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Shirley MacLaine’s Enlightening Life

In a bit of spiritual synchronicity, a few days ago I wondered what Shirley MacLaine was up to. Then, browsing through my antenna TV channels the next day, I stopped at the Dick Cavett Show and one of his guests … Continue reading

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Ron Howard’s Retirement

Watching an early 1959 episode of The Twilight Zone, I was surprised to see a five-year old Ron Howard on the screen. I know he was young on The Andy Griffith Show, but did he start acting right out of … Continue reading

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A Fire Moon in the Crowd

How does it feel? Just saying anything that comes into your head and being able to sway people like this? Marica Jeffries to Lonesome Rhodes in A Face in the Crowd (1957) During this scene of A Face in the … Continue reading

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Five Movies to Watch While Saturn is Retrograde in Scorpio

Your community astrologers have probably told you that Saturn has just gone retrograde in Scorpio. Retrograde is the apparent backward motion of a planet, an optical illusion caused by the planets being so distant from each other. Really, Saturn is … Continue reading

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Feel the Scorpio

If you don’t like the energy of the fixed, water sign Scorpio, I’d like to suggest you take a vacation – to another planet (I have a few I could recommend). A few days ago, the sun, moon (which has … Continue reading

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What Sign is Brick Heck?

Brick Heck, character name for the youngest child on the show The Middle (played by actor Atticus Shaffer), is a character we’re seeing more often in television. Brick is a quirky intellectual who prefers interactions with books to interactions with people. … Continue reading

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Melanie and Antonio: Leos Split Before Jupiter Return?

When an OHA reader informed me that actress Melanie Griffith and actor Antonio Banderas were divorcing, I was not shocked. After the Al & Tipper Gore breakup of 2010, no political or celebrity breakup will ever shock me again (not … Continue reading

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Hitchcock’s Blondes

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies, you are aware that he preferred his leading ladies to be blonde. At the beginning of the HBO movie The Girl which portrays the relationship between Hitchcock and leading-lady Tippi Hedren … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Astrological Separation

If we’re all six degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, people have been wondering, are we also six degrees separated from him astrologically? It’s a question trending on the Internet right now. People are up at night wondering. Really. Since there … Continue reading

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Hugh Grant’s Fecundity

According to People magazine (January 17, 2014 print issue), actor Hugh Grant is the father of three children, one born late 2011, one born September 2012 and one born February 2013. September 2012 and February 2013 are five months apart … Continue reading

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