George Clooney and John Kasich – Two Peas in a Pod?

One of the major criticisms of astrology is that it says the same thing about everyone. It’s true. We are all the same species and with the same needs. Although American culture stresses uniqueness, we are not unique.

I hope I haven’t ruined your day.

The natal horoscope is a circle that contains all the signs and planets. You were born on earth and share the same energies as others born on earth -all the same energies.

Which brings me to George Clooney. I heard on “Entertainment Tonight” that his birthday is this week. Looking at his chart I discovered that Clooney’s sun in Taurus and moon in Capricorn is the same placement as Ohio Governor John Kasich.

This is why people hate astrology. Clooney and Kasich? How could hot Clooney and hot-tempered Kasich have anything in common?

The easier answer is that besides sun and moon, there are a host of other planets which differ in sign and placement between the charts. The more difficult answer is that they may be more alike than we know.

Years back, a Scorpio friend instructed me to look for others’ motivations. Don’t be fooled by the manifestation of energies, she said. Look underneath for the motivation.

Clooney and Kasich have the same astrological solar and lunar motivations.  And those are?

Let’s start with the sun. Both men have sun in Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. This sign is a sensualist at heart and seeks physical comfort and material security. I think of Taurus as materialistic in a positive sense – it truly derives pleasure from the material world.

Both men clearly make money, but their attitude toward it is unknown. My guess is that neither is overly generous for the amount of money he possesses.

Off to the moon. Clooney and Kasich’s moon are in Capricorn.  Moon in Capricorn is considered a difficult placement because the moon seeks to respond and express while Capricorn wants restraint and control. I think of the butler in “The Remains of the Day” as having a Capricorn moon. His father is dying but he fulfills his duty as a butler. Capricorn works. Capricorn fulfills duty.

In addition to moon in Capricorn, Clooney also has Saturn in Capricorn conjunct the moon. Give him a double on emotional control.

We know that Clooney vows to never marry again. How very Saturn-conjunct-Moon-in-Capricorn of him. This placement suggests that his mother was a stern disciplinarian or someone who withheld warm feelings of love. Clooney was married from 1989-1993 while both Uranus and Neptune were hopping all over his Saturn and moon. This marriage definitely ignited those issues. Pluto is now transiting Capricorn so Clooney’s moon is going to get another SCUD missile attack shortly.

Until it makes news, I will not know much about Kasich’s love life. Kasich was married then divorced in 1980 and re-married in 1997 while Neptune was transiting his moon.  Kasich also probably grew up in a household that had material goods, but not lots of kisses and hugs.

Kasich has Mercury in impulsive Aries while Clooney has Mercury in methodical Taurus. Clooney clearly can control the thoughts that come out of his mouth much better than Kasich.

Clooney has only one planet in water (Neptune) while Kasich has two (Uranus and Mars). Kasich actually is more responsive to feelings than Clooney. Kasich may at least try harder to understand what others are feeling, even if he doesn’t understand or agree with those feelings.

I will go on an astrological limb and say that Clooney and Kasich are alike, with Kasich actually being a little “nicer.” Clooney certainly looks nicer and maybe that’s why it’s not apparent that he’s actually a cold fellow.

Maybe someday I’ll read the biographies of both men and revise this post.  Maybe they are different. I doubt it.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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