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Whiny Kleenex

The other day I read the bottom of my Kleenex box and discovered an interesting marketing message. “Take Care with Kleenex tissue. For life’s everyday joys, sorrows and sniffles, reach for the gentle comfort of Kleenex tissues. With the perfect … Continue reading


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American Dualism: Time and Newsweek

In the American tradition of splitting the world in half to create dualistic opposites (Democrat and Republican, Coke and Pepsi, Colgate and Crest, etc.) historically we’ve had two major print magazines – Time and Newsweek. While doing research in high … Continue reading

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American Dualism: Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Americans love to split the universe in half and take sides – Republican and Democrat, pro-choice and pro-life, Coca Cola and Pepsi. I laugh whenever I hear politicians talk about the free market. I think the free market led to … Continue reading

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Duality and Polarity Astrological Style

When I was teaching English in Taiwan in my early 20s, I thought the best way to help my students learn English was to organize a debate. Just pick an issue, I thought, and let them go at each other. … Continue reading

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