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Mutable signs dissolving in a glass of Neptune

No surprise that while walking in the park this morning, I had some astrological thoughts. Astrology is like a novel with no ending, where the characters continue to develop and transform until they are lifted from the story like chess … Continue reading

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What’s the sign of zodiac most likely to go with the flow?

After writing about trustworthiness in the zodiac, it occurred to me that signs not ranking high might feel slighted. While trustworthiness has a very positive connotation, the universe appears to me (through astrology) to seek balance. Trustworthiness is needed, but … Continue reading

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There are Four Kinds of Lies

Mark Twain said there were three kinds of lies “. . . lies, damned lies and statistics.” Twain was wrong. There are four kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics and political debate answers. I believe we all lie, we … Continue reading

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