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Breaking news! Christopher Hitchens Wants to Be Liked

An introductory psychology book could probably clue you in to the fact that Rebel Boy writer and social critic Christopher Hitchens truly wants to be liked. Like all famous people, he certainly has his adoring fans. Astrologically it goes like … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong: Doper or Hypochondriac?

The whole notion of some drugs being “legal” and others being “illegal” is really quite interesting. What is the inherent property of a drug that is on wrong side of the law? While drugs are classified as “legal” and “illegal,” … Continue reading

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn Seeks Freedom in Relationships

Uranus, the planet of freedom and individual expression, is in Aries transiting natal Venus, the planet of pleasure and relationships, in Dominique-Strauss Kahn’s chart. He will be undergoing sudden changes that produce freedom in personal relationships. That certainly doesn’t look … Continue reading

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Weekly Forecast for Arnold Schwarzenegger

I think Arnold Schwarzenegger could use an astrology reading. As a Good Samaritan and Democrat, I will offer it to him for free. I am basing this forecast on the Astrotheme horoscope that has Schwarzenegger born at 4:10 am. If … Continue reading

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Schwarzenegger and Gore

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Gore have something in common astrologically – moon in Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn is considered a difficult placement because the moon is about reaction and emotions and Capricorn is about control and restraint. Consequently, moon in … Continue reading

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John Kasich’s Mouth – Good News!

I read today in the “Columbus Dispatch” that John Kasich “rips the nursing home lobby.” Not criticize, but “rip.” Well, at least he didn’t call anyone an idiot. Kasich’s natal Mercury is in Aries which indicates his speech is always … Continue reading

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Joe Simpson – Watch those Knees

I was watching “Touching the Void” again the other night. Since I view life through the astrological lens, I wondered about the horoscope of this man, Joe Simpson, who went climbing in Peru, broke his leg on a descent, fell into a … Continue reading

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George Clooney and John Kasich – Two Peas in a Pod?

One of the major criticisms of astrology is that it says the same thing about everyone. It’s true. We are all the same species and with the same needs. Although American culture stresses uniqueness, we are not unique. I hope … Continue reading

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Facebook and LinkedIn – 4th house and 10th house

While everyone uses Facebook and LinkedIn differently, for this blog I’m looking at Facebook as being more personal & family relationships and LinkedIn as being more professional relationships. In astrology, the 4th house relates to our emotional environment, our home … Continue reading

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If you want to be a talk-show host, what sign should you be?

In exploring the signs of talk-show hosts, I realized that daytime shows are women dominated and nighttime shows male dominated. Who decided that? I have the daytime vixens as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O’Donnell (not as active). The … Continue reading

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