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Deposed Rulers in the News: Yanukovych, Morsi & Maduro

If you’ve been keeping up on your astrological news these past couple years, you’re well aware of the friction between ruler of the skies Uranus and ruler of the underworld Pluto. Astrological Uranus transiting cardinal fire sign Aries has been … Continue reading

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Hugh Grant’s Fecundity

According to People magazine (January 17, 2014 print issue), actor Hugh Grant is the father of three children, one born late 2011, one born September 2012 and one born February 2013. September 2012 and February 2013 are five months apart … Continue reading

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Ohio Astrology Recommends Moving Valentine’s Day to August 14

Originally posted on Ohio Astrology:
It’s interesting to compare the characteristics of holidays and the characteristics of the sign in which they reside. Major Holidays Easter (late March, early April) is in the sign of Aries, the first sign of…

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Justin Bieber’s Changing Reality

There should be a rule in the cosmos that you can’t have an intense Neptune transit until you are at least 80 years old and experienced in enough in life events to handle it. Why? Do you remember how TV … Continue reading

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February 9 Uniqueness

Let’s have a little Aquarian fun, boys and girls. At the Sunday dinner table this evening let’s tell mom and dad that we’ve figured out what we’d like to do in life – tell them you want to live a … Continue reading

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