Astrological Lessons from Carly Fiorina’s Week of Fame

Carly Fiorina’s week of fame was well over the prescribed 15 minutes prophesied by the late pop artist Andy Warhol. Who is Fiorina you may be asking? You don’t remember her?

Fiorina was running for Vice President of the United States in the Republican Party. Maybe you didn’t notice as running mates are usually chosen by the candidate who wins the nomination. In the case of Fiorina, she was running with someone who needed over 100 percent of remaining votes to win the nomination. Her run for vice president lasted a week.

On Wednesday, April 27 the desperate candidate Ted Cruz “nominated” Carly Fiorina (who was running for president and dropped out in February) his running mate. His hope, the pundits tell us, was that he could gain some ground in remaining votes to prevent contender Donald Trump from getting the all votes needed to seal the nomination. It didn’t happen.

On Tuesday, May 3, Cruz dropped out of the race.

What does a week of running for Vice President look like?

Three Lessons from Carly Fiorina

We astrologers like to learn from the mistakes of others and impart astrological wisdom to the seekers of knowledge. Let’s see if we can find some tips to help others avoid a vice presidential run that has a shorter life span than an open bottle of wine.

Lesson one: Don’t run for Vice President when Jupiter is retrograde on your sun.

Fiorina has sun in 13 degrees (and 36 minutes or so) of Virgo. Lo and behold, Jupiter was almost exactly on that spot on April 27. Unfortunately, from our vantage point on earth it was traveling backwards (retrograde). Jupiter expands and in this case expanded the backward motion of Virgo perfection. Fiorina’s week as vice presidential nominee was not perfect, I hear, and its ending quickly may have been a blessing in Virgo disguise.

The shoe didn’t fit so she shouldn’t have worn it. Virgo demands perfection.

Lesson two: When the transiting moon is conjunct your natal Mars you might want things very badly, so much so that you lose perspective.

Moon transiting your Mars (or the other way around) is a time when you run a bunch of yellow lights that are very, very close to turning red, if they haven’t already. The sense of urgency is high even if you aren’t late for work or past due on rent. All goals must be accomplished NOW.

Moon and Mars combined is very demanding. In Capricorn where Fiorina’s is placed, it’s demanding of respect, authority and position. Pushing hard for respect, Fiorina might have lost some through this absurd maneuver and revoked her chances of being chosen vice president for an actual nominee later in the process.

Lesson three: It’s okay to cry.

On Tuesday, May 3, the last day of her vice presidential run, the moon was in Pisces, an emotional and empathetic sign. Pisces’ glyph is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Christianity uses the fish image for their savior which is very astrologically appropriate as Pisces is about sacrifice.

Pisces is opposite the discriminating Virgo. For Virgo Fiorina to feel sacrificed (if that’s how she felt with the shrewd and calculating Cruz) would be particularly difficult. Neptune is also transiting Pisces which among other things helps us understand the pain of others. Often we can’t understand others until we through Neptune (or Uranus) find ourselves in their shoes, in situations we never imagined.

Virgo doesn’t really like public displays of emotion, although it can be quite emotionally charged about causes for the weak, helpless or animals. Pisces wants to express and cross boundaries while Virgo wants to analyze and stay detached. Hopefully Fiorina allowed herself some good old fashioned self-pity (also in the realm of Pisces) accompanied by a bucket of Neptunian tears.

She deserves it.

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Pluto in Capricorn Says “Don’t Vote”

In the movie Election which takes place in a high school, the class Over Achiever (Tracy Flick) is running unopposed for class president. Her ambition is so intense, so unalloyed that the Civics teacher prompts the class Athlete (Paul Metzler) to run against her. In a complex interweaving of subplot, the Athlete’s Rebel sister (Tammy Metzler) decides to run as well to avenge an injustice.

In model of a “real” election, the school must listen to the campaign speeches in the school auditorium. The Over Achiever gives a speech worthy of a general election although we can see no one likes her. The Athlete is clearly unpracticed in speeches but get adulation through his past performance on the football field.

Then rises the Rebel, with no planned speech and not even respectful enough of the process to change from her tomboy clothes into something more appropriate. After glaring irreverently at an uninterested but trapped audience, she gives the following speech (quote from IMDB):

Tammy Metzler: [her campaign speech]
Who cares about this stupid election? We all know it doesn’t matter who gets elected president of Carver. Do you really think it’s going to change anything around here? Make one single person smarter or happier or nicer? The only person it does matter to is the one who gets elected. The same pathetic charade happens every year, and everyone makes the same pathetic promises just so they can put it on their transcripts to get into college.

So vote for me, because I don’t even want to go to college, and I don’t care, and as president I won’t do anything. The only promise I will make is that if elected I will immediately dismantle the student government, so that none of us will ever have to sit through one of these stupid assemblies again!

[the student body erupts in huge cheers. They start chanting “Tammy! Tammy!”]

Tammy Metzler: Or don’t vote for me! Who cares? Don’t vote at all!

[they all rise to give her a standing ovation]

While Tammy’ speech evokes the only true and passionate response, the principal (authority figure!) deems her behavior inappropriate and suspends her from school and the election. If you follow the details closely, (spoiler alert) you will learn that Tammy actually wins the election although technically she is ineligible and her name has been crossed off the forms.

No one really wants a student election, or student government. It’s a sham.

Don’t Vote West Virginia

Art is purported to imitate life. A shift has clearly occurred and now life is imitating art. This week in the US election the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump told West Virginia voters they should stay home.

“You know, you don’t have to vote anymore,” Trump said, days after the final two Republican presidential hopefuls dropped out of the race, leaving the bombastic businessman as the presumptive nominee.

“Save your vote for the general election, OK? Forget this one — the primary is done,” he continued, urging voters to forfeit their right to America’s democratic process.

The Rebel Trump has told the electorate not to vote. Unlike Tammy Metzler, he does, however, want their vote at a later time.

In polarity, the Rebel is opposite the Authority. In the movie Election, the principal cuts off Tammy’s energy. We hope, of course, that later in life Tammy will succeed in overturning the establishment in her independent and unique way.

Now that we have Rebel Trump overturning the establishment, will he go the whole way? Or do we have the Rebel – Authority in one figure?

Is this Rebel a masked Authority? If he’s truly the Rebel, who’s the counterweight authority?

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, a year many remember as global banking collapsed which took the value of many homes with it. Luckily for us, the governments of the world created money and the problem was solved!

Do we really hate government as much as we think? Would we truly accept a collapsing global economy?

Pluto is the great transformer. Transformation, what a pleasant word! Yet, transformation is often preceded by destruction as humans rarely let go of habits or comforts. To wean us from the bottle, the bottle is usually taken away. Pluto is scary. Pluto invades, he does not knock first.

In the sign of Capricorn, transformation is in the realm of practical affairs (earth sign) and includes all structures and authorities of society. That includes stop signs, traffic lights, police force, banking, government and work. Work is a structure because many unemployed people mean lots of unused energy which can be dangerous for a society. Keeping the population employed is dependent upon many structures.

Pluto’s stay in Capricorn is long – 2008 to 2025. Pluto is far away and takes time to travel through a sign.

This transit of Pluto is important in the horoscope of the United States where Pluto is in 27 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto will make its first return to the natal position in 2022.

What does that mean?

The United States is coming full circle on an evolutionary lesson that occurred during the founding (using 1776). The lesson involves Capricorn themes of ambition, success, material gain and authority.

What does our material abundance cost to us and others in the world? This is one question that may occur during this transit.

In 1776 as we founded, our country allowed the owning of people. Today that is unacceptable but if we trace our material goods to the far-away places where they originate, we might find forms employment reminiscent of our own past.

In 2008, structures of finance were shaken and today in the United States the structure of the political process is being shaken.

Pluto has not gone away. He’s only half way through with his transformational work, work that is relevant to the United States in particular with natal Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn.

The United States didn’t allow the economy to collapse, even though we view ourselves as pure free-market capitalists.

Will we anti-government freedom-lovers allow the government to collapse? Is it truly collapsing?

What would happen if none of us voted?

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Reince Priebus’ Gemini Problem

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, must have committed an ill deed in a past life to be challenged with overseeing the 2016 Republican primary process.

At the beginning of the primary season, there were 17 Republican candidates. Now there are three with two (Ted Cruz and John Kasich) mathematically unable to reach the needed delegates for a nomination. The two hanging on have lots of Capricorn energy (sun or moon) and are depending on the rules of the primary process to launch them into glory. Capricorn would be okay winning by the rules rather than the votes that suggest popularity.

It’s possible (although maybe not probable) that one man can still win the needed delegates – Donald Trump.

Sixteen men and women faced Trump and all, mathematically, have lost.

Can Priebus handle the energy of Trump during what may be a tumultuous convention where there are multiple ballots and Trump may very well rouse his followers if not nominated?

Reince Priebus

Watching Priebus on the Sunday morning shows, his slow, mannered speech often makes me wonder how he gained the role of spokesman for the Republicans.

Looking at his horoscope, his fate with Trump relies on this very skill – communication.

Sun in Pisces and moon in Taurus make for an easy-to-approach individual. Pisces is empathetic and Taurus is placid. In addition to moon in Taurus, Venus and Mars are also in that sign. There is a great love of physical objects and enjoyment of the senses with these placements. The singing voice is probably very nice.

Moon in Taurus could explain the slow speech patterns (reminiscent of Ben Carson with moon in this sign). The planet that rules communication, Mercury, is in a much louder and impulsive sign – Aries (think Bernie Sanders who has moon in Aries).

Mercury in Aries would speak confidently and assertively. Yet, if we look across the horoscope we’ll see that Uranus is opposing in Libra. There is a desire for assertion yet an opposing force that avoids conflict. However, Uranus is not a sign to control itself so the speech patterns may seem uneven, random and unconnected. Assertion and keeping the peace are difficult to balance and there is some teeter-tottering.

Interestingly, Priebus’ Saturn in Gemini also speaks to a feeling of lack in terms of communication and education. To compensate, this placement may collect knowledge in an effort to feel smart. There is a great seriousness to this placement and also maturity.

Saturn in Gemini combined with Mercury opposed by Uranus suggest early in life issues with communication such as communicating late, stuttering or incoherent speech patterns. Breathing is also affected. Learning method and study habits are probably unusual. Priebus doesn’t learn the way others do and with sun in Pisces, has strong intuition.

Saturn also has an opposition from Neptune in Sagittarius. The ideals are high and lofty but are difficult to convey. The Astrologers Handbook describes this opposition as mistrustful of others and a tendency to underhanded means. While The Astrologers Handbook has a dismal outlook on this aspect, it’s also the play of reality versus dreams, especially in Gemini-Sagittarius. Who wouldn’t get a bit frustrated at having one’s dreams crushed constantly by facts, figures, stop signs, tax forms and other nefarious aspects of the third dimension?

Donald Trump

Trump fits into Priebus horoscope through this Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Trump has sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini (by now you’ve noticed the unpredictability of this aspect) opposing moon in Sagittarius.

By degree, Trump’s Gemini-Sagittarius is outside the orbit of Priebus’ opposition. Yet the energy is the same. Trump is surfing Gemini-Sagittarius like a wave (saying anything that draws a strong response) while Priebus is experiencing it like a dust storm (showing up on the news shows week after week explaining the rules and trying to keep order).

During the convention, transiting Saturn will be at 10 degrees of Sagittarius, slightly beyond Priebus’ Neptune and not yet at Trump’s moon at 21 degrees. Saturn is the wall between Priebus’ ideals and Trump’s emotions.

The wall is going backwards as Saturn will be retrograde. Priebus will feel the Saturn limitation more than Trump.

Will the wall knock him down?

If Priebus is fated to the situation from past actions, those actions would involve insincere and misleading speech. Luckily fate also gave Priebus that nice Venus/moon/Mars conjunction in Taurus which can be very calming and soothing.

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John Kasich’s Astrological Misstep

It’s too bad politicos listen more to their advisers than their astrologers. Ohio Astrology sheds a tear for Governor Kasich’s recent astrological misstep. Any one of Ohio’s distinguished astrologers could have warned him.

Today Kasich as Republican Presidential nominee openly entered a pact with contender Ted Cruz. As described in The New York Times:

The agreement, in which the two candidates agreed to cede forthcoming states to one another — Mr. Kasich would, most crucially, stand down in Indiana’s primary on May 3 to give Mr. Cruz a better chance to defeat Mr. Trump there, while Mr. Cruz would leave Oregon and New Mexico to Mr. Kasich — carried the stench of desperation, but initially it seemed like a breakthrough.

It’s quite interesting that former candidate Marco Rubio suggested this same strategy in March and Kasich was not compliant. In fact, I saw him on a Sunday morning talk show clearly offended at the idea.

One month is an eternity in politics.

Capricorn Pact

Cruz has sun in Capricorn while Kasich has moon in that sign. Capricorn is known for ambition, at worst calculated and at best earned through hard work. With Kasich and Cruz, we might see both poles. Capricorn is also authoritarian so this stop Trump tactic has an air of “we know what’s best” while the voters are saying “you are not what we want.”

Capricorn is the connection between these two men. The other aspects indicate that Kasich may have initiated a self-defeating partnership.

Kasich has both Saturn and Neptune in Libra about 11 degrees apart. Tucked between these two planets is Cruz’ Uranus and moon (although we don’t know the degree of moon).

Kasich’s Saturn in Libra is in its exaltation. The desire for fairness and balance is strong and exemplary. Neptune in Libra idealizes partnership. These are the more pleasant areas of Kasich’s chart. However, Kasich does have a cardinal T-square involving these planets which ultimately points to great learnings about all forms of relationship. I forsee a great learning here.

Cruz’ Uranus within that sphere of Kasich’s chart indicates sudden upheaval to that energy. Cruz’ moon in that sign adds a certain co-dependent pull.

In another crucial area of the chart, Cruz’ Saturn in Taurus is tucked between Kasich’s Venus and sun in that sign. Saturn in Taurus for Cruz suggests a sense of physical want. Taurus is material (in a good sense in that it truly enjoys the earth) but Saturn insists there’s never enough and constantly wants more – more stuff, more money, more position.

Someone’s Saturn on one of your planets puts the damper on the energy. Unfortunately for Kasich, money that may have been funneled to him may find its way to Cruz.

Both Kasich and Cruz have Mars in Scorpio. Cruz also has Jupiter and Venus in that sign which is opposite Kasich’s Taurus energy. Taurus is money earned by self; Scorpio is shared money. Kasich will be the lender; Cruz the borrower.

Overall, this relationship seems to holds more for Cruz than Kasich. Cruz with moon conjunct Uranus is also unpredictable emotionally which will be difficult for the extremely earthy Kasich. What they’ve agreed to today may be in dispute later.

But who knows, this election cycle has been the most unpredictable of my lifetime. The pundits have been wrong. And what are pundits but astrologers without horoscopes?

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A Cleveland Summer

If you’ve been putting off your visit to Cleveland and instead choosing Las Vegas, Disney World or some other such “touristy” spot, this is the summer to put all other plans aside and visit this diverse and multi-cultural city adjunct Lake Erie. July brings the Republican National Convention (July 18-21) and August brings Beatles wonder Paul McCartney.

You’d better book now before plane tickets get too expensive.

This year is the 220th anniversary of Moses Cleaveland (the first “a” in Cleaveland’s name was dropped later when it didn’t fit across the masthead of a newspaper) landing at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. This is another reason to visit – it’s a milestone year.

Cleveland Horoscope

The “founding” of Cleveland on July 22, 1796 has sun in the first degree of Leo and moon in first degree of Pisces. Leo is fire and identity; Pisces is water and dissolution of ego. That’s a difficult but imaginative combination for a chart. Leo is the hero and Pisces the victim. Anytime there’s a sense of loss there’s an equal sense of overcompensation.

Cleveland was incorporated as village on December 23, 1814. That chart is filled with earth – sun in Capricorn and moon in Taurus. Clearly commerce ruled at this point in the development of the city. The 1814 chart also has Pisces – Pluto in Pisces. Water is the element that transforms for Cleveland.

Keep in mind that “ohio’ is an Iroquoian word meaning “great river.” It’s no wonder there is water in the chart(s) of a city on one of the world’s greatest freshwater lakes.

Water issues are certainly part of the life of Cleveland from transportation to commerce to environmental issues. In the late 1960’s, the Cuyahoga River caught on fire from pollution from steel mill and other industrial waste. Today we’re dealing with toxic algae and invasion of Asian carp.

Neptune is currently transiting Pisces bringing water issues to awareness in many places.

Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention starts on July 18 with moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. If you’ve been following the Republican “dumpster fire” as one analyst called it, you’ll know that it’s possible that no candidate will arrive in Cleveland with enough delegates to win the nomination.

Because of that, the arcane rules of conventions that only political operatives know and understand will come into play. Capricorn is all about rules and authority and Pluto supports that with all the power of a material world.

In other words, the convention will be more about rules than rally. It could be like watching the very beginning of a trial where the lawyers and judge discuss all the minutiae of the case, the part that doesn’t make it on television shows. Capricorn sun candidate Ted Cruz is clearly more interested in rules and acquired a number of delegates while candidate Donald Trump was still under the impression this Game of President had no details.

In Cleveland’s 1796 chart, there is a mutable grand cross (with varying degrees of aspects). Mars in Sagittarius opposes Saturn in Gemini. Uranus in Virgo opposes moon and Jupiter in Pisces. Crosses are tension which of course occurred as men from far away came and claimed land that others considered their own (but in a non Western ownership way).

Let’s see, which candidate has some mutable energy in his chart?

Trump is full of mutable energy which you see regularly in the constantly shifting persona that is the Donald. His contradictions are so frequent and predictable that the media seems to have become bored with pointing them out. Trump’s followers don’t seem to care or worry that he has no clear definition of his role as president.

Cleveland’s Saturn is conjunct Trump’s Uranus confirming that authority will try to suppress him in Cleveland. However, Cleveland’s Mars will be conjunct Trump’s moon so Trump’s prediction of turmoil may very well ensue.

Hopefully the 1814 Cleveland chart focused on commerce can make a heap of Trump-inspired money. There’s great opportunity here.

In addition to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis being activated, the Virgo-Pisces axis in the mutable grand square will also be hit with some transiting scud missiles. Transiting Jupiter in Virgo is opposite natal Jupiter in Pisces. Transiting Neptune in Pisces is conjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces.

The Virgo-Pisces axis is receiving a lot of energy influx as we struggle with analysis and synthesis; detail and big picture. During elections that are close, the American voter is reminded that his/her vote doesn’t necessarily count. That’s how the system was set up and we’re usually okay until the majority vote loses.

It’s a great time to visit Cleveland to soak in both the American electoral process and some Cleveland Walleye.

Paul McCartney

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney is visiting Cleveland on August 17 when the sun is in Leo and moon in Aquarius. The moon will be conjunct Cleveland’s natal Pluto in Aquarius. A transformative time will be had by all!

Transformation for Cleveland involves how to structure society for the greatest good of all. While commerce may be a fundamental part of its founding and growth, Cleveland will need more Aquarius ideas of innovation to continue forward. Pluto returns to its natal position around 2040. By then, Cleveland will be a new city probably having no relation to the old city. Something could be discovered/developed in that region that will take it to a new way of community.

McCartney’s show will support the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. More than anything, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame landing in Cleveland confirms that this city is Leo. Rock and roll was invented by the Pluto in Leo generation.

The detritus of that Republican National Convention should be cleaned up by August so you can enjoy the concert in the peace of the lake.

It’s a great time to include Cleveland in your summer plans. Remember, Ohio could supply your next president (John Kasich) or vice president (Kasich or Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown) as Ohio is a swing state and politicians from this state are often courted.

Although Kasich has said he doesn’t want to be Trump’s vice president, changes of heart seem to come with every heartbeat for this election’s Republican candidates (Christie endorsing Trump, Carson endorsing Trump and the Kasich-Cruz pact lasting just days).

On the Democrat side, Sherrod Brown, it’s reported, is on Hillary’s Clinton’s short list for vice president.

Get to know Ohio now!

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A Fire Moon in the Crowd

How does it feel?

Just saying anything that comes into your head and being able to sway people like this?

Marica Jeffries to Lonesome Rhodes in A Face in the Crowd (1957)

During this scene of A Face in the Crowd, charismatic radio personality Lonesome Rhodes has asked the citizens of his small town to take their pooches to the sheriff’s house to see if he’d make a good city dog catcher (in retaliation for a nose punch). While he and his mentor sit in a car watching the chaos, he receives this question. He doesn’t answer.

Lonesome Rhodes is the stage name of Larry Rhodes a drifter and drinker who is found by radio producer Marcia Jeffers while looking for a unique “face in the crowd” and finds Rhodes sleeping off a hangover at the local jail.

Rhodes, played by the versatile actor Andy Griffith, is a talented raconteur and singer who ad libs homespun homilies to his audience winning their love and affection. To the ladies, he sympathizes with the efforts of their daily chores. To the wider audience, he shares fictitious stories of a happy youth in the town of Riddle, Arkansas. We learn early that Rhodes’ youth was not happy but we’re never sure if Riddle truly exists.

Rhodes’ talent and boldness take him quickly to Memphis then New York City. While Rhodes can be “uncooperative and unpredictable” in the words of one character, he’s so charismatic that no one can stop him. Much of his appeal comes from relating to the viewer, calling out that the ad men want him to read the ad a certain way, examining the television cameras as the viewers might do, making fun of the sponsors. He calls a spade a spade.

This film is from the early days of television and the warnings about mass media are not veiled as one character states that television “is the greatest instrument of mass persuasion in the history of the world.”

We see from the beginning of the movie that Rhodes is not generally a nice guy, as he early on ditches his best buddy without thought for better opportunity. From television, he gains the influence of the powerful (generals and politicians) and becomes a general commentator on civic life. As you’d expect from his fundamental personality, he becomes a cruel, self-absorbed demagogue.

There are two other important characters in the story. One is a companion of the radio producer who is so disgusted by Rhodes that he writes a book called Demagogue in Denim. He’s the cynical critic who never truly buys into the excitement.

The other character, Marcia Jeffries, who discovered Rhodes, is more complex. To Rhodes she is a stabilizing force but also an accepting victim of Rhodes’ abuse. At times she feels guilty for creating him, at times in love with him and at times hates him.

When Rhodes suddenly marries an underage girl while engaged to Jeffries, she states something to the effect that the girl is all of his audience in one package tied up with a bow.

But truly Jeffries is that audience. She knows she’s enabled a demagogue but is also secretly entranced. Like an addiction, she can’t break away. She may hold some healthy cynicism, but unfortunately, is as hooked as the maiden wife.

*** Spoiler alert ***

At the end of the movie, Jeffries does take down her Frankenstein by allowing the viewers a glimpse of his true disdain for his audience. In movie world that has decency as an inherent value, the viewers are duly offended.

Fire Moon

Gemini actor Andy Griffith who plays Lonesome Rhodes reminds one of today’s Gemini Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Like Trump, the Rhodes character speaks his mind, relates to people, is pleasingly raunchy and nasty but also has the courage to bring an African American woman on camera (remember, this is the Jim Crow Laws Era) and ask others to donate money to help her buy a home. Like Trump, Rhodes takes over every conversation of which he is a part. He’s the biggest personality in the room, always dominant.

Trump is almost a perfect modern replica of Rhodes. There is only one difference – nothing that Trump says, no matter how offensive, affects his rise. Television has not changed, but our values clearly have.

What are the astrological indicators of a rabble rouser?

Rabble rousers come in many different shades, both purpose-driven and self-driven. Here is my (very) short list of top-of-mind rabble rousers, mostly from the realm of politics:

  1. Arthur Godfrey (TV personality supposedly the inspiration for A Face in the Crowd)
  2. Huey Long (supposedly the inspiration for the governor in All the King’s Men)
  3. Bernie Sanders (Democratic presidential candidate)
  4. Donald Trump (Republican presidential candidate)
  5. George Wallace (Governor of Alabama during desegregation)

What do these rabble-rousing men have in common?

These men all have moon in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Fire by nature is rabble rousing, a fighter, assertive or aggressive, enthusiastic, confident and bold. Fire can’t be ignored. Since the moon is reactive, when you push these men in a corner, they fight and get fiery.

Interesting in my list of rabble rousers is that four of them have sun in critical, earth sign Virgo. Possibly the Virgo provides the clear speech and the fire the enthusiasm.

  1. Godfrey (sun in Virgo / moon in Sagittarius)
  2. Long (sun in Virgo / moon in Aries)
  3. Sanders (sun in Virgo / moon in Aries)
  4. Trump (sun in Gemini / moon in Sagittarius)
  5. Wallace (sun in Virgo / moon in Leo)

In addition to moon in a fire sign, there is a Mars or Uranus aspect to the sun or moon (or both). Mars is aggressive (and rules Aries) and Uranus is sudden and impulsive (and rules Aquarius).

  1. Godfrey (Uranus conjunct moon)
  2. Long (Mars conjunct sun)
  3. Sanders (Mars conjunct moon – and transiting Uranus is currently conjunct this aspect)
  4. Trump (Uranus conjunct sun opposing moon)
  5. Wallace (Uranus opposing moon and really alone on the other side of a packed chart – how apropos of his personal fate)

Rabble-Rousing Energy

What does this mean for you and me?

Mars and Uranus wake us from our slumbers through pokes in the back or lightning on the head. Both planets jolt and agitate. Both are energies of beginning, of starting or of shifting. Mars wakes you up in the morning, reminds you who you are and gives you the energy to face the day. Uranus wakes you up a few times during your lifetime (maybe even permanently) by reminding you that you are a spark alive in the universe, not an inert object listlessly responding to the pull of gravitational forces.

Our rabble rousers evoke some very important energy of emergence, initiation and enlightenment. This fire and electric energy is powerful and also dangerous. Remember, we’re warned as children not to play with matches.

Whether you love or hate a rabble rouser, can you look away? Aren’t the love and hate equally stimulating?

In A Face in the Crowd, the producer Jeffries finally destroys her creation and is filled with grief and loss as she drives away with the educated, calm, nice gentleman that has been patiently waiting for her.

Will Jeffries now settle into a loving, comfortable existence with her fine gentleman?

As they drive away, a Coca-Cola sign blinks in the background. While the demagogue has been unmasked and sanity restored to an innocent and trusting world, the blinking advertising reminds us that we are still prey to jolts of caffeine, advertising and rabble rousers.

Jeffries might not be able to survive without a jolt of Mars and Uranus. Where will she get it now?

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The Astrological Symbolism of a Gravitational Wave

As noted in the blog Does Mike Mouse Have a Personality? astrologers are excited by stories that include date, time and place. Imagine the glee of this astrologer to learn that a gravitational wave from deep in the universe was detected (for the first time ever) on September 14, 2015 at 05:51 am EST.

It took me a while to calm down.

Once my rational faculties returned, I, of course, noted that September 14 represents Virgo energy. I immediately connected the opposing Neptune-in-Pisces dot. And, yes, I didn’t forget that the scientists making the discovery might very well be of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo generation.

So what the heck am I talking about?

A gravitational wave of course. You probably detected it as well, but in a different way.

The Virgo-Pisces Polarity

Virgo and Pisces are one the the six polarities that make up the 360-degree wheel of the zodiac. This polarity is mutable – changeable, malleable and flexible.

Virgo is the discriminating mind which analyzes. Pisces is the indiscriminate mind which synthesizes.

The Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo generation, which is now mature and in positions of influence, has evolved our culture to be excessively analytical, especially in the Virgo realm of work, health and diet. We can no longer eat a piece of food without analyzing its properties. We count our footsteps. We time our physical activity. We walk in the sunshine not because we are humans who need the life-giving properties of the sun, but to get Vitamin D. But we, at the same time, avoid the sun for fear of cancer.

All very Virgo.

Neptune is making its 15-year journey through Pisces, the sign it naturally rules. Neptune is enhancing the natural polarity of analysis-synthesis by adding some emphasis on intuition and feeling. The lesson of any polarity is balance and here a balance between critical thinking and intuition.

In the analytical world, there is something called “paralysis by analysis.” Analysts are often asked if they tend to see the “trees or the forest” in the sense of seeing the detail or the big picture. Most analysts, regardless of answer, are obsessed with the trees.

Paralysis by analysis involves digger ever deeper and deeper for that one, last piece of information that provides “the answer.” Virgo seeks perfection which, I would argue, is a delusional state that swings it to the far side of the opposite polarity – Pisces.

Pisces sees the big picture. In dysfunction, Pisces is escapism, avoiding all that nasty Virgo stuff that defines daily life – work, chores, cooking, cleaning the house, stopping for toilet paper on the way home, etc.

Pisces in function is the friend who understands your tears without needing the detail. The detail is the symptom, not the cause. Pisces knows from intuition; it can study facts too, but is not the know-it-all who can tell you all the historical and modern rules of baseball but can’t actually play the game.

September 14, 2015

On this September 14, 2015, Jupiter was transiting Virgo at six degrees with Neptune transiting Pisces at seven degrees opposite. The sun was farther into Virgo at 21 degrees.

Jupiter and Neptune are both beneficent planets. They provide good will through expansion (Jupiter) and connection (Neptune). The overindulgent Jupiter does everything “too much.” Overindulgent Neptune lives off of the emotions of others in a dependent state.

The gravitational wave from deep in space provided great Jupiterian joy and Neptunian awe to scientists.

What creates the joy and awe?

The analytical scientists (Virgo) will claim there is one more piece (or validation) to the theories of the mysteries and origin of the universe. Scientific and non-scientific observers will feel awe (Pisces) at the thought of force arriving from the other end of the universe.

What happened to earthlings experiencing this gravitational wave?

Researching events that occurred on September 14, I was astonished to find a Jewish holiday and tradition that corresponded to that date.

September 14-15 was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This new Jewish year seems to be the end of something called a Shemittah cycle. This article claims that Shemittah means “release.”

I’ve learned through astrology that shifts in energy can release pent-up energy or provide new energy for a change in direction or focus. Energy release creates reactions both positive and negative. It’s no wonder there are always “doomsday prophecies” associated with energy shift.

Per the article linked above, the first year of Shemittah is a release from work (Virgo) to focus on spirituality (Pisces).

As well as giving the people an opportunity to put their faith in G‑d and see it fulfilled, the year-long abstention from farming also allowed them to collectively take a breather and focus on higher, more spiritual pursuits—as the people packed the synagogues and study halls. Even today, when the vast majority of Jews are not involved in the farming industry, the lessons of Shemittah are very germane. During this holy year we are expected to concentrate more on our spiritual mission in life, and a little less on our material pursuits. More on why we are needed, less on what we need. More on faith in G‑d, less on faith in our own talents and wiles.

Gravitational Waves

Gravity is ruled not by Neptune however, it is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the three-dimensional world which also covers time and space and all the rules you have ever known.

While astronomy feels very Neptunian – forces from the end of the cosmos have arrived after a billion years, it’s actually very Saturnine. It’s also very Virgo – if we only could find the library at the end of the universe with all of its stored history, we’d know the answer.

Astrological Saturn was transiting Scorpio on September 14, 2015, just days away from moving into Sagittarius. There we go – another shift.

Scorpio is a water sign concerned with relating and sharing so rules death, sex and taxes. Scorpio is true connection where physical boundaries are crossed and assets are shared. Think about your tax advisor knowing more about your finances than your friends or family.

Sagittarius is mutable fire sign which seeks knowledge and experience. Sagittarius fights for causes and is the ultimate activist.

As the gravitational wave from deep in space arrived, we experienced shift. Scientists had a physical shift (the force itself) and an intellectual shift (validation of a theory until that time unexperienced).

Others may have experienced a shift of analysis and synthesis (which is back and forth right now) and shift of connection to cause. There may also be a shift from concerns of daily life to concerns of spirituality. The natal horoscope reveals in which area of one’s life Virgo-Pisces plays out. The shift could have been in finances, romance, education, core belief system or any other area of one’s life.

The next analytical (Virgo) question is: what happens after the shift? Ok, so there are gravitational waves. So what? Should I get up tomorrow and go to work? Should I eat something different for breakfast? Do I still need to save for retirement?

Gravitational waves are Virgo and the detection of them Pisces. What’s next for Virgo-Pisces?

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The Phone and the Bottle

While recollecting where I read a particular book the first time (I do that), my thoughts recreated a late 1980s Greyhound bus ride from Kent to Columbus. As I remembered that ride, like an overlay on an overhead projector, I saw that same ride occurring today.

While I’m not one hundred percent sure I didn’t have a beverage on that trip, if I did it probably wasn’t water. I am, of course, sure I had no cell phone as they weren’t (readily) available at that time.

Today I’m unable to embark on a road trip without my cell phone and water. Yet for most of my life, I traveled extensively without these two items. I was once able to leave home and walk to the store without any communication other than that around me.

How did I change so quickly?

Uranus and Neptune

Cell phone and Internet usage rose in the early to mid 1990s as Uranus entered Aquarius (January 1996 – March 2003). A few years later, Neptune also popped into that sign (February 1998 – April 2011). These two outer planets represent generational energies. Uranus brings the energy from a lightening bolt and Neptune spiritualizes it in a bank of fog. Uranus is the idea; Neptune is the movement.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is associated with genius and futuristic thought. While the Aquarius water bearer is often misinterpreted to be a water sign, Aquarius is an air sign indicating mental and intellectual connection. Thoughts and ideas that are years ahead of their times are associated with this sign.

While communication is ruled by the planet Mercury, the technology behind communication (electricity) is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is lightning, enlightenment and sudden realization. Technological advances would also be ruled by Uranus. The discovery of Uranus as a planet in 1781 occurred during the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

The Uranus-in-Aquarius launch of modern cellular and internet technologies was the exciting, fun portion of our journey with paradigm-shifting technology.

As Uranus and then Neptune changed signs and moved into watery Pisces (March 2003 and April 2011 respectively), something changed. Now the fun technology was such a requirement of daily life that we feel naked without it. Neptune, by the way, is the ruler of Pisces so is traveling through its own sign.

The rise of bottled water consumption (first chart) follows a similar trajectory to the rise of cell phone and internet usage (second chart). Curious about our other beverage addiction, I found a chart for Starbucks sales and its curve (third chart) is more closely aligned to the technology curve than is bottled water consumption. (Chart credits are at the bottom of the blog.)

bottled water
Internet and phone users Did Facebook and Google Just Kill Off the Phone Company-Starbucks_stores_graph

Cell phones and Internet are so modern; water and beverage is so ancient and fundamental. What’s the connection?

Is the Connection Connection?

While Aquarius technology has allowed us to connect mentally and socially, Neptune seeks to connect spiritually. Aquarius is words; Pisces is image. Social media is an interesting amalgam of words and pictures. But true connection involves an exchange of energy which requires physical proximity.

The beverage connection may be the physical need to connect not met by the overwhelming volume of word and image which confront us daily. Words and images are “about” a thing, not the thing itself.

As we connect via social media and hand-held technology, are we seeking some physical sensation which leads us to reach for water and beverage? Or are we truly more thirsty? Or is it that we are bored without constant mental and physical sensation?

What’s the connection between phones and water?


Chart credits:

Chart 1 – Washington Post – America’s growing love affair with the most wasteful thing to drink there is

Chart 2 – Brad Larson Google+ site (chart similar to others found online but with more years & technology covered)

Chart 3 – Wikipedia

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The Astrological Four-Element Political System

This morning after the Michigan and Mississippi primary voting while I was managing my anxiety over the thought of a Donald Trump presidency, I had a positive realization.

While Trump has won many primaries, he rarely gets a true majority of votes due to the large number of candidates running for the Republican ticket. While that fact has helped Trump and, to some, hurt the Republican Party, it also represents an important fact.

Americans don’t want to be divided in half and called “Democrat” or “Republican.”

Amongst my friends and associates I’m quite familiar with the response that politically one’s views have a little of both parties. This year’s election may indicate my friends and associates are representative of the whole.

This is great news to an astrologer that studies polarities and cycles and shies away from the constant dualism created as false choices. American dualism may be coming to an end . . .

What comes after the dualism?

Astrology teaches about cycles and the balance of polarities represented by elements (fire, earth, air and water) and modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable).

Your horoscope contains all the signs of the zodiac as does the horoscope of everyone you know. We’re all the same!

What’s different about each of us is the force and play of where the planets are placed in that 360-degree zodiac. Those planets may get along, or they may not. You may struggle with work while others struggle with relationship. You may find financial management as easy as breathing and others may find it an abstract and confusing mess of numbers that have nothing to do with the loaf of bread on my table.

It may be time for a new American political system and the ancient art of astrology is definitely the creative solution.


The Current Astrological Situation

Currently we have four candidates across the two parties that are rising to the top in the primaries. Here’s how they shake out element-wise looking at the sun sign (our active nature):

  1. Hillary Clinton – Water (Scorpio)
  2. Ted Cruz – Earth (Capricorn)
  3. Bernie Sanders – Earth (Virgo)
  4. Donald Trump – Air (Gemini)

The four candidates have three of the four elements but we are missing fire. To find the fire that we see in the news, we need to go to the moon sign (our reactive nature).

  1. Hillary Clinton – Water (Pisces)
  2. Ted Cruz – Air (Libra)
  3. Bernie Sanders – Fire (Aries)
  4. Donald Trump – Fire (Sagittarius)

Since there’s no overlap with sun and moon signs, we have eight of the twelve signs present. We’re only missing Taurus (earth), Cancer (water), Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air). Three of those signs are what we call fixed (Taurus, Leo and Aquarius). Scorpio is the fourth fixed sign. We have a lack of fixed energy in this election, a mode normally sought by the American electorate. Our culture is changing.

We can see how the moon-in-fire candidates (Trump and Sanders) were not expected to do so well but have prevailed through the ability of fire to create excitement and, as we see in this election, anger. Fire also represents hope and optimism. Let’s hope that “hope” arises sooner than later. But since fire-sign (Leo) Barack Obama used that word in his campaigns, hope may be off the list of adjectives for this election cycle.

Sanders and Cruz are the earth signs which are serious, responsible and practical. As you’d expect, your earth signs are good at providing the detail and reasons behind their beliefs. Usually those beliefs stem from practical concerns and often your “rags to riches” stories come from this element. Earth is heavy so is not as exciting as fire or air. But remember, you build houses from earth, not fire, air or water.

Trump is the last air sign standing. Air is an element not really discernable to the naked eye. You need it for life (as you need the other elements), but you can’t hold it or store it (as with fire). Air is intellectual, social, gossipy and concerned with images. Trump is the best of air and fire (which feed each other) which creates and sustains the zeitgeist. Since Trump’s air sun constantly feeds his fire moon, he is a self-sustaining energy system.

Clinton is water, water everywhere. Water is sensitive, emotional and intuitive. Don’t be surprised if she truly feels although she’s got that self-centered Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Leo (which is fire). Water, like earth, isn’t as motivating as air and fire although it makes for great therapists, spiritualists and psychics. But offering to understand and share pain with others isn’t as much fun as creating images for the self.

The Astrological Four-Element Political System

As we examine the flaws of having only one or two candidates who most likely have no astrological elemental balance as evidenced by their desire to control the world as president of the United States, we need to expand the system to contain more individuals so there is true representation for an increasingly diverse electorate.

While there are many details to work out, the ideal Astrological Four-Element Political System would have not two candidates on each ticket but four – one from each of the astrological elements so that there is complete balance.

So instead of just president and vice-president, we can tack on a vice-vice president and vice-vice-vice president. Later we can find appropriate titles for these extra two candidates.

The four candidates would represent the four elements – fire, earth, air and water. The candidates don’t need to have sun in these elements if they can prove they have a horoscope with a preponderance of an energy that provides balance for the four-person ticket.

There can be any number of these four-candidate groups running for the executive office which can be renamed the Balanced Elements of the United States. Since each group is balanced, no one loses when one group is chosen over another. My group may look different than your group, but all groups are balanced. With all four elements present, conflicts will work themselves out naturally.

If the air sign wanders off, then the earth can take over. When earth gets too boring discussing the nitty gritty of the tax code, fire can come in to motivate. When fire becomes overbearing, the water signs can listen to complaints. When water compiles the complaints, air will become interested again.

The Balanced Elements of the United States prevent self-destruction and authoritarianism through a natural cycle of give and take.

Let’s elect the Balanced Elements of the United States for president, vice president, vice-vice president and vice-vice-vice president.

Let’s start the astrological revolution!

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John Kasich’s Big Bear Hug

When Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich gave a big bear hug to a man in one of his town halls last month, it made me Ohio proud.

Then a day or two later entering an interview with Anderson Cooper, Kasich was humble and vulnerable, openly admitting of his desire to please. The vulnerability looked great on him and, once again, I was Ohio proud.

The next day nursing my hangover with a couple espressos, visions of a Kasich past arose in my mind. My first exposure to Kasich was in the early 1990s when he was Ohio’s 12th District Congressman. Images arose of an irascible, insensitive Kasich with speech patterns more reminiscent of Bernie Sanders. When Congressman Kasich published a book in 1998, I was sure, as pundit Cokie Roberts would say, that Kasich had the presidential seal of the United States shaved into his chest. His ambition was palpable.

Today I’m finding Kasich’s long trajectory to the presidential run a bit touching and nostalgic. Today our candidates don’t feel the need to spend much time laying railroad track before riding the presidential train. A month or two in the Senate is all that is needed. Or maybe not that much.

Presidential Kasich is a bear gentler than in the past. Is this posturing or is this real?

Earth Sign Kasich

Patience is the hallmark of earth signs and Kasich has both sun (in Taurus) and moon (in Capricorn) in earth signs. Although being a “career politician” took on a bad reputation during the 1990s (or was it the 1980s?), that Kasich spent time with actual political responsibilities and produced actual results before applying for president is quite refreshing right now.

In addition to sun in fixed earth sign Taurus, Kasich also has Jupiter and Venus in that sign. At heart, Kasich is a steady and habit-oriented soul.

Moon in Capricorn is in detriment – that means the moon doesn’t like being in this sign. The moon likes to react and express while Capricorn forces the moon to hold it all in. Because Capricorn moon is master at controlling its emotions it doesn’t tolerate much in the way of emotion from others. That makes it a less-than-compassionate playmate at times.

But with that emotional reserve, moon in Capricorn is great at command and authority. Capricorn loves respect and seeks it from birth. This is the moon placement that becomes crossing guard in elementary school before it branches to all other forms of authority in later life (teachers, cops, politicians, managers, etc.).

This article about candidate Donald Trump states that the one characteristic statistically common to a Trump supporter is a sense of authoritarianism.


Trump, with a chart full of unpredictable fire and air, is drawing out a characteristic that is truly more a personality trait of the newly-humble Kasich at the end of the stage.

Kasich’s (recent) past aggressive speech patterns stem from his Mercury in Aries (Bernie Sanders has moon in Aries which provides similar results). Currently transiting Uranus is in Aries which will add unpredictable outbursts to an already Aries impulsiveness toward speech. Uranus is still out of orb of Kasich’s Mercury so that will come later.

That Kasich is able to control Mercury in Aries during this election cycle is truly remarkable and also speaks to his strong earth sign chart which contains discipline and self-control.

A Huggable Kasich?

Currently Pluto, the great transforming planet, is passing through Capricorn. Without knowing Kasich’s time of birth, we can’t be sure when this transit will have the most influence on his moon.

Pluto transiting moon in Capricorn will attempt to transform this controlling placement of the moon. For Kasich, it also squares Saturn/Neptune in Libra, Uranus in Cancer and Mercury in Aries.

This grand square of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) is the relationship square. Aries is self, Libra other, Cancer family and Capricorn career. These are the different ways you interact with folks on earth and the square suggests that for Kasich it’s never been easy to truly feel connected to others.

Possibly Kasich sought a life in politics through a desire to master personal relationships?

If Pluto does its work, you feel loss and void followed by a sense of transformed self. Pluto moves you to the next chapter in your life. You wake one day and wondered how and when you crossed the gulf.

So is Kasich truly the more vulnerable man we see on television?

Astrologically it’s believable that events in his life have made him more compassionate and open to expressing vulnerability. For Capricorn moon, this is very, very difficult.

Pluto rarely comes without trial and pain because we’ve all adapted (called our “personality”) and making changes to that coding is never easy.

If this transformation is real, then it was probably preceded by some family outbursts (Uranus in Cancer), disappointments in partnership (Saturn/Neptune in Libra) and possibly a verbal confrontation (Mercury in Aries).

Transiting Neptune is in Pisces which can also lighten a heavy soul. That planet creates a cozy water trine to Kasich’s natal Uranus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio. Water can bring tears, another uncomfortable event for moon in Capricorn. Do we have a crying Kasich?

A true test, I suppose, would be a full-frontal assault by the Donald. Kasich survived some early assaults (Ohio is doing well because it struck oil), but hasn’t had the full brunt of this intensely mean and nasty election process.

If the mean and nasty gets personal, will Kasich continue to control himself?

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