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The $10 Woman

At the end of the last Republican Presidential debate on September 16, the moderator asked a couple fun questions including one about the $10 bill. The moderator said that earlier this year the Treasury announced it would put a woman … Continue reading

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune is Coming to Your Neighborhood

While reading a blog on transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune (in Virgo), I realized that there are a finite number of Neptune signs walking the planet. Neptune takes about 164 years to complete a cycle through the zodiac and since … Continue reading

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Tom Brady’s Inflation and Deflation

While not in the least a sports fan, news about deflated balls (“Deflategate”) with socially-inflated sports heroes caught my eye. Inflation, deflation – I knew there were great astrological lessons here. Jupiter rules inflation (expansion and its associated generosity) and … Continue reading

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