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Marissa Mayer – The Pregnantest Woman in America

On a radio news story yesterday about Yahoo’s ban on telecommuting, the NPR commentator mentioned that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer joined the company last year while pregnant. Mayer’s son was born last September so it might have been more relevant … Continue reading

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The Homeowner’s Game

The board game Monopoly, according to this Wikipedia article, originated from a game patented on January 5, 1904 by Elizabeth Magie called “The Landlord’s Game.” According to the article, Magie wanted the game to be a “practical demonstration of the … Continue reading

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Jason Bateman – Corporate Guy

Jason Bateman is an actor whose movies I see simply because I like looking at him. Although I hope for a good plot, if the script is just so-so, I’m not bothered because I still get to look at Bateman. … Continue reading

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Libra: The Key to the Horoscope

In “Red,” the play about painter Mark Rothko by John Logan, Libra Rothko and his assistant have this discussion: KEN [Assistant]: They [Dionysus and Apollo] need each other. Dionysus’ passion is focused –– is made bearable –– by Apollo’s will … Continue reading

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Sergei Udaltsov: Astrological Thoughts for a Revolutionary

“In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.” James T. Kirk to the brutal negative-universe Lieutenant Spock Every now and again while catching up on Star Trek the original TV series, I get this subtle feeling that maybe, … Continue reading

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Chuck Hagel for SOD

The most crucial question to ask Chuck Hagel as he interviews for Secretary of Defense (SOD), in my mind, is whether or not he’s ever been seen in a room with Chase CEO Jamie Dimon (pictures from Wikipedia). Chuck Hagel … Continue reading

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Is Your Valentine a Friend or Lover?

Ohio Astrology (OHA) pointed out last year the great error of Valentine’s Day: this holiday representing romantic love occurs in February in the sign of Aquarius which represents friendship. There is a holiday called Friendship Day which, hang onto your … Continue reading

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