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Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon

The New Hampshire primary occurred on February 9 while the moon and Neptune were both in the sign of Pisces. Prior to the primary, I’d wondered how the emotional moon and mystical Neptune would play out in the Neptune-ruled psychic, … Continue reading

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune is Coming to Your Neighborhood

While reading a blog on transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune (in Virgo), I realized that there are a finite number of Neptune signs walking the planet. Neptune takes about 164 years to complete a cycle through the zodiac and since … Continue reading

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Pisces Moon – Why So Secretive?

This week politician Hillary Clinton was under fire for using personal email while Secretary of State. In addition to legal issues this may cause such as important emails being lost to posterity, this also reveals Clinton as secretive. Secretive implies … Continue reading

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Mutable signs dissolving in a glass of Neptune

No surprise that while walking in the park this morning, I had some astrological thoughts. Astrology is like a novel with no ending, where the characters continue to develop and transform until they are lifted from the story like chess … Continue reading

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Pisces, the Ocean and Your Feet

I just spent some time by the sea. Large bodies of water are known to soothe the soul, if songs and poems are to be trusted. But what I wonder is whether it’s the soul that’s being soothed or simply … Continue reading

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Neptune in Capricorn: The Legalization of Drugs

Astrologers are forward-looking individuals, always trying to predict the future. Much of the reason, I believe, is due to astrology being considered fortune telling which creates in astrologers the need to predict future events. Much of the world, really, is … Continue reading

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The Republican Primaries Enter the Age of Pisces

The hippies tripping out on acid in Golden Gate Park in the late 1960s was the supposed ushering in of the Age of Aquarius. Tripping out in public is more a Pisces than an Aquarius thing to do. Pisces is … Continue reading

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Pisces Presidents

As the Republican Party is serving up two Pisces sun presidential candidates (Romney and Perry), I wanted to take a look at past Piscean presidents. Of our 43 presidents, there have been four with sun in Pisces: George Washington (1789-1797) James … Continue reading

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Ohio is a Mysterious Pisces

Ohio’s official birthday is March 1, 1803. That makes Ohio a Pisces. In researching Ohio’s birthday, I learned that Ohio’s boundaries were actually set and approved on February 19, 1803 and later the date was set retroactively to March 1, … Continue reading

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Miranda July Wins “Honorary Pisces” Award

After seeing “Me, You and Everyone We Know,” I would have bet the farm that Miranda July, the writer, was a Pisces. I was wrong. It’s a good thing I don’t own a farm or know anyone that would make … Continue reading

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