The Clumsiest Sign of the Zodiac is . . .

Back in the late 1970s, Chevy Chase of Saturday Night Live was the “not ready for prime-time player” who played then-president Gerald Ford. Ford was known to be clumsy so the cute and charming Chase fell all over himself in skit exaggerating that clumsiness.

Clumsy seems to have gone out of style. I haven’t heard anyone called clumsy in a long time.

Maybe today it’s called “balance challenged” or maybe it’s even something the pharmaceuticals are curing with a new pill. I haven’t watched the evening news lately where all the drug commercials seem to reside. Those watching the news must be an ill lot.

“Are you clumsy? Does it interfere with your happiness? Try ‘Pay-attention-ipitor’ which is scientifically proven to reduce accidents in those taking the pill. Do not use while skydiving.”

There is one sign that’s known for forgetfulness of the kind where “you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached.” That sign seems also to be accident prone. And that sign is?


Sagittarius is the archer. It’s the half-man, half-horse archer indicating its wild nature. The archer looks up at the sky, not down on the ground and therefore sometimes trips. The astrological Sagittarius has four legs where the human Sagittarius only has two. Maybe our Sagittarian friends just need two additional legs for balance.

Late President Ford was a sun in Cancer and moon in Sagittarius. Ford also had Neptune conjunct his Cancer sun. This is a man who “wasn’t there.” I bet he was always, and I mean always, daydreaming.

Daydreaming is a big reason for accidents. You’re off in a faraway land not paying attention to the distance in front of your car. That, I believe, is the reason Sagittarius is accident prone and clumsy. They are looking up at the sky in the off chance of catching glimpse of a shooting star.

Sagittarius is concerned with meaning. Its opposite sign, Gemini, is about facts and details. When leaving the house in the morning, Gemini notices the traffic lights have changed pattern, there’s small nick in the car that wasn’t there yesterday and Mrs. Jones has had a visiting car in her driveway three days in a row right after the time Mr. Jones has left for work.

When Sagittarius leaves for work it is thinking about plans later this evening, that cool new Broadway show and that long trip abroad. Oh, the sites to be seen, the airplane trip and the exotic food that await. Food! Oh, I forgot my lunch. Turn around quick. Oops! I didn’t see that tree.

Travel, especially long-distance travel, is in the realm of Sagittarius. It’s certainly possible that Sagittarius encounters more accidents simply because it travels more. One day when I have an astrological database I will measure my blog against the facts. But until then, I can’t confirm.

I brand Sagittarius the clumsiest sign of the zodiac. If you see a Sagittarius behind you on the highway, move over and let them pass. Some part of their wandering mind has seen you. But most likely they are not on the freeway, but on a trip in an exotic land or maybe watching that hawk flying overhead or writing a philosophical treatise. The body is in the car, the mind is in the clouds.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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5 Responses to The Clumsiest Sign of the Zodiac is . . .

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  3. UnionJlover says:

    You know what my sign is Sagittarius and i wanna be honest thats my sign is Honesty.. This is pretty offensive I’m not trying to be really mean coz i know this is base in your opinion but kinda offensive really.. Sorry

  4. Rachelle says:

    I have noticed the opposite to be true. Gemini moon is more prone to clumsiness. Sagittarius moon is known for being athletic, not clumsy. A masculine moon, so any accidents that they have are more due to daring, aggressive action during athletic events or outdoorsy adventures.

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