Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Run

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, announced that he will run for President of Russia next March. I bet you $50 he’ll win. I just have that feeling.

Sometimes people win elections simply because the other candidate is incapacitated in some way, like eating bad fish and getting sick; you know, that sort of thing. Like Henry I of England. He had fish for lunch, which never agreed with him anyway, and didn’t make it to dinner.

From an astrological perspective, Putin is experiencing and will still be experiencing during the election, like the rest of us, the Saturn transit through Libra. For a man with sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury in Libra, this is important.

Saturn in Libra is the contracting and/or crystallizing of relationships. While this seems bad and may be causing many breakups, I sometimes forget that Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra.

Every planet has a sign in which it is exalted, which means the planet’s purpose can be directed appropriately. On the other side, there is a sign in which a planet is in detriment, where it can’t manifest properly.

For example, Mars is the planet of focused, goal-oriented, aggressive action. It’s ruled by Aries, the god of war. It’s exalted in Capricorn, that ambitious goal-driven sign who steps on others to achieve its goals. Its detriment is Libra because Libra is the scales and goal-oriented action can’t fuss with both sides of an issue. You are my enemy and to kill you I can’t think about your family and misbegotten beliefs. I can’t go to the other side and understand you. If I do, I can’t kill you.

While Mars doesn’t like being in Libra, Saturn does. Saturn is the planet of contraction, crystallization and 3D reality. Because it’s about life on earth, it’s also considered a planet of hardships and lack.

This AstroTableTalk article examines intelligently the many faces of Saturn exalted in Libra.

Ultimately what I think the AstroTableTalk article is trying to say is that Saturn is exalted in Libra because it brings fairness and justice. It is the crystallization of both sides of any split into what is fair. That’s why in the list of professions for Libra, you will see judge.

Putin not only has Saturn in Libra, but the sun, Neptune and Mercury as well. The sun in Libra is a different manifestation than Saturn in Libra. The sun is about self and Libra is about other so sun in Libra seeks partnership for self-reflection and is considered a wishy-washy sign because of its inability to make decisions.

Saturn transiting Libra is breaking up relationships, I believe, because it should. Those relationships are not right, not fair, not equal, not balanced. Saturn is balancing the scales in relationships. Saturn is passing by a wobbly scale where the merchant has put a heavy, rotting apple on one side. Saturn is removing the apple.

Putin’s plethora of planets in Libra suggests he’s doing what he thinks is fair. He probably perceives things not going fairly and needs to intervene in a judge-like manner. He’s doing what’s right for you even if you don’t agree.

And where is Putin’s moon? In trying to determine whether his personality was more like a Taurus moon or Gemini moon, I discovered that Putin’s date of birth is also not clear. I originally looked at October 7, 1952 but see he could have been born October 1, 1952. The planets in Libra remain the same on both dates, but the moon shifts several signs from October 1 to October 7.

Because of Putin’s athletic skills, I will guess the moon is actually in Aries, which puts his birthday around October 2.

Regardless, Uranus is currently transiting Aries and will oppose his four planets in Libra. If the moon is in Aries, that gives extra shock and impulse to an already impulsive moon. Uranus opposing the sun can bring unexpected outbursts and attacks from others.

Uranus will come into full opposition around spring of 2013. That’s when the occurrence of accidents or open opposition is most likely to occur.

While Saturn is transiting Libra and Uranus Aries, Pluto is making its long journey through Capricorn. Astrologers recognize this as a T-square. It’s friction with Saturn and Uranus duking it out and Pluto playing the unwelcome mediator.

With his Libra planets in the ring, Putin will be personally involved in this outer planet boxing match. Now that I examine it more closely, I think I might lose my $50. Pluto in Capricorn represents the transformation and possible destruction of societal structures.

Not only will Putin possibly lose, but it’s also possible the rules will change before he gets a chance to re-become the President of Russia.

Just like empires, people rise and fall. The astrological aspects to Putin’s chart suggest there will be open enemies to his plans. He may win, but it won’t be easy. Not that Russian and Soviet Union politics were ever easy.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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