The Sun and Moon – The Bumper Sticker and Comfort Zone

I take this approach to bumper stickers – the message describes what we want to be, not necessarily what we are or all that we are.  Bumper stickers are the identity we desire, the reputation we want to possess.  “Kiss me, I’m Irish” says “I’m relating my identity to nationality.”   It also says I want to be ascribed all positive Irish stereotypes (I find that people do like stereotypes – just the positive ones, not the negative ones). “Kiss me, I’m Irish” says I want to be seen through my Irish heritage rather than through the fact I am tall, a play poker, live in an urban area, swim twice a week, wear black every day or the myriad of other traits I possess as an individual.  I want you to see me primarily as Irish.

The bumper sticker in your chart is the sun.  The slogan on your bumper sticker is the sign in which the sun is located.  Everyone seems to know his/her sign of the zodiac.  Your “sign” is actually your sun sign.  It is how you want to be seen amongst the many aspects of your personality (as represented by all the other planets and their relationships to each other).  The sun is your conscious self, your individuality.  Traditional astrology sees the sun as what you are; I believe the sun is about what you want to be.

Off to the moon – any light coming from the moon is a reflection of sunlight.  If the sun represents action and consciousness, the moon represents reaction and sub consciousness.  Traditional astrology describes the moon as feelings.  I don’t fully agree.  I believe it represents feelings only in that often feelings appear reactive, impulsive and spontaneous.  I want to be a good vegan who harms no other living being but when I see that spider crawling on my bed, my first impulse is to kill.  The moon is our reaction (which can be emotional or non-emotional).  I believe the moon accurately describes what is called our “comfort zone.”  I’m a vegan who eats just a little bit of chicken soup when I have the flu.

Let’s look at the sun and moon in the charts of Ohio politicians.  There are many ways to describe each sign of the zodiac; these descriptions are just a few key concepts.

John Kasich – Ohio Governor elect

Sun in Taurus – I want to be a stable, hard-working, self-reliant person.

Moon in Capricorn – I react in the way that affords me the most respect.  I react in a very controlling manner if I’m put in uncomfortable situations.

Frank Jackson – mayor of Cleveland

Sun in Libra – I want to be a charming, fun and your best friend.  I just want peace.

Moon in Capricorn – I react in the way that affords me the most respect.  I react in a very controlling manner if I’m put in uncomfortable situations.

Michael Coleman – mayor of Columbus

Sun in Scorpio – I want to be seen as dangerous, intense and sexy.  I want you to be in awe of me.

Moon in Virgo – I react very critically.  I want to feel perfect.

Mark Mallory – mayor of Cincinnati

Sun in Aries – I want to be the renegade, the maverick.

Moon in Pisces – I react like a victim.  I go into my imagination when life is too much.

Don Plusquellic – mayor of Akron

Sun in Cancer – I want to be nurturing and caring.  I want you to treat me like family.

Moon in Libra – I react by being charming and telling you what you want to hear.

What do you want to be?  What is your comfort zone?  You are describing the sun and moon in your natal horoscope.


About ohioastrology

I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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