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America’s Sacred Partner

Catholics have the Pope. The British, Dutch, Belgians, Saudis, Japanese and others have royal families. The North Koreans have Kim Jong-un. The Mexicans have the Virgin of Guadalupe. What does America have? America has The Sacred Partner. The Sacred Partner … Continue reading

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Collective Guilt

Being a native of Cleveland, the Cleveland kidnapping story has been of great interest to me. When stories like this are close to home, it has a greater sense of being real, a greater sense of “this could happen here.” … Continue reading

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Jupiter in Cancer

At the end of June, Jupiter will transit into Cancer from its year in Gemini. It’s going to be an emotional year. Collective emotional outpourings are in store. Jupiter is in its exaltation in Cancer – it’s the best placement … Continue reading

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Reese Witherspoon and Class

The United States is known for its lack of class system. It’s certainly debatable whether or not a class system truly exists, but if it does, it is more subtle than some that exist around the globe. In the Chapultepec … Continue reading

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Retirement Planning with Iggy Pop

Apparently Iggy Pop wants to know if his new album will be successful and has been consulting tarot readers. According to this video, he wants his new album “to sell.” He says he “could sure use a hit.” That sounds … Continue reading

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