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Who Are Your Enemies?

Enemy.  Outside of formal war, this word seems to have dropped out of Western man’s vocabulary.  When Hillary Clinton claimed there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her, she was called paranoid.   Why can’t we believe Hillary Clinton has enemies?  … Continue reading

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Mike DeWine – Ohio’s New Top Cop

Of our 43 presidents, the most common sun signs are Aquarius and Scorpio.  Each sign of the zodiac has a mode – fixed (stable, strong, unwavering), cardinal (starter, bossy, active) or mutable (changeable, adaptable, impressionable).  Of the 43 presidents, 18 … Continue reading

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Dennis Kucinich – What’s His Motivation?

We all lie (if we’re honest about it).  But why do we lie?  “Do you like my hat?” asks your grandma.  You might lie because you feel in this particular situation making her feel good is more important than telling … Continue reading

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