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Mercury Retrograde – Manipulated Perception

Mercury retrograde (apparent backward motion) signifies difficulty in communication from misdirected communication to missed communication. Like a letter lost in the mail (or in today’s mode, stuck in a spam filter), you may not know about it for a while. … Continue reading

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Distracted Humanity

According to this Psychology Today article, the earliest images of meditation from the Indus Valley date to 3500 BC to 5000 BC. That means 7,000 years ago individuals felt the need to remove themselves from the distractions of daily life. … Continue reading

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The Gemini Hero Twins

This issue of American Archaeology has a fascinating story titled The Hero Twins in the Mimbres Region. Accompanying the story are images of the Hero Twins story from painted bowls found in the region. The twins in astrology are the sign … Continue reading

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Melanie and Antonio: Leos Split Before Jupiter Return?

When an OHA reader informed me that actress Melanie Griffith and actor Antonio Banderas were divorcing, I was not shocked. After the Al & Tipper Gore breakup of 2010, no political or celebrity breakup will ever shock me again (not … Continue reading

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The Organization Man & The Pluto Half Cycle

Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930 in 17 degrees of the sign Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruling personal emotions, home environment, need for safety and security and the drive to belong. Pluto entered Cancer in 1913 … Continue reading

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Marijuana Abdication of Your Reputation

American astrologers, like me, will mention that the 10th house of the horoscope is about career. When Americans meet each other, we often ask, “So what do you do?” According to The Culture Code, for Americans work represents WHO YOU … Continue reading

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A Story of Peace and Harmony

Have you read a novel lately where all the characters were happy, cooperative and entirely at peace? Why would you? A novel like that would be, well, boring. A novel of that sort wouldn’t be a novel. A novel of … Continue reading

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