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Mutable signs dissolving in a glass of Neptune

No surprise that while walking in the park this morning, I had some astrological thoughts. Astrology is like a novel with no ending, where the characters continue to develop and transform until they are lifted from the story like chess … Continue reading

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Black Cat Astrology

It’s that time again — time to explain to the black cat in your life why its image is on thousands of posters, cups, plates, hats, bags and other Halloween bibelots. When I explained Halloween to my tuxedo cat several … Continue reading

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“Al Pacino!”

Last night, I dreamed of Al Pacino, that he was at our family house and my family liked him because, like Pacino, we have Italian blood. It was a little odd because I’m not really a Pacino fan – don’t … Continue reading

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The Accidental Mars, Jupiter and Uranus

Nicole Kidman and I have something in common. Before you write to OHA, you’ll need to know that it’s not height, looks or money that we have in common. What we do have in common is a recent bike accident … Continue reading

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The Abbott of Australia

A Scorpio sun coupled with an Aries moon makes for an extremely competitive, lusty and self-absorbed individual. It’s the perfect blend of serious intensity and irrational passion that’s the basic ingredient of a religious or political zealot. Let me introduce … Continue reading

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German Political Fight Club: Merkel and Steinbrück

This week’s political fight club is located in Germany where Angela Merkel, current champ and Chancellor of Germany, is fighting contender Peer Steinbrück. Last week the two met for a televised political debate. Merkel has Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and sun … Continue reading

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Happy Virgo Day, I Mean Labor Day

Labor Day, a holiday “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers,” is very well placed astrologically in the sign of Virgo as Virgo rules work and health. Virgo is the second of the three earth signs that … Continue reading

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