What sign of the Zodiac is Santa Claus?

Santa is clearly a Sagittarius. He is jolly and generous. Santa’s full figure is an indication of his jolly nature – he indulges in all the cookies left for him by the fire. He lives above us (the Arctic Circle) and rides in the sky (above us) and delivers presents in the night, no strings attached. And, most importantly, he shows up in our lives during the sign of Sagittarius.

Now you’re thinking it must be really cool to be a Sagittarius.

Once the sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, we open the presents, go to church and then, during the gloomy month of January, think about how we’re going to pay the Christmas bills and lose the Christmas weight we’ve gained.

Why Santa?

Sagittarius is one of the 12 signs included in our charts. In this area of your horoscope, which depends on your time of birth, you are Santa Claus. It’s a valid and awesome energy.

Santa is the energy of openness, of exploration, of generosity. It is the energy that causes us to seek meaning, to ask “why?”

What’s unusual about the Santa myth in our culture is that it is so intensely developed only to be destroyed later.

Are we then saying to our children that you can’t trust that anyone would truly give you gifts with no strings attached?

Have you ever bought something for someone, off season, for no reason with no strings attached? What was the reaction?

Santa Energy

Building up then destroying our Santa energy suggests a lack of balance. Santa energy is one of many energies that exist. If we were, say, a pagan culture, we’d have Santa energy and a host of other energies to counterbalance the abundance and indulgence of Santa. The beauty is that Santa energy would then exist permanently.

In a way, the energy does exist permanently in our culture. We have children and then bring the myth to them. The destruction of that energy and recreation only to destroy again is what is odd.

As an adult, you don’t “believe” in Santa. You merely experience his energy through your children.

There is a Santa Claus

There is a Santa Claus. You can believe in him always. “He” is an energy, the energy of generous abundance but also the energy of irresponsible indulgence. He seeks meaning “above the world” but can also get lost in the clouds.

Santa says that it’s okay to indulge sometimes. During the dreary late November and early December, as the day shortens, indulgence in a few pleasures helps us make it through the darkness.

Have some bourbon-laced eggnog this year, full of fats, sugars and alcohol. Enjoy. Just don’t do it all year.

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The United States’ Open Closet

In a recent conversation, someone pointed out how Fox News influences people in certain parts of the United States. Does Fox News influence them, I asked, or is Fox News simply reporting their perspective?

“Coming out of the closet” is/was a term describing those who stopped hiding their love of the same gender and told family and loved ones about their preference. In recent years in some parts of the United States it’s been safer to do this. Gender identity has also come out of the closet as has long-term practices of sexual misconduct.

The door is open!

Like Pandora’s Box, the door is open for all kinds of previously-hidden activity and beliefs, not just those we like or those that represent justice. When the 45th president was elected in 2016 there was some surprise among certain segments of the population regarding his openly-stated beliefs and devoted followers. But as Dave Chappelle explained on Saturday Night Live, it was only surprising to some. For others, that closet door was never closed.

“Diversity” is the word that embraces the openness of groups who are no longer hiding in the closet. Diversity includes those we don’t like who have also taken advantage of the open door. We all love diversity – some of it, but not necessarily all of it. If we did, the United States wouldn’t have clearly-defined neighborhoods based on ethnicity and income.

The challenge of the United States is unique – we are a diverse country where our belief in freedom encourages us all to come out of the closet. The challenge is how to establish some common causes where we tackle problems larger than ourselves, larger than our immediate environment. If the current political culture prevails where contentious division is encouraged, then we will no longer function as a nation. The challenge is common cause within diversity.

Me / You

The astrological symbolism of this challenge is in the polarity of Aries / Libra or the 1st / 7th house axis. I exist and so do you whether I like it or not. It’s a polarity – not the duality promoted by the political strategists.

What’s the difference?

Polarity is energy that manifests on a spectrum. Duality is not on a spectrum and are two sides disagreeing. Polarity is spiritual – it shows us that what we don’t like in others exists within ourselves. We see our reflections outside of ourselves.

In psychology it’s called projection. If I understand what my friends are saying about quantum energy, it’s described as the observed being affected by the observer. In spirituality, it’s explained that we are all one.

Sports is a common arena for the self-other polarity. In sports, as in any competitions, the other can help us improve our own performance. Competition in everything, however, makes us lose a sense of self because we then only respond to what others are doing rather than our internal self. We can both improve ourselves and lose ourselves in competition.

Aries / Libra

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing the self. Aries by nature is assertive, positive and externally focused toward goals. Your Aries friends are probably busy with all of their goals, one after the other.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac representing the other. Libra by nature reflects off of friends, family and especially lovers to develop a sense of self. Your Libra friends who date may morph into the personalities of the love and friend interests – today a poet, tomorrow an astronaut.

Open Enemies

There is still value, to me, in traditional astrology with its medieval overtones. We don’t use the term “enemy” much anymore but we have them. While there are ten thousand emojis to express one’s feelings on social media, there’s still no “don’t like” button.

There are people who don’t like us although many don’t like to think about that. I side with Ayn Rand on this one – we have the right to like and dislike. It’s when we attempt to create legislation of our likes and dislikes that the environment can become oppressive and dangerous.

The 7th house (ruled by Libra) represents “open” enemies. The 12th house is considered the place of hidden enemies. The 12th house is also the area of “undoing” where often our “hidden” enemy is not another but aspects of ourselves.

Would you prefer an enemy that shows up at your door and confronts you or one that pipes odorless, colorless natural gas into your house?

Our open enemies make us more aware of the self, they make us understand we aren’t treated well and need to stand up for ourselves. Open enemies can be confronted.

Hidden enemies – like subtle and unidentifiable ways in which some can’t move into a neighborhood – are more difficult to overcome because they first must be identified, brought out into the open, lured from the den. Others may not believe that you have this enemy which makes it infinitely more difficult to overcome; that’s what gives it the label “institutionalized.”

The Open Closet

In 2016, the cracked closet door opened wider to allow some groups to express openly what might have been kept to the dinner table. We all exist.

And the open closet may reveal that others are not as much like us as we think, even those that claim to share similar views.  In 2016 a colleague commented that there had to be those around her who voted for the 45th president but we’d never know who. And that brings us back to the self – what do we truly believe? How much do we believe that is truly our own? How many of our beliefs did we develop by default?

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Elon Musk: Under the Mask

For years upon hearing the name “Elon Musk” this word pops into my mind: fake.

Knowing very little about Musk or his businesses, I have no rationale for this thought. He’s a rich businessman, a supporter of new technologies (electric cars) and idealist goals (space travel). I don’t know why I have it. Long overdue, I explored Musk’s horoscope to determine what gives me the feeling he’s not genuine in some way.


Using the Astrotheme chart which in which the time of birth is not confirmed there are definitely the markers of innovation and intelligence:  Cancer sun and Mercury which have an amazing memory; Virgo moon which is analytical in the extreme; Saturn in Gemini which is mental discipline; Mars in Aquarius which is the motivation for innovation.

A loose grand air trine of Saturn and Venus (in Gemini), Mars (in Aquarius) and Uranus (in Libra) also speaks to intelligence and the interest in following what the crowd is doing and being part of the times. The air trine is social which the Cancer (water) sun is seeking to belong.

Intelligence, I believe, is not a rare quality. Beauty – the kind we see in the movies – is much rarer. I have the pleasure of working with intelligent people and often there’s a desire to be the most intelligent. Intelligence, like other qualities, has variety. With his air trine and Virgo moon, Musk has the traditional analytical intelligence. With sun and Mercury in watery Cancer, he also has the intuitive kind and is probably an amazing story teller.

Air and water want to connect with the world around them, through ideas and emotions respectively. Possibly the fake sense I get is Musk’s desire to be part of the crowd, part of whatever is the current fad or trend.


Each horoscope has a pattern, a theme if you will. There is one theme that stands out a flashing light in Musk’s chart: a lone Mars.

Mars in Aquarius means that Musk wants to share the ideals of the group. If the times are about innovation, he’s about innovation. If the times were about something else, he would probably share that as well. We all do that to some extent.

What’s interesting about his Mars is that it is somewhat detached from the rest of the chart. Mars makes aspects but the chart has the ladle pattern with Mar as the handle. While wide in orb (geometric degrees), Mars forms with sun/Mercury (Cancer) and moon/Pluto (Virgo) an aspect called the yod.

Many astrologers will kick out this assessment, but I’ve always used a 29-degree orb. Example, when Uranus starts transiting Taurus and the world runs out of toilet paper, if you have sun, moon or Saturn in Taurus from 0-29 degrees, you’ll have more reaction than say someone with one of those planets in Gemini. Taurus maintains and monitors stuff and the world lacking stuff will make it nervous even out of orb. When the transit is in orb, then you, too, run out of toilet paper.

So, back to the Musk’s Mars. The yod as an energetic configuration provides an inner sense of “must.” He must be innovative. With his Cancer sun and moon in Virgo, Musk could have been an innovative chef or health researcher. He’s chosen the more public face of the day’s technological focus which can be difficult for the Cancer sun which wants to hide in its shell and the Virgo moon which is anxious.

There’s only one planet in fire – Neptune in Sagittarius so Musk doesn’t have natural confidence. It’s the acquisition of knowledge and innovation that supports his confidence. The more I know, the more I share the goals, the more I become a leader.

More than an innovator?

Possibly what’s driving the feeling of inauthenticity for me involves a few natal aspects and transits.

In the natal horoscope, Moon in Virgo (analytical) squares Neptune in Sagittarius (visionary). Astrological squares internal tensions that motivate us to move when we’d rather sit in front of the television. No squares, no action. But this square reminds us that when genius and delusion are separated by a thin line. Musk seems to have a good balance here. With his Twitter move, I see Neptune in Sagittarius and misunderstanding about what’s really occurring in “social” media.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces created a T-square, many years ago, in the 2010s, to the moon and natal Neptune. Neptune’s influence is not something easily seen: it’s both spiritual and escapist. Neptune is mystery and deception. Neptune is the wonder of consciousness and the shifting images that sway and influence us.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn created a T-square to Musk’s sun/Uranus square back in the early 2010s as well. According to Wikipedia, most of his innovations/ideas were in play by then. According to the Musk net worth chart from that page, his net worth did not substantially increase until around 2019, the beginning of the recent pandemic – that’s interesting.

What I may be feeling is that sometime back in the 2010s Musk’s genius may have met outside forces that influenced his motivations. Musk’s interests are the generally the interests of government and as we saw in early 2020 when Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto aligned in Capricorn, government control has increased substantially, mostly aided by technology. We are learning drip by drip (or byte by byte) how our technology giants are assisting authoritarian governments who create “open air” prisons of electronic surveillance.

Saturn is now transiting Aquarius and is conjunct Musk’s natal Mars in Aquarius. Saturn and Mars combined can create negative and sadist energy if not funneled into strict discipline toward clear goals. For Musk, this again is an outside influence trying to suppress innovation and his desire to share in the goals of humanity.

I’m still not clear why I was getting the feeling of inauthenticity for a public figure I am unacquainted with. Possibly as Musk’s interests would logically not be ignored by governments of the world, it may be some underlying mistrust of his true, or forced, motivations.

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Neptune from Pisces to Aries: Worship to Warriorship

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, watery and mutable (changing, flexible) and ruled by Neptune. Like fog, Neptune obscures then dissolves in a way not entirely discernable to the eye. Neptune has been transiting Pisces since 2012.

Have you noticed your world dissolving?

When Pluto the destroyer and transformer entered Capricorn in late 2007 we noticed immediately the effects of destruction and transformation of Capricorn structure, authority and rules – the global financial crisis sparked by the housing market collapse. Here at the end of Pluto’s cycle through Capricorn most of our global structures have been destroyed and are being rebuilt and ideally transformed.

Uranus the enlightener and ruler of sudden changes has been transiting Taurus since 2019 (with a brief foray in Taurus in 2018). Taurus rules the 3D world and its tangible components, including the body and stuff (and money in tangible form, but not its digital component). At the higher level it rules values.

Notice any changes there: Sudden changes to the physical body and relationship of body to society? Sudden changes to logistics and consumer products? Changes in how you spend money?

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the outer planets that govern the larger patterns of society. Astrology teaches cyclical time to a human life that today spans about one cycle of Uranus, 84 years. Other cycles are more difficult to see from a detached perspective because we won’t see that today’s values may mean nothing tomorrow – we only learn that in history books.

While Uranus and Pluto are more evident in their effects, Neptune is a different type of experience, highly subjective, intuitive and emotional.  It the experience of finding great love of humanity one day while riding the bus and trying to explain that to your friends and family.

During this Neptune transit of its own sign, have we seen an increase in intuition and mystical spirituality? Have people become more compassionate and loving? These are the positive aspects of Neptune that are difficult to measure.

The negative side of Neptune and/in Pisces is more easily seen and quantified: escapism and distortion of reality. Neptune loves heightened experience which comes through drugs and alcohol. Excessive media and living vicariously through it is another Neptune/Pisces escape pattern.

In 2025 Neptune will move from Pisces to Aries. Neptune glamorizes what it touches. If today’s Pisces spirituality and escapism are glamorized, the shift will be toward activities that enhance the self from standing up for one’s rights to warrior cultures.

The End of Pisces

Dissolution of reality

Neptune transiting the very last degrees of its own sign, the last sign of the zodiac, indicates the dissolving of the reality of the last 165 years. In this Guardian article about the satirical news outlet The Onion, there’s discussion of the difficulty in parodying a reality that parodies itself:

But the Trump era also tested satirists in its insistence on “alternative facts”. “If you can’t have an established truth, it’s really hard to play off of things,” says Chad Nackers, the Onion’s editor-in-chief since 2017 and a staff member since 1997. “It divides your audience. Half the country is like: ‘Well, I don’t believe in that truth. So this joke makes no sense.’”

Neptune has dissolved “established truth.” One can’t relate to a being that’s living in a different reality. At the extreme, Neptune delusion is the much-caricatured mental patient who thinks he’s Napoleon. In our established truth, we agree that Napoleon is no longer living and this patient can’t be Napoleon.

But what if half of the population believes this patient is Napoleon? Then what?

What ultimately happens and is happening is that we retreat into our own separate realities (assisted by media meant for binge watching), a dangerous state for a group of people that need to make collective decisions. Alcohol, drugs and media have helped us to dissolve the common, shared, reality. From a media perspective, the last common realities are politics and sports which we watch together, live.

While we can quantify some of this, the dissolution of reality can’t even be discussed because it takes a common reality to even address it. If this sounds like highfalutin nonsense, think again. Today it is difficult to have a conversation lest a solution with someone who tosses out your reality. Our ideas, talk and delusions may not be real, but the earth is.

Saints, martyrs and scapegoats

Also in the realm of Neptune/Pisces are saints, martyrs and scapegoats. The Age of Pisces brought us the Christian era and that story involves all of the Pisces manifestations:  Pisces rules the feet and is represented by the two fish swimming in opposite directions – both images of the Christian era.

At this very end of Pisces, the double Pisces (sun/moon) children’s television show creator Mr. Rogers was honored with a documentary and feature film. This is the compassionate, saintly side of Pisces.

Martyrdom may be in the eye of the beholder, but I believe we will see some late-Pisces martyrdom on the world stage. As Pisces moves to Aries, these same folks will be the next cycle’s heroes.

Scapegoating is the very common psychological mechanism where we project our negative, dark qualities onto other human beings. Or we blame people we don’t like rather than blaming the people we do like for specific indiscretions.

Victimization, another area ruled by Pisces, is real. There are victims, folks who are at the wrong place at the wrong time, are caught up in the wars of the powerful or are children who cannot extricate themselves from situations. You walk down the street and a rock hits you in the head – not your fault.

Collectively, however, what we see “out there” is what we have created through our decisions: whether to participate or whether to allow others to decide. Who decided to put up all these cameras?

Collectively we have allowed (and continue to allow) ourselves to be lured by Neptune’s addictive pleasures. We believe the problem will be the solution, just better versions of the problem. Balancing life’s routines with life’s joys and spiritual insights is the topic of all religious writings and manuals. The ancient religions may have addressed it in the terms available in those times so may lack the terms we need in the digital world. Today medicine is prescribed to counter the negative side effects of other medications and it’s all sold on the television.

The beginning of Aries

Self Assertion

Aries as the first sign of the zodiac is about self, standing up for the self, assertion of the self and self awareness. For those that have experienced end-of-Pisces victimization may suddenly feel inspired to take independent, positive action away from the situation.

At its worst, Aries is self-centered and aggressive, bossing others in an effort to convince them that what Aries likes they also like. It’s a boundary issue, really, with the fire-sign Aries getting overly excited about its newest venture(s) and wanting others to be excited as well.

After the dissolution of reality in Pisces, we will see the re-creation of reality by those who take positive, outward action. Neptune in Aries will not glorify victimization and martyrdom. It will glamorize those that step forward, those that lead, and those that appear strong and virtuous.

Sports and Politics

As noted above, sports and politics are the last, two shared realities. In American culture, they share very similar qualities: there are two teams and we are on one side opposing the other side. We want the other side to lose as there are only two sides. We can’t win if they don’t lose.

American sports-minded culture does not question the two-party system but I (and others) would argue that it’s what is destroying the culture. “There are two sides to every argument” is a cliché. There can be many side and many nuances which take time to digest and are not understood through social media memes and one-liners.

How does one pick their favorite sports team?

Often it’s associated with location, where one was born which is random. Or maybe I live on the border of two teams’ territory and choose one over the other. A few rebellious, Uranus/Aquarius types, pick the team they like best for a variety of reasons located in some other part of the nation. Sports has an arbitrary nature while politics technically does not. However, the political strategists do all they can to make sure there are a few issues that clearly separate the population into two sides. It’s a calculated dualism that serves only a few.

Aries is competitive so I expect both sports and politics to get more, rather than less, contentious during the Neptune in Aries transit. The companion dualism of sports-politics has been present since the Byzantium era, at least. In Byzantium, it was blues and greens. While Neptune transits Aries, sports and politics may intertwine more.


Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of War. How does spiritual Neptune handle such energies?

Historically we have had spiritual warrior groups both of the violent and non-violent kind. The last time Neptune transited Pisces in the mid-1800s several Western countries fought with and occupied China when it tried to restrict the opium trade, the only product the Chinese wanted from the West. As some political karma, this current transit of Neptune in Pisces sees China supplying the opioids that are destroying cities in the United States.

If the political karma continues, we’ll see in the West what we saw in China during the Opium Wars – backlash by groups with political/spiritual foundations like the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions. We are already seeing that today in the United States as militant groups, mostly male and white, some with group names including the word “boys” stormed our capitol on January 6, 2021.

As with the Boxers in China, there’s a feeling of powerlessness that leads to the psychological/spiritual nature of the group being infused with fighting or warring imagery. The Boxers may have wanted human rights that didn’t exist for them during that time and place. The American “Boxers” are seeking an idealized state that has never existed but is part of our cultural myth.

The Crusades are a perfect example of this Neptune-in-Aries energy. The first crusade in 1095-6 occurred with Uranus and Pluto in Aries, not Neptune. While there are technically eight or nine historical crusades, my own opinion is that the crusades have never ended. The Middle East is the focal point of this type of energy but may span to other regions during this transit as we have the benefit of social media.

Imagine the social media postings that would have occurred in 1095!

Peaceful and spiritual “warriorship” also exists such as with Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior or Carlos Castaneda’s “warrior” who is at war with the idea of self (24/7, seven days a week!). As with the positive side of Neptune in Pisces, we may not see this type of warriorship as it doesn’t storm capitols and make news. This kind of warriorship is internal.

Kungfu is the term used generically in the west for the martial arts and is associated with the fighting, external side. Traditional Chinese philosophy and culture stresses balance so there is also a “internal” kungfu, if you will. Internal is for self-development; external for defense.

Warriorship can be internal or external. We’ll probably see the external on the news and talk with our close friends about the internal aspects.

Neptune Glamor

Planets are energies and the signs are the qualities and the houses the location. Kind of like who (planet), what (sign), where (house).

Neptune glamorizes, Aries asserts. In your horoscope, you can see where this will be triggered and where you be inspired to assert the self. When the American Warriors stormed the capitol, they were harbingers of Neptune in Aries, feeling inspired by a charismatic leader that it was necessary to save the country.

Although Neptune is still in Pisces, global patterns don’t shift in a day so we’ll see some more Neptune in Aries; there’s a ramp and the shift means that this is the result of what you’ve decided until this point. The housing market collapse in 2007, for example, occurred due to years of irresponsible behaviors.

This is Neptune.

Are you in this picture of Beatles fans in hysteria, laughing, crying, and yearning? You may not be old enough to be in this photo but you may have felt this way about something in the past, in your youth.

Now add Aries.

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Florida Does Not Wake Up, Does Not Smell the Coffee

In his victory speech upon being re-elected governor of Florida Ron DeSantis proclaimed “Florida is where woke goes to die.

Interesting term “woke.” For a long time I was behind on right-wing double-speak propaganda and had to catch up on how the refreshing “woke” became something we wanted to avoid. To “awaken” is to see the world from fresh, rested eyes, free of illusion. If we do not wake, then we stay asleep in our mental images, nightmares and Freudian wish fulfillments.

DeSantis broke a fundraising effort ($177.4 million in September) in an effort to “not” be something, not be woken. Usually effort is made to become something not to “not” become something.

While it’s the American political template that candidates running for office must promise to change everything from the entire political system to the direction of the sunrise, it’s odd that DeSantis ran on a message of resistance to change. Who is the man who gets elected by offering to keep his people in the dream state?

Ron DeSantis

With sun, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo, DeSantis is quite the insecure perfectionist. Moon in Aquarius is perfectionist as well but in a different way. Virgo fears criticism while Aquarius has a blueprint for the ideal way to organize the world. Perfectionism is not borne of one motivation only.

Saturn conjunct Mercury in his chart, DeSantis has always been a serious learner, one who wants to know lots of facts and figures to impress. But Saturn in Virgo suggests insecurity about learning, about not being as smart as others. Possibly DeSantis did not start talking until he was older or had a learning disability of some sort.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is quick-witted and mentally agile. Yet with Saturn hanging around, sometimes the responses are held in check, slow and fumbling. Inside the mind is spinning but doesn’t know if it’s okay to speak.

Moon in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is also quick in response, highly intelligent and innovative. The markers for extreme intelligence are present in DeSantis but accompanied by a restriction or hesitation with that intelligence. School teachers must have been confounded as to whether DeSantis was the brightest kid in the classroom or the one who needed the special education class.

Stuttering may have been present when young due to the intensity and speed of thought with Saturn asking that it all slow down when it comes out. The nervous system would be quite taxed and at some point I suspect DeSantis will need to rest lest he burn himself out.

The United States like DeSantis has moon in Aquarius. The reactions of the populace are air in quality – not compassionate but idealistic with a desire to imprint the ideal upon others. Like the United States, DeSantis might be friendly and talkative, but he’s not warm emotionally, preferring the mental plane (talking about ideas, work and health) to shaking hands (Virgo is a germ freak) and kissing babies (kissing can be icky if not done right). Lucky for him that politicians kissing babies went out of practice somewhere around the Nixon administration.

Disney World

Which brings me to Disney World, the “happiest place on earth” located in Orlando, Florida. To me, there’s a schism of the American mind with the idealism of our founding principles conflicting with the harsh (“woke”) reality of the damage we do in the world through our foreign policy and consumer waste. Media and entertainment is geared to promote that schism with violent action movies on one side of the spectrum and Disney production purity on the other side.  

Founded on October 1, 1971, Disney World like DeSantis and the United States has moon in Aquarius. The Disney World environment is perfectly controlled, no trash on the ground, all activities seamlessly performing on plan while appearing spontaneous. A worker at Animal Kingdom shared some of the tricks used to lure the lions and giraffes into movie poses as the ride passed by.

Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in Sagittarius providing the delightful otherworldly quality, a world of color and delight and charming characters. With four planets in Libra (Mercury, sun, Uranus and Venus), it’s a pleasant, non-confrontational, non-challenging environment. It’s designed to be perfectly inoffensive and pure.

Disney World is the “unwoke” we deliberately create for children in order to teach them the more joyful aspects of being human. [Spoiler alert] Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are also “unwoke” myths we sustain to bring magic to routine existence.

Eventually we grow out of these beliefs, usually about the time we get interested in the boys and girls out there who interest us romantically. Like Snow White being kissed by the prince, we wake through our reflection in the eyes of those who love and interact with us.

Upcoming changes

In spring 2023, we’ll start to see the shift of global energy patterns when Pluto makes its first foray into Aquarius. Pluto will move back and forth in the sky for a while between Aquarius and Capricorn as it’s quite far from us in distance.

Pluto in the early degrees of Aquarius will form a T-square with DeSantis’ Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. If DeSantis is hiding a lover somewhere, he/she/it/they/them will be revealed. Also with the Leo involved, there could be some heart and circulation issues, probably due to the above-mentioned nervous disposition native to DeSantis’ personality.

Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn squares DeSantis’ natal Mars in Libra so he will still be fighting with everyone, trying to make peace while trying to be in control. Capricorn and Libra are cardinal signs and want to be boss. But the boss is actually the external force (transiting Pluto) while the natal Mars in Libra makes DeSantis indecisive – should I play nice or argue? Or both? Or neither? Let me go for a run and decide later.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces has been opposing DeSantis’ sun in Virgo. Virgo is analysis; Pisces synthesis. Virgo is discrimination (as in defining the differences in things); Pisces is impartiality. You go to Virgo (which rules health) when you want a diagnosis of your physical problems. You go to Pisces went you want comfort for your emotional or spiritual health.

Neptune opposing DeSantis’ sun is the irrational other he sees out there who thinks money grows on trees (actually it does) and that Disney World is the real world (actually it is a thriving business). That sense that everyone out there is bonkers will pass for DeSantis in a few years. Maybe when DeSantis’ takes that much needed rest he’ll appreciate the Pisces warmth and compassion of the people in the hospital.

So many clichés, so little time

For the time being, DeSantis and Florida will not “wake and smell the coffee.” I suppose they can just “sink or swim” during the shifting global climate patterns. It is best, I suppose, to “let a sleeping dog lie.”

When DeSantis and Florida wake, hopefully it will be from the kiss of a gentle prince/princess/royal person/royal persons and not the experience of Rip Van Winkle who found the world completely changed.

“Change is the only constant,” I sometimes hear said. Or “the more things change the more they stay the same,” a bit counter to the idea of change, but an accurate description of American political campaign speeches.

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Wagner Family Astrology: The Family Cult

In late 2021 when the southern Ohio Wagner family matriarch Angela Wagner pleaded guilty to her role in the 2016 slayings of eight Rhoden family members, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost issued the following statement:

Our society reveres mothers for taking care of their children and teaching them to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. But by actively plotting the murder of an entire family and encouraging her own kids to carry out the violence, Angela Wagner abjectly failed in her responsibilities. I send my thanks to the dedicated special agents, forensic scientists, and intelligence analysts at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation — at least 33 past and present by my office’s count — who have worked this case without ceasing since the start. Their work will continue until each of the perpetrators of these crimes are held accountable.

Prior to Angela Wagner pleading guilty, her youngest of two sons – Edward “Jake” – had already pleaded guilty to five of the eight slayings as well as a number of other charges. Yost’s comments in that instance focused solely on the investigation.

I am incredibly proud of our team at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation whose dedication, perseverance and expertise lead to today’s plea.

The scope of this crime and subsequent investigation surpasses any other in Ohio’s history. The dedicated men and women of BCI rose to the challenge in the pursuit of justice for the victims — and never gave up.

BCI’s work spans countless long nights, weeks and years and will continue until all responsible for these crimes are held accountable.

Motherhood, it seems, has a different standard than fatherhood.  Is it not a bad example of fatherhood to murder your children’s mother and close relatives while sending yourself and grandmother (and possibly grandfather and uncle) to prison?

Yet listening to the witnesses in the trial of the oldest son George IV, why Yost focused parenting comments toward Angela Wagner is a bit clearer. She seems to have set the tone for the family, in the words of others “controlling,” home-schooling her boys and bringing girls to “the farm” when they were young in an apparent effort to loosely arrange marriages in a 19th century clan-type fashion. Neither of her sons when grown wanted to move away from her and farm when asked to by their girlfriends and wives.

Father Wagner’s role (George III) in setting the cult-like tone of the family was less clear until Jake took the stand to explain that dad taught the boys thieving, stealing and scamming. Mom home-schooled the boys and finished subjects they did not care to do while dad-as-Fagin, the exploiter of homeless children in Oliver Twist, inured his boys to a life of small-time criminal activity. Let’s see if Yost has anything to say about fatherhood when the patriarch stands trial.

It’s interesting that Jake did not finish his studies in psychology thinking he wouldn’t need it in life (according to his testimony). Psychology, it seems, was the most important subject he could have taken. And English literature with some Dickens thrown in. A shout out to the liberal arts which help us understand life, reflect on it. Astrology, of course, does that too.


Saturn is one of astrology’s traditional “malefics,” a planet bringing bad luck. A broader view indicates Saturn brings contraction, caution, rules, limits and authority. While some astrologers fear Saturn, I try to remind any astrologer who wants to get married and be monogamous that Saturn is involved. Saturn is the discipline and limits that makes marriage, well, marriage. We can argue whether marriage is a natural state for humans in another blog. Saturn’s discipline is needed for any life venture you want to last for an extended period of time.

For Jake and George junior, Saturn was definitely malefic. Both men have Saturn in Aquarius – George at zero degrees, Jake at 12. Saturn is currently transiting Aquarius in its 29-year cycle. Both George and Jake have had Saturn returns, a time considered the first round of life maturity, when we start to “settle down” and get married and leave unfinished, childish goals behind. In the words of astrologer Steven Forrest, Saturn returns are “confrontations with reality.”

The confrontation with maturity for both men has hit very hard. Jake confessed during his Saturn return. George pled not guilty and is currently on trial.

Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020 when the world went into “lockdown” due to a virus. Aquarius is the fixed air sign governing group expression, group ideals and group activities. Those were the very things limited by Saturn from 2020 to the present. Saturn will move into Pisces next year.

Not every Saturn in Aquarius cycle is so extreme yet Jake and George experienced their own “lockdown.” The lockdown was already a life sentence having begun when young and they were isolated in life and learning. They will continue the path of social isolation.

George’s Saturn is trine to his Libra sun while Jake’s is square. George, we are learning, was the nicest and most approachable member of a difficult family, although still prone to a little violence as we learned from the ex-wife. If the testimony is correct in his trial, he accompanied his brother and father on the fated night but was not able to shoot. His weakness was his strength; Jake’s strength was his weakness as he was able to do most of the homicides.

The Wagner parents both have Saturn in Taurus which is square to Aquarius (both are fixed signs). Taurus is the most literal and possessive of the signs as it rules stuff, property, but ultimately is about values. Those with Saturn in Taurus seem to feel a physical lack regardless of the true material quality of the upbringing. Saturn in Taurus feels there wasn’t enough physical love, touch, food, or money. In response, there can be excessive possessiveness as we see in this situation.


The negative image of home-schooling and its lack of “socialization” are evident here. (As an aside, having done a library science practicum studying home schooling and library use, there is a positive side where socialization and the broadening of perspective is a major part of home schooling.)

George has moon in Virgo and Jake moon in Gemini, both ruled by Mercury. There was a great potential for intellectual pursuits, an emotional need for stimulation and social interaction. George with four planets in air and Jupiter and moon in Virgo is someone who thinks a lot, especially about what others think. Virgo is also anxious and gets in the way of itself. When you are in the ice cream shop sampling flavors and the person in front of you can’t decide, it’s probably a Virgo sun or moon. Combined with sun in Libra, George is indecisive at best.

Jake has Mercury in Sagittarius opposite the moon in Gemini. Gemini, an air sign represented by the twins, is known for its ability to compartmentalize, a psychological state needed to commit these heinous crimes. Moon in Gemini can see to be two people, two emotional reactions, some Jekyll and Hyde. Jake certainly did that but ultimately connected with his Pluto/sun conjunction and purged his emotions by confessing to all of his crimes.

Angela Wagner also has placements that suggest a quick mind (Uranus conjunct Mercury in Libra, Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo) and desire for learning. Her childhood wasn’t examined during the trial so possibly she was cut off socially as well and merely handed down the tradition.

With Mercury, Venus and Saturn conjunct in Taurus, George the Father was more of a literal thinker. Taurus isn’t a fast-moving sign. It’s fair to say with a grand air trine, that he enjoyed the social life around him, although he may have been sleeping in the corner or munching on chips. Taurus is much slower than the air signs so his Venus/Mercury/Saturn in Taurus may not have expressed his Gemini sun/Libra moon pleasure until several days after the event.

Breaking from the cult

With four charts and all of the aspects in and across each, there is much more that can be said about the family relationships in general and possibly about how fear and possessiveness led to murder.

Saturn seems most involved in cutting off the intellectual, social and spiritual lifelines to the outside world which allowed the Wagners’ to stew in their own feelings creating distorted perceptions that led to unrealistic solutions. The intellectual potential for the sons was focused on farm life and also criminal life. Mercury’s negative side is con artistry.

Culture is a “cult.” Culture as opposed to cult ideally provides a guide for living with rituals that allow its members to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we travel, this is what we seek to experience – the differentness of others’ ways of life. Experiencing different cultures allows us to reflect upon our own culture and our own selves while enjoying the stimulation that a new environment provides.

The first rule of a cult is to control the environment so that otherness does not threaten the cult’s purpose. When Jake testified that he felt “he had no choice” but to murder his daughter’s family that was the cult talking. In a bizarre twist of psychology – the stuff of novels – Jake has actually acquired psychological freedom for the first time in his life by being separated from his family, a strategy employed by the law for this very outcome so that as an independent entity he might confess.

Freedom from the cult, unfortunately, came at a tremendous cost to Jake and others.

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Dear Ohio Astrology

Dear Ohio Astrology,

All our lives we’ve been told to plan for the future and play by the rules. And now the rules seemed to have changed! Plans are up in smoke, my country is going crazy and I don’t even know if the person sitting next to me is male or female. What the heck is going on?

Sun/Moon in Taurus Society

Dear Sun/Moon in Taurus Society,

You are experiencing a seven-year Uranus transit which upsets the apple cart, so to speak. Uranus in Taurus creates shock waves through all of your finest habits and plans but for the purpose of awareness and enlightenment. Our ancestors provided us wisdom for life but do we really want to wash our clothes on a washboard? Do you want to talk to your friends only at night when a phone rings?

The Taurus suns in your group should be able to shift to new habits and plans. The Taurus moons might have more trouble because moon is where we do things for emotional comfort. For them, it’s probably best to calm them by saying things will return to “normal” as you guide them into understanding that there is no such thing as “normal.”

Uranus is a seven-year transit so when it moves into Gemini in July 2025 your society members should be able to create new habits and plans that last for a while. The world will still be in constant change, as it always is, but the people around will be air and fire energy busy and not paying attention.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

My Gemini cat won’t go to sleep. It started about a month ago. Will he ever go to sleep?

Gemini Cat Owner

Dear Gemini Cat Owner,

Mars entered Gemini about a month ago providing energy to Gemini sun as well as the other air signs (Libra and Aquarius). Unfortunately for you, Mars usually is in a sign for two months but will be in Gemini for seven because it goes retrograde (looks like it goes backwards). When Mars goes retrograde in October your mentally agile, flexible and fun Gemini cat may take a nap. When Mars moves into Cancer in April 2023 the cat may return to regular sleeping habits but will probably be very hungry. If you want an external barometer of Mars in Gemini, the 45th president has sun in Gemini. When he stops talking and sleeps, your cat may as well.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

The other day my boyfriend told me he was studying for an exam but I found him at a pub with another woman. I called my friend to talk to her about it and she said she was at Queen Elizabeth’s wake but then I saw her post her lamb and mint sauce dinner on Facebook. Why is everyone lying?

Jupiter in Pisces

Dear Jupiter in Pisces,

Jupiter in Pisces is a very loving, generous and compassionate placement. You need to remember that not everyone has that in his or her horoscopes. Neptune is in Pisces which gives you even more sensitivity and compassion but also is giving the world excessive media, drink, and drugs to escape the harshness of 3D reality.

The answer to your question is in the question – it’s more difficult to have privacy today than it was in the past. You sound too young to remember the day when you could pretend you weren’t home by not answering your phone. Today that excuse no longer works so you have to pretend that you were abducted by aliens and they took your phone. But you also have to be careful that you don’t leave digital clues during the time of your said abduction. So don’t be a sensitive Jupiter-in-Pisces. Your friends can lie to you or they can say “I have two girlfriends” or “I don’t feel like talking to you right now.” Which would you prefer?

Hey Ohio Astrology,

I don’t believe in this astrology crap. I’m an individual and the government is trying to take away my rights. What do you weirdos have to say about that?

Free Thinking Individual

Dear Free-Thinking Individual,

My first thought is that you have a rebellious Aquarius sun or you wouldn’t write at all. My second thought is that you have been reading Aquarius Ayn Rand.

Ohio Astrology, of course, has a lot to say about this. First, where did you get your ideas of individuality and rights but from the school system? Had you been born elsewhere you might have been taught and believed something else, been presented with a different idea of the afterlife and maybe even be using different eating instruments.

It’s ironic that all species have common characteristics but yet some are taught that humans are individuals with no connections to others of their species. Pluto transiting Capricorn from 2007 to 2023/4 is challenging our notions of authority and sovereignty and how we give our power to authority.

In early 2020, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were also in that sign and the governments of the world acted in sync – a freedom loving Aquarius ought to be scared by that. Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020 when peoples of the world were told to physically isolate. When Saturn enters Pisces at the beginning of next year we will see the emotional results of that.

Astrology describes the characteristics of the human species. We all have the same horoscope but in different combinations. Like all species we fight. And like all species we can still exist on the same planet.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

The last two years have been really boring. Are we ever going to have fun again without constant worry about disease and death?

Fire and Air Club

Dear Fire and Air Club,

The constant worry about disease and death comes from generations of people who have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo which is obsessive/compulsive by nature.

The transiting planet energies are about to shift beginning in 2023. Pluto will move into air-sign Aquarius. A couple years later Uranus will move into air-sign Gemini and Neptune will move into fire-sign Aries.

The intense earth and water energies of today will “lighten up” into air and fire. It should be more fun for those the extroverts amongst us if we avoid becoming cyborgs in the process (Pluto in Aquarius).

Jupiter is currently transiting Aries so hopefully 2022 has been more fun than the past couple years. The universe is giving us a little break where we can start new things, as Aries likes to do. Aries likes starting things but not finishing them so find an earth sign for your club to create some continuity during the transition of energies.

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Mars in Gemini . . . and Gemini

When learning astrology many, many years ago, the universe gave me the gift of a Gemini sun roommate who took me grocery shopping with her. Needing coconut for her recipe, I accompanied her to the baking aisle where she found coconut – both chopped and shredded.

Which one would work best – chopped or shredded?

As she stood pondering, thinking, I realized it would be a while and I continued my own shopping. I wonder if today’s smart phone would have slowed down more or speeded up the thinking process. Gemini is the sign of the twins so providing two options created a back and forth internal conversation.

Gemini was the first sign I started to examine outside of my own – that’s when I can say I “became” an astrologer. It’s common in both spiritual and psychological exploration to start with self and branch out. If we don’t branch out, then we are not able to allow the same understanding and compassion to others we allow ourselves making both counter to their purpose.

During this same period, I had a Gemini sun classmate who used two notebooks – one for notes during class and one for re-noting and interpretation later. Amazing, that’s what astrologer Linda Goodman said about Gemini in Sun Signs – that they have two of everything.

And lastly, there was a Gemini friend who said when looking in the mirror in the morning she never knew who she would find there. Linda Goodman didn’t address this one; it took more maturity in astrology and life to understand this.

One doesn’t need a Gemini sun to experience these things. As a reminder, our horoscopes contain all of the signs – we are all the same! Gemini is the place where we might experience these things, where Gemini falls in the horoscope.

Signs with Duality

There are three signs that have an inherent duality to them – Gemini, Libra and Pisces. Gemini is the twins, who can be different or the same genders. It’s easy, then for Gemini to feel like two people and to be looking for “the other half” or believe the gender they were born into isn’t the gender with which they identify. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which provides its legendary intelligence and mental agility. So for Gemini to “be” one person is difficult and so to the more focused signs of the zodiac (like earth signs or fixed signs) can appear inconsistent.

Libra (the scales) is ruled by Venus and seeks pleasure. Venus gives charm for Libra’s goal of partnership and romantic connection. Libra may not feel like two selves as it more than Gemini is seeking partnership to form identity. Libra can get lost in relationship and not know its true self. As the scales, Libra is also very interested in fairness and justice and may find a home in law.

Lastly is Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions. Traditionally Pisces was the sign of undoing because of these two directions – the fish are swimming in circles which can create a whirling eddy which we sink into. Pisces is the most emotional and empathetic of the zodiac signs which is both a blessing and curse. We all want to be empathetic but truly feeling what others feel can be overwhelming when you consider the volume and range of human emotion. In fact, social media provides this overload and increasingly folks are understanding then need to limit usage. At best Pisces is the mystic; at worst, the scapegoat. During the Age of Pisces we had religious leaders who were both.

Mars in the signs

Mars the planet is commonly associated with maleness – Men are from Mars, Women from Venus. As an aside, had the author met my Aries sun/Leo moon mother, it would have torn apart his entire premise. But there are some seeds of wisdom in it.

The important thing about Mars is that it’s focused in one direction. Not two, not three but one direction. Mars needs a goal, an aim. Consequently, Mars is associated with war and sports where there is a clear winner and clear loser.

So Mars loves to be in Aries, the sign in rules, because Aries does just that – goes on a mission. It can be a soldier in war or a woman with a coupon – same thing. When Mars is placed in signs that want to go in more than one direction, it can cause confusion.

In Gemini, Mars provides contradictory behavior; in Libra, fickleness in relationship; in Pisces, emotional confusion through multiple feelings from one input.

Transiting Mars entered Gemini on August 20, 2022 and will be in Gemini until January 12, 2023. While Mars has a two-year cycle around the sun and usually is in a sign for only two months, it will be in Gemini for seven months because it will go “retrograde” which is the apparent backward motion of a planet due to our distance from it. Often a planet in retrograde will pop into the previous sign, but not in this case.

Mars in Gemini will go back and forth in Gemini like a brush on a washboard. The many aspects of Gemini will be evident which, ultimately, are lessons about how our own minds function.

Gemini and the mind

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. In traditional astrology, this means that Mercury rules the mental processes. Do we think fast like Gemini or slow like Taurus? Do we see all the possibilities of a situation as Gemini does or just one like Aries and Capricorn? Are we focused on left or right brain like Aquarius or Cancer, or are we both like Gemini?

The personality itself is in “the mind.” We are not our personalities which nulls and voids astrology. Astrology represents the range of human thought and how we share the same elements in different proportions. Trying to change others’ thoughts is truly pointless, as we are learning in these turbulent times.

What are we changing but an image of ourselves? No matter what our beliefs, we all get up and eat breakfast.

The inconsistencies we see in Mercury and Gemini are the inconsistencies of the mind. Gemini Ralph Waldo Emerson called consistency the “hobgoblin of little minds.” Geminis remind us that our “consistency” is often just a story we tell ourselves. Let’s explore some of what Gemini reveals in this way.

Gossip and the narrative

Gemini represents the journalist getting the “facts” in situations whereas Gemini’s opposite Sagittarius is looking for the “meaning” behind facts and events.

As such, Gemini is traditionally viewed as the “lower” mind with a love of gossip. Shallow, right?

The gossip we malign is the gossip that has nothing to do with us, where we enjoy others’ suffering for mere entertainment value (i.e., Dateline – I plead guilty). Yet gossip is actually informal communication. Formal and official communication is what we today call the “narrative.”

Politics gives us the best view into the disparities between what people say they are and what they truly do (called hypocrisy). My ultimate favorite of this is from the early 2000’s, a lifetime ago it seems now. Moral crusader (and Leo sun) William Bennett, author of The Moral Compass, was discovered to be a high-stakes gambler.

Gemini – journalism – reveals the hypocrisy. Is this shallow?

Gemini is simply pulling off the mask of its own and others’ experiences. Our masks – our personalities – are precious to us, especially for politicians who are selling the mask.

We laugh at Bennett while others laugh at us, behind our backs of course. They gossip about our own inconsistencies as we laugh at the news.

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us

To see oursels as others see us!

It wad frae monie a blunder free us

An’ foolish notion:

What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,

And ev’n Devotion!

Robert Burns, To a Louse (last stanza)

Con artistry

Gemini was traditionally considered the con artist of the zodiac due to its mental agility and mutable (changeable) nature. Con artists are bad, right?

Check out social media – friends and foes alike – and you’ll find lots of con artistry. Con artistry is about appearances, looking the part. For a magician, it’s about capturing attention in a certain way while moving the body and hands in another way – I think. I don’t know how the magician at the Ohio State Fair performed his tricks but at this age don’t care – I’d rather enjoy the illusion and the fun. A younger self would have wanted to know “how?”

Gemini understands in its dual nature how easy it can be to fool another. While we all like think ourselves above being taken by a swindle, we all have things we want to believe. All it takes for a person with agile mind is to see what that is.

Love swindles are common because that is a common desire – wanting to be loved. In my own exploration of cults I’m quite surprised by how much people will do for another who simply says, “I love you.” Wanting to be loved isn’t a weakness, but to respond to the image of being loved is all too common.

“There are two sides to every lie,” is the tag line of the documentary The Imposter. Lies from others are only effective when we lie to ourselves, when we believe the person asking us to murder loves us.

Connection and disconnection

In the religious and spiritual communities, there’s one huge Gemini duality I see often – the desire to be “above it all” while at the same time “connected to it all.”

The world tosses us both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. For most, there’s a desire to have only pleasant experiences. A small portion, I believe, prefers only unpleasant experiences due to a sense of unworthiness or retribution.

Gemini and the third house of the horoscope that it rules is described by Barbara Hand Clow as “integrating in 3D.” Integration of the Gemini twins – in whatever way we experience this. While at a meditation retreat a couple several years ago now I saw one of my own dualities – the retreat versus “real life.” It was the first time I experienced a retreat where I didn’t feel great disappointment about going back to “real life.”

If we are merely biding time for a better post-3D existence (or a retreat or DisneyWorld), how does that affect our relationships? If we are seeking connection but don’t really want to be here, why would others want to connect with us?

Using spirituality to avoid the unpleasant aspects of life I’ve heard recently referenced as “spiritual bypassing.”  It’s a common first experience in spirituality which is often why the injured or elderly turn toward spirituality.

One thing or two things?

In The Fire From Within by Carlos Castaneda, his mentor describes ancient Toltec discoveries. Amongst five sets of categories (earth/dark regions; fire/water; above/below; loud/silent; moving/stationary), two were discovered to have dual qualities. Fire is both heat and flame; water is both wetness and fluidity. The flame and fluidity are ways to move consciousness. Fire and water are both live-giving and spirit-enhancing.

No wonder both are sacred in indigenous cultures.

Even “one” thing is two things, or more things. Gemini knows this, sees this. So for the person of great fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) or great earth energy (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), the Gemini is difficult to pin down.

Shredded or chopped? Pick one. Let’s go!

But if one object is many things, then what is reality? Gemini in understanding this may manipulate or get lost in it. It can be difficult for the Gemini to come out of what we now call the “multiverse” into the universe (one verse).

Be Like Boy George

In summary, Mars in Gemini will bring us focus on the unfocused world of the mind and Gemini. So we ought to channel our energies into a very lovely Gemini experience – what is called “fun.”

For me, the highest quality of Gemini is having fun with 3D existence. It’s quite common to see our Gemini friends dressed in unusual but fun and stimulating attire. Since 3D is image, why not have fun with it?

A clerical collar is as much an image as a punk Mohawk haircut. Serious, angry, frivolous – all images.

When one chooses the clerical collar, it is for “forever.” Saves on laundry, I suppose. But do our thoughts and feelings stay the same “forever?”

Gemini Boy George is one of the harbingers of the Age of Aquarius and “gender bending” as it was called back then (in today’s more technical parlance “non binary”). His name contains “boy” which suggests immaturity but also fun (Mercury is the eternal youth). But he’s also interested in wearing clothes traditionally assigned to either gender.

What is he? Who is he?

Forty years later, we understand Boy George. He was born “one” gender but is truly a multi-faceted awareness. Gender, bah! Gemini is fast; we caught up.

As he writes on the CD notes for at Worst . . . the best of Boy George and Culture Club (best and worst!):

“People ask if I look back in shame at my Culture Club costumes. ‘Nish dear, they weren’t costumes, I’m absolutely proud.'”

Let’s wear our costumes with pride and fun during Mars in Gemini.

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Social Media Meditation

“The thought of your mother is not your mother,” my meditation teacher often says (quoting her own meditation teacher). In meditation one examines one’s thoughts. And thoughts may involve people in one’s life, past experiences, past conversations. So maybe our mother once said something to us that made us upset. By thinking about it, we upset ourselves again (and again and again).

Not responding to one’s own thoughts is the work of a lifetime. Imagine then if we had ten thousand mothers, or one million mothers.

How would we manage those thoughts? Would we ever be able to relax into the moment?

Enter social media with the one million thoughts of others.

There’s a belief that “social” media is social – social is actually the antithesis of social media. Yes, humans are social and want to know what others are doing. Wanting to know what others are doing is not the same as wanting to know what others are thinking. And looking at a screen is not social, it’s mental.

As humans we may want to know that there’s a threat in the environment. But do we need to know each and every thought of the intruder? Do we need to know that the intruder is having thoughts about his mother?

Social media keeps us in our thoughts and reacting to our thoughts in the endless cycle of the mind.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and has been transiting that sign since 2011 and will until 2025/2026. Neptune and Pisces are the least grounded of the planets/signs and represent the dissolving of self. If done under spiritual guidance, it can lead to freedom from self. If done through media, drugs and alcohol it can lead to delusion and escapism. Or one may simply morph into another through relationship which is a more socially-acceptable loss of self.

Most have had the experience of hearing a song and being so moved that we are transformed. We share that song with others who merely shrug their shoulders; it’s a personal experience of transcendence that can’t be planned or shared. That’s Neptune.

Music is Neptune and Pisces. Music is a magical merging.

Social media rose with the transits of Uranus and Neptune through Capricorn (business) and Aquarius (technology) and then Pisces (merging of self to the spirit). Now Neptune is in Pisces giving license to excessive media, promoting it, and creating more and more of it. Combined with the rise of drug, pharmaceutical and alcohol culture, we are not merging with each other but becoming more emotionally disconnected from each other.

Social Media Breaks

As Neptune is in the last few degrees of Pisces there’s rising awareness of the negative effects of following so many thoughts. Next winter Saturn will enter Pisces so we may see more “social media dieting.”

In the BBC article Tom Holland: Spider-Man actor steps back from ‘overwhelming’ social media Holland and other actors explain how excessive social media is affecting their mental health.

In a video posted online, Holland said: “I find Instagram and Twitter to be overstimulating, to be overwhelming.

“I get caught up and I spiral when I read things about me online and ultimately it’s very detrimental to my mental state.

“So I decided to take a step back and delete the app.”

US Magazine has a story listing several celebrities that have taken breaks from social media.

Nick Jonas

In January 2022, the musician revealed that after he “unintentionally” took a break from social media, the time allowed him to “just be present” and it “felt great.”


The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star shared that she’d be taking a hiatus from Twitter until at least 2024.

“Well, I’ll see you in a few years, Twitter – per my therapist,” she tweeted in February 2022. “To my fans, thank you for continuing to love and support someone who wishes they could be a better person for you. I apologize if I ever fell short, in anything I did. You’re in my heart always.”

What’s fascinating is that a break from social media is news! Social media, then, has become a social mandate and is not “social” in the sense of fun. We have to explain why we are not using it. And we’ve probably all had the experience of someone being hurt because we didn’t respond to a post.

Social media is far from the innocuous pleasure that it’s purported to be, although some may be experiencing that. But it’s also become another area of life to manage in a business-like way.

Social Media Meditation

Understanding the effects of thoughts is part of meditation. Social media has inadvertently forced us to examine what happens when we are constantly distracted from our own lives. In this way, social media has provided an unintended service by showing in extreme what happens when we live vicariously (i.e., in the mind) rather than through our own experiences.

Every now and again I harbor the belief that we are all turning into cyborgs but that I’m old enough that I don’t have to see it come to fruition. But seeing articles about folks distancing themselves from social media gives me hope that the younger generations born with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn/Aquarius and indoctrinated in the emotionless laws of business and technology will rise above being marketing semi-conductors.

Being famous entails supporting some Neptune – aspiration, glamor, yearning, crazy love. But Neptune like all energies has its place; Neptune reminds us that the spiritual elements of life are as important as the material ones to health and happiness.

We can still see our famous friends at the movies.

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Uranus Body, Mind and Feeling

Wonderful description of simplicity: Making the journey through life with just a single suitcase.

                                                                                – Dell cryptogram August 2022 issue

Decluttering has been a trend in American life for several years now. It’s difficult to determine exactly when this trend began – first there were shows about hoarding and then decluttering became a common goal. Uranus has been in Taurus since May 2018, retrograde for a bit after that then direct in Taurus from March 2019 to the present. Taurus is “stuff” including all tangible items, our homes and cars and body itself.

Last week a friend texted about Mars transiting Taurus and the purging phenomenon. Minutes later someone mentioned getting rid of “stuff.”

Only then did it occur to me that the desire to purge stuff from our lives is the first step of clearing energy, first in physical form. After purging and decluttering the external stuff, we may move to the decluttering of internal stuff.

Uranus is the planet representing enlightenment, clarity, and sudden shifts. Generally the shifts are to bring awareness. Lightening is ruled by Uranus as it illuminates a dark sky.

Enlightenment has a positive connotation; however, planetary energies are neither positive nor negative. Awareness of your employees dipping into the cash account is unpleasant to find out but good to know. Spiritual enlightenment is often viewed as “good” until enlightenment reveals our areas of pain and darkness which we prefer to remain unlit.

Uranus in Taurus

Prior to Taurus, Uranus transited Aries, the first sign of the zodiac from 2011 – 2018. Uranus in this cardinal fire sign signified “me” and is best represented by the rise of selfies. But the deeper meaning of Aries is self-dominion and the assertion of fair treatment for self. In Aries, we are at the beginning of an 81-year cycle as Uranus revolves around the zodiac.

Today we’re in Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac and fixed earth. From 2018 – approx. 2025 we are experiencing enlightenment of body and stuff. Most notable, in case you missed it, are supply chain disruptions and discord over what rights human have over their bodies.

Possibly at some spiritual level, the supply chain disruptions that are new to my country are a result of this desire to declutter. Toilet paper and baby formula are not generally the focus of decluttering but may be responding to our energy message of “less.”

Also during supply chain disruption and now high inflation, this American has noticed that to maintain price parity the portions have decreased. Not a bad thing in a country where almost everyone struggles with weight. We want to lose weight but want big houses and cars which sends conflicting energetic messages.

While there is a trend toward decluttering, supply chain disruptions have resulted in some hoarding behavior as well. The decluttering-hoarding pendulum will probably swing until Uranus in Gemini.

Uranus in Gemini

If at the end of Uranus in Taurus we have decluttered our spaces and bodies, we then may be ready to declutter our minds. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and mutable air – learning, exploration, movement and social contact are mind food for Gemini.

Decluttering the mind is the goal of meditation but we are still in our technology upswing with the addictive aspects being emphasized to keep minds focused in specific areas. When Uranus is in Gemini, we may ask ourselves, “Are these my thoughts?” Sounds ridiculous but give it a try now.

We’re aware of the effects of junk food in the diet, but haven’t considered what junk information does to the mind. Like junk food, it tastes good, and seems harmless to have a bit here and there. Yet like junk food, junk information is addictive and placed at the “front of the store” in our digital experiences.

Language evolved during Uranus in Aries and Taurus to briefer strings of words and more images. While the Internet may bring up thousand of pages of information on one’s search, often the information is similar if not completely redundant.

Take healthcare information. Search any topic and all of the top hits will have the same information in almost the same language. That is called curation. Media companies develop much of the healthcare “news” and then sell it to the media outlets.

Uranus in Gemini may bring us awareness of the information “supply chain” and the perils of important news and information curated by marketing companies and stored only in digital format. Gemini as a sign is known for its mental dexterity and agility when motivated can become the con artist. That’s certainly with us now, but Uranus in Gemini may bring some desire to declutter sources of information.

Also, Gemini rules the lungs and hands. Experimental medicine of the present may have lung effects that will surface during Uranus in Gemini.

Uranus in Cancer

After Gemini, comes Cancer, the cardinal water sign and fourth sign of the zodiac. Aries through Cancer are the personal planets, concerned with daily, local affairs.

Cancer is family conscious which is the desire to be connected and belong. Associated with mothering, Cancer is about finding one’s true family, one’s tribe which may or may not be the one born into. While these Uranus transits are occurring, Pluto will move into Aquarius so the seeking of true community will be underway both in on an intellectual and emotional level.

If we’ve cleared our bodies and minds, next up is the clearing of emotions. Cancer is nothing if not tenacious and does not forget the emotions of the past, is sentimental. Water signs, like actual water, get stagnant if not in motion.

While it’s common to focus on love as the connecting emotion, anyone who has done emotional work like therapy knows that all emotions create connections (as do thoughts as we might learn with Uranus in Gemini). Clearing our emotions means breaking off the connections that do not promote the inner health and sense of self we developed with Uranus in Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Forgiveness, then, isn’t something that makes one moral or superior, but a practical action that serves both parties to untie the cords that bind.

Much of the mind junk food we eat then becomes emotions. We know that strong emotion is what is desired by digital media and the emotions will suffer for being stretched like a rubber band constantly.

Decluttering the emotional pipes will allow us to feel and respond to the immediate environment of real people, animals and plants rather than manufactured digital stories which waste our emotional energy. Ruled by the moon, Cancer goes through lots of emotional changes. Those ruled by Cancer make such good actors because they can enjoy the experience of varied emotions.

Cancer rules the stomach so if we don’t declutter our emotions then stomach (solar plexus) issues may increase. Like food, we need to process and digest emotions so they don’t get stuck in the body and create blockages.

Uranus Body, Mind and Feeling

A Qi Gong teacher I once had described the practice as emptying the body, then the mind. If Uranus in Taurus is bringing a desire to empty our physical space of unnecessary items, then maybe it will continue to the mind and then the emotions.

If nothing else, it will reveal how our thoughts and emotions are developed in the energetic “supply chain.”


Uranus in Taurus: What do you really own?

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Dodge, Ram with Jupiter in Aries

When the Dodge Ram truck tailed me the other day, I had to accept that the symbolic energy matched the behavior. How could I expect a “dodge” “ram” to drive patiently on a 25-mph road two car lengths behind?

Jupiter the planet of expansion is in Aries, as in “Aries the ram.” Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a fire sign ruled by Mars and focused on self-assertion. Driving a Dodge Ram while Jupiter is in Aries pretty much guarantees that any car in the lead will be “too slow.”

Mars is also transiting Aries this month (June) which is like an Olympic coach in the passenger seat of the Dodge Ram saying “Push her off the road!”

Normally the earth moves too slowly for me and a bit of fire energy is enjoyable, but during this transit I’ve already had to give up coffee at work and if I could arrange a year-long silent retreat without loss of income, it would save me the grief of my recent impulsive responses. Or I could just start some aggressive activity like boxing. I could tell Jupiter to stop pushing me but that doesn’t usually help with such a gregarious planet.

Jupiter in Aspect

Jupiter will be transiting Aries for a year and will move into Taurus spring 2023. Jupiter in Aries is definitely a battery recharge for anyone with planets in fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries says “I can do that” for self-confidence is the quality of fire and especially Aries. For fire signs, it is a year of “more, more, more.” Sleep can wait until Jupiter moves into Taurus when they can both sleep and eat all of those skipped meals. Don’t try to get your fire signs to “slow down” or “relax” (whatever that means) right now.

For those with planets in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – Jupiter in Aries can bring both awareness of relationship issues and open conflict. Open conflict is the style of Aries and, I believe, a gift from an enemy. Your hidden enemies (12th house) do much more damage because they can’t always be identified or drawn into the light. Would you rather sometime slowly poison you with arsenic or look you in the eye and hold up their fists? If you chose the latter, you are fighting a fire sign. They may still win, but at least you had a chance to fight.

Planets in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are generally drawn to fire as air and fire are compatible. Fire says “yes” to the idea-generation that comes from air signs who want to do this, and go there and try that new experience. Libra, though, is cardinal as is Aries so they are opposite. Libra likes Aries as much as the other air signs but is more rocked by Aries dominance because Libra is ruled by Venus and looking for relaxing and easy pleasures which sometimes are not adventuresome enough for Aries. Yes, Aries can lie on the couch eating chocolates and relaxing – for a few minutes.

Water and earth are compatible elements and more introverted than fire and air. Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) is sensitive and the fire signs can say and do things that later – like five minutes later – they have forgotten about because those things were generated from the excitement of the moment and not some deep-seated, long-held belief. (Air does this too but often doesn’t remember what it said or did as it’s detached and looks forward not backward). Jupiter in Aries for water can create lots of hurt feelings which water holds for a long time (code for “forever”).

Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) is habit-oriented so fire (and air) tends to disrupt all of the carefully laid and thought-out plans that earth has written down or notated somewhere. For fire, earth is not fun because it wants to make sure the house is clean (and the rent paid) before having a party.  In Chinese astrology, fire creates earth so fire pushing earth creates – more earth – which results in stubbornness and withdrawal from earth. Jupiter in Aries is definitely pushy and you can’t “push” earth. Watch the farmers leading the cows at the fair and you will see what I mean.  Earth must be slowly cultivated and since fire doesn’t move slow, it tends to move on.

Using your Jupiter in Aries energy charge

As Jupiter in Aries provides energy to self, find the area of your natal horoscope where Aries resides. Horoscopes are complex, filled with compatible and conflicting energies. But in general, this area of your horoscope is where you can gain the most from this aspect.

First house – assertion of self

Second house – material gain

Third house – learning and teaching

Fourth house – expression of emotion

Fifth house – creativity and romance

Sixth house – health

Seventh house – partnerships

Eighth house – shared resources

Ninth house – intellectual exploration

Tenth house – career

Eleventh house – shared goals

Twelfth house – subconscious

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