Ashton Kutcher – One of Two and a Half Men

Like many others, I am trying to understand how Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper will be removed from Two and a Half Men to be replaced by Ashton Kutcher. What will be the character Kutcher plays?

If like Sheen Kutcher were to play himself, this is what he would play – a zany brilliant eccentric airhead. The old “absent-minded professor” type.

Kutcher has Mercury sun, moon and Venus in Aquarius. This is the third chart I’ve looked at this week with TMA (Too Much Aquarius). Maybe I have a zany Aquarius experience in my future.

In addition to the fixed air sign of Aquarius, Kutcher has planets in the other two air signs of Gemini (Jupiter) and Libra (Pluto). This is one friendly guy.

Friendly, absentminded, zany, unusual, unique, idealistic, argumentative, rebellious and stubborn in eccentric habit – if Kutcher were to play himself, these are some of the traits he would have.

Kutcher’s Uranus in Scorpio is squaring those planets in zany Aquarius which makes him seek intense emotional and/or sexual encounters. He seeks them, but probably has trouble with the reality of intense emotions. Like much that we churn in our imagination, it’s much more satisfying in our heads than in reality.

Saturn in Leo opposes the planets in Aquarius and acts as the Achilles’s heel in Kutcher’s personality. Leo is about confidence; Kutcher’s confidence comes from working with others. While he might seek solitude to support his eccentric habits and unusual personality, he mostly enjoys being amongst many people most of the time. He may disappear, but he’s with someone.

He’s really not one to take center stage. No tiger blood here.

The element lacking in Kutcher’s chart is earth. Earth grounds so Kutcher is the type who has to be reminded to eat, shower and mow the lawn (if the famous mow lawns). He probably does regularly what we all do at some time – say we have to pee only to get distracted and forget. He forgets to pee a lot.

Those without earth need to remember that it’s the body that makes us present here in 3D and if we neglect it, those interesting conversations might cease or get delayed.

Saturn is currently transiting Libra conjunct Kutcher’s Pluto. Like many of us these days, there are challenges in partnerships. Kutcher’s character could have issues with others in an academic or social setting where ideas are in dispute.

Kutcher could be the zany character who invents a car powered by text messages (which then allows people to text and drive) only to have the idea stolen by app developers and sold to Japanese car manufacturers.

If Kutcher is to play himself, as Sheen was given the luxury to do for $1 million an episode, then he needs to be weird. Or maybe, unlike Sheen, he will act and create a unique character, one that he can leave on the set at the end of the day.


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