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Pier 1 Does Astrology

Retailer Pier 1 ever-so-boldly has a zodiac gift guide. It’s adorable – love the write-ups. Anyone out there write it? Pier 1’s Zodiac Gift Guide From the pictures: Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius drink the most while Cancer eats the most. … Continue reading

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Snobbery is Ubiquitous

Watching the documentary Helvetica, I learned that Helvetica font ubiquitous. Watching designers struggle over font and identity, I realized, too, that snobbery is also ubiquitous. What is snobbery? defines snobbery as: A person who strives to associate with those … Continue reading

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May 2013: Saturn Opposing Taurus

Welcome to Taurus. The sun, Venus and Mars are now in the fixed earth sign. Feel calmer? The earth may still continue to shake as Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn rub each other the wrong way in a … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling’s Stare

More than acting, Ryan Gosling’s movie presence seems to involve staring. Long stares. Quiet stares. Pensive stares. Emotionless stares. Mesmerizing stares. A plethora of stares. A congress of stares. A fluther of stares. A drove of stares. Gosling, no wonder … Continue reading

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Edwin Abbott – In Love with Ideas

In a delightful bout of synchronicity, yesterday the novella “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” fell upon my feet as I was taking my reserve video off the library shelf. The delightful part was that I had just finished a … Continue reading

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Almost Taurus

How’s Aries treating you? Hopefully you get along with the first, cardinal fire sign that pretty much wants everything its own way and is ruling the skies right now (through sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus). Who doesn’t love that? Next … Continue reading

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1913 and 2013

Astrology is just one of the many symbolic means to view the world in a multitude of ways. Literature, religion, art and culture are other ways we can look at the view in front of us and interpret. For example, … Continue reading

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Astrology Alert

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The National Bureau of Astrological Awareness has issued an “Aries Alert” due to the sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all transiting this sign. During this period of pleasure-loving, impulsive and enlightening planetary energies in fiery Aries, residents … Continue reading

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