You can’t eradicate half a duality

Polarity is a continuum of a particular energy with two extremes – poles. The tai chi symbol is a polarity and teaches that when energy is extreme it becomes its opposite.

Polarity is not duality. Duality is the “fake news” of polarity and creates artificial divides and calls them opposites. The American two-party political system is a perfect example of a dualism where the political landscape is split in two which forces the populace to pick “a side” of two factions that are a mishmash of beliefs that have no particular consistency but are under the guise of certain principles (which have also lost meaning) of “conservative” and “liberal.”

The Western world and the United States in particular are extremely dualistic in thinking. The United States splits much into two great divides with smaller players hanging on the edge: political parties (Republican/Democrat); carbonated beverage (Coke/Pepsi); toothpaste (Colgate/Crest); and big box stores (Target/Walmart).

Dualism creates the attitude of “you’re with me or against me” and also feeds a sense of superiority, regardless of which side of the dualism is preferred. Dualism is the “divide and conquer” strategy of olden times and continues to work effectively even at these times of extreme change when unity is required.

The astrological polarities being activated now are in the cardinal square. Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Aries and Libra are one polarity; Cancer and Capricorn the other. The Aries-Libra polarity is the first polarity of a horoscope and a good place to start with polarity.

Aries is “self” and Libra is “other.” Aries establishes the self and self-esteem, the positive energy needed to wake each day with energy and optimism. The “other” is Libra, those people “out there.” Libra’s focus is relationship, its skill is charm and its way to maintain relationship is to constantly adjust to the needs of the other. Libra energy reflects off of the other to define self, the self that Aries establishes on its own.

Too much Aries is too much self-centeredness which leads to harm to others. Too much Libra is loss of individuality and manipulation of others to get needs met. All “others” who exist out there come from individual “selves” so self and other are contained within each other. And what human is happy without a connection to others?

This is polarity.

After Aries learns to balance self with others, it moves to the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Cancer is the personal consciousness, the emotional self that wants to nurture, and be nurtured. While Cancer is personal consciousness, its motivation is to find its family or group to which it emotionally “belongs.” Cancer can feel “motherly.”

Opposite Cancer is Capricorn or the social consciousness. This is where we decide what we want to be in the world, what it means to be successful and how we are going to take care of our family and society through proper laws and social structure. While Capricorn can be coldly ambitious, its motivation is to earn respect from others. Capricorn can feel “fatherly.”

Who benefits from duality?

Currently there are three planets transiting Capricorn, planets that describe social and generational changes: Jupiter, Saturn (just went back into Capricorn), and Pluto. Mars, the planet that rules Aries, just went into Aries for a long six months as it will go retrograde (backwards) during this transit.

The polarities of self/other and personal/social are activated at this time. If Americans weren’t dualistic in their thinking, instead of arguing about a constantly-changing “this” and “that,” we would discuss the polarities: How far do personal freedoms go when they affect others? What is public and what is private? How and when do you cut into private to promote public?

Air is public in its nature – you can’t section off a bit of air (yet). So if I (self) pollute the air, it affects the public (others). This is obvious but when we discuss public health, we can’t seem to create the same foundation of understanding that built highways, airports, and sewage systems.

In the United States, duality has created great ironies. An authoritarian Capricorn system is removing safeguards (rather than putting them in place) in the guise of Aries/Cancer private “freedoms.” Capricorn’s goal is to protect public rules and laws.

Dualistic thinking keeps people arguing while neither private nor public wins. No one wins in a duality. A dual is not a duel where one man dies.

You can’t eradicate half a duality

The lesson of polarity (and astrology) is balance. Polarities are managed by staying in balance. After all these years I understand why the ancient Chinese called it the “middle way.” Stay in the center of yourself and you stay in the balance with your own polarities. There is the path to peace.

By making polarities dualities, the dualistic sides are continuously trying to eradicate each other, as they’ve done throughout history. The most notorious are dualities based on religious or philosophical belief that decided to eradicate the duality, people had to die.

It never works and never will.

In the United States, we want to eradicate racism. But how can we eradicate racism without eradicating the other side of the racism duality which is white superiority which defines the very culture? And how can we eradicate racism when the races are split into two different, dualistic neighborhoods?

Those that promote duality are watching their fellow humans destroy each other and the earth for their own gain. Every time we engage in duality, we give our energy to those that promote duality. They win and we lose energy (and money and property). Duality is like a bipolar disorder that is fed by those that like to watch us swing back and forth draining our life force.

Balance is the key to the horoscope. Some are born with more natural balance; some have to work very hard to achieve it.

We can try to achieve balance and then discuss rationally how to protect public health and also maintain people’s livelihoods at the same time. Or we can continue our historical attempts to eradicate half of a fake duality.

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Trail of Time: July 11, 1843 / July 11, 2020

The National Museum of the American Indian is my favorite museum of all time. Why? While it’s technically a museum about the heritage of people who were living on this land before contact, it’s really, truly a museum about how to live on earth, how to cherish the earth and how to live in harmony with it and humbly upon it.

“Tree hugger” is a pejorative term that shows modern man’s complete disconnection from the source of his life – earth. In The National Museum of the American Indian we see images of people accepting that they are dependent upon earth and cherishing it through love and ceremony. That we have to be taught to cherish air and water would be unbelievable to a visitor from another planet, yet it is true.

Consumer culture is attempting to make a certain kind of economic peace with the earth. Yet, much of our sustainability efforts are unmet and constantly challenged by the force of business. Because something can be recycled, for example, doesn’t mean that it is and our goals of sustainability are geared toward keeping up with consumerism rather finding sustainability for essential needs and conserving for future generations.

We’re cycling forward and backward in some interesting ways and with some ironies. For example, the western world is now embracing spiritual and mental practices of the Far East such as yoga and meditation. Is this backwards or forwards?

And technological advances may make us feel like we’re moving forward. But these same advances keep us busier than ever, disconnected from our physical world and allow wealth to be concentrated in a few individuals and organizations as in a feudal state. It this backwards or forwards?

July 11, 1843

In The Ohio Frontier: An Anthology of Early Writing, we learn the last Indians of Ohio, the Wyandots, left on July 11, 1843. This was in the middle of forced Indian migration starting with the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the Trail of Tears which forced southeastern tribes to migrate west of the Mississippi River.

Our citizens seemed to look upon the scene of their departure from among us with feelings of melancholy interest. To reflect that the last remnants of a powerful people, once the proud possessors of the soil we now occupy, were just leaving their beloved hunting grounds and the graves of their ancestors – that their council fires had gone out and their wigwams were deserted – was well calculated to awaken the liveliest of sympathies of the human heart. No one, we are sure, who felt such emotions, could refrain from breathing a devout aspiration to the “Great Spirit,” that he would guide and protect them on their journey, and carefully preserve them as a people after they shall have arrived at their new home in the far, far west.

The social and outer planet placements on that day: Jupiter 26 Aquarius; Saturn 22 Capricorn; Uranus 2 Aries; Neptune 20 Aquarius; Pluto 22 Aries.

Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Aquarius representing visions of the ideal society. Clearly “ideal” is in the eye of the beholder. Pluto and Saturn were square representing the aggressive social imperative. Uranus was in 2 Aries as it was in May 2011 which was during the time of the Arab Spring. Uranus in Aries is about self-awareness and self-assertion. Often this translates into standing up for one’s rights. Uranus in Aries gone bad is self-interest at the expense of others.

Aquarius and Aries are both futuristic signs – Aquarius has the ideas and Aries has the motivation. Together this indicates great scientific and technological advance. Neptune  into Aquarius again in the 2000s and was at 20 degrees 2007-2009; this round brought digital life and digital communities and new ideals based upon technology.

For the Native Americans, it was the Saturn in Capricorn that they experienced; they were not part of this ideal society and had to go. The United States has Pluto in 27 degrees of Capricorn which is evolutionary lessons regarding society, social structure and social consciousness. Transiting Pluto in Aries was square to natal Pluto and decided that forced removal rather than integration was needed.

July 11, 2020

The social and outer planet placements on this day: Jupiter 22 Capricorn; Saturn 29 Capricorn; Uranus 10 Taurus; Neptune 20 Pisces; Pluto 23 Capricorn.

There’s lots of Capricorn energy this year. Saturn moved into Aquarius at the end of March as we began social distancing due to coronavirus. Now it has gone retrograde and is back in Capricorn and, surprise, we are back to where we were in March with increased rates of coronavirus. Scientists and astrologers were aligned on this one . . .

If the evolutionary lesson of the United States involves society, social structure and social consciousness, the current energies are a wonderful opportunity for growth in these areas. Are you loving it?

The very foundation of United States social structure is being challenged. For example, in Columbus, Ohio a statue of Christopher Columbus was torn down in front of a college called Columbus State. The statue is gone but the city name remains. Who are you Columbus? Will your name change? Now that the statue is gone, how will you be different?

Pluto in Capricorn returning to its original placement in the chart of the United States suggests we can take a step up the evolutionary ladder to a higher manifestation of Capricorn. In its lowest form, Capricorn is hierarchical, authoritarian and rigid. In its highest form, it is about respect and the organization of society based on the rule of law to support respect. Class systems come from Capricorn which wants to create a “superior” and “inferior” way of being because of Capricorn’s greatest fear – failure.

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Amy Acton Needs a Hug: But Don’t Try to Give Her One

So much chaotic, volatile and shifting energy this year of 2020 with a presidential impeachment (yes, that spanned into this year but I did have to check), a pandemic, physical distancing, an election process all but canceled, protests over race inequality and government control and massive unemployment.

And it’s only June. And astrological indicators suggest it will continue.

The energy of authority, challenging authority and public judgment comes from Capricorn. During this year Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are all in or have been in this sign which is about social order, social control and authority. Pluto is destroying and transforming in this area of life.

The social distancing comes from Saturn entering Aquarius which is the sign of humanity, social organizations and ideals. Saturn contracts so has made it difficult to be Aquarius – “social distancing” must have been devised by the gods of astrology.

Efforts to connect and methods of escape or avoidance come from Neptune in Pisces which is empathetic, emotional, and connected but so sensitive that it often escapes through drugs, alcohol or other addictions.

And who better to stand at the podium this year than Ohio’s former Health Director Amy Acton: sun in Aquarius, moon and Venus in Capricorn and Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces.

Acton has recently left the stage; the energy will not.

Amy Acton Rational

Sun in Aquarius and moon in Capricorn is rational, reserved, cautious, and responsible. Both signs are perfectionist and demanding. Both are very, very stubborn. They may comply with rules (Aquarius if they seem rational and Capricorn because they are rules) but will not (and I mean will not) do anything they do not want to do.

Moon in Capricorn is a rather difficult placement of taking on too much responsibility coupled with an emotional reserve and detachment that makes it difficult to connect to others. The recent pandemic response is a situation made for this placement: you can’t prove a negative so Acton’s efforts while viewed by some as excessive could have been the very reason we’re doing okay right now and can complain about it.

It’s a perfect situation to explain how moon in Capricorn tries to help by doing it all but can feel be deprived of the recognition or understanding that others get who are more flashy or self-aggrandizing. Capricorn moon carries the world on its shoulders.

Fire is the element lacking in the chart (although there may be fire rising sign but time of birth is needed to know that). Fire likes the fight for the fight and isn’t shy about taking credit where credit is due (or sometimes not due). Acton isn’t up for a fight unless there are clear, tangible results to winning.

And had the pandemic response been different and had many more died, who would have received the blame? Taking such a responsibility is clearly burdensome and many stay away from it. Capricorn moon is drawn to it.

There are other indicators of her intelligence and rationality including Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto/Uranus in Virgo. It’s no surprise she gets along well with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who has sun in Capricorn and moon in Gemini who is also detached, practical and intelligent.

Amy Acton Emotional

Then there’s the Acton that is emotional and empathetic with Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio. She really would like to hug you, but she has to know you closely and for a very, very long time before that can happen. And then she still would probably shake hands.

But I’m sure after what’s she’s been through since the beginning of the year, she needs some water-sign pleasure: a big hug, a two-month hot bath, a long vacation on the beach, or a bottle of wine – daily; these are a few of the water signs’ favorite things.

With transiting Neptune on natal Saturn making a T-square to Jupiter and Pluto/Uranus, there’s just some sadness about it all, for Acton. She would cry for you, but she’s also hoping you’ll see reason. Capricorn moon doesn’t like to cry too much, especially in public. She may not understand the depth of her sadness. It can come out as irritation and sarcasm but is really sadness.

Amy Acton Worker Bee

Whether she cries for you or thinks for you, she’ll probably continue to work hard for Ohio. Transiting Saturn on her sun and transiting Pluto and Jupiter on her moon guarantee that she will stay in the game, is still interested in responsibility. She might have taken a breather, but she’s feeling a compulsion to continue on with her cautioned, reasoned approach to the situation.

She may try to walk away from what’s “out there,” but most if not all of the “out there” energy is also inside of her. She’ll be back at the podium.

But before that, she really should take a long beach vacation.

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The United States’ Pluto Return: Disillusionment and Transformation

Watching the fear, anger and outbursts over the last several months I have same thought: It’s about time.

Disillusionment in Buddhist tradition is a great thing because you are remove your illusions. While many seem to think the United States changed in 2016, history suggests it actually stayed the same but much of the veneer was lost.

In Charles Dickens’ novel Martin Chuzzlewit published 1844, young Martin Chuzzlewit (there’s an older Martin Chuzzelwit as well) goes to America to seek his fortune. Even before young Martin lands on shore, Dickens points out the hypocrisy American culture as he describes the scene of an American gentleman who comes on deck with his belongings:

He likewise struck his hands deep into his pockets, and walked the deck with his nostrils dilated, as already inhaling the air of Freedom which carries death to all tyrants, and can never (under any circumstances worth mention) be breathed by slaves.

The men young Martin meets talk about one thing – dollars.

All their cares, hopes, joys, affections, virtues, and associations, seemed to be melted down into dollars. Whatever the chance contributions that fell into the slow cauldron of their talk, they made the gruel thick and slab with dollars. Men were weighed by their dollars, measures gauged by their dollars; life was auctioneered, appraised, put up, and knocked down for its dollars. The next respectable thing to dollars was any venture, having their attainment for its end. The more of that worthless ballast, honour and fair-dealing, which any man cast overboard from the ship of his Good Name and Good Intent, the more ample stowage-room he had for dollars. Make commerce one huge lie and mighty theft. Deface the banner of the nation for an idle rage; pollute it star by star; and cut out stripe by stripe as from the arm of a degraded soldier. Do anything for dollars! What is a flag to them!

In another passage, Dickens explains what traits American men admire in other men:

He was the greatest patriot, in their [American men talking by the stove] eyes who brawled the loudest, and who cared the least for decency. He was their champion, who in the brutal fury of his own pursuit, could cast no stigma upon them, for the hot knavery of theirs. Thus, Martin learned in the five minutes’ straggling talk about the stove, that to carry pistols into legislative assemblies, and swords in sticks and other such peaceful toys; to seize opponents by the throat, as dogs or rats might do; to bluster, bully and overbear by personal assailment; were glowing deeds.

Does this not sound exactly like today? Does this not describe, exactly, the current president?

Dickens criticized hypocrisy on both sides of the Atlantic. On the British side, the character Tom Pinch is kind, openhearted and guileless and one day, finally, sees the true and hypocritical nature of the man Pecksniff to whom he’s been employed most of his adult life and whom he believed to be a paragon of virtue in spite of the many people who tried to convince him otherwise. Rather than being angry at the scoundrel Pecksniff he has a very wise and rational perspective – the man he thought was Pecksniff never truly existed:

But there was no Pecksniff; there never had been a Pecksniff.

Pecksniff had gone out of the world – had never been in it – and it was as much as Tom could do to say his prayers without him. But he felt happier afterwards, and went to sleep, and dreamed about him as he Never Was.

There are surely some tangible things to lose right now like your house and your job; however, some intangibles we think we lost may never have existed such as peace, fraternity, liberty and democracy. It’s a realization, a clear-view, not a change in external reality, and is the first step in transformation.

Pluto in Capricorn-Manifest Destiny

In a couple years Pluto will return to the place it was in the US chart in 1776. Capricorn’s keyword is “I use” and that has been our evolutionary lesson since inception. The Capricorn desire to dominate and control has been given many names throughout our history including Manifest Destiny, Monroe Doctrine, Reagan Revolution, and recently War on Terror.

In Manifest Destiny and Mission in American History, Frederick Merk writes:

Manifest Destiny, by contrast, seemed on close examination, despite its breath-taking sweep, to be parochial. It’s postulates were that Anglo-Saxons are endowed as a race with innate superiority, that Protestant Christianity holds the keys to Heaven, that only republican forms of political organization are free, and the future – even the predestined future – can be hurried along by human hand, and that the means of hurrying it, if the end be good, need not be inquired into too closely. Undeniably, some Americans were satisfied with such ideals. But a large majority appraised them – at least in periods when the nation was at peace – at their true worth.

The greatest irony to me is that the freedom that Americans think they have or believe they had and have lost was most like the Native American cultures that existed in North America prior to contact. Those cultures had freedom of movement, no government, no police, no prisons, and no “owned” land. A free life means sometimes you move to find food. Sometimes you are killed by others. That’s freedom too.

Neptune in Pisces-Disillusionment and Escape

The current transit of Neptune in its own sign of Pisces provides energy for pure spiritual growth – the kind that is personal and internal and can’t be assessed by others. This kind of spirituality is about the paradox of connectedness and loss of self. But that loss of self is not the psychological kind where you relinquish accountability for yourself and actions by giving your power to another. It’s the kind that frees us from our self-inflicted prisons which make us feel separate.

Possibly Neptune in Pisces can help us understand that freedom is spiritual as well as political.

Neptune and Pisces gone bad is escapism and we see a lot of that too with drugs, alcohol and media abuse which is often encouraged by the outside world who know that disillusionment leads to change and fear it.


As Pluto returns to its natal position in the chart of the United States, there is increasing awareness that the ideals of our nation are pure, but, like Pecksniff, they never “were” for many segments of the population. Freedom was not for everyone.

As Merk says in Manifest Destiny and Mission in American History, while Manifest Destiny subsided during two world wars, mission did not:

Mission, on the contrary, remained alive and is as much alive at present as it ever was. It is still the beacon lighting the way to individual and political freedoms – to equality of right before law, equality of economic opportunity, and equality of all races and creeds. It is still, as always in the past, the torch held aloft by the nation at its gate – to the world and to itself.

Transform, it’s time!

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The Pandemic Cycle: We’ve Only Just Begun

When reading the news these days, I have to constantly remind myself that most don’t study astrology and understand the world as a series of overlapping cycles and patterns.

The common view of the world appears to me to be a ray with a starting point (our birth) and a line extending forever in one direction (life and death).

Before we were born? Nothing.

Eternity, according to, is “something present at all times with no beginning or end,” while infinity is something “that can’t be measured.” The symbol for infinity is the continuous movement of circular pattern.

Those seeking “eternal life” after death are thinking of a ray. If one believes in eternal life, it’s already here and existed before birth. It’s not something that comes after something else.

Astrology is like infinity not eternity. It is not a religious belief system (although some may make it that) but an acknowledgement of the unceasing circular patterns of our existence.


For those that read the daily horoscope, the predictions are based on the faster-moving bodies around us: moon, Mercury and Venus.

The prediction that today you will meet “a tall dark stranger” could be the moon passing your Venus or Venus over your sun.

If that tall dark stranger stays in your life this year, you are involved in an annual cycle of sun, Mars or Jupiter. With positive aspects, these planets provide energy and a sense of life and you are enjoying the tall dark stranger. If negative aspects, this tall dark stranger is meant to provide a different type of lesson such as a pattern you ought to part with.

If the tall dark stranger stays in your life permanently, then Saturn is involved. Saturn is a contracting energy and not always viewed with pleasure by astrologers but long-lasting relationships involve Saturn.

If the stranger rocks your worldly perception as a teacher or spiritual leader might do, then we’re talking about Uranus and Neptune. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s probably Uranus. If it feels comfortable, it’s probably Neptune. But both are meant to evolve you so if you’re uncomfortable with no growth or comfortable but leading toward escapism, find another teacher.

Pluto is the cycle of transformation which normally occurs with the forced removal of your personal nuclear waste. But it doesn’t have to be forceful; you can acquiesce. But we normally don’t. The tall dark stranger in this case is probably more of a force which results in a permanent change to your being.

Outer Planet Cycles

As I watch the world return to “normal” and “the new normal” which appears to be a re-branding of the old normal, I realize we’re caught in ray thinking.

Nothing started and nothing ended. Astrologically speaking, we’re in the middle of intense cycles that are pushing us to growth.

Which cycles?

The broadest, longest cycle is Pluto in Capricorn which began in 2008 and is not complete and won’t be fully finished for 3-4 more years. This cycle tore down our societal structures. We put them back together but pandemic took them down again.

Are we going put them back together the same way a second time? Right now it appears so.

Pluto takes 248 years to complete a cycle so represents the cycle of evolution. Pluto in Capricorn in 2008 is the half-cycle of Pluto in Cancer which began in 1913 when we shifted from family and community security to corporate and government security. For the United States, this represents a Pluto “return” meaning we are meant to evolve.

Our next cycle is Neptune in Pisces which began in 2011 and will last until about 2026. Neptune brings spiritual comfort but can also tend toward escapism. Pisces sun and moon Mr. Rogers has become a resurrected hero during this need for spirituality in pure form (Neptune rules Pisces). Escapism is also rampant in the form of drugs (whether deemed legal or illegal) and excessive media. Since Pisces wants to merge, social distancing creates great spiritual disturbances which are replaced by connection with our addictions.

Our next cycle is Uranus in Taurus, which started in May 2018 and will last until 2026. This is shock and awareness related to money, body, and property. This cycle is also in its early stages. Learn early and the rest of the cycle will be the pure bliss of body and material awareness.

These three outer planets are generational. Those born during it or young during it will have this imprint on the rest of their lives. They do not represent what you will have for lunch tomorrow so you won’t find them mentioned too much in your daily horoscope.

Social Cycles

This brings us to the social planets of Jupiter and Saturn where we meet society at school, work and church. Jupiter is an annual cycle and changed signs (into Capricorn) last December. Saturn just changed signs on March 23 (from Capricorn to Aquarius).

Our pandemic cycle within the larger cycles appears to be a cycle of Jupiter and Saturn. While Jupiter changes signs every year, Saturn takes 2.5 years.

While Saturn went into Aquarius, it will pop back out in July and be in Capricorn again until December. In early December, Jupiter and Saturn will join in Aquarius. The conjunction of these planets have been noted by astrologers for centuries as bringing about social change.

Astrologer Elisabeth Grace has a wonderful article What’s So Great About A Great Mutation? which describes what’s occurring in detail including the 20-year cycle of this conjunction and what it means to be in an air sign (Aquarius).

As the fates would have it, I noticed in my own bookshelves The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo that occurred in 1981 with Jupiter and Saturn in Libra. Liz Greene says in one of her lectures:

In Medieval and Renaissance astrology, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is always considered to herald a change in rulership – the death of a king and an interregnum of chaos and the emergence of a new king.

We will all read this differently but remember there’s a world of kings out there with many changes occurring simultaneously.

Looking at the astrology of this time for many years already, I’m fascinated by how it manifested. While other astrologers might have seen illness (Neptune in Pisces maybe?), I definitely did not; however, the effects are what was expected from theses transits – sudden and transformative changes to the structure of society, government and authority.

The Pandemic Cycle: We’ve Only Just Begun

The pandemic cycle is the beginning of a two-and-a-half year cycle of how we live as a society. Our 20th century words – democracy, theocracy, socialism, and communism – no longer apply. There are no longer any substantial differences (if there ever were) between governments. We have varying levels of freedoms and varying ruler titles (queen, prime minister, president, king) but the effects are now increasingly homogenous.

As with any cycle, it is the result of our past cycles and leads to our future cycles. We created it; astrology simply describes it. Had we come into the pandemic cycle with sustainable economies, the results would have been different because we would have been farther along in the growth that was meant to occur.

Saturn in Aquarius is the social distancing we’re being asked to maintain. Yet Saturn also crystallizes so the groups and societies formed in this cycle will be long lasting and part of the transformations that will continue to occur in 2024-2026 as Pluto moves into Aquarius, Neptune into Aries and Uranus into Gemini. Those are air and fire signs which are more extroverted and expressive. Today’s energy is earth and water which is more introverted and reflective.

The Pandemic Cycle is forcing reflection as well as the space and time in which to devise new and innovative ways to share the planet.

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Dear Twenty Somethings and Thirty Somethings,

You were born with a distinct fate. You are meant to change the entire social structure of the earth. And you are also meant to change how we perceive. Technology is only a part of that of that change. It’s your time although some older generations won’t step aside yet – they are hanging onto the past.

From the mid 1980s until the early 2000s, the planets Uranus and Neptune both passed through Capricorn and Aquarius, sometimes at the same time. Uranus is the planet of shock, awareness and enlightenment. Neptune is spirituality, dissolution and merging.

Uranus brings innovation; Neptune glamorization.

Dear Thirty Somethings,

You were born during great business innovation. There are fewer corporations than ever but their power and influence is also the greater than ever. Many decisions about society are driven by corporate goals. Marketing is now in everything you see and constant consumption is needed for society to remain stable.

Privatization of common good was promoted; public spaces are disappearing and with it local culture. The rise of pharmaceuticals and aggressive marketing behind them has created public health crises such as the opioid epidemic. Financial institutions are too big to fail.

Then in 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn and tore it all down.

You may have experienced hardships then and hoped they would not return. But Pluto wasn’t done and the need to restructure society including financial structure was ignored.

Now a pandemic recreated 2008 in a different way as Jupiter and Saturn joined in Capricorn in early 2020.

This is your time to use your intelligence and innovation to start again, in a different way. Your Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn are looking for stability but also a structure where hard work is rewarded and your efforts to improve yourself have a place to manifest.

Capricorn wants to work hard, to improve things, to fix problems. Capricorn avoids the path of least resistance. Society tumbling down is a great opportunity to put it back together in a better way. This is your time.

Dear Twenty Somethings,

Like Thirty Somethings, you were meant to change society. You have more Aquarius influence than your Thirty Something brethren. Aquarius is more rebellious, more willing to try something new and risky, use technology or new innovation.

Aquarius is idealistic and perfectionist. Capricorn’s ideas appeal to you from an organizational standpoint, but may not be visionary enough. But Capricorn can help because visions take hard work to manifest or they are merely pipe dreams.

Your generation idealizes both business and technology so is in love with the tech entrepreneurs; they are your gods.

More than innovative, you came onto the earth with a whole new way of perceiving. It’s almost like you came from another planet. And, of course, this causes problems because parents want to protect you so do not always encourage your “differentness.” Differentness can cause trouble. Even gender is being challenged! Not to be defined by gender is truly revolutionary.

Saturn is going back and forth in Capricorn and Aquarius this year and in 2021 will go forward in Aquarius for a couple years. It went into Aquarius about the time of the “social distancing” mandates. Expect the next two years to continue certain social distancing practices. It will stifle for a little while your Uranus and Neptune desire to progress into “the next.” Many still want a return to “normal,” which is not an Aquarian ideal.

Neither Capricorn nor Aquarius is emotional or warm. Social distancing is sometimes okay for these signs because they have work to do or innovation to create. They prefer interaction to be clean and tidy. But social distancing is not new; our technologies had already created social distancing which we are now employing to keep business afloat.

Then in 2023 Pluto will leave Capricorn and move into Aquarius as Saturn leaves Aquarius. The tech lords will go through their own destruction and transformation at that time. And you will come into your own power.

Dear Twenty Somethings and Thirty Somethings,

As you get older you get this thing called “nostalgia.” It’s when you think of pleasant events or interactions from the past. Often this nostalgia comes with a side effect that “the past” was somehow better than the present or potential future. In extreme, nostalgia can lead to a belief the world will “end.” [And the opposite that nostalgia side effect is the belief that in the future there will be a “utopia.”]

You’ll get it too, nostalgia for something you do today that won’t be around when you’re 70 years old.

I’ll admit that the social distancing and closing of most business has brought side effects that evoke nostalgia in me: people outside walking and talking. On my bike ride I saw dozens of people, whole families, riding together, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in this locale. While looking at an albino squirrel in a tree a driver stopped to ask what I was looking at. There are smiles to be had in a situation that would normally take them away.

The pandemic has provided me something I’ve wanted for many years now – time. I suppose the lesson is that space and time are connected.

Part of me wants this shutdown to continue for a little longer as the slower pace, the friendliness, will surely disappear when we all get busy chasing our lives. But this is nostalgia talking — I know people need to work. And I know that as soon as I get back in rush-hour traffic, I’ll have that “get out of my way” feeling again.

I say this because, Twenty and Thirty Somethings, Aquarius is about community and when Pluto moves into Aquarius we’ll be thinking even more about community and localized culture. I expect you’ll talk about self-sustaining communities and promote some of the brotherhood that has started with sharing resources and community fundraising. And I’m sure you’ll do so much more that I can’t conceive.

This is your time. With the break in the continuity of society, you can slip through the cracks and bring forward the new that you were meant to create and deliver.

Some of the older generations that are currently hanging onto power have Pluto in Leo. Aquarius is the sign opposite Leo so what they evolved in regard to self-awareness will now evolve into community awareness. By 2024, Pluto in Leo will not be dominant.

Dear Twenty Somethings and Thirty Somethings,

Good luck.

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2020: Memento Mori

Yesterday, for the first time in over a month, the local news site did not lead with the number of pandemic illnesses and deaths. It led with more “normal” news, the kind you’d see before the stay-at-home restrictions – local shootings.

It’s crazy, I know, but this felt “normal.”

Yet “normal” and “not-normal” are looking the same. Pre-pandemic local news led with people dying by each others’ hands. Then it led with the daily death-by-illness. Now we’ve returned to death-by-other.

Death is news.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2017 there were 2.8 million deaths in the US (less than 1% of the population).

Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
Heart disease: 647,457
Cancer: 599,108
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
Diabetes: 83,564
Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

By volume, that’s a lot of death. If we think about the death of animals, birds, insects, leaves on tress and such then death fairly surrounds us.

Pandemic death is different, of course, in that it is premature death and not of our own causing. We are supposed to die later due to one of the reasons on the CDC list. Yet the pandemic is a memento mori – a reminder of the inevitability of death.

Memento Mori

In Muriel Sparks’ novel Memento Mori, the characters are aged and one of them then others receive telephone calls where the caller simply says, “Remember, you must die.”

In Spark fashion, we don’t learn the identity of the caller but get to peek into the lives of those that must die. Like us, they do this and that; even though we will die we continue with our likes and dislikes, habits and follies, hopes and regrets. Remembering that he will die doesn’t stop character Godfrey from a silly, titillating compulsion.

The year 2020 is a global memento mori courtesy of several planets in Capricorn, including Pluto, Saturn (which has moved into Aquarius but will be back in Capricorn in July), Jupiter and Mars. Uranus in Taurus helps a bit too by reminding us how easily our body and earth can be decayed or destroyed.

Saturn (which rules Capricorn) was once the “last” planet and is the symbolic end or limit. As such it is structure, form, rules and boundaries.

Years ago a man I met said he was going to be traveling to a dangerous place. When I inquired about his safety he replied something like this, “I’m not worried about dying. I know where I’m going.”

This is Saturn talking. The critical word in this sentence is “I.”

“I” is the form of our personality. If you examine the “I” it is always planning, wanting, thinking about next and creating stories about itself.

If we look to Saturn in the natal horoscope, we can see what we are “planning” for when life “ends.” Saturn in fire signs may see great spiritual awareness after death; Saturn in earth might be more practical applying life’s rules to the non-physical state; Saturn in air might view the non-physical as an abstract state of ideas and concepts; Saturn in water is more inclined to seek emotional connection and might focus on meeting up with loved ones.

Our Saturn interpretation is very important to us, very serious, which is why we create so much external discord in trying to defend it. Saturn also represents our shield and defenses which ultimately is our weakest link, the place where we are most intended to grow.

Some Saturn stories bestow rewards; some provide release from responsibility. Some engender new responsibilities. Some offer peace and rest.

Where’s your Saturn?

Memento vitae

A memento mori not only reminds us that we will die, but it also reminds us that we are alive – if I have the Latin right it would be memento vitae.

If the horoscope, the sun, moon, Venus, and Mars are the personal preferences of the “I.” Jupiter and Saturn are where “I” connects to society with Saturn as the end, or the top of the mountain for those ambitious Capricorn and Saturn types. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are beyond the “I” and are the energies of awareness, connectedness and evolution – where “I” awakens, dissolves then merges.

Avoiding the memento mori is by polarity also avoiding the memento vitae. In the face of premature death, it’s a good time to remember we are alive. While we have an increased chance of dying which we’re working to decrease, it’s important to remember that for many, there’s also a strong chance of living.

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Uranus in Taurus Diaries: Shock and Awareness

In a spiritual group recently, the speaker mentioned that humans grow in awareness through the trigger of shock. Astrology contains this symbolism with Uranus as the great awakener who brings sudden and unexpected events which usually disturb but ultimately are meant to enlighten.

A common relationship Uranus experience is the partner “suddenly” decides to leave for “no reason.” There are people who do extreme things for no reason upon impulse (a certain president comes to mind), but most have a least some history of thought or discontent before walking out the door.

The shock then is the awareness that the partner probably was unhappy for at least a little while; and maybe planning escape; and maybe thinking of another — the things that shock a loving heart.

Uranus goes through each sign for about seven years and is a commonly referenced cycle of change (seven-year itch) which can be discontent or merely the desire to do something new, live “more.”

At our Uranus opposition which occurs in our early 40s we are often seen to have a “midlife crisis” which is simply Uranus moving to a position opposite of your own natal position making you focus on “out there” and potentially persons, places and things you have not understood to aid in your self awareness.

So at your midlife “crisis,” you are simply having the awareness of energies available that you never thought to engage.

Uranus in Taurus

In May 2018, Uranus moved into Taurus but went back into Aries for while before moving direct through Taurus in March 2019. Taurus is the fixed earth sign associated with body, property, money, food and anything tangible i.e., “stuff.” Taurus is the third dimension itself. Taurus is the the earth. Taurus is now.

Uranus is creating shock and awareness in these areas.

Earth and Body

How we treat our bodies, each other and the earth are all the same. The MeToo Movement focuses on sexual indiscretion, which appears rife. What we do to women, we do to the planet. The earth is “the woman” in all of our lives. Do we treat her with respect? Do we ask permission before taking things from her? Do we know when to stop and let her rejuvenate?

Rape happens to everyone and everything on the planet.

The current pandemic has put much of the globe into their Taurus abodes for a “sheltering-in-place.” Nature doesn’t seem to mind as polluted cities can now see blue sky; waterfowl are returning to places normally overrun by man; squirrels can cross the street in peace (unless there are doggies about). We can see the stars.

Uranus in Taurus has initiated climate improvement by taking away the cause of much distress – humans. As we humans focus on what’s essential, much is left alone. Earth needed its space, it appears, a “breather” from humans. At least we are still allowed to live upon its crusty surface.

Thank you, earth.

Maybe it’s the earth that’s sheltering-in-place and not humans.


Food is essential to live so will always be big on the agenda. Yet the theory that the current pandemic began at a wet market in China brings up the food awakening.

Walk into an American supermarket and you will not smell food. The area of fresh food is very small, even in the largest grocery, while frozen, prepared and packaged goods are possibly 80-90 percent of what’s available.

Fresh equals alive and if you eat meat there is somewhere – maybe not in front of you – that an animal is slaughtered. Disgust at the thought of a wet market means that one is far away from where one’s food is produced.

There may be some shocks and awareness in how food is produced as the pandemic causes people to hoard. How much of our food comes from these places? What is truly fresh? What are we really eating?


While Uranus is in Taurus, it seemed a good time to read some inspirational books including and Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth (2005).

In The New Earth, moon-in-Taurus Tolle expounds upon the ego’s need for stuff:

As we have seen having – the concept of ownership – is a fiction created by the ego to give itself solidity and and permanency and make itself stand out, make itself special. Since you cannot find yourself through having, however, there is another more powerful drive underneath it that pertains to the structure of the ego: the need for more which we also call “wanting.” No ego can last for long without the need for more. Therefore wanting keeps the ego alive much more than having. The ego wants to want more than it wants to have. And so the shallow satisfaction of having is always replaced by more wanting. This is the psychological need for more, that is to say, more things to identify with. It is an addictive need, not an authentic one.

The ego needs a lot more than stuff as Tolle explains, but with Uranus in Taurus, stuff will be of focus.

Those with Saturn in Taurus or moon in Taurus will find even greater shock and awareness than others regarding their food, body, money and stuff. For natal Saturn in Taurus, there is a feeling of lack of stuff, physical touch and affection. Even for those who grew up in the midst of physical wealth and plenty, Saturn in Taurus tends to feel it’s not enough in some way.

In contrast, moon in Taurus finds comfort and emotional security in these same areas and will also have changes that affect comfort, compulsive behavior and reaction. The loss of favorite products during the razing of grocery store shelves can affect the Taurus moon more than other moon signs as a favorite item is not available. And if physical pleasures are blocked, even more discomfort.

With the current hoarding of stuff due to the pandemic, there’s a collective learning about supply chain and why some products take time to be replaced and others don’t. There’s also more awareness of where our stuff comes from. It’s been an awakening in the US to find critical items come from the same place where the pandemic was first recognized.


As much of the earth shuts down for business, we’re seeing what money really is. It takes approximately two weeks for the whole financial system to shut down if people don’t work. And we are learning that money can come out of nowhere and be sent to you when this happens.

Where does this money come from? It’s like instant water.

The shock of sudden financial collapse can create great awareness of how financial and monetary systems work. Until it collapses, there’s no reason to examine it – who can change an entire system, anyway?

As we watch money disappear and then reappear and stock markets fluctuate, there may be great shock and awareness of the foundations of our economic systems. Uranus will provide volatility so it may be six more years of watching the financial perform like slot machines.

Taurus also rules self-worth which is often associated with money. As many become unemployed, this will create shock about self-worth and awareness that it’s not tied to your employment or income.

Shock Doctrine

It’s quite natural that even in catastrophic circumstances, individuals and groups will seek opportunity. It’s sometimes referred to as Disaster Capitalism.

Saturn-and-sun-in-Taurus author Naomi Klein brings this to our attention in her book The Shock Doctrine (2008). As we are in a global state of shock, there is awareness of power-grabbing by governments, corporations and individuals.

It’s definitely a challenge in a time of any shock and vulnerability to maintain awareness of surroundings and ward against the crossing of boundaries. This is the problem of healthcare system as well – often those trying to negotiate with the healthcare system and its ancillary systems are often in a weakened state from illness.

Every chart has Saturn. The sign in which it’s placed indicates your area of vulnerability and also greatest growth. For Klein, Saturn in Taurus makes her aware of the need to protect those who are in a state of physical or financial vulnerability. Her Saturn in Taurus is trying to warn and protect others having a transitory Saturn-in-Taurus experience of physical lack.

Uranus is shocking us into now

As more people stay home unemployed or work from home, it’s more common to hear “What day is it today?” That’s the breakdown of structure which is a little bit Uranus but mostly the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn energies (although Saturn is now dipping into Aquarius).

Tolle writes that a focus on the now wipes away ego concerns and allows us to be our true selves. Uranus in Taurus created a shock to our very physical existence in many ways until we had to focus solely on what was deemed essential. Clearly days of the week are not essential. Uranus has taken us from mental, emotional and spiritual worlds into the physical world of now.

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Manifesting Virgo

While talking to a relative, he mentioned watching an old Sean Connery James Bond movie and expressed how much he liked them although he didn’t know why.

One reason they may be so enjoyable, especially during sheltering-in-place, is that the Bond movies from the 1960s are glamorous. The characters gamble in fancy casinos (without worry about the bills); they drink fancy drinks (with no hangovers); they smoke (but never cough); they drive without seatbelts and board planes with no security; they have sex without protection; they use phones without wiping them off; they lie in the sun without sunscreen. They never wash their hands.

They live glamorously and in this moment of time may be said to live dangerously.

In these movies, characters indulge in their pleasures as pleasures without analysis or guilt. They do not drink their martinis and say, “I’m going to have to go the gym tomorrow and burn this off.” They do not eat their dinners while worrying about consuming carbohydrates. They don’t count steps or lie in the sun for the purpose of “getting Vitamin D.”

If a woman is lying in the sun in a Bond movie, she is enjoying herself.

This is Neptune (which rules Pisces) – both the glamour and allure of the moving picture and the enjoyment of life without analysis. Spying is also very much ruled by Neptune being mysterious and secretive.

It’s no wonder that Connery was chosen for this role – he has Neptune conjunct his sun in Pisces.

Manifesting Virgo

The old Bond movies may be so appealing in general and especially so now because if Neptune is glamorous, we are currently reduced to the opposite – what is tangible and essential: 1) food; 2) health and 3) work (for those who can).

The natal horoscope is a circle segmented into 12 areas called “houses” representing the areas of a human life. Those 12 houses consist of six polarities which can be summarized as such:

  1. self/others
  2. my stuff/your stuff
  3. factual learning/conceptual learning
  4. personal consciousness/social consciousness
  5. self expression/group expression
  6. analysis/synthesis.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign that rules the 6th house which is health, work, diet and pets. It’s the “analysis” side of the Virgo – Pisces polarity. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and as such does a lot of thinking. Since the concerns are practical, this thinking is called “worrying” and many a Virgo suffers from mental dissipation and exhaustion. Worry about health and diet makes Virgo the hypochondriac of the zodiac.

In our world today in which we are preventing global outbreak of illness, those actively engaged in work (in this country at least) are those in the realm of Virgo – food and health workers. Sanitation workers and many others of course are working as deemed critical.

So is there a bunch of Virgo energy in the skies?

No, not at all.

What is in play is a great deal of energy in Capricorn with energy of Taurus and Pisces. Each element (there are four – fire, earth, air, and water) contains three signs which is called the trine. The three earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Then there’s water energy coming from Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is the sign opposite Virgo.

So the one earth sign missing is Virgo which also happens to be the opposite sign from where Neptune is placed.

Virgo energy isn’t the dominant energy but appears to be the missing piece that connects the energies that are (and should be) the focus of our attention.

The Manifested and Unmanifested

When something manifests, its complementary half is unmanifested. Virgo is the unmanifested energy of the earth trine and the unmanifested energy of Neptune in Pisces.

Yet it’s manifesting.

Virgo appears to have manifested so that we would focus on what’s energized now: Transformation of Capricorn social structures; shock to Taurus body, property and money; and spiritualization of spirituality (not a typo).

Virgo appears to have manifested to ignite the the energies that should be addressed such as restructuring society. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and tore down the financial structures right away – and like today it was global. But we didn’t restructure, we put stilts under existing structures hoping to keep them steady and above any new tidal waves.

In my country, there are some great ironies in this situation. While much business has closed to help keep the public safe, many of those people being kept from illness will now lose their health insurance (it being tied to employment in this country). It’s Virgo but it’s not. This is where Capricorn comes in to build structures and systems for public health.

Uranus in Taurus is a shock to provide awareness to the body, property and money. As we can see, it takes only two weeks to collapse a global financial system.

During this time, my country has learned that we have a great reliance on foreign places for essential goods. This is where Taurus comes in to help determine what “stuff” is needed and what “stuff” should be readily available locally.

Neptune is Pisces is raw spirituality – spirituality that has no name, no boundaries and no membership cards. Neptune in Pisces is the empathetic self that is already fully connected and emotionally nourished.

While folks are experiencing a world of Virgo, what is socially acceptable is now in the realm of Pisces. Known for escapism, the negative side of Pisces is excessive drug and alcohol consumption and any form of escape through media – what’s today called binge watching TV or constant gaming, etc. In Ohio, it is now legal to deliver some alcohol with food orders – one point for Neptune!

And who wouldn’t want to be in a Bond movie right now driving fast cars, gambling, drinking and smoking with no ramifications!

Neptune in Pisces is spiritual and there are many who seek this very type of seclusion we are experiencing for the purpose of insight and growth. That’s another manifestation of Pisces which merges rather than escapes. It’s a gift from Neptune but a gift not familiar and many may not enjoy it so well. It’s a gift of time and space.

Virgo historically is the sign of service. In a strange way, Virgo has done us a service.

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From “World” War to “World” Government – Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn

As the cats dashed back and forth through the room like cartoon characters, I asked my usual question: “Are you being chased by ghosts?”

“Yes,” they answered in unison. That was unusual. Normally they start blaming each other for something. So I inquired further.

“So what do these ghosts look like?” I asked.

“There are three of them,” the young cat panted. “One guy is the leader. He has curly gray hair, a pale face, is wearing a long black overcoat, black stockings and buckled shoes.”

Odd, I thought. But I said what came to mind: “That sounds a lot like George Washington.”

“And there’s an old guy next to him with reddish hair,” the female cat added. “He’s got a southern accent and is in a swivel chair writing something on parchment paper.”

Ghosts in a chair?

“That sounds a lot like Thomas Jefferson.” Now I was getting spooked.

“What does the other one look like?” I asked eagerly.

“He looks kind of the same,” the young cat answered. “But he’s singing rap and waving a 10-dollar bill.”

That was clearly Hamilton.

“Those are some of our founding fathers,” I told them. “Why would they be in here chasing you?”

“They said they were looking for something called the ‘United States.’ I told them it was probably across the street so they left.”

“You are in the United States,” I told them. “And you just sent the Founding Fathers to the Social Security Administration. Hopefully,” I said, “they will find their way out.”

World War I

In July of 1914 as World War I began, Pluto the planet of transformation, destruction and evolution, was in the very first degrees of water-sign Cancer which represents mothering, home, personal consciousness, emotional bonding and sense of belonging.

That’s quite an interesting energy with which to begin a war. But that war signified the destruction and transformation of those things Cancer – family, home and community.

This war was called a “world” war. To have a “world” war you need a world. In order to have a world, you needed everyone to understand that they were part of this “world.” You needed compulsory education; you needed radio which allowed masses of people to hear the same message at the same time; you needed newspapers to tell everyone what was going on; you needed stable money and the means to expand that money (credit) to fund a war.

Much of that was accomplished with Pluto in Taurus (earth) and Gemini (air). Prior to these transformations, people and communities could remain isolated if they chose; could even be self-sufficient, if they chose. Families were larger (for many reasons) and kin stayed close.

In 2008, Pluto went into earth-sign Capricorn, six signs away from Cancer and therefore opposite. Cancer is the energy of mother; Capricorn father. Cancer is personal emotion; Capricorn social mores. Cancer is about belonging to a group through emotional ties like family or church; Capricorn is about belonging through social ties such as corporate, civic or professional organization.

There have been great transformations from Cancer to Capricorn – from community to corporation. The influx of Aquarius energy in the 1990s (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) brought the digital component.

In 1914 community was physical and provided economic and emotional security. Today community is less physical, with economic and emotional security provided by corporations and governments. Today in the developed countries, it’s close to impossible to live outside of the system.

World War to World Government

In 1914 there were still peoples living community and nomadic lifestyles. After this “world” war, these peoples now found themselves in countries, some that were newly carved in Middle Eastern sands, and found themselves associated with others whom they had no true connection.

Welcome to your new “world.”

Worlds can and have ended quickly throughout history. In 1518, for example, Pluto was in the early degrees of Capricorn when Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes landed in what is now Mexico; three years later that culture was subjugated and under the rule of Spain.

In 1670 when Pluto was in the early degrees of Cancer Native American worlds were ending with rapid acceleration. Tribal and nomadic lifestyles were coming to an end. No longer could the people who lived there move freely.

In 1762 Pluto entered Capricorn again and the British American colonies moved toward independence, which occurred when Pluto was in 27 degrees of Capricorn.

Pluto again cycled into Capricorn in 2008 and the “world’s” financial system collapsed. The “world” was over.

But, as you know, it was saved by those that control it so we could go back to “normal,” at least for those who are not astrologers and weren’t aware that Pluto was not done by a long shot.

Now in 2020, due to pandemic, governments across the world have closed businesses and quarantined people. Governments are now aligned in response. World governments in alignment is a very new thing. Brand new.

The “world” once again, has ended. It’s fascinating how we fear the end of the world and how often it happens.

Welcome to the new “world.”

Now that the “world” has ended, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is suggesting a temporary global government. This is the pinnacle of our Pluto in Capricorn experience.

Sure, sign me up, but with Angela Merkel as leader, not one of those crazies running so many of the other countries.

Pluto in Capricorn will probably take us through this experience. Can we think as an entire globe? If we do, will nations struggle with their interdependencies? Will those nations getting the short end of the stick fight back?

Pluto Cycles

Astrology’s greatest teaching is about cycles. Pluto is taking us into a new world as it will again and again over time. Cycles don’t cease. Worlds end – again and again and again.

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