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Adolf Hitler’s Chart

When people are introduced to a new concept, they often think of an extreme situation to measure against it. For example, someone might say to you “If you visualize what you want, you’ll get it.” And you think, “Ok, what … Continue reading

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Colombian Rock Stars Shakira and Juanes

Shakira and Juanes are not only the two biggest rock stars of Colombia, they are famous throughout the the world. For achieving such fame, their charts couldn’t be more different. Juanes was born with a rock-star personality. Shakira was not. … Continue reading

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What’s Tom Cruise been up to?

It occurred to me today that we haven’t heard much from Tom Cruise. Like any man, he’s probably busy with family, raising children and cooking dinner. He is a sun sign Cancer so would enjoy simply being the dad. According … Continue reading

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The Big Astrology Theory

I’ve been watching way too much Big Bang Theory. I’m catching up on the three seasons I missed and overdosing to where I feel nauseated. Notice I didn’t say nauseous. I learned from Sheldon, a character on the show, that … Continue reading

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Amy Sheen and Charlie Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, like Charlie Sheen, has sun in Virgo and moon in Sagittarius. When I first looked at her chart I thought, “The Charlie Sheen Sagittarius moon. That’s why she can’t control herself.” Sagittarius is not known for self-restraint. That … Continue reading

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John Edwards Who Are You?

Back in 2004 when John Edwards was the VP running mate with John Kerry, I didn’t think either man stood a chance. And, avid reader, you probably know why – too much Gemini for the American Presidency. Kerry is a … Continue reading

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The Sex-Text-iest Man Alive

Democrat Anthony Weiner US House Rep from New York is currently embroiled in a “scandal” where he confessed to sending sexual images on Twitter. Bad boy. I can imagine, like, millions of others doing this. I’m also trying to understand … Continue reading

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Five Career Options for Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is clearly not reading this blog. If he was, he would know that Americans don’t like mutable signs in the presidency. Americans especially do not care for Geminis. There have been only two Gemini presidents: John F. Kennedy … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden – Average Student of Genocide

This month’s Vanity Fair has a cartoon of a cafeteria line in hell with Osama Bin Laden standing between Mao Ze Dong and Adolf Hitler. On Hitler’s left is Joseph Stalin. On seeing this picture, my left brain clicked into … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Has Multiple Personalities

I’m glad Stephen Colbert created a show to manifest one of his many personalities. Colbert is a Taurus sun with Gemini moon. It’s the Gemini that has the multifaceted personality. Taurus, not so much. The Gemini moon is actually the … Continue reading

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