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Are the Gods Telling Us Not to Vote Republican?

The Chinese Mandate of Heaven described how the emperor had earned the right to rule. Ancillary to the mandate, there were signs that a ruler had “lost” the Mandate. From on Asian History: “Signs that a particular ruler had … Continue reading

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The Journey to Neptune is Through the Self

Pluto, if you consider it a planet, is technically the farthest planet from the sun. Because Pluto’s orbit is elliptical, Neptune sometimes is farther. In astrological symbolism, the planets from Mercury to Saturn are the inner planets and Uranus, Neptune … Continue reading

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War with Iran?

Having watched the election process more closely than ever before, especially the Republican debates, I’m now convinced that much of what is called “news” is actually a deliberate attempt to define the national dialogue. When you go to a party … Continue reading

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The Akin Report

Satire is dead. How can one satirize the news when it’s ridiculous in its natural state? The Colbert Report and regular news are converging at a fast pace. When Colbert says he’s running for an office, is it truly satire? … Continue reading

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Hurricane Mitt

The Republican National Convention starts on Monday, August 27 and it seems an uninvited guest might attend – Isaac, as in Tropical Storm Isaac. When I told my tuxedo cat Lacy that the Republican National Convention may be hit by … Continue reading

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What’s the Most Private Sign of the Zodiac?

As I fight, once again, with Facebook to maintain the privacy settings I so carefully put in place, I began to think about privacy itself. While I understand the Facebook is free and as such has no legal obligation to … Continue reading

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What Sign of the Zodiac is Rain?

“If the rain comes they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead. If the rain comes, if the rain comes. When the sun shines they slip into the shade (When the sun shines down.) And drink … Continue reading

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What’s the Laziest Sign of the Zodiac?

Lazy, according to, is defined as “averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion.” Which sign of the zodiac is most disinclined to work? I decided to do an Internet search to see what others thought. High among the … Continue reading

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Square Dancing with the Presidential Candidates

In elementary school I loved square dancing. So when, several years ago, a friend wanted the gang to go square dancing, I was all for it. Much to my surprise, square dancing is difficult. I suppose back in elementary school … Continue reading

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Freedom and Beyond

When I think of Thomas Jefferson, I’m always stunned by how a man who drafted our Declaration of Independence could hold slaves. The ability to hold such diametrically opposed views (and actions) to some is hypocrisy and to others schizophrenia. … Continue reading

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