March 2019

In May 2018, Uranus will move from Aries into Taurus. Uranus entering Aries in March 2011 brought us the Arab Spring, popular uprisings, increased violence and personal wars. Violence is the negative side of Aries and standing up for your rights is the positive side. As with any war, it is fought with both energies in play.

To quote a friend, one person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.

When Uranus moves into Taurus, the energy will shift from personal expression to material goods.

Why look at 2018 now?

The first reason is that this astrologer is extremely bored of news about the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I’m sure sun/Uranus in Gemini Trump would be hurt to hear that he’s boring me, but he is. Your nasty has lost its charge, buddy. Clinton has been in the news for 24 years so there’s really nothing new which is why some recent behavior is receiving undue attention.

The second reason is that energy doesn’t turn on and off like a light. Tomorrow’s energies are in play today and while May 2018 might create some Uranus shocks, it doesn’t have to if we heed the energy of today.

March 2019

As just noted, Uranus creates shock waves and sudden awareness or sudden enlightenment. When Uranus moves into the super-material earth sign of Taurus, our material reality will experience shocks. With Taurus, expect changes to the earth itself, foundations, real property and the value of money.

Money is a lot of things although it doesn’t really have existence and isn’t technically Taurus (in a way, it represents Scorpio energy exchange, power and control). But the physical aspect – the bills and coins – and the value aspect are in the realm of Taurus. Much of that physical aspect of money is passing away.

While some might be excited about not having to carry notes and coins in the future, consider that there are these people called hackers and when you no longer have cash or coin but only bytes in a server, what do you do when those bytes disappear and reappear in on a computer a distant realm? Are you hacker enough to get your financial bytes returned?

The 2008 housing market collapse and global recession came just as another planet – Pluto – changed from Sagittarius to Capricorn. The shift in signs often does bring an immediate shift in the energy. But, again, the housing crisis had a long run up of bad financial behavior. Pluto simply opened the crack and let the mismanagement fall into the abyss. Pluto pulls the rug from under you.

When Uranus enters Taurus, Pluto will still be in Capricorn (21 degrees). Uranus will move back into Aries for a while (called retrograde) and in March 2019 will begin its seven-year journey in Taurus. May 2018 might provide tremors, but March 2019 will be the full Taurus-quake.

In March 2019, when retrograde Uranus moves from Aries (again) to Taurus, Pluto will be at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn at that time will be in 18 degrees of Capricorn following close to Pluto. Assisting will be Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus.

That is a lot of earth energy (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the earth signs) and we will certainly be focused on the physical aspects of existence at that time. The sun and Neptune will be in Pisces – very watery combination. Water is crucial for daily life and in 2019 this will be a fact that must not be ignored by those with current easy access to water who tend to ignore some global water facts.

It’s difficult not to imagine some shake ups to property and property values, again, and a severe rift in the global economy. The energy of 2008 is still in play – it did not magically disappear. While your house value may look a lot like it did in 2007, we learned in 2008 that numbers can change quickly.

What other financial shenanigans may be revealed in 2019?

Accounting Scandals

In 2008, the average person not involved in high finance may have had to spend some time figuring out why their home lost value and they had no job. It wasn’t something on the ground you could see, feel, hear, smell or touch. Taurus rules the body so in 2019 what occurs may have a more sensory aspect.

Looking at the ways in which you can cook the books, you do wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. Or maybe they are. Here are some of the famous book-cooking from the Top 10 Accounting Scandals:

  • Falsely increase depreciation time length
  • Keep huge debts off the balance sheet
  • Underreport line costs by capitalizing rather than expensing
  • Siphon money through unapproved loans and fraudulent stock sales
  • Make up numbers
  • Misstate and understate earnings
  • Book loans as revenue
  • Steer customers to products/providers that provide fee income
  • Sell toxic assets with the agreement they’ll be bought back at a later date
  • Ponzi scheme – provide “returns” to investors from other investors’ investments

Will 2019 see more of the above? What types of financial webs will be unwound in 2019?

Taurus Bankers

Possibly a couple Taurus bankers can give us clue as to how Taurus will operate in 2018-2019.

Bernie Maddoff

One of the schemes above – the Ponzi scheme – was developed by Charles Ponzi, a Pisces sun four planets in Taurus – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. When he was born in 1882, there must have been lots of focus on material goods, probably from Saturn in Taurus lack.

The most recent Ponzi scheme was conducted by Bernard Maddoff who is currently in prison and has moon, sun, Uranus and Venus in Taurus. This is a man who loves things from the coaster on the coffee table to the car in the garage. The 2018-2019 Uranus in Taurus transit may see him a free man although Wikipedia projects his release in 2139. In 2018, Maddoff will be 80 so he may be released due to age, illness or simply that he’s passed out of body.

When Madoff was arrested in late 2008, Uranus was finishing its transit of Aquarius and conjunct Madoff’s natal Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter squares natal Venus and taking others’ assets was probably Madoff’s way to connecting to people. Aquarius is group activity and in 2008 the group disbanded in a fit of disillusionment and lost assets.

Madoff promised his Jupiter-in-Aquarius followers Taurus gains. Providing financial return seems so “real” that it’s easy to understand how people can be easily influenced to ignore how and why it occurred. As an analyst, I know that good times are rarely analyzed and bad times analyzed so much you make up stories to explain the unpredictability of human behavior.

Today the US economy is appearing to grow, albeit slightly. Is that for real? Will 2019 reveal something we don’t see today? Are we reluctant to analyze the good?

Agha Hasan Abedi

Another famous Taurus banker was Agha Hasan Abedi, the founder of the now defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). This bank was shut down in 1991 amidst charges of lending fraud and money laundering.

Abedi, born in a city in India which is now part of Pakistan, began his banking career in Pakistan then founded his own bank and sought oil money (very Taurus) and Washington DC influence (he acquired both).

Abedi had only sun in Taurus with moon in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Due to the boldness of his endeavors and great success in courting the rich and powerful, I’d guess moon in Sagittarius which would be conjunct Mars in Sagittarius. The man had guts.

In early 1991 when BCCI was investigated, Pluto was in Scorpio, opposite Abedi’s sun. While Pluto may rule the underworld, the over-world prevailed with Pluto directly opposite Abedi’s sun. Abedi’s Pluto friends clearly couldn’t override the opposing Pluto authorities.

One person’s loyal Pluto friend is another person’s worst Pluto enemy.

In the movie The Infiltrator which tells the true story of a US Customs agent who infiltrates the Medellin drug cartel to get to the bankers (i.e., BCCI), one of the higher ups in the cartel, Roberto Alcaino, makes a comment about the Federal Reserve having an “anonymous window” where deposits can be made with no questions asked.

I don’t know if that’s true, but in many of the recent financial scandals such as Enron, a lot of the players that looked the other way were fully regulated auditors and financial institutions.

One man’s money launderer is another man’s full-service bank.

As with Enron later, BCCI protected itself by creating numerous entities which appeared to have no relationship unless you spent a few minutes examining the individuals behind the entities.

But when oil money sent abroad appears to be returning, why dig too deep?

Will 2018-2019 reveal what we deem legal in the name of financial growth is actually a bit shady? Is all financial growth good? Who really benefits from the financial growth?

March 2019

March 2019 is happening right now, if you care to look. I’ve always likened astrologers to economists. Neither gets it right and neither is fired (although astrologers aren’t fired because no one hires us). But we’re both trying to figure out what today means for tomorrow.

While the 2008 financial crisis may have been confusing, whatever occurs in 2018-2019 will be more tangible as Taurus is the earth. You will feel it. You may not need astrologers and economics to explain the changes that occur.

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Ohio Cat Ponders Trump Veep

As my cat sat staring out of the window at the birds, I asked her which one she would catch and kill, crunching beneath her feline jaws, if she could go outside. Much to my surprise, she answered off topic.

“I think Donald Trump is going to pick Bob Corker as his vice presidential running mate,” she responded absentmindedly.

While we may think that our pets simply stare of the window seeking any moving object for purposes of stimulation, cats (but maybe not dogs) are often pondering deep political, social and astrological ideas.

What about Newt Gingrich?

My cat choked when I mentioned former Senator Newt Gingrich. She then coughed up a hairball.

“His chart is so similar to Trump’s, they could be twins separated at birth with sun and Uranus in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius.”

But doesn’t like attract I asked?

“Do you imagine a man [Trump] who wants to be the loudest man in the room selecting another man who wants to be the loudest man in the room?”

What about Chris Christie?

When I mentioned New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, my cat looked at me like I was crazy. She gave that look that occurs prior to jumping up the wall and chasing at ghosts.

“Christie’s moon is also in Sagittarius and sun in Virgo. Virgo like Gemini is ruled by Mercury. It’s another Newt Gingrich situation.”

Doesn’t Christie have any redeeming value for Trump?

Christie’s Mars in Cancer conjuncts Trump’s Mercury in Cancer, but that only serves as a trigger to make Trump more emotional.

What about Joni Ernst?

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst earned a whisker twist from the cat. She then sneezed.

“Her sun is in Cancer and moon is in Gemini and while Trump is unpredictable, he probably doesn’t like his women to be this way, especially emotionally unpredictable. Ernst’s Mercury, sun and Mars are all tucked between Trump’s Mercury and Saturn. Her moon is astride his Uranus and sun. If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll run for the hills.”

You don’t think Ernst would put aside these small personality differences of control and manipulation and take the job anyway?

“Her Saturn is in Taurus. Trump won’t pick her; she costs too much.”

What about Mike Pence?

My cat laughed an evil feline laugh when I mentioned Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

“Pence has sun, Mercury and possibly moon in Gemini. You are always saying that Americans rarely vote for Gemini energy.”

It is true that historically Gemini doesn’t fare well in American politics but this election has proved all pundits wrong, political and astrological.

But wouldn’t Pence’s Venus, Mars and Uranus in Leo be a charismatic box office draw?

“Trump’s Pluto in Leo is between Pence’s Mars and Uranus. Trump’s Mars in Leo is closest to Pence’s Uranus in Leo. Leo likes to be center of attention so other attention-seeking individuals tend to get thrown off the podium.”

What’s so great about Bob Corker?

My cat explained the astrological compatibility of Trump and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.

“Corker’s Saturn, moon and Neptune are in Libra which trines the Gemini energy in Trump’s chart. Moreover, Corker’s Libra energy is in Trump’s second house of money and Trump’s Sagittarius moon is in Corker’s second house. There’s great compatibility of the monetary kind here. The meal ticket serves both sides.”

So it’s about the money?

“I forgot to add,” my cat added, that Corker has Jupiter in Taurus very close to Trump’s midheaven. This is more emphasis on the financial value of the relationship.

Could Corker be Finance Chair instead? Or a big donor? Or maybe Trump could just steal money from under Corker’s mattress while visiting.

“Corker’s sun and Venus in penny-pinching Virgo are in Trump’s first house,” my cat continued. That provides a sense of purity and propriety that Trump lacks. Corker is great for both the image and the pocketbook.

What about Ben Carson?

Neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson also has the pristine Virgo energy and a nice solid moon in Taurus which knows how to collect, acquire and keep money. Doesn’t that equal what Corker can bring?

“That’s the problem,” responded my cat. “Moon in Taurus likes to save money. Moon in Libra [Bob Corker] knows how to spend it.”

What about Ohio?

Lastly, I asked the cat if she thought Trump would consider any Ohioans such as Senator Rob Portman or Governor John Kasich.

She didn’t bother with astrology in her answer. “Ohio didn’t vote for him. You know he’s going to ignore us in revenge.”

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The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Planet

Several months ago NPR interviewed an archaeologist who was excited about a recent find. He may have been describing this excavation of a Bronze Age village. I began to wonder why we are so interested in man of the past but not always so interested in man of the present. If we were traveling and found a piece of textile, would we spend much time wondering about who wore it and try to reconstruct a life around it?

Extraterrestrial life is also of great mystery and appeal as are people of the distant past. Twenty three years behind the times, I recently watched the first season of the X-Files. Rather than finding it alien, I found it all too human.

According to the X-Files, aliens are mostly trying to control you while the government is doing the same in reaction (believable) all the while hiding alien information from the citizens (also believable). Having been akin to the New Age movement for many years, I saw many familiar themes but with a negative twist. Aliens in the New Age movement are from the Pleiades and spread love and awareness. In the X-Files, they implant control devices into your ear and make you sacrifice your friends in the middle of the night in stormy wilderness.

In the New Age movement, psychic ability is used to help people understand their lives and become more spiritual. In the X-Files, psychic ability is used to cause fear and destruction. Channeling was a popular New Age trend in the 1980s as individuals brought to the Western world concepts of reincarnation and disembodied energy. In the X-Files, channeling is used to seek revenge on your enemies who plotted your murder.

While I’ve always believed there are other life forms in this unfathomably vast universe, I’ve noticed our ideas of these life forms mirror our “good and evil” filter of the world. If you analyze the archaeological literature, distant humans’ greatest remains reflect either war or sacred ceremonies. The interpretation is hardly ever as simple as “this site may have been a spa” or “here is where people probably hung out to gossip.” Aliens, too, are either out to make us into zombies or are trying to help raise our consciousness to other dimensions.

On the earth today are seven billion individuals. Most of us will never know each other. We pass in subways, at events, at the grocery, at the airport and a myriad of other places without even a passing interest. Some people live happy lives surrounded by family and friends while others live in poverty or war struggling for survival.

Possibly distant and alien life is no more or less than life on earth now.

The Foreign Other

Astrologically, the Aries-Libra axis of first and sixth houses represents the self (Aries) and the other (Libra). When we are about two years old (which is a Mars cycle, Mars ruling Aries), our parents introduce us to “The Other” who has been invited to our house and wants to play with our toys at the same time we do. We are then told to “share” and informed that it’s a very important part of life. Later in life we become quite interested in The Other, to the point of wanting to share for long periods of time.

The Foreign Other resides in a different area of the chart – the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Gemini represents your immediate surroundings, siblings, neighbors and early education. Gemini represents childhood where we are constantly learning and seek constant stimulation to aid in that learning. Gemini is communicative, articulate, curious and exploring.

While Gemini is experiencing and learning, the opposite sign of Sagittarius looks for meaning in all of that experience. Sagittarius rules philosophy, higher education and foreign travel. Sagittarius seeks the foreign and the different. Where your earth-sign friends want to go the same restaurant every time you meet, your Gemini friend wants to try something new each time. Your Sagittarius friend takes it a step further and insists the restaurant serve exotic cuisine.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini seek experience. Sagittarius even more than Gemini dons the experiences of others and may even become a proponent of those other experiences. Do you have a friend that visited a foreign place and came back wearing local costume? Is that friend now trying to raise awareness of issues occurring in that place? That’s Sagittarius.

Pluto in Sagittarius

In 2001, Pluto was transiting Sagittarius while Saturn was transiting Gemini creating an opposition. In the United States, the World Trade Center was attacked using airplanes by men mostly from the Middle East. In 2003, the US began invading countries in the Middle East and now the area is highly unstable.

This began a new era of foreign threat in the US. Most of my life the foreign threat was Communism, which covered several different countries. Now the threat is still foreign, but more localized to culture.

Pluto destroys (if necessary) and then transforms. Pluto in Sagittarius created a destruction and now transformation of our relationship with the Foreign Other. Unfortunately, that relationship has not healed and is now global. Saturn opposing Pluto limited and contracted (which is what Saturn does) information regarding that situation. After September 2001, surveillance in the US was heighted to the point of crossing 4th amendment boundaries.

This article by Robert Hand, one of the brilliant leading minds in the astrological community, was written in April 2001 and was quite accurate in its assessment of the oncoming Pluto-Saturn opposition. Why we listen to the government and not Robert Hand is a great mystery:

So, what can we expect in the upcoming year [2001-2002], based on our experience of these aspects in the 20th century? Looking at the times of the aspects, we can see three major themes that seem to correspond with these configurations. Several of these patterns have coincided with recessions or depressions – the one in 1931 was especially harsh. Those that did not come with recessions coincided with wars, ranging from extremely severe (World Wars I and II) to less so (Vietnam) to the kinds of strife that border on war but also have the qualities of civil unrest (Suez Crisis, Hungary, the urban riots of 1965—66 in the U.S.). And since World War II, there has been a marked tendency for these Saturn-Pluto aspects to coincide more or less with unrest in the Middle East, especially involving oil. It is hard to know whether there is something intrinsically “Saturn-Pluto” about the Middle East situation and, possibly, oil. Or is it just that Saturn-Pluto indicates stress that manifests wherever there is some kind of chronic historical situation? I suspect that it is the latter case, but at the same time, I also believe that the Middle East and the oil situation will continue to manifest Saturn-Pluto energy until the underlying historical stresses are resolved.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Fifteen years later, Saturn has traveled 180 degrees and is now transiting Sagittarius (the transit began in December 2015, about the time the US normalized relations with Cuba). Saturn will be in Sagittarius until late December 2017.

Saturn in Sagittarius has coincided with great migrations of people from the Middle East to Europe. It has caused both economic and cultural stress. In the US, the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has been open in his dislike of the Foreign Other. Interestingly, Trump has sun in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius which seeks experiences of all types, including foreign which may explain the foreign spouse. Trump’s politics are not in sync with his more accepting personality. It’s too bad a positive aspect of his personality is buried so that he can appeal to negative emotions.

Saturn in Sagittarius as described by Café Astrology:

Saturn demands simplicity, definition, realism, and truth wherever it touches our charts. Saturn in Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius, is contraction versus expansion in motion. Finding a satisfying balance, lying somewhere between being too lax and too controlled, can consume a lot of our time and energy. We seek out growth, but Saturn sees to it that we do so in a disciplined manner. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles, and to be loyal to these. This is a time for turning a critical eye to those beliefs and principles that don’t accurately reflect our authentic selves.

Saturn in Sagittarius challenges us to live our beliefs because while Sagittarius loves spreading ideas that benefit the whole, it might have personal trouble sticking with the commitment to those beliefs. Saturn forces the issue.

For example, if you’re truly a country that seeks freedom for its people, are you willing to let in one million Foreign Others? You might say you will in principle, but now Saturn is putting them at your doorstep.

We may be mentally open to the views of others, but how to we react when those views move in next door? This is a challenge for all of us, not just the ones forced to move in next door. We are all the Foreign Other to someone out there. Our beliefs are a challenge to others as their beliefs can be a challenge to us.

Saturn in Sagittarius on Another Planet

Possibly the key to Saturn in Sagittarius is to imagine the Foreign Others who may be arriving on our shores are from the distant past or another planet. We could then transform our anxieties into curiosities. Sagittarius like Gemini has insatiable curiosity just as small children find insects fascinating until some point where socialization makes people, especially girls, fearful of insects.

When we are very young, all life is fascinating.

Those of us that are more X-Files than New Age in our view of aliens might have more trouble but the underlying curiosity regarding alien life should override fear.

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The Clinton Veep

Gather round everybody, it’s time for the US presidential election presumptive nominees to pick a vice presidential running mate. Like a good family, we can help each choose the best partner!

Of course, the candidates like to make the vice presidential pick themselves. But I would offer the benefits of arranged marriage against the willy-nilly whims of pick-it-yourself marriage which has a high failure rate (as we might note in some of our presumptive nominees).

Picking a vice presidential running mate is traditionally based on state of office, political connections, ability to draw genders and groups and other such trivialities. What’s truly important is that the president and vice president get along, especially since they’ll be spending July through November like close family and then will see each other several times a year, at least.

This is where astrology can do great good and where Ohio Astrology (OHA) would like to offer its services. Today we’ll provide astrological feedback on Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s potential vice presidential picks. The NBC news article Here’s Who Hillary Clinton Could Pick as Her VP will be the source of options. We’ll take a look at Top Tier and In the Hunt selections.

The Candidates

Top Tier: Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren & Sherrod Brown

In the Hunt: Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Tom Perez & Xavier Becerra

When looking at compatibility, there are two approaches to take when offering advice. The first way I think of as the pick-it-yourself marriage. Compatibility is determined by traditional factors of romance such as Mars – Venus (romance) connections and Saturn – moon connections (stability). In this way, people are energized by each other and go through a period of seeing the other as perfect and wonderful.

The flaw in this approach is that what we like isn’t always what we need. If I love to gamble and you also love to gamble, we may get along very well while spending our last pennies. But it might not be best for both of us in the long run. Eventually the points of attraction may diminish and the ability to solve problems together will be challenged. The hazy glow of attraction fades.

The other way to approach compatibility is balance. If you have lots of air sign ideas but have trouble putting them into action, an earth-sign companion can help. The benefit of this pairing is that we develop weaker traits through our partner and some of our worst excesses are kept in check as the other provides offsetting energy.

The flaw (from a romance perspective) in this approach is that the people involved may not be entirely enamored of each other. Balance offers respect, learning and discipline, not the usual goals of those seeking marriage. Ironically, we see balance most in political marriages where those of us in the traditional kinds of marriage (arranged or love) wonder how these politicos stay together with all their public shenanigans and humilations. Somehow they choose to stay together.

Most Balance

Two candidates stand out as having the most balance for Clinton – Tim Kaine and Xavier Becerra.

Kaine has a T-square of sun and Mercury (in Pisces), moon (in Gemini) and Pluto (in Virgo). Saturn is in Sagittarius but too far in degree from the other planets to make a grand cross. These four signs are the mutable signs and Pisces aligns with Clinton’s natal moon. The mutable energy has not been popular in US politics until this election where the ever-changing Gemini Donald Trump has risen to the top of the Republican primaries. Mutable energy is fluid and changing which balances Clinton’s preponderance of fixed energy which makes her seem power-hungry, controlled, stiff and choreographed. Kaine’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunct Clinton’s sun makes him highly attractive and charismatic to Clinton. It’s a great match for balance, but ultimately Clinton is a controlling individual so the chameleon Kaine might be a little too squishy and vague for her tastes. But he’s balancing, for sure.

Becerra has sun in rational Aquarius and moon in fiery Aries. The air detachment and fire passion can also balance Clinton’s controlling nature, which has its roots in emotional defense (sun in obsessive Scorpio and moon in secretive, sensitive Pisces). Clinton foe Bernie Sanders has moon in Aries which roused the crowd for sure. Uranus is currently transiting Aries which creates a strong, impulsive desire to express for these moon-in-Aries souls. Aries sextiles Aquarius so the added energy feeds Becerra’s planning mind which wants to create the new, the improved and the innovative. He could add some pizzazz to Clinton’s detailed policy talk by adding vision and raw energy. Like Kaine, who is only a month older, Becerra’s Jupiter/Neptune is conjunct Clinton’s sun. She will be attracted to him in the same way as Kaine.

Too Much Alike

Brown has a fixed sign T-square involving sun (in Scorpio), moon and Pluto (in Leo) and Jupiter (in Taurus). These fixed signs knock up against Clinton’s six fixed signs suggesting too much control between them. There is no balance, too much likeness. While a Brown nomination would make OHA proud, it’s not advised from an astrological perspective. Clinton and Brown are too many control freaks in the kitchen. They will simply grab for the same ladle at the same time all the time.

The Venus Crowd

It’s interesting how much Venus energy is in the rest of the group. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Venus is associated with pleasure and social life. It represents the things we like from a walk in the rain to chocolate bars at two in the morning to a dark, swarthy mate. Venus, ruling pleasure, tends to indulge. While that’s something of a balance for Clinton, it might lack some of the purpose and drive that fuels our Scorpio sun candidate.

Taurus sun and moon

Booker has sun in Taurus and Pluto, Venus and moon in Virgo. Taurus is opposite Clinton’s sun in Scorpio. Virgo is opposite Clinton’s moon in Pisces. Rather than being balancing, this is too much opposition and suggests that common ground is too difficult to find. These aspects are like speaking two different languages, being on two different sides of the fence. There’s not too much connection between Booker’s and Clinton’s chart besides these oppositions.

Warren has sun and Uranus conjunct in Cancer and moon in Taurus. Warren’s chart is an interesting mix of predictable routine (Cancer and Taurus) with the completely unexpected Uranus conjunction sun, Mars and Mercury conjunct in Gemini. Taurus moon desires peace and stability which is opposing Clinton’s Scorpio sun which turns up the rug to see what’s underneath. The 2016 primary process was driven by yelling and insults so possibly Taurus moon is needed, but it doesn’t appear to be what the people want – think Republican candidate Ben Carson who at first appealed to the a crowd but then was pushed off the stage with 15 others as the loudest man in the room took over. Warren’s Cancer sun is a nice trine to Clinton’s sun and moon and fills the gap in that way – Cancer is warm, as is Clinton’s Pisces moon but for some reason Clinton rarely expresses her moon. Possibly Warren would help with that.

Libra sun and moon

Perez has sun in Libra and moon, Venus and Pluto in Virgo. My own experience with the Libra/Virgo combined energy is chronic confusion over everything from choosing a spouse to choosing a hamburger at McDonalds. Virgo moon as already noted is the opposite of Pisces and extremely detailed to the point of backing oneself into corners with one’s own rationalizations and over-thinking. As with Booker, it’s difficult to see much connection here.

Castro has sun in Virgo and moon, Mars and Pluto in Libra. As with Perez, the Virgo/Libra energy can chase its own tail for a long time. As with Perez, moon and Pluto are connected, for Castro a much closer conjunction. Castro also has Uranus, Mercury and Mars in Libra. You counted correctly – five planets in Libra. Too many planets in a sign suggest a lack of balance, even in Libra whose key phrase is “I balance.” Castro has four planets in mutable signs which combined with Libra energy suggests a lack of commitment due to simple fear of not making every single person in the room happy. While this could have some balancing effects, it’s just not Clinton’s style.

Who to pick?

As with spouses, there is no perfect pick, just a choice. When I asked my cat who she’d pick for Clinton’s running mate, she chose Xavier Becerra.

I asked if it was his rational, electric Aquarius sun (with ruling Uranus opposite in Leo) that appealed to her?

No, she responded.

Is it his firm, driven Saturn/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius, I asked? While that itself is a nasty aspect, sextile sun and Mercury in Aquarius and trine moon in Aries makes for one fine chess player.

No, not that, she replied.

What was it then?

It’s his name, she replied. She likes his name.

It’s a good thing cats can’t vote – they are too superficial in their choices.

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The Designated Watcher Plan

Back in the heyday of LSD when people had parties to ingest the drug, at least one person withheld and was designated as the watcher so that if on your trip you felt as if you could fly, this person could prevent you from jumping out of the window.

Today we have designated drivers when folks go drinking. Under the watery haze of alcohol, people all too often feel they are steady enough to drive. Drinking “goggles” affect driving as effectively as partner choice.

Since we already have the idea in place, Ohio Astrology (OHA) proposes we also implement a Designated Watcher Program.

What does the watcher watch?

The Designated Watcher watches for relevant news.

Uranus in Aries

As noted in the blog My Uranus in Aries, the digital age has produced the ability to target market directly to an individual’s preferences (in the past we were more broadly lumped with those who shared common interests). If I recently purchased vanilla-scented candles, the data collectors note this and send more offers for vanilla-scented candles. They may even add an offer for lavender-scented candles or pretty candle snuffers.

Now that we’ve engaged with what is called social media, these companies too collect this information. Now I may still receive direct mail or email offers for candles, but also will see candle offers when I search for dog food or a weather update. When I’m on social media or email, a sponsored offer for scented candles will appear in my feed or offers on the side panel. I may even see stories and posts about candles.

Uranus is the planet of sudden enlightenment and Aries is the sign of self (“me first”) so it’s no wonder the Selfie Movement was hatched during this seven-year transit. Constantly taking pictures of oneself was once viewed as vain and self-centered. Today it is culture which has stretched into the targeted marketing that caters to the needs of this self to an extent that I have constant offers based on my individual preferences. This was once labeled temptation.

The positive side of Uranus in Aries is the self-motivation and self-respect needed to rise against discrimination and oppression. We see this too in the Selfie Movement.

The negative and nefarious side of the Selfie Movement is that others cater to my personal interests to the extent that what doesn’t interest me is never in my field of vision. It’s essentially blocked not from totalitarian efforts to control my reality, but through my positive feedback on doing just this. This is especially concerning when it affects what we call “the news.”

A friend and I recently tried to determine if there were really more animal maulings than ever or if these stories in the past would have been kept to the local news. As we discussed it, my marketing brain immediately put together the pieces. I, like others, recently clicked on a viral news story involved a child and zoo animal. Now, 80 percent of my “news” feed regards human/animal situations or animal situations. There was a time when “dog bites man” was the cliché for a nonsensical news story.

Jupiter transiting the last degrees of Virgo could explain this as Virgo rules pets in addition to work, routine and diet.

But I continue to suspect that my current local “news” feed is what many years ago would have been relegated to the “news of the weird” section of the local free paper. In fact, we no longer have the “news of the weird” section. Weird is the new norm in that it is Uranus-in-Aries tailored to what received the most clicks today. Just because we clicked on the sensational story doesn’t mean that’s all we read yet because it received the most clicks, that is all I now see.

In response, I’ve vowed to click no more on these stories (although I must admit I tried to watch the video of a woman running down her boyfriend after her admitted he was HIV positive and never informed her – the video didn’t load and I came to my senses). I will send the big data machine that lives in the cloud a strong and firm message – I’m not interested.

Neptune in Pisces

While Uranus in Aries is tailoring both marketing and “news” to my individual tastes (such as wanting to read only about cats), Neptune is transiting its own sign of Pisces which brings heighted feeling, intuition, self-sacrifice, spirituality and shared group feelings.

Neptune also rules image including the moving image of film. My current hypothesis is that what the eye sees is “real” to certain parts of our brain. Ingesting visually is as important as ingesting physically yet today we see more image than ever without considering its health effects.

Pisces is also a water sign so we’re seeing a rise in water issues from scarcity to pollution. Neptune is putting water on all of our “watch” lists.

While much of the random violence we’re seeing today could be connected to Uranus in Aries (Aries is ruled by Mars, god of War), Neptune in Pisces has responded by sharing the pain of others. Pisces feels and we’re seeing ever larger groups of people suffering the same pain which is now being felt by others far away.

Neptune in Pisces’ ability to empathize with the feelings of others is extremely important for a planet consumed by material gain. Where it can go wrong is that while great joy or great grieving occurs, others can take advantage of us while we’re distracted.

The great irony here is that while information is available to the average person like never before, marketing filters that information for the greatest emotional impact. This is the Pisces – Virgo polarity in action. We have so much detail (Virgo), that we are overwhelmed (Pisces) and provided information that provides emotional (Pisces) release.

If I search for strawberry-flavored water, the data machines will send me information on the health benefits of water, companies selling water and strawberry farms where I can pick my own strawberries. Marketing will never, ever choose to send me information on lead contamination in the water. That is a story that might make me think twice about buying bottled water.

Neptune and Pisces are also great at creating images. My favorite of today, also of the Virgo-Pisces polarity is the idea of “health food.” All real food (i.e., not processed and not modified), technically, should be healthy. In my local grocery, there is an aisle of processed food labeled “health foods.” That’s marketing and image making. The reason you pay more for that “health food” is that it costs more to market.

The Designated Watcher Plan

What can we do? We can more carefully watch the news. But since there’s a lot to filter through and since we do want to occasionally watch a girlfriend running over her ex-boyfriend with her car, OHA suggests we have a Designated Watcher Plan.

In today’s world of extreme weather and random violence, many families and groups have put together emergency plans. The Designated Watcher Plan can piggyback onto those efforts.

Possibly in a monthly rotation, the Designated Watcher can refuse to click on any story considered sensational, important only to a local area not one’s own, written by marketers or just plain useless. The Designated Watcher will focus on relevant news that often escapes coverage such as lead in the water, environmental degradation, local and global economic situations, loss of civil rights, illegal executive privilege, bribery and corruption.

The Designated Watcher will inform his group of these important pieces of information so that they can take action when desired and during elections cast votes as well-informed citizens.

The Designated Watcher will inform his group through the old-fashioned form of human interaction where data has no ability to post ads and banners that prohibit our ability to concentrate. Full attention is critical when receiving important and relevant information.

Watch for a Designated Watcher near you.

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The Cycle of Dark and Light Ages

While in high school art history class studying Greek art, I learned the Greeks knew the earth was round.

I was shocked.

At the time, my understanding was that the people of the earth didn’t know the earth was round until the 15th century. Those believing otherwise were persecuted until Christopher Columbus sailed (the ocean blue) to the Americas and disabused us of our silly notions.

That’s how the story went.

Not a great student of history in those times, it’s possible someone mentioned the Greeks. But I probably was busy passing notes and not listening so it was a surprise to me that knowledge could advance so far and then be lost. And not only was knowledge lost, it was forbidden as many disembodied heads are well aware.

Today my interest in history and archaeology is much greater and it’s clear that man develops in fits and starts. My own point of view is that we develop the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual along different paths. In astrology this syncs to the elements of earth, water, air and fire. Unfortunately, the developments don’t occur at the same pace.

Development as described to me in my early years was the positively correlated line of time and human progress – that graph with a straight, forward moving line from lower left to upper right. This is the line that every corporation wants to see with regard to its profits. It’s the concept of continual improvement from cave man making fire to modern man making cell phones – one nice, unbroken straight line of growth and development.

Line chart

It’s interesting that this line is very reminiscent of the glyph for the planet Mars which rules action and energy up to and including violence and is associated with males. Our paradigms of human development are fundamentally male.

Mars glyph

Why do we progress and then regress? Why did the Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans know so much about astronomy only for it to be lost in the Middle Ages?

What are the forces of regression?

Saturn and Pluto

While I’ve pondered on this question for years, I’m in a work place environment that’s providing important clues. As is probably common knowledge, those wanting to control others must control information. Knowledge is power for both the controlled and the controller.

Astrology, of course, explains better the cycles of progress and regression. In astrology, nothing is linear and nothing is complete. Hopefully the cycles spiral upward as they occur, allowing for development inch by inch.

Thinking in terms of cycles also makes it much easier to understand knowledge gained and knowledge lost just as empires rise and fall, just as people fall in and out of love.

What cycles describe Dark Ages?

The planet Saturn represents boundaries, authority, limits and the rules of the third dimension (you may believe the world is an illusion, but you can still stub your toe and it hurts). The planet (we call it that in astrology) Pluto represents power, transformation and control. Pluto rules the underworld.

When environments are controlling and repressive, you can usually find Saturn or Pluto energy hanging about.

Do your partners always seem controlling? You might have Pluto conjunct your sun or Venus. Is your partner emotionally unexpressive? Look for Saturn or its sign of Capricorn influencing the moon. Did you grow up in an environment full of rules that prohibited self-expression? You might find Saturn in your 9th house of the horoscope.

These are some examples. Everyone has Saturn and Pluto in the horoscope so we all have an area of our lives – large or small – that we want to control even if it is simply one closet in a large house.

Saturn cycles around the sun every 29.4 years. Pluto takes much longer – 247.8 years. Saturn cycles represent maturity, crystallization and time. Saturn cycles remind you that you are getting older, ask what you’ve done with your life and remind you that there is only so much time left. Today, a healthy individual might experience three Saturn cycles in a lifetime.

Pluto cycles represent evolution. In your lifetime, you will experience Pluto in about four to five signs. Pluto explains what your generation is trying to evolve or transform. Pluto is compulsion – where you find it in the horoscope, you feel a strong and obsessive urge for resolution. Pluto is coercive and invasive – it’s where you feel you have no choice.

Currently Pluto is transiting Capricorn (starting in 2008), which is ruled by Saturn creating transformation of authority, boundaries and rules. In a couple years (2018), Saturn will join Pluto in its final journey through Capricorn. When that occurs, much of the turmoil we’re experiencing today in terms of society’s structures will go through its final phase. Authoritarianism may get worse before it gets better.

The United States was “born” with Pluto in Capricorn and will be experiencing its return which means all that occurs will be particularly relevant for the United States.

While we’re in the midst of some of the greatest technological advances in history, we’re also in the middle of great struggles of the ancient kind – the power of government and police, racial discrimination, ethic discrimination and violence.

Violence isn’t new – it’s ancient. Possibly it’s part of one of the larger cycles of ages which occur every 2,000 years. The earth wobbles on its axis making a circle which takes 26,000 to complete. Every 2,000 years the sign rising in spring changes, representing an age (such as the Age of Aquarius).


After the Dark Ages comes the Renaissance, or rebirth. After the Renaissance, comes the Enlightenment. Both movements free man from authoritarian structures as represented during the Dark Ages.

We knew the earth was round, then forget, then remembered in rebirth. Does enlightenment help us remember forever? Or will we forget again?

While looking at some of the persecuted figures of the 16th and 17th centuries, I’m hopeful that as long as the universe provides individuals with moon in Aries, authoritarian regimes can never take hold in perpetuity. The moon in Aries tendency to focus on the self is an important quality when the world wants you to shut up and stay in a corner.  You can’t keep Aries quiet and in a shell. Aries is the chick bursting from the egg shell. Aries is spring, rebirth.

One of the most interesting figures with moon in Aries was Martin Luther.

Martin Luther

In the year 1517, Luther posted 95 discussion points on the university chapel door in Wittenberg, Germany. This, I’ve learned, was a normal way to communicate back in that time and place – kind of like a letter that you delivered yourself and put on the door because there was no mailbox (and no email and no Facebook and no Twitter).

Luther had supporters early on and these 95 points while meant for a few eyes were published and disseminated (in today’s lingo, they went “viral”).

There began a lengthy struggle with the Catholic Church in Rome who often collected funds for special projects though the selling of indulgences. Unfortunately, folks didn’t often have a choice on whether or not to pay (in today’s lingo, “sin tax”).

Some of Luther’s and his supporters’ written attacks on Rome make today’s US election seem quite tame. During Luther’s struggle with the church, there was also the rise of humanism and nationalism. One leader, Ulrich von Hutten had this to say about the Catholic Church (all quotes from Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther by Roland H. Bainton):

Three things are sold in Rome: Christ, the priesthood and women. Three things are hateful to Rome: a general council, the reformation of the church, and the opening of German eyes.


Here we are, about 500 years later, still complaining about money and power. This must be one of those 2,000 year cycles. Maybe in a few hundred years we’ll get this all worked out.

Except for a few angry missives, Luther was a wee bit more diplomatic in his accusations:

Papal indulgences do not remove guilt. Beware of those who say that indulgences effect reconciliation with God. The power of the keys cannot make attrition into contrition. He who is contrite has plenary remission of guilt and penalty without indulgences. The pope can remove only those penalties which he himself has imposed on earth for Christ did not say, ‘Whatsoever I have bound in heaven you may loose on earth.’

What made Luther so determined?

Astrologically, Luther had Saturn, Venus and Sun in the very serious and determined sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign known for its obsessive nature. I personally feel it’s one of the most intelligent because it mixes intellect with intuition and sees the underlying motivation of behavior.

Luther’s obsessive nature is evident as described in Here I Stand from his struggle with faith to his refusal to accept religion on the terms of a distant authority. During his challenges to Rome, many were sent to talk sense into him or threaten him with punishment. In a description of one of those mediators speaking with Luther’s mentor, the mediator proclaims:

“I am not going to talk to him anymore,” said the cardinal. “His eyes are as deep as a lake, and there are amazing speculations in his head.”

I can’t think of a better description of the Scorpio intensity from the deep eyes to profound thoughts.

The other planets in Luther’s chart span from Libra to Sagittarius, all within one sign of Scorpio – with one exception. The moon is in Aries opposing Pluto (and possibly Jupiter) in Libra.

Hard aspects between Pluto and the moon are my own personal mark of a politician. The sense of invasion and coercion present with this aspect leads to a compulsive desire for control. For Luther, it was control of his faith.

The Pluto/moon opposition can also indicate physical invasion, from robbery to rape. Here I Stand doesn’t imply such an incident; possibly distant Rome taking money from the average person to build its monuments was enough of an invasion to set Luther aflame.

Luther’s moon in fiery Aries is trine Mercury, Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius. Occasionally the fire in his nature gave vent:

It seems to me that if the Romanists are so mad the only remedy remaining is for the emperor, the kings, and princes to gird themselves with force of arms to attack these pests of all the world and fight them, not with words, but with steel. If we punish thieves with the yoke, the highwayman with the sword, and heretics with fire, why do we not rather assault these monsters of perdition, these cardinals, these popes, and the whole swarm of the Roman Sodom, who corrupt youth and the Church of God? Why do we not rather assault them with arms and wash our hands in their blood?

Soon after writing this, he clarified that he did not believe in any of the violence punishments listed and, ergo, did not believe in violent revolt against Rome. But his Aries moon and Sagittarius Mercury did make it sound as such.

Another manifestation of an opposing Aries moon is that Luther’s books were burned by authorities. Oppositions in the horoscope are very often clearly observed oppositions in the world. Aries moon was part of Luther’s personality and also the aggressive response from others to his challenges.

During the early years of struggle with the Roman church, 1518 – 1520, both Saturn and Pluto were transiting Capricorn – as will occur in 2018, 500 years later. Authority was challenged in ways that altered history – the rise of nationalism and the challenging of Roman authority.

In 1534, Luther published a Bible in German. Pluto moved from authoritarian Capricorn to humanitarian Aquarius in 1533. A Bible published in the vernacular made it accessible to the average person. Interestingly, too, Luther’s first son was born in 1533 as Pluto changed signs.

Luther was able to die of natural causes with his head still attached, quite a feat in those days especially when one has an Aries moon (Aries rules the head).

Luther teaches us that the forces of authoritarian control are not permanent and can be altered by the voice of one person.

21st Century Martin Luther?

Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn in the early 16th century during the rise of the Reformation, Humanism and nationalism.

Pluto’s next transit of Capricorn began in 1762. If I’m reading my ephemeris correctly, Saturn was not in Capricorn during that transit. This was also a time of changing (and sometimes collapsing) authority structures, even without Saturn tagging along.

What will 2020 bring when Saturn and Pluto are technically conjunct in Capricorn?

Here’s a blog on astrological 2020 by astrologer Maurice Fernandez.

Which of you millions of Aries moons out there will rise to challenge the authoritarian structures that have become too powerful? Who has the guts to risk the intense penalties that come with challenging those that abuse power? Aries moon and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders started the revolution, but he was a few years too early it seems.

As Pluto moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, what is currently in the power of a few will move into the hands of the many.

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June 5: Say Anything Day

In honor of Pluto in Capricorn transformation of US culture through the political process from one of open and direct communication to one of complete potty mouth, Ohio Astrology recommends a new national holiday to release our pent-up angry and abusive but non-productive communication.

As in the Star Trek episode, Return of the Archons, Pluto in Capricorn can both destroy and rebuild social order and appears to be doing both until it moves into Aquarius (in 2024-2025) and brotherhood can be restored. On one day of the year, this year June 5, all societal controls on communicating will be removed allowing 24 hours of unmitigated verbal anger and abuse towards anyone and everyone.

You can, of course, do the opposite and tell all of your work crushes that you love them, ask the ticketing cop if he’s married, and that sort of thing. That, too, is acceptable on Say Anything Day.

It’s okay, too, to simply admit things like you don’t care about abortion, you don’t plan to vote and that you really don’t like organic salad dressing although you often pretend to with your healthy friends.

On June 5 the sun and moon will be in Gemini (i.e., new moon) which is a perfect configuration for verbal expression. [Corrected from earlier mention of Sagittarius full moon]. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and represents communication. With both sun and moon in this sign, even the naturally uncommunicative will be moved to speech.

Say Anything Day will be a different day each year (think Easter) so that the astrological configurations can line up for most effective release of verbal restraint. In addition to the Gemini new moon this year we have added input from transiting Venus (in Gemini), Saturn in Sagittarius (opposite sun/moon), Jupiter in Virgo (square) and Neptune in Pisces (square).

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is outspoken. With Saturn in Sagittarius opposing Gemini energy, the natural tendency would be to self-censor statements which are accurate but not socially acceptable causing internal frustration. Often the accurate perceptions will burst out at some time thereby causing embarrassment. If we make this day Say Anything Day then the anxiety of millions will be relieved.

If you have a horoscope filled with mutable signs, you probably experience Say Anything Day on a regular basis albeit without premeditated planning to do so. Those of you with natal sun in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius, like, say, Republican president nominee Donald Trump and Republican politician Newt Gingrich, often say anything as regularly as earth signs take multi-vitamins.

If, however, your chart is filled with earth signs, this will be delightful opportunity to stop following the rules and forget that the object of your verbal scorn (or love) happens to be an authority figure. You don’t have to worry that Say Anything Day will ruin your career or threaten your financial security; it will be nationally recognized so, really, you are following the rules.

If your chart is filled with water, you will delight in verbal release as you’re also released from the obligation to react to how the recipient of your verbal expression feels. Feeling is one of the worst constraints on saying anything. Water signs, on June 5, will not have to say things that make others happy; you have a day of emotional freedom.

Air and fire signs are more familiar with saying anything. This year, however, air doesn’t have to smooth over unflattering comments with rationalizations that explain away the inconsistencies. In other words, air signs can simply say anything and let it go. There’s no need to analyze it later, it’s a day of mental rest, of mental freedom.

Fire signs can benefit from Say Anything Day as well even though they probably don’t care. Fire says what it needs to say with such confidence and charisma that no one really makes a challenge. Fire can take advantage of Say Anything Day in the opposite way by not being in command and in charge and, if it really wants to, admit that sometimes it doesn’t really feel in charge but is just acting the part. This, too, is acceptable on Say Anything Day.

Say Anything Day is Sunday, June 5. You have a week to gather your thoughts.

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Astrological Lessons from Carly Fiorina’s Week of Fame

Carly Fiorina’s week of fame was well over the prescribed 15 minutes prophesied by the late pop artist Andy Warhol. Who is Fiorina you may be asking? You don’t remember her?

Fiorina was running for Vice President of the United States in the Republican Party. Maybe you didn’t notice as running mates are usually chosen by the candidate who wins the nomination. In the case of Fiorina, she was running with someone who needed over 100 percent of remaining votes to win the nomination. Her run for vice president lasted a week.

On Wednesday, April 27 the desperate candidate Ted Cruz “nominated” Carly Fiorina (who was running for president and dropped out in February) his running mate. His hope, the pundits tell us, was that he could gain some ground in remaining votes to prevent contender Donald Trump from getting the all votes needed to seal the nomination. It didn’t happen.

On Tuesday, May 3, Cruz dropped out of the race.

What does a week of running for Vice President look like?

Three Lessons from Carly Fiorina

We astrologers like to learn from the mistakes of others and impart astrological wisdom to the seekers of knowledge. Let’s see if we can find some tips to help others avoid a vice presidential run that has a shorter life span than an open bottle of wine.

Lesson one: Don’t run for Vice President when Jupiter is retrograde on your sun.

Fiorina has sun in 13 degrees (and 36 minutes or so) of Virgo. Lo and behold, Jupiter was almost exactly on that spot on April 27. Unfortunately, from our vantage point on earth it was traveling backwards (retrograde). Jupiter expands and in this case expanded the backward motion of Virgo perfection. Fiorina’s week as vice presidential nominee was not perfect, I hear, and its ending quickly may have been a blessing in Virgo disguise.

The shoe didn’t fit so she shouldn’t have worn it. Virgo demands perfection.

Lesson two: When the transiting moon is conjunct your natal Mars you might want things very badly, so much so that you lose perspective.

Moon transiting your Mars (or the other way around) is a time when you run a bunch of yellow lights that are very, very close to turning red, if they haven’t already. The sense of urgency is high even if you aren’t late for work or past due on rent. All goals must be accomplished NOW.

Moon and Mars combined is very demanding. In Capricorn where Fiorina’s is placed, it’s demanding of respect, authority and position. Pushing hard for respect, Fiorina might have lost some through this absurd maneuver and revoked her chances of being chosen vice president for an actual nominee later in the process.

Lesson three: It’s okay to cry.

On Tuesday, May 3, the last day of her vice presidential run, the moon was in Pisces, an emotional and empathetic sign. Pisces’ glyph is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Christianity uses the fish image for their savior which is very astrologically appropriate as Pisces is about sacrifice.

Pisces is opposite the discriminating Virgo. For Virgo Fiorina to feel sacrificed (if that’s how she felt with the shrewd and calculating Cruz) would be particularly difficult. Neptune is also transiting Pisces which among other things helps us understand the pain of others. Often we can’t understand others until we through Neptune (or Uranus) find ourselves in their shoes, in situations we never imagined.

Virgo doesn’t really like public displays of emotion, although it can be quite emotionally charged about causes for the weak, helpless or animals. Pisces wants to express and cross boundaries while Virgo wants to analyze and stay detached. Hopefully Fiorina allowed herself some good old fashioned self-pity (also in the realm of Pisces) accompanied by a bucket of Neptunian tears.

She deserves it.

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Pluto in Capricorn Says “Don’t Vote”

In the movie Election which takes place in a high school, the class Over Achiever (Tracy Flick) is running unopposed for class president. Her ambition is so intense, so unalloyed that the Civics teacher prompts the class Athlete (Paul Metzler) to run against her. In a complex interweaving of subplot, the Athlete’s Rebel sister (Tammy Metzler) decides to run as well to avenge an injustice.

In model of a “real” election, the school must listen to the campaign speeches in the school auditorium. The Over Achiever gives a speech worthy of a general election although we can see no one likes her. The Athlete is clearly unpracticed in speeches but get adulation through his past performance on the football field.

Then rises the Rebel, with no planned speech and not even respectful enough of the process to change from her tomboy clothes into something more appropriate. After glaring irreverently at an uninterested but trapped audience, she gives the following speech (quote from IMDB):

Tammy Metzler: [her campaign speech]
Who cares about this stupid election? We all know it doesn’t matter who gets elected president of Carver. Do you really think it’s going to change anything around here? Make one single person smarter or happier or nicer? The only person it does matter to is the one who gets elected. The same pathetic charade happens every year, and everyone makes the same pathetic promises just so they can put it on their transcripts to get into college.

So vote for me, because I don’t even want to go to college, and I don’t care, and as president I won’t do anything. The only promise I will make is that if elected I will immediately dismantle the student government, so that none of us will ever have to sit through one of these stupid assemblies again!

[the student body erupts in huge cheers. They start chanting “Tammy! Tammy!”]

Tammy Metzler: Or don’t vote for me! Who cares? Don’t vote at all!

[they all rise to give her a standing ovation]

While Tammy’ speech evokes the only true and passionate response, the principal (authority figure!) deems her behavior inappropriate and suspends her from school and the election. If you follow the details closely, (spoiler alert) you will learn that Tammy actually wins the election although technically she is ineligible and her name has been crossed off the forms.

No one really wants a student election, or student government. It’s a sham.

Don’t Vote West Virginia

Art is purported to imitate life. A shift has clearly occurred and now life is imitating art. This week in the US election the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump told West Virginia voters they should stay home.

“You know, you don’t have to vote anymore,” Trump said, days after the final two Republican presidential hopefuls dropped out of the race, leaving the bombastic businessman as the presumptive nominee.

“Save your vote for the general election, OK? Forget this one — the primary is done,” he continued, urging voters to forfeit their right to America’s democratic process.

The Rebel Trump has told the electorate not to vote. Unlike Tammy Metzler, he does, however, want their vote at a later time.

In polarity, the Rebel is opposite the Authority. In the movie Election, the principal cuts off Tammy’s energy. We hope, of course, that later in life Tammy will succeed in overturning the establishment in her independent and unique way.

Now that we have Rebel Trump overturning the establishment, will he go the whole way? Or do we have the Rebel – Authority in one figure?

Is this Rebel a masked Authority? If he’s truly the Rebel, who’s the counterweight authority?

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, a year many remember as global banking collapsed which took the value of many homes with it. Luckily for us, the governments of the world created money and the problem was solved!

Do we really hate government as much as we think? Would we truly accept a collapsing global economy?

Pluto is the great transformer. Transformation, what a pleasant word! Yet, transformation is often preceded by destruction as humans rarely let go of habits or comforts. To wean us from the bottle, the bottle is usually taken away. Pluto is scary. Pluto invades, he does not knock first.

In the sign of Capricorn, transformation is in the realm of practical affairs (earth sign) and includes all structures and authorities of society. That includes stop signs, traffic lights, police force, banking, government and work. Work is a structure because many unemployed people mean lots of unused energy which can be dangerous for a society. Keeping the population employed is dependent upon many structures.

Pluto’s stay in Capricorn is long – 2008 to 2025. Pluto is far away and takes time to travel through a sign.

This transit of Pluto is important in the horoscope of the United States where Pluto is in 27 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto will make its first return to the natal position in 2022.

What does that mean?

The United States is coming full circle on an evolutionary lesson that occurred during the founding (using 1776). The lesson involves Capricorn themes of ambition, success, material gain and authority.

What does our material abundance cost to us and others in the world? This is one question that may occur during this transit.

In 1776 as we founded, our country allowed the owning of people. Today that is unacceptable but if we trace our material goods to the far-away places where they originate, we might find forms employment reminiscent of our own past.

In 2008, structures of finance were shaken and today in the United States the structure of the political process is being shaken.

Pluto has not gone away. He’s only half way through with his transformational work, work that is relevant to the United States in particular with natal Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn.

The United States didn’t allow the economy to collapse, even though we view ourselves as pure free-market capitalists.

Will we anti-government freedom-lovers allow the government to collapse? Is it truly collapsing?

What would happen if none of us voted?

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Reince Priebus’ Gemini Problem

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, must have committed an ill deed in a past life to be challenged with overseeing the 2016 Republican primary process.

At the beginning of the primary season, there were 17 Republican candidates. Now there are three with two (Ted Cruz and John Kasich) mathematically unable to reach the needed delegates for a nomination. The two hanging on have lots of Capricorn energy (sun or moon) and are depending on the rules of the primary process to launch them into glory. Capricorn would be okay winning by the rules rather than the votes that suggest popularity.

It’s possible (although maybe not probable) that one man can still win the needed delegates – Donald Trump.

Sixteen men and women faced Trump and all, mathematically, have lost.

Can Priebus handle the energy of Trump during what may be a tumultuous convention where there are multiple ballots and Trump may very well rouse his followers if not nominated?

Reince Priebus

Watching Priebus on the Sunday morning shows, his slow, mannered speech often makes me wonder how he gained the role of spokesman for the Republicans.

Looking at his horoscope, his fate with Trump relies on this very skill – communication.

Sun in Pisces and moon in Taurus make for an easy-to-approach individual. Pisces is empathetic and Taurus is placid. In addition to moon in Taurus, Venus and Mars are also in that sign. There is a great love of physical objects and enjoyment of the senses with these placements. The singing voice is probably very nice.

Moon in Taurus could explain the slow speech patterns (reminiscent of Ben Carson with moon in this sign). The planet that rules communication, Mercury, is in a much louder and impulsive sign – Aries (think Bernie Sanders who has moon in Aries).

Mercury in Aries would speak confidently and assertively. Yet, if we look across the horoscope we’ll see that Uranus is opposing in Libra. There is a desire for assertion yet an opposing force that avoids conflict. However, Uranus is not a sign to control itself so the speech patterns may seem uneven, random and unconnected. Assertion and keeping the peace are difficult to balance and there is some teeter-tottering.

Interestingly, Priebus’ Saturn in Gemini also speaks to a feeling of lack in terms of communication and education. To compensate, this placement may collect knowledge in an effort to feel smart. There is a great seriousness to this placement and also maturity.

Saturn in Gemini combined with Mercury opposed by Uranus suggest early in life issues with communication such as communicating late, stuttering or incoherent speech patterns. Breathing is also affected. Learning method and study habits are probably unusual. Priebus doesn’t learn the way others do and with sun in Pisces, has strong intuition.

Saturn also has an opposition from Neptune in Sagittarius. The ideals are high and lofty but are difficult to convey. The Astrologers Handbook describes this opposition as mistrustful of others and a tendency to underhanded means. While The Astrologers Handbook has a dismal outlook on this aspect, it’s also the play of reality versus dreams, especially in Gemini-Sagittarius. Who wouldn’t get a bit frustrated at having one’s dreams crushed constantly by facts, figures, stop signs, tax forms and other nefarious aspects of the third dimension?

Donald Trump

Trump fits into Priebus horoscope through this Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Trump has sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini (by now you’ve noticed the unpredictability of this aspect) opposing moon in Sagittarius.

By degree, Trump’s Gemini-Sagittarius is outside the orbit of Priebus’ opposition. Yet the energy is the same. Trump is surfing Gemini-Sagittarius like a wave (saying anything that draws a strong response) while Priebus is experiencing it like a dust storm (showing up on the news shows week after week explaining the rules and trying to keep order).

During the convention, transiting Saturn will be at 10 degrees of Sagittarius, slightly beyond Priebus’ Neptune and not yet at Trump’s moon at 21 degrees. Saturn is the wall between Priebus’ ideals and Trump’s emotions.

The wall is going backwards as Saturn will be retrograde. Priebus will feel the Saturn limitation more than Trump.

Will the wall knock him down?

If Priebus is fated to the situation from past actions, those actions would involve insincere and misleading speech. Luckily fate also gave Priebus that nice Venus/moon/Mars conjunction in Taurus which can be very calming and soothing.

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