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Columbus Fight Club: Andrew Ginther

When I told my cat that we were experiencing a political scandal right here in Columbus, she was shocked. “What kind of scandal would happen in Columbus?” she asked. “Political kickbacks,” I responded. “Isn’t that called lobbying?” If you wonder … Continue reading

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Jupiter in Virgo – Falling Out of Love

Recently I reflected on Jupiter’s current transit of fire-sign Leo, a transit that will end in August when Jupiter moves into Virgo. I wasn’t sure I saw the “Leo” of this transit. Of course, Jupiter must play with the other … Continue reading

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Political Thoughts Floating Through Air Signs

When I told my cat that Jeb Bush formally and finally announced his run for the presidency, she cattily replied, “If this is a Clinton-Bush election, I’m not going to vote.” That may seem a strange comment coming from a … Continue reading

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Five Movies to Watch While Saturn is Retrograde in Scorpio

Your community astrologers have probably told you that Saturn has just gone retrograde in Scorpio. Retrograde is the apparent backward motion of a planet, an optical illusion caused by the planets being so distant from each other. Really, Saturn is … Continue reading

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2016 Presidential Fight Club: Fire Last at the Party

If you’ve ever wondered, “What sign of the zodiac is most likely to show up late to a party?” we might look at politics as a guide. As of this moment, there are 14 declared contenders for president in the … Continue reading

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In the Matrix or a Dickens Novel?

Since 1999, when we question the reality around us, we ask if we are in “the matrix.” But I wonder if we should be asking, instead, if we are in a Charles Dickens novel. When I heard the new US … Continue reading

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