The Green Generation Smokes Neptune in Pisces

What’s your favorite palliative? What substance takes you from how you feel now to how you’d prefer to feel?

Most of us have one. What’s yours?

In the last scene of the movie Drugstore Cowboy, our main character says that when you take prescription drugs, you always know how you feel – you just need to read the label.

It’s interesting that in these times of health and wellness, there is also an opiate abuse epidemic, increase in use of anti-depressants, marijuana legalization and a spore-like growth of alcohol establishments. I hear more talk about alcohol and marijuana now than I did in college.

Is the growth of palliative substances both legal and illegal the opposite and equal reaction to a society over-emphasized on “wellness?” Or, ironically, has the emphasis on wellness created the need to constantly control how we feel? Are we pariahs when we feel unwell? Will being unwell be illegal one day?

Uranus and Pluto in Virgo

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto represent generational energies as they have long revolutions around the sun. Uranus was in Virgo from 1962 – 1969. Pluto was also in Virgo during that time as well as before and after from 1956 – 1972. People born with one or both of these planets in Virgo are in their late 40s to early 60s.

Virgo represents work, health, diet and pets. Those with Uranus and/or Pluto in Virgo brought us the awareness of health and environmental issues. They are the “Green Generation.”

Virgo is also the worry-wort of the zodiac as it’s ruled by the mental Mercury but focused on earth matters like work so often creates the workaholic, the gym rat or the person with extremely particular and discriminating dietary needs.

A generation with this aspect has helped us focus on health and wellness so that we understand a lunch of Coke and Doritos is a poor choice. However, the focus is now so extreme that you can’t eat a piece of anything without a detailed analysis of its contents. Analysis seems to have taken away the simple enjoyment of food.

This is why Virgo experiences mental strain – it can’t shut off the mind and can’t relax into experience. It can’t eat the ice cream cone without thinking about calories and a treadmill (and the shopping list and the mortgage payment and . . .).

A generation with Uranus/Pluto in Virgo tends to carry these traits, although not necessarily as individuals and they’ve created products to serve this need such as the Fitbit. As with anything Virgo, Fitbit can create awareness of how our habits affect our health but also an excessive analysis making all activity into a goal or competition with the need for perfection that keeps the mind from relaxing.

The Equal and Opposite Reaction

The opposite of Virgo is Pisces which is ruled by Neptune. Pisces is diffuse and can enjoy the ice cream cone without wondering how many carbs it contains. Pisces is imaginative, empathic and emotional.

Neptune is currently transiting its own sign of Pisces and we’re experiencing enjoyment, glamorization and increase in Neptune’s love of escapism – moving image, alcohol and drugs.

Virgo and Pisces are polarities – they need each other. We need Virgo discrimination and Pisces imagination. The excess of Virgo has released Pisces to alleviate the strain.

Astrology teaches balance in a world constantly imbalanced. There’s a constant chase for one end of a polarity and our focus on Virgo has led to an increase of Pisces. Neptune in Pisces is balancing Virgo and since Virgo is extreme, so is Pisces right now.

The response to Neptune in Pisces illegal substance abuse is often additional, legal substances – i.e., Virgo. Back and forth we go from Virgo to Pisces, one substance to another in search of Virgo perfection.

Virgo perfection may be the issue here. Maybe if we let go of perfect, we can relax and need fewer palliatives. Then when we enjoy a glass of wine or a toke of marijuana, it’s for pleasure and not need, a positive action rather than reaction.

Maybe after Neptune’s 15-year transit of Pisces in 2025 we will have thrown away our measuring devices and learned to enjoy health as a feeling state, not as a set of rules to be obeyed, steps to be measured.

Our world is also increasingly ruled by Mercury with non-stop communication, non-stop distraction and non-stop reaction.

How can you stop without a little help from Neptune in Pisces?

If we balance the Virgo, then the Pisces will balance.

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Greta Thunberg: An Adult in a Child’s World

In The Simpsons episode Moaning Lisa, young, serious, ambitious Lisa Simpson is gripped by existential angst over the suffering of the world (such as the fate of coal miners in West Virginia). Her father, the immature and ignorant Homer Simpson, does what any loving father would do – he offers to bounce Lisa on his knee.

Lisa can’t be comforted with such infant-soothing acts and instead plays the sax to relieve her soul of “the blues.”

Sixteen year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden might have chosen the same path – the saxophone or maybe medication or some other addiction that provides temporary relief and comfort. Instead she chose to challenge the world by demanding responsibility with regard to global warming.

Saturn and Capricorn

The “world” is everything you perceive and the astrological Saturn represents the boundaries of that world. In your dreams, you fly over the trees. But upon waking that is a physical impossibility – that’s Saturn.

In love, you want to merge body and soul with the person of your affection. You can merge bodies, and possibly souls, but can never be one entity. You are still two – that’s Saturn.

You’d like to just lie on the beach and “be” but people interrupt your path – you’re on private property, the beach “closes,” you have to have identification, the food you need costs “money” – that’s Saturn.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. The “young” Thunberg has both her sun and moon in Capricorn. The sun is the conscious self and the moon the reactive self. A double-dose of Capricorn brings a double-dose of seriousness.

The Adult World

It’s not uncommon for those with lots of Capricorn in their charts to be seen while young as “little adults.” Thunberg, if you haven’t been reading the news, has been organizing school strikes for climate change. And she’s been effective – globally.

Being effective has put the adult-like Thunberg in the adult world of politics where she’s experiencing a “grown up” world response – character assassination.

What does a 16-year old girl know? Isn’t she supposed to be worrying about 16-year old girl things like the prom and getting into a good college? Why isn’t she giggling and expressive like a 16-year old girl should be?

Capricorn is ambitious which Thunberg is demonstrating in two ways: 1) challenging the entire world; and 2) protecting her own future. In her own leaflet words: “I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future.” Her comments imply preservation, not altruism. She’s practical – another Capricorn trait.


Responsibility is what Thunberg is demanding, another keyword of Saturn and Capricorn. If you have ever organized a group of people, even for a simple dinner outing, you know that it is not easy. You’ll have discussions over venue for days, people not showing, people coming late, complaints afterward.

Now imagine planning a dinner with the entire planet. Thunberg is asking for something Capricorn extreme – she asking for a mass of people to work together across physical, mental and emotional boundaries. She’s also asking (although she doesn’t know it) for the world to reinvent its economies.

Thunberg is uber responsible, uber adult in a world where we rely on others to make decisions. So the “adults” are dismissing the “child” because the adults simply don’t know how to respond to what she is asking.

The older we get, the more “adult” we become, the less inclined we are to change. It’s the young that initiate changes. The “young” Thunberg is a double Capricorn and is representing that change now involves increased adult, responsible behavior.

There are many on the planet now who were born with Uranus in Capricorn (early-mid 1990s), Neptune in Capricorn (mid 1980s-mid 1990s) or Pluto in Capricorn (2008 to present). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the outer planets that represent societal shifts. As Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, it triggered for these people the need to change society’s structures.

While we watch The Simpsons, we laugh at Homer’s ignorance. Bounce Lisa on your knee? What are you thinking? You need to talk to her, to respond, to assure her that the adults will take care of these terrible problems.

But when the young Greta Thunberg approaches the world, we have a Homer reaction. Maybe it’s time for the adults to step aside and let the “children” assume some responsibility; responsibility they want to take to preserve their own futures.

That’s Saturn.

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In 2006 when Jupiter was transiting Scorpio, the Me Too Movement was founded to help survivors of sexual violence. In October 2017, as Jupiter began another transit of Scorpio (it does this every 12 years for one year), the Me Too Movement went viral after allegations of sexual misconduct against movie producer Harvey Weinstein were made public.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto which has traditionally been associated with deep emotional involvement, intimacy, sex, taxes and death. That’s pretty intense stuff.

What’s the connection between sex, death and taxes?

The connection is that you are energetically penetrated by another. Taxes – who said the government could take money out of our paychecks before we receive it? Death – no more you – the universe has penetrated “you.” And sex is the physical merging of two separate entities.

When we allow penetration, it is called sex or intimacy (of course, not all sex is intimacy). When we share money, such as a joint bank account, we’re allowing our energetic earnings to be shared by another.

When Scorpio activities are unwanted, then we have crime – rape, molestation, burglary, fraud, forced entry, etc.

In 1991 when Clarence Thomas was being confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, law professor Anita Hill accused him of sexual misconduct. In 1991 (when Pluto was transiting Scorpio) as in 2006 and 2017 we find that it’s quite common for females to have experienced threatening, unwanted sexual advances.

Focusing on sexual assault is highly important for women. Yet, astrology can teach us that focusing on sexual assault only may be only half of the equation.


In the horoscope, there are twelve “houses” or areas of life. The 8th house is where Scorpio energies play. If you have sun the 8th house, you probably are an intimate person who loves emotional connection and sharing. Yet if you have Saturn in the 8th, in contrast, intimacy and sharing are an issue.

Opposite the 8th house is the 2nd house – a polarity. So if the 8th house is intimacy, the 2nd house is physical separateness. The 8th house is joint finances; the 2nd personal finances and where we are self-reliant. The 8th house is death; the 2nd house, the physical body.

The second house is ruled by Taurus/Venus. In my mind, Taurus is ruled by the earth itself and represents physical life, physical property and self-reliance. Through those activities, we define our values.

Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein could get away with 8th house crimes because of 2nd house wealth. These energies are connected. Had they been poor, they might have faced justice much sooner.

Women’s focus on sexual rights is important, but misses the connection of financial influence. As women gain more 2nd house economic parity, they will have more chance of successfully fighting 8th house sexual issues.

In addition to focus on sexual rights, women should also focus on increasing wealth among women and for labor draws a high percentage of females. Otherwise, we’ll be talking about this again every 12 years when Jupiter transits Scorpio.


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Pluto and Political Authority Figures

In the early 1990s while working in a bank, it was common on Monday morning to have phone calls from disgruntled weekend customers who had an unpleasant experience at the bank over the weekend and a day and a half to stew in their grievances.

The calls would be fielded by the administrative assistants, most of whom were female. The calls would take a long time, as people call to vent frustration as much as solve problems. Bringing a lengthy session of complaint to an end could be difficult, especially when bank protocol had been followed and the caller would not have the resolution they desired (i.e., you overdrew your account, accept it).

How did we get them off the phone?

As my experienced female colleague advised, send them to a man. Male is the voice of authority, she said, and the caller will accept a negative judgment much more easily.

The Sign of Authority

The astrological sign that represents authority is Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Capricorn is ambitious and embraces hard work and responsibility to achieve the success it desires. The ultimate need of Capricorn is respect. Failure and humiliation are its worst nightmares.

In its most negative, Capricorn is known to claw its way to the top using others with complete lack of feeling (i.e., the end justifies the means). In its most positive, Capricorn is willing to do the difficult work others avoid to achieve a goal like the American “self-made man.”

When Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2007, this planet of evolution began its re-molding of our relationship to authority and social structures. First thing Pluto did was to destroy the financial system. You might think this hyperbole but that’s exactly what happened. It was the governments of the world that patched up the gaping holes and told us that everything was back to normal.

It’s interesting to watch humanity in these trying times where solutions to global problems must cross nations. While we could all list a thousand things we’d like to see change in our world, when there is a shift we seem to want a return to normal, to the way “it was.”

Pluto evolves so the “normal’ we want to return to no longer exists.

The Way We Were

From the time we are born into this earth, we are taught to respect and idolize male authority ¬- religious figures, historical figures, war heroes, sports heroes. Bold statement, I know, but I believe it covers most of the globe except for small, moribund cultures that are able to exist as pockets within a larger, global culture.

When I say we idolize male authority, I don’t mean this as a “man against woman” type of thing. We all share in the culture. While women might feel devalued because of this, it also puts undue pressure on males to be superheroes and a host of other male authority figures. Any gender preference is bad for both genders.

Siri and Alexa, our digital assistants, both have female voice. Can we imagine our personal, digital assistants with male voice?

In 2008, the United States elected its first African-American president, a great cultural shift, yet still within the realm of male authority. In 2016, the pendulum swung the other way and any gains made from 2008-2016 appear to be temporarily if not irreparably lost. The maleness we returned to was from the Western movies of the 1950s – bold, daring, fearless and unapologetic.

As we go into the 2020 election season, we have a great mix of candidates in age, gender, sexual preference and heritage. Yet for all the options, the top candidates are older males – current Republican president Donald Trump at 73 and Democratic contender Joe Biden at 76 (soon to be 77).

Some Democratic candidate runners up include female contender Elizabeth Warren age 70 and the ever-present Bernie Sanders at 77 (soon to be 78).

The 2020 Democratic candidate pool is full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngsters who want the torch to be passed, who want to change the world and who have fire in the belly.

Why don’t we want them?

Authority and age also have a relationship as aging could and should make us wise. There was a time, not long ago in human history, when most did not live into their 70s.

That a digital world focused on the growth and maturity of millennials would choose a leader from a generation that normally would be in retirement says something for the staying power of traditional authority – male (mostly), older and experienced.

Pluto is challenging us to evolve our social structures. Pluto is associated with destruction because that is usually the only way that humans let go of dysfunctional and decaying patterns. We haven’t let go of the old ideas of authority. They are still with us.

Do we really want the change we claim to want?

Traditionally younger presidential contenders were faced with criticisms of inexperience. But post Trump, experience shouldn’t matter.

Female Authority

Although many want to see a female in the White House, I’ve been betting against females since 2008 and winning. I will bet against a female presidential candidate in 2020. Unless we embrace Pluto and truly become open to change, a female president ain’t gonna happen.

Researching females in power (Venus in Power), I was surprised to find how few are truly elected to become heads of state. Women are losing ground, not gaining ground in the global political arena as several female leaders have been deposed in recent years such as Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff  (in 2016). Brazil now has the Trump-like Jair Bolsonaro (age 64) as leader.

Pluto in Capricorn is challenging the traditional authority. Yet our choices in reaction to this challenge seem to be bringing the old guard back, not the new, fresh faces that want to direct the course of our future.

What will we do when our aging authority passes on? Then what?

Pluto in Capricorn until 2025

Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024 – 2025 (in its last phase, it will bounce between Capricorn and Aquarius for a while). At the end of this year (2019), Jupiter will pass into Capricorn and join Saturn in Capricorn for its last year of Capricorn transit. Jupiter and Saturn transiting together create social changes. Add Pluto and those changes become more intense and forced.

That means, my friends, we will have to face the challenges of authority whether we want to or not. As Pluto enters Aquarius in 2025 we may see cultural changes involving egalitarianism. In the past century and a half, any talk of egalitarianism was branded socialism or communism which meant we couldn’t talk about it.

When Pluto enters Aquarius, we will be talking about how to create a more ideal society. The young leaders waiting at the gates will bust t

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It’s Time to Clean Your (Earth) Room!

On this day, August 31, 2019, the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in the sign of Virgo. These five astrological “planets” represent half of what you find in your horoscope. Virgo is a mutable earth sign associated with work, health, diet and pets.

If you enjoy these types of activities, you should enjoy the energy:

  • Doing crossword puzzles
  • Researching and buying health supplements
  • Arranging your closet, including shoes
  • Cooking dinner after researching dozens of recipes to construct the perfectly-balanced meal
  • Deep cleaning your dwelling
  • Organizing the spice cabinet
  • Fostering 100 animals
  • Worrying about your health
  • Worrying about work
  • Worrying about the bills
  • Exercising
  • Working (regular job)
  • Working (volunteer activities)
  • Working (pet project)
  • Working (to do what others left undone)

See, Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet that represents our mind, how we think, how we perceive and how we communicate. Gemini, an air sign, is also ruled by Mercury and represents its more pure, intellectual state.

Virgo, being an earth sign, focuses the mental energy on practical, daily matters. Virgo is planning dinner right now, and not necessarily just tonight’s meal. Those pills cases with seven slots for each day of the week were probably invented by a Virgo. Shoe organizers, purses with sections, health apps – think Virgo.

To manage our lives on earth, a bit of Virgo energy is needed. As all of the personal planets are currently in Virgo, the universe appears to be asking us to pay attention to the immediate details of our lives whether we enjoy it or not.

Time to clean.

Earth Energy

Of the other five planets in the horoscope – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – three are in earth signs. Uranus is in Taurus (fixed earth) and Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn (cardinal earth). There are just three earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. We got ’em all now.

While the personal planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will move into many signs in the next couple years as they have short cycles, the transpersonal planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be predominantly in earth signs for the next couple years.

Once again, the energies are demanding a focus on the physical aspects of our existence. If you have lots of air and fire in your horoscope, these times may seem to be a bit of a drag, always focused on The Serious and Responsibility. Emojis won’t help.

But it takes the air and fire energy to bring innovation and inspiration to these physical demands. All energies on deck!

Currently the only planet in fire is Jupiter which will move to Capricorn this December 2019. Enjoy the autumn as this is the last little bit of transpersonal planet fire that we’re going to get for a few years. Jupiter brings hope and enthusiasm, difficult energies to maintain in trying times.

If you’ve never liked cleaning your room, the energies of the next few years will be challenging. Those that love to clean and organize their rooms – earth and air signs – may enjoy this cleaning up of our physical lives.

The energy of the next few years is about the earth, the here, the now. Regardless of where you’ve been or where you’re going, you’re here now. If you aren’t, you soon will be.

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Trump Tidbits

Trump is Right

There, I said it. US President Donald Trump is right. He likened new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to himself. Like Trump, Johnson is brazen, bold and inconsistent and also, like Trump, branded a narcissist. This is clearly the new trend in leadership.

A description of Johnson from The Atlantic:

Yet, whether nature or nurture, this transformation from Alexander to Boris lies at the heart of the man who is likely to become British prime minister. This is Boris Johnson the enigma: the American Englishman, born in the New World but raised in the traditions of the old; a genuine intellect wrapped in a veneer of buffoonery; someone who has dismissed Donald Trump as “clearly out of his mind” and betraying a “quite stupefying ignorance,” yet remains on friendly terms with the notoriously thin-skinned president; a self-confessed megalomaniac who shies away from confrontation; a disheveled mess who bumbles from one success to the next.

Here is a man with a yearning to be loved—a “neediness” in the words of one biographer—that can reveal itself in a jaw-dropping recklessness, a “man-child politician” seemingly unable to control himself yet at the same time intensely focused. In his hands, Britain now finds itself in a moment of maximum danger—and opportunity.

You’ve probably guessed that not only do Johnson and Trump share personality traits; they also share a zodiac sign – Gemini. Johnson is born June 19; Trump, June 14.

While the personality traits of both men are consistent with the sign of Gemini (yes, in their inconsistency they are consistent), don’t think all Geminis are human cyclones.

The best of Gemini (and its ruler Mercury) is its incredible intelligence, ability to assimilate information and superior communication skills. Who wouldn’t want this in a leader?

Gemini is also able to adapt and is truly agile, a word overused in the workplace today to force change and innovation. Change is what is both desired and needed for masses of population on the globe. Who wouldn’t want a Gemini to help lead change?

In our desire for change, we may have gone a bit extreme. The youthful inquisitiveness and openness of Gemini for Johnson and Trump is unfortunately the “man child” who won’t grow up. While we like the openness of children, we also like them to eat their vegetables so that they grow up healthy and strong. And many children, don’t forget, want to grow up.

The moon in Trump’s chart is in Sagittarius. For Johnson, sources indicate a 2 pm birth time which places the moon in the very early degrees of Scorpio. However, when someone provides a time on the hour or half hour, I’m always a little suspect. Yes, you can be born at 10 am sharp, but the chances of being born exactly on the hour or half hour are 3%. So it’s possible Johnson’s moon is in the late degrees of air sign Libra, which is intelligent like Gemini but not as focused or as penetrating as Scorpio.

While Trump has Uranus conjunct sun, for Johnson Uranus is square the sun. The difference is that Trump’s inconsistencies are part and parcel with his identity. For Johnson, his inconsistencies are caused by reaction to dissenting views.

Saturn, one’s greatest challenge, for both men is in a water sign (Pisces for Johnson; Cancer for Trump). Intellect alone does not satisfy the deep inner longings of homo sapiens traveling for moments of eternity on earth. Johnson struggles to create a spiritual bond and Trump struggles to create a familial bond. Both probably feel unloved in different ways.

Are you starting to believe in astrology now?

Pulling Braids

Speaking of man-child behavior, I’m wondering if Trump’s attack on four female democratic house representatives – Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – isn’t the case of a naughty boy pulling the hair of a girl who sits in front of him in class.

If you’re an adult, you may have to think hard to remember that when you were pre-teen, you often reacted to your puppy-love crush by doing something stupid rather than openly affectionate (unless you are a Libra or Pisces).

My theory: First, we know Trump likes girls. Second, the four women are quite lovely. And lastly, from a sun-sign perspective, all would be traditionally compatible with Trump’s Gemini sun. Pressley is an Aquarius, Tlaib is a Leo, Omar and Ocasio-Cortez are Libras.

We know from the last several years (unless we’ve been suspended in deep freeze) that Trump likes to provoke. While 95% of the time I’m convinced he’s not truly as smart as his sun sign would suggest (China pays for tariffs with no affect to the consumer, for example), 5% of the time I’m convinced that he’s just having the time of his life saying whatever and seeing what happens.

I’ll admit, it sounds kind of fun to act crazy and see what others do in response. Humor you? Fear you? Commit you?

It’s also a form of psychic vampirism, stealing the energy of others by provoking response.

Telling four beautiful American women (in America) to “go back to where they came from,” is a way to get four beautiful American women to look your way. These four women were probably busy doing other things, like their jobs or taking care of their families.

Pressley’s Saturn is conjunct Trump’s sun so she’ll be the one to put him in his place (detention? principal’s office?).

Now that he is president, Trump doesn’t have the private leisure time to go to Vegas and see beautiful women. So he has to pick on them instead. And it’s free. All you get for free is a reprimand.

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Pete Buttigieg – Government Lizard

Lounges have “lizards.” Bars have “flies.” Gyms have “rats.” What do governments have?

Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

Why do these planets like government?

Mars, which rules Aries, likes competition. Did you pass me on the freeway? No you don’t. For Mars, everything is a competition which is why it’s drawn to sports. Competition can improve one’s abilities but at its worst creates a loss of self as one competes over nonsense and follows the running crowd without even knowing the destination or end goal.

Saturn, which rules Capricorn, likes order and control. Your backyard isn’t a backyard until Saturn builds a fence. If Saturn didn’t build borders, humanity would be one glutinous whole, like the rice in a tamale, breathing one breath. No Saturn, no individual self and, of course, no competition because what would a glutinous whole be competing against?

Pluto, which rules Scorpio, likes power, the kind that is generated by exploding stars, the kind that comes from this mysterious force called charisma, the kind that motivates others to do their best but can also motivate them to do their worst. “Plutocracy” comes from Pluto and describes a government in which the wealthy rule. Money is energy; power is how energy is used and Pluto is power.

Government Lizards

If Mars, Saturn and Pluto like government, what happens when they combine forces? Then you get Hillary Clinton with Mars, Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Leo. Rather than charisma, she carried the projection of these lizard-like forces and was viscerally disliked by many, even by some of those who voted for her.

Our quintessential government lizard Richard Nixon had Pluto in the house of career opposed to Mars. During the two years of Watergate until his resignation in August 1974, transiting Saturn was crossing his Pluto and entered his house of career essentially ending it.

Our beloved Thomas Jefferson had Mars and Saturn conjunct in Leo square Pluto in Scorpio. Like any politician, he had both allies and enemies but today we can’t feel the Mars/Saturn/Pluto and brush its tedious details, like having sex with the slaves, under the rug and are revere his adventuresome Aries sun and Sagittarius moon with its broad intellect and need for discovery.


When Mars, Saturn or Pluto make certain aspects to the moon (conjunct which is next to, square which is 90 degrees away and opposite which is 180 degrees away), the Mars, Saturn and Pluto energies become a compulsion rather than simply a desire. The moon can also represent women in one’s life, regardless of one’s gender. Generally there are issues with women, power struggles.

Mars aspects to the moon means that I want what I want now, now, now. It can also bring a great self-centeredness, depending on the signs involved. It is a very demanding aspect. There is a lot of emotional energy that others may find overwhelming. While this aspect likes government, it’s also fond of sports of leadership in any social setting.

Saturn aspects to the moon bring a strong need for control of the environment and one’s feelings. This aspect makes fine policemen too as enforcing the rules is a great pleasure. Saturn ultimately wants social order so those fences and borders are meant to prevent chaos. Saturn is the planet that most loves government.

Pluto aspects to the moon bring a compulsion for power over others. Here you can have suffocating closeness, the devouring mother (moon rules the mother) and a possession by others. Pluto crosses boundaries and penetrates, with or without permission. So this aspect can be emotional or physical possession, even rape. Pluto is drawn not just to government, but also to other forms of power such as religious leaders or any business, whether legal or not.

Mothers – don’t let your babies have difficult aspects to the moon! Later they go into government and

Pete Buttigieg

Speaking of government lizards, while doing the 15-minute Shakespeare rundown of Democratic candidates, the horoscope of Pete Buttigieg stood out. This is one driven individual, as we can also see from his curriculum vitae.

Buttigieg has Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Libra square (most of it) his sun in Capricorn. This creates an individual easily frustrated who wants to work with others, but also have its own way leading to difficulties in partnership. These three planets together appear to be charming (Libra) but are very determined to get what they want. Beware of the charm offensive!

The moon is either in Scorpio or Sagittarius. In either sign, it is conjunct Uranus, which is normally not associated with politics as it provides sudden insight and does the unexpected. There’s an additional Uranus cast to the horoscope with Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed sign so it’s quite stubborn, like Capricorn, but also brings uniqueness or eccentricity.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius. Scorpio is intense, rule by Pluto. Neptune in Sagittarius is the release valve in this horoscope (unless the moon is in Sagittarius) and is the seeker of heights, the challenger of the status quo and Don Quixote on horseback.

Combined, Buttigieg has confidence and mission, but also a level of insecurity. Libra wants to be liked and no matter that Mars/Saturn/Pluto are driven power brokers, there’s a bit of weakness in this aspect as it wants to look good at all costs.

If you could “build a politician” like you can “build a bear,” these are most of the signs and aspects you’d stuff inside.


According to this New York Times article, Buttigieg came out as gay in 2015. In that year, transiting Saturn was in Sagittarius first crossing Uranus (and possibly moon) and then Neptune.

Saturn transiting Uranus is a good time to tell the authorities “no.” Usually it causes some trouble but is necessary for one to be the true self. When Saturn crossed his Neptune at the end of 2017, there may have been some depression.

Now transiting Jupiter is in Sagittarius which provides the optimism and confidence that would lead one to run for president.

But what about 2020?

In 2020, the skies will be shedding earth energy upon us with Jupiter moving into earth-sign Capricorn to join Saturn and Pluto in that sign. Uranus with be in earth-sign Taurus. Neptune will be in water-sign Pisces.

For those with a predominance of air and fire energy, these are going to be tough times because it will feel like the cops busted up the party and the neighbors are planning to tell the cops you are under drinking age unless you fork over some cash.

But for the serious and intense among us, these times will be what they live for – saving democracy from authoritarianism, saving the planet from destruction and making sure your money can still buy things. Or they could do the opposite.

With a horoscope like this, Buttigieg is geared for Capricorn times. However, he might be better suited for the Pluto in Aquarius times that come in 2023. Expect to find Buttigieg in your political life for many years to come.

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The 15-Minute Rundown of Democratic Candidates

You’ve heard of 15-minute Shakespeare, right? A long, plot-heavy, character-laden Shakespeare play is reduced to its 15-minute essentials. The Democratic primaries will probably unfold much like a Shakespeare tragedy so let’s not spend too much time on these minor characters that will soon be dust in the wind.

Anyway, until astrologers get paid the big bucks, it will have to be a 15-minute glance.

The Summary

Twenty five candidates were found on Election Central. By sun sign we have a splattering of the zodiac but no Leo or Pisces. Pisces is no surprise; this super-sensitive, secretive sign isn’t much for the rough and tumble of politics. If you’re going to go in front of the public and lie every day, why not just become an actor?

Leo, on the other hand, seeks attention and historically has been a sign popular with the public. It’s a fixed fire sign, full of energy, charisma and self-confidence.

As transiting Uranus has entered Taurus, I’ve seen more Taurus sun and moon as the focus of attention. Two top contenders – Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren – have moon in Taurus.

Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure. The two Libras (Harris and O’Rourke) are rather young. Possibly the gruff and uncouth behavior of our current president is creating the desire for charm, youth and beauty.

Candidate count by sun sign:
Aries: 3
Taurus: 3
Gemini: 2
Cancer: 4
Leo: 0
Virgo: 2
Libra: 2
Scorpio: 3
Sagittarius: 2
Capricorn: 2
Aquarius: 2
Pisces: 0

The 15-minute Rundown

Candidate Sun/Moon What you need to know
Michael Bennet Sagittarius / Virgo or Libra Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in wide square to sun and Saturn in Aquarius suggest that Bennet will not have wide appeal. He’s more like a niche product than a general-election type of personality. Born abroad and sun in Sagittarius means he might prefer Secretary of State anyway.
Joe Biden Scorpio / Taurus Uranus transiting Taurus will be conjunct moon and opposing four planets in Scorpio. Taurus moon is the Rock of Gibraltar but Uranus is the unexpected. Expect the unexpected, is how it goes, including changes to the body.
Cory Booker Taurus / Virgo Uranus recently finished transiting a Saturn in 29 of Aries and now is transiting the sun. That means any big fights with authority have passed and Booker feels like a new man. Like hot rolls out of the oven, he’s fully baked but not quite cooled down. Also, Virgo moon can be a little too detailed for the American public.
Steve Bullock Aries / Capricorn Mars and Sun in Aries with Capricorn moon is definitely the stuff of politics, shrewd and aggressive. This configuration also creates irritability and impatience. With Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Pisces, this irritability may come across as “poor me.”
Pete Buttigieg Capricorn / Scorpio or Sagittarius Here is the great mark of a politician – Saturn conjunct Pluto square sun (and square transiting Saturn and Pluto). This is a Control Freak getting more controlling. If the moon is in Sagittarius, there’s a bit of levity. But with Uranus conjunct either sign of the moon, there’s a lot of emotional unpredictability. This man like Capricorn Ted Cruz or Mike Dewine will keep at it until he gets something.
Julian Castro Virgo / Libra Like Buttigieg, lots of need for control with Mars/moon/Pluto in Libra. The Virgo sun simply tries to organize it all in that OCD kind-of-way. Castro probably hasn’t learned to lose the battle and win the war and gets lost in the detail.
Bill deBlasio Taurus / Aquarius or Pisces Potentially lots of fixed signs which come across as set in ways. Saturn in 29 Capricorn going to get hit big with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto transits. He might want to hide until the election is over.
John Delaney Aries / Capricorn This is the same sun/moon as Steve Bullock with the same impatience and irritability. Also, Capricorn moon doesn’t come across as loveable and charming but fixed on duty and obligation which is not super-appealing to Americans. Saturn in Aquarius adds to the feeling of not fitting in with the crowd.
Tulsi Gabbard Aries / Cancer This chart is almost entirely a cardinal T-square of four planets in Aries, one in Cancer and three in Libra. Cardinal signs are go getters to the point you have to lock them out so they don’t clean your fridge and rearrange the portraits on your wall. There is charisma here, but also a pushy and overbearing nature.
Kirsten Gillibrand Sagittarius / Scorpio Moon, Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio create charisma and magnetism, especially with speech. I haven’t heard her but her voice is probably nice. The Sagittarius / Scorpio combination can create someone with flexibility but also tough as nails.
Mike Gravel Taurus / Scorpio or Sagittarius Gravel is currently experiencing his third Saturn return. Saturn returns represent maturity and crystallization and remind us of time and age. The recent transit of Uranus in Aries from 2010-2018 provided energy. That energy is waning.
Kamila Harris Libra / Aries Aries and Libra are the “self” and “other” axis and these energies always seek partnership to understand the self. Aries moon are the great challengers of systems and can push the limits far. Libra sun has to be careful to compromise self in order to be liked. Saturn in Aquarius fears rejection from the crowd.
John Hickenlooper Aquarius / Cancer The emotional and moody moon in Cancer is conjunct Uranus, which also rules his Aquarius sun. This can be highly unique and inventive but also erratic and eccentric. Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra is also a bit depressive.
Jay Inslee Aquarius / Pisces or Aries Where’s that moon, Jay? In Pisces, probably too moody and brooding for public life. Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Pisces can be a bit slick – what you say (Mercury and sun in Aquarius) is not what you mean. Saturn may oppose your moon which is like a rock around your big toe. Please send time of birth.
Amy Klobuchar Gemini / Gemini Pre-Trump, I would have said sun/moon/Mercury in Gemini is an absolute no-go in American politics. We’ve had only two presidents with Gemini sun – Trump and Bush the First. There’s a definite lack of empathy in this chart but that too may make the passing grade in this new world. With Gemini sun and moon, there’s generally another “life.”
Wayne Messam Gemini / Capricorn This combination could be called highly rational, rarely expressing emotion. Don’t try to beat him at chess and also don’t ask for sympathy because you have to think things through, not cry about them. He’s got the detachment for public life but may sacrifice family life for it.
Seth Moulton Scorpio / Leo Now here’s a more traditional, 20th century presidential chart with strong fixed signs and leadership qualities. There are huge amounts of confidence in this chart and not a little bit of arrogance. If he doesn’t let the fear of not being perfect trip him up, he can survive the long haul.
Beto O’Rourke Libra / Taurus Libra and Taurus are both ruled by the pleasure-loving, sensual Venus. O’Rourke has four planets in Libra and one in Taurus – that’s 50% of the chart preferring clean sneakers that won’t go into the thrift store ’cause it’s dirty. I don’t think this one can handle rolling in the mud with Trump.
Tim Ryan Cancer / Aquarius Ohio Astrology (OHA) endorses Tim Ryan for President because he’s from Ohio. Also, he has sun in Cancer and moon in Aquarius matching the July 4 chart of the United States. Cancer sun is charming (when it’s not biting your head off) and Aquarius moon is analytical so can control the head biting although it may cause tummy aches.
Bernie Sanders Virgo / Aries In 2016 when Sanders first ran for president, Uranus was in Aries. Now Uranus is in Taurus so the energy provided to his moon/Mars conjunction has passed. Sanders’ Saturn is in Taurus so I suspect he will not raise the money he did in 2016.
Tom Steyer Cancer / Gemini or Cancer Sun is in Cancer and the moon in Gemini or Cancer. Since Steyer’s net worth is over $1B, it’s probably moon in Cancer which likes to hoard things in its kangaroo pouch, including loved ones and money. Transiting Saturn and Pluto are opposite Venus in Cancer so the family is probably worried about this presidential run. Don’t worry, kids, Dad is just getting some natal Mars/Uranus conjunct in Leo center-of-attention. Really he’s too much of an idealist with Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo. A presidential run with Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn would also ruin his natal Neptune in 29 degrees of Libra relationship. I’m sure he doesn’t want that.
Eric Swalwell Scorpio / Aquarius or Pisces With Uranus conjunct sun in Scorpio, Neptune conjunct Mars in Sagittarius and four planets in Libra, there are too many bad habits that will probably come to light and preclude any future movement. With Jupiter currently transiting Sagittarius, there’s a bit of inflated ego that will be deflated quickly if he steps into the ring.
Elizabeth Warren Cancer / Taurus Taurus is “house” and Cancer is “home” so combined create a person who can build a foundation and also infuse it with warmth and emotion. The moon conjunct Uranus creates unpredictability and extreme sensitive. Taurus moon is unflappable and can limit excessive reaction. But when the opponent calls her momma a whore, will Warren be able to control herself?
Marianne Williamson Cancer / Capricorn or Aquarius Astrotheme has a chart with a time which indicates a Capricorn moon. If the moon perchance is in Aquarius, it would be like Tim Ryan, the same sun/moon as the July 4 chart of the United States. As a new ager, Williamson could just say so and brand herself a child of the revolution. If the moon is in Capricorn, she might want to ask what parental dynamics cause her to seek the presidency. She’s got a lot of cardinal energy, that pushy bossy energy that makes people want to fix things. You get it.
Andrew Yang Capricorn / Aquarius Neither Capricorn nor Aquarius is what you’d call “warm.” But two planets in Sagittarius and three in Aquarius definitely make Yang unique and innovative which might be a social-media sell today. You don’t always have to shake hands, do you? That Saturn in Cancer and transiting Pluto trouncing his sun suggest that the powers-that-be will tell him to split like a banana.
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It’s About Time You Listened to Your Astrologer

Cleaning out an over-stacked bookcase, I came across some old magazines, which is always enjoyable. Now why did I want to keep a 1995 issue of National Geographic? Which story made me save it for the last 24 years?

One old magazine I actually recall fondly and would have actually remembered still having is the February/March 1996 issue of The Mountain Astrologer which focused on the 1995-2003 transit of Uranus in Aquarius. The byline reads It’s About Time.

Time. They got it right.

Astrology and Economics

I’ve always likened astrology to economics. While there are some underlying immutable laws, the mix of factors makes prediction possible but never exact. Astrology is the same.

From 1995-2003 Uranus was in Aquarius the fixed air sign noted for its rebelliousness, revolutionary mindset, technology and inventive foresight and desire for the ideal society. Uranus “rules” Aquarius so it was like a double dose of Aquarius and a huge potential for great changes in social interaction.

As you’ve noticed, there were great changes in social interaction during that time.

If you were alive in 1995, you know that we did things are are obsolete today like plug our phones into the wall, leave home without any tracking device, driving to faraway places using a paper guide called a “map” and went to restaurants and movies without knowing what others thought about them. describes it best with an article title: The 1990s: When Technology Upended Our World.

But how exactly did technology upend our world?

Uranus in Aquarius

When we think of the “upended world,” we often think of the Internet, hand-held technology and social media. What it boils down to for me is the entry of ever-present moving image. We are visual creatures so moving image is highly addictive. Today more than ever you are physically with people, but they are not really there with you. It’s like seeing movies with others – you are together, but not.

Yet the opposite polarity of this ever-present moving image is that you are now connected digitally to people in other places on the planet. You are both more connected to others than ever and less connected to others than ever.

Many of the astrologers in the 1996 issue of The Mountain Astrologer focused on the potential changing social relations. One, Steven Forrest, wrote:

So what’s in store for us for us in the next seven or eight years? It is tempting to predict great upheavals in alternative medicine, computer technology, social relations and so forth – tempting because these predictions are 100 percent safe in that they’ve already reached critical mass. The question of what Uranus in Aquarius will really “make happen” is ultimately futile – the whole point is that we are about to be given unforeseeable gifts, the wild unpredictable fruit of individual human genius. In Uranian fashion, it does not proceed logically out of the past, but rather hits with startling surprise of a lightning bolt. Only this shock of light doesn’t fade.

Gloria Star wrote:

Today we hear some politicians talking about humanistic ideals, but do not always see humanitarian results. The body politic needs a new revolution, and during the next several years it will create at least one! The battles will, once again, be fought over self-expression. We are removing many barriers and creating a more global society . . .

In addition to the articles on changing social relations, this February/March 1996 issue of The Mountain Astrologer included the articles Changing Our Minds About Time, The Mystery of Time: Our Inner Relativity, Breaking the Time Famine, and A New Timepeace: Bending and Mending Time.

The social upheaval was just beginning and the astrologers linked the astrological symbolism and the current social patterns to understand the great changes that would occur with social relations and time.

Social relations and time . . . what’s the connection?


If we go back to the early 20th century, many folks did not have telephones. To talk to someone, you had to see them in person. The invention of the telephone made communication by voice possible over long distances. If you didn’t want to talk to someone, you didn’t answer the phone.

The change to digital didn’t just offer enhanced ability to communicate and convenience; it also removed the physical barriers. You no longer “can’t answer the phone” with the same impunity. We are now all emergency room doctors on call 24/7.

The collapse of barriers appears to have also collapsed time itself. As digital allows uninvited entry, there is more activity in the ever-present now than ever before. The more activity, the more time passes.

While the early promise of digital was convenience, the open borders have created in influx of relationships to manage from the most important personal and business relationships to relationships with every minor aspect of your life, such as managing a relationship with a business that provides you hand lotion.

Uranus in Aquarius collapsed time. The space between you and the outside world was a bridge of time that no longer exists.

And everyone wants everything now. There is no more time. Only poor people in faraway places have the time to make the stuff that the digital world wants now.

Uranus in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus

The other day while standing at the break room microwave, I noticed a scale under the table. No one was around, I observed, so maybe I’d take a quick weight check. Pulling it out and stepping on, I discovered it was digital. I could not simply see my weight.

How did it work? Where was the manual? Would I have to Google it to see how it worked?

There was time, back when this issue of The Mountain Astrologer was produced, where I could step on a scale and see my weight. I could also park without the use of a smart phone app. I could do many things directly without a digital screen in between.

If Uranus in Aquarius brought the digital transformation, Uranus in Pisces (2003 – 2011) made us worship it and Uranus in Aries (2010 – 2019) created the intense personalization (see My Uranus in Aries).

Now that Uranus is in fixed earth-sign Taurus and moving direct (since March 2019), technology is the new norm, it is reality. There is no going back to the simple life of stepping on the scale and knowing your weight. Every activity is a data transfer to a collector of data.

Digital data is now a commodity. Your behavior is a commodity. Shoshana Zuboff calls this “surveillance capitalism.”

The Free and Open Internet – Did You Enjoy it?

Aquarius’ elevator speech models the French Revolution – Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Uranus was discovered in 1781, a few years before the Bastille was stormed. The discovery of Uranus coincided with what we call the Age of Enlightenment.

When Uranus was in Aquarius in 1996, the ideal was a free and open Internet. And it did exist that way, until about the time Uranus moved into Pisces (2003).

What both economists and astrologers can miss is the interplay of future energies on current patterns. Economists try hard to add the unknown. Astrologers have the advantage of knowing future transits.

Many other articles in The Mountain Astrologer looked ahead to the continuing transit of Pluto in Sagittarius then later (which is now) Pluto in Capricorn.

While Uranus in Aquarius in a vacuum is a free and open Internet, bring on Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) religious wars and Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) authoritarianism and these Uranus in Aquarius changes in social relations and time are exploited by those that want to control.

In The Guardian article China’s hi-tech war on its Muslim minority we see all the promise of free and open information used in the way of the old-fashioned, 20th century prison bars. Now that behavior is a commodity, there may no longer be a need for brick and mortar prisons. Now that’s digital for you!

Like the electric fence that keeps dogs in front yards, the digital that enlightened us is now the digital that controls us. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are still the highest aims of Aquarius. While 2020 and 2021 are filled with planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) which seeks social order but can fall into authoritarian control to achieve it, beginning in 2022 the planets move into Aquarius and in 2024, Pluto will follow.

Hopefully Pluto in Aquarius will retain the highest goals of the digital transformation which are global awareness, free and open information and the focus on “now” to solve social problems, not simply to ship products.

This transformation may have to first pass through Aquarian brotherhoods where you have to gain entry into these ideal societies until they become a larger, social norm.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, we can keep up with our astrologers who are looking ahead and providing the signs. It’s time to listen to the astrologers.

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D-Day (Donald Day)

On his recent trip to Normandy to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day, the media pointed out that US President Donald Trump acted appropriately for the occasion.

So what?

It’s a pet peeve, I’ll admit, what I call the “Underachiever Game.” It goes like this. You constantly underachieve by opposition, laziness, avoidance or plain incompetence. Then, one day, you do what you are supposed to be doing and suddenly you are awarded a gold star.

You know, like the colleague who socializes from Monday morning through Friday afternoon then works “overtime” to get the big project done – the one that could have been done Tuesday morning. But when you deliver on Tuesday morning, then those around you give you more work. So the Underachiever Game involves having the minimum output for the maximum input. It’s clever, I admit.


So President Trump did what is normally required of the role of President of the United States – he acted like an adult. Clearly Trump has issues with adulthood which is why, I suppose, there is so little mention of his birthday. Birthdays mean aging and aging means death.

Donald Trump is 73 this year. He’s 73 today. Today is his birthday.

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

Solar Return

Your “birthday” is called in astrology your “solar return.” The sun returns to the spot where it was when you were born.

A solar return chart is cast for the time you were born had it been on this year’s birthday. I’ve found the solar return chart is a good indication of the themes of the year (birthday-to-birthday).

As you’ve read here on OHA, this is Trump’s “Liver Year” with transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct his natal moon. As Trump’s natal horoscope is filled with air and fire energy, Jupiter expands this and Trump, for all of his frowning belligerence, most likely enjoys the constant action and reaction.

The solar return suggests more “liver.” Jupiter will not pass into Capricorn until the end of the year adding to an abundance of earth energy in the skies (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus). Trump is filled with air and fire so would find earth a slow-down and, frankly, kind of boring.

This year’s solar return also contains quite a bit of water which represents emotion and connection. On this day, transiting Mercury and Mars are in Cancer, the moon is in Scorpio and Neptune is in Pisces. Trump has some water in his horoscope, but unfortunately one of the planets in water is Saturn suggesting a feeling of not belonging.

Possibly Trump’s normal behavior in Europe is the beginning of a desire to truly connect with others. This solar return moon in Scorpio is opposing (widely) Uranus in Taurus. So he will probably, as is his pattern, vacillate between trying to feel for others and creating a solid boundary.

The air and fire in Trump’s chart loves people and connecting with people but in a fun, inspiring or light way – talking about an idea, enjoying sports together, traveling – these are the ways he has been connecting. Visiting a cemetery is a new way to connect, one that brings up feelings of sadness rather than inspiration.

The solar return moon in Scorpio (in the third house) can also become obsessive. In the third house, it’s obsession with others in the environment, possibly a sexual or emotional obsession. It can also be suspicious and overly questioning of the motives of others.

Yes, as President of the United States, there are people out to get you. It’s true. But there are also people who just want to say hi.

While Trump’s natal Saturn is in Cancer suggesting that he feels like an outsider in his family, his Venus is also in this sign suggesting that family is also the greatest pleasure. This solar return Trump may spend more time with his family and less time with friends. Neptune transiting his 7th house also suggests that there is a family member with issues involving emotions or substance abuse.

Hopefully at age 73, Trump will begin to feel that he belongs. Maybe he will understand that he is one of us, one of the Americans. Maybe if he felt a sense of belonging, he wouldn’t relate so much to our enemies.

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