is conjunct Mercury in Gemini for Plusquellic.  This is one chatterbox.  No mind, he’s so warm and engaging that he surely finds a willing audience.   Maybe there’s even a little poetry tucked away in a desk somewhere?  I’m sure there are love letters too, in an even more remote corner of that desk.

By now you’re completing trusting of this personable, loveable Teddy Bear.  There’s nothing to fear from this one, right?

When you learn astrology think about Chinese martial arts.  There are styles of martial arts based on all types of animals, not just ferocious lions and tigers.  Every sign of the zodiac has its defenses and its ways of fighting.  What are the fighting ways for a mix of Cancer Sun and Libra Moon?

Both Cancer and Libra have passive natures – neither will walk up to you, call you a nasty name and punch you in the nose.  These signs will, however, talk to others about you and work those other people into punching you in the nose.  Cancer, the crab, bites you in the foot while you’re watching the sunset.  This Cancer/Libra combination makes Plusquellic a bit sneaky in his attacks.  And when you confront him?  His diplomacy and charm convince you he is 100% on your side and your fears are mistaken.  Back home you realize you’ve been deflected – darn, now you have to find him again and remind yourself that charm is his greatest shield.

If Plusquellic does attack you directly, it will probably be through a phone call or letter or some other means where he does not have to look you directly in the eyes.  What do crabs do when attacked?  They hide in their shells.  Like the crab, Plusquellic withdraws to attack.

Passiveness as a defense allows situations to run out of control.  This lack of directness allows situations to repeat which prevents improved methods from arising.  Passiveness and sentimentality allow that 15-year old hound to stay alive when it’s clearly time for Spot to meet his maker.

Plusquellic does not like to give or receive criticism.  Saturn in Virgo represents the feeling that he’s not perfect enough.  Maybe long, long ago someone, like his father, may have told him this.  The defeat he feels in this way is not one he wants to share with you.  If you work near Plusquellic and want to improve your performance, you’d better keep your ears attuned to the subtle hints about where he finds flaws.  He’s thinking about them, but harsh words will simply not roll off his tongue.

Mayor Plusquellic is definitely a teddy bear at heart.  But remember, teddy bears are bears and bears do attack.  You’ll have to discern when Plusquellic is a cuddly stuffed animal from when he is truly a bear.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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