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Katie Couric

You have probably already guessed that I’m writing about Katie Couric because she’s  . . . yes, a Capricorn. And you are full aware that Pluto is transiting . . . Capricorn. And that the area of your chart ruled … Continue reading

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Daily Horoscope – How Is It Done?

You’ve probably been wondering your whole life how the daily astrology column is written. Everyone wonders and no one seems to answer. Let me try. The closer to the sun a planet is, the more quickly it revolves around the … Continue reading

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Nicolas Cage – Another Capricorn Loses It

If you are an astrologer or just read astrology blogs for fun, you are probably aware of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. Transformation of the Capricorn area of your chart is in order and Capricorn suns will be hit at some … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton – Another Capricorn Transformation

As Pluto transits Capricorn, we will experience transformation in the Capricorn area of our charts. If our sun is in Capricorn, transformation to the basic conscious self will be occurring. Mel Gibson & Tiger Woods have started this transformation – … Continue reading

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Neptune in Pisces

Neptune has just entered Pisces, the sign that it rules. Neptune is an outer planet like Uranus and Pluto and represents a generation, “the times.”  For example, the “me” generation has Pluto in Leo (born 1940-1958). The Neptune in Libra … Continue reading

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Sherrod Brown – Don’t Ignore This Sleeping Lion

I almost forgot about Sherrod Brown, Ohio’s Democratic Senator. If Brown cared about this blog (which I’m sure he doesn’t), he would be offended. With a sun in Scorpio and moon in Leo, this is not a person to ignore. … Continue reading

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Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel is going to sit out five games of the 2011 OSU football season for violating NCAA rules by not reporting some players who were selling memorabilia. Tressel can watch the games at my place, if he wants. I … Continue reading

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