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Attack of the Introverts?

This week several articles were shared with me that explained how to work with introverts or myths about introverts. Here are two (one and two). Have introverts come out of their shells? Should I lock the windows? Who is their … Continue reading

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Giggle Alert

Columbus, OH – In addition to flooding rains, a daily desire to sleep through the alarm and a general sense of lethargy, the current transiting grand water trine involving the Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune … Continue reading

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Ed FitzGerald – Where Were You Born?

If you live in Ohio, exciting times are in the near future. Ed FitzGerald sent an email blast this week (July 22) with the subject line: “What ‘Ohio Miracle?’” More than one of my emails received this pressing message. Who’s … Continue reading

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Happy, Horrific Hollywood

While in Scotland recently, the tour guide was telling us of movies set in Scotland or about Scottish history. She mentioned some Hollywood movies about Scottish heroes, which, she informed us, were not historically accurate. I wondered, once again, why … Continue reading

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A Piece of Britney Spears

I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17 . . . Britney Spears was 17 in 1998. At that time, the astrological planet Pluto, the planet of transformation which rules Scorpio and the 8th house, was at five degrees of … Continue reading

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The Astrological Difference between Kids and Cats

The other night, my cat woke me at 4 am for breakfast. She should know after three years that breakfast does not occur until the alarm goes off at 6 am. “It’s not 6 yet,” I told her. “But I’m … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Weight Loss

While eating a strange meal of baked eggplant, stewed tomatoes, a scoop of ricotta (eggplant parmesan deconstructed?) and nachos with beans during a silent meditation retreat, I realized why meditation on eating is so important. Our attitudes toward food are … Continue reading

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The Tennis Gods Strike Back

We in the US are taught that the Greek and Roman gods are myth, tales of past cultures. Our culture is monotheistic, a legacy, one could argue, of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten who, back in the 14th century BC, dared … Continue reading

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