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Mars in Capricorn – It’s Business Time

Hearing complaints of a ruined Thanksgiving due to an earlier and earlier Black “Friday,” which now is really Black Thanksgiving Evening, I have to note that the United States’ economy is based on shopping. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is calculated … Continue reading

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Happy Sagittarius, I Mean Thanksgiving

So many Americans love the sign Sagittarius and don’t know it. Instead you hear, “I love the holidays.” The “holidays” begin around the time the sun enters Sagittarius and culminate at Christmas when the sun enters Capricorn. The sun entered … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe in Astrology, but My Cat Does

Really, I believe astrology is all hogwash and we people of the earth have free will, something you see each and every day as humanity greets the rising sun with a new, fresh approach to another day of consciousness. We’re … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday David Petraeus

David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, turned 60 a few days ago. And what did the American people give him for this milestone birthday? Infamy. Prior to the story of Petraeus stepping down as head of the CIA due … Continue reading

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Mars in Sagittarius – Jimi Hendrix Time

Bothered by the crazy driving behavior last night, I consulted my astrologer friend and asked for insight. He replied simply, “Mars is in Sagittarius.” Mars has been transiting Sagittarius since October 8 and will be there until approximately November 17. … Continue reading

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Five Career Options for Karl Rove

To be honest, I feel a little sorry for Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney. He had a hurricane blow in on his convention and a hurricane blow in as he was on an upswing. That’s not to say a hurricane-less … Continue reading

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2012 Election Tidbits

Ohio has a very special place in presidential elections. As I listen to the pundits I often hear that it’s difficult to win the presidency without Ohio. I’m sure one could, but there appear to be voting habits in the … Continue reading

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