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The Libra Lunchbox

The Indian film The Lunchbox is a story of reflection as symbolized repeatedly throughout the movie and even noted in the dialogue at one point. Set in Mumbai, the storyline involves a woman making lunch for her husband and it … Continue reading

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What Sign is Brick Heck?

Brick Heck, character name for the youngest child on the show The Middle (played by actor Atticus Shaffer), is a character we’re seeing more often in television. Brick is a quirky intellectual who prefers interactions with books to interactions with people. … Continue reading

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Jupiter in Leo

Originally posted on Ohio Astrology:
Have you paid attention to Jupiter lately? Jupiter, my friends, is our Greek God Zeus renamed for Roman palates and he demands attention. For the last year he has been raining and mud sliding his…

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Art, Education and Astrology

A friend posted this article on Facebook about art in education. The premise of the article is that the lack of emphasis on arts education: …came about in a frame of increased emphasis on test scores and utility—the market economy … Continue reading

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The Bulls Won

Many years ago upon returning from a trip abroad, I spent a few weeks in Chicago. While in a diner the day after landing, the waitress brought my tuna fish (smothered in cheese which is when I realized Americans smother … Continue reading

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