Imaginary-to-Real in Three Easy Aspects

Do you wish your imaginary friends were real?

What, you say you have no imaginary friends? Is the person you spend most of your time with what you imagined him/her to be?

You had an imaginary friend.

How about that job you took? Is it what you imagined?

You had an imaginary job.

How about that vacation you took. Was it all that you imagined?

It was? Then you made the imaginary real. You did it at least once, you can do it again.

Just follow these three simple astrological aspects to make all that is in your imagination real.

Aspect One: Neptune in Pisces

First, you must have imagination. If, until now, you saw life as one day of drudgery after the next, I have good news. Neptune has been transiting Pisces since 2011 and will be in Pisces until 2025. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and both fuel imagination (amongst many other mystical and escapist states).

For those with a heavy does of Pisces or Neptune (or both), imagination is actually where they are living. You see the body at the dinner table but notice you reflections on your day at the office are not really being absorbed by those distant eyes. I can’t tell you where the eyes are, but they are far away.

Neptune and Pisces are also the experience of magic and wonder that can’t be described in the way of Virgo, the opposite of Pisces. An example of the Pisces/Neptune experience is hearing a piece of music and feeling the body dissolve into the music and having the heightened sensation of peace and harmony.

Virgo, the opposite of Pisces, will try to analyze it. Virgo will run to the store, buy the music, invite over all its friends, play the music and expect the room to enter this same state. It never happens because the Neptune moment can’t be repeated by formula. Pisces/Neptune is not of the world described by Virgo.

Now that you’ve captured the moment, lets move on to aspect number two.

Aspect Two: Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn has just entered the sign of Sagittarius. As Saturn moves through this sign for two and a half years, it will make squares to the long transit of Neptune in Pisces.

The square is an aspect of friction. Bringing your imagination into reality takes this very friction. Call it a reality check. If the aspect was more pleasant, you’d probably still be okay with living in your imagination and, possibly, on a friend’s couch.

Saturn is form and structure and all the rules, laws and responsibilities that come with it. In Sagittarius, the sign that seeks meaning, Saturn challenges you to have the discipline to live your beliefs.

Funny thing about Sagittarius, it’s ruled by the expansive Jupiter so in addition to finding meaning, Sagittarius also likes to indulge in worldly pleasures, especially those that create heighted sensation.

Because of these inherent characteristics, Sagittarius is a sign can dream of being a priest but spend the weekend at the casino trying to win big.

Saturn in Sagittarius, if you make it your friend, can help with this (if it’s a problem, and it may not be). When we create a rule for ourselves, the opposite of the rule is always tempting us.

But what if we don’t make it a rule and instead change it into something we truly do not want? Then there’s no temptation, no double standard and no charges of hypocrisy.

Aspect Three: Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will be in that sign until 2024. Pluto transforms and evolves what it touches. In the sign of Capricorn, structure itself is being transformed. You may have noticed since 2008 a bit of change in the economic, social and government structures across the world.

Pluto in Capricorn is a big heavy, a reality check where your house falls on your head (in the case of 2008, by losing all its value). Capricorn is the path of most resistance and the lessons are never soft and gentle, Disney style.

But you can take this serious goat by the horns and direct your own destiny before the plans of others become the only choices available.

Reality may be the only consensus we’ll ever have and in one way or another we’re offering an agreement if we don’t present our imaginative options.

What’s in Your Imagination?

As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” which I learned is from the short story The Monkey’s Paw.

The challenge may not be turning imagination to reality, which may be exactly what’s occurring every day, but understanding what lives in the imagination and why. Our world is filled with images which feed the imagination.

Which images are yours? Which images come from outside of you?

Which images are becoming reality?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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