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Fidel Castro – A Lesson in Staying Power

Today I noticed that the AP wire website has a “Castro” link. Why? The press is probably waiting for Fidel Castro, monarch of Cuba, to die. They’ve been waiting for 52 years. He’s been in power since January 1, 1959. … Continue reading

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Gift Shopping with Astrology

It’s that time again – the holidays. And in America, holidays means gift shopping. If we didn’t have holidays in this country, we might have no economy at all. This year, surprise and stun you loved one by finding a … Continue reading

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Ron Paul – The Practical Extrovert

Ron Paul, Republican presidential contender, has an interesting horoscope. He’s made of entirely earth and water with the exception of a Leo sun. I don’t know his rising sign because I don’t have time of birth. The mental image that … Continue reading

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore – The Astrology of Age Difference

When an older woman (Demi Moore) marries a younger man (Ashton Kutcher), it makes some news. The opposite, an older man marrying a younger woman, is more common and considered normal, possibly due to women’s declining fertility with age. Regardless … Continue reading

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Ben Bernanke – A Risk Taker is Minding the Store

It’s national “Banker Horoscope” month, in case you didn’t know. Since Wall Street tends to crash in the month of October, it was determined by the National Astrology Awareness Department that October would be the month that astrologers should blog … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum – The One-Question Candidate

Having finally streamed the entire Republican debate from last Tuesday, I see why the papers thought Mitt Romney looked good. He got all the questions. As front-runner, at the time, it makes sense the debate would focus on Romney. However, … Continue reading

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Hermain Cain – Fire Breathing Dragon

Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and Republican Presidential Candidate, is now at the top of the polls after Tuesday’s Republican debate. I find this pleasing for one reason – news stories after the debates appeared, how shall I … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Astrology You Learned Waking Up This Morning

I don’t have to get up as early as I used to, so my life has been “slip sliding away” into some lazy behaviors. I blame the nice weather, but as a Capricorn I know discipline comes from within so … Continue reading

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Romney and Obama – Nothing in Common

I didn’t see the debates last night so have scanned the news coverage. The coverage seems slanted toward Romney, probably because he is leading in the polls. The New York Times headlined their story “Romney Looks Past Rivals as Debate … Continue reading

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Republican Presidential Candidate Debate: The Ohio Astrology Prep Sheet

As a public service, Ohio Astrology has put together this Republican Presidential Candidate Debate Prep Sheet for use by any of the candidates. Ohio Astrology is offering advice, free, to the candidates based on the idea that they should express their … Continue reading

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