Feel the Scorpio

If you don’t like the energy of the fixed, water sign Scorpio, I’d like to suggest you take a vacation – to another planet (I have a few I could recommend).

A few days ago, the sun, moon (which has moved on) and Venus all moved into Scorpio. Later in the month, the sun and Venus will meet up with Saturn whose been hanging out in Scorpio for a couple years.

The images of Halloween are Scorpionic as they involve death, a subject we avoid for the other eleven months of the year. All cultures seem to have a month to honor the dead and in our western world, we chose Scorpio (end of October through mid November). Scorpio is willing to talk about death and any other subject that needs discussing, subjects others would like to avoid.

Scorpio is known for its emotional intensity and desire to connect which leads to sexual desire. In a larger sense, I think of Scorpio as interested in penetration – of body and emotion.

With so many planets in Scorpio right now, it’s an awful good time to penetrate those emotions and when you’re down there, possibly throw a few out. Emotions come in all flavors and Scorpio will traverse them all while others prefer staying in the pastel colors of a Disney experience.

I suggest throwing a few emotions out because that is one of Scorpio’s difficulties – letting go. Scorpio is a fixed sign which applies itself to the water energy creating intense, penetrating and obsessive thoughts. And we know what thoughts do . . .

Personally, I find the sign of Scorpio to be a delight for its intelligence and emotional honesty. Don’t bother lying to this sign, not that you’d want to since you can be completely honest in return. Whew, isn’t that a relief? (Pisces is great this way too).

If you decide to stay on Earth this November to experience Extreme Scorpio, here are some ways to engage and enjoy the energy:

Scorpio Movies

Many of our famous directors have Scorpio energy so finding intense emotional energy on the big screen (or little screen) should be easy.

Anything directed by Scorpio Martin Scorsese should do the trick from old, intense classics like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver (with Scorpio Jodi Foster taking on a difficult and taboo role) to more modern intensity such as The Wolf of Wall Street (with Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio as lead).

One of my Scorpio favorites is Jaws, directed by Scorpio moon Steven Spielberg and featuring two Scorpio suns, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, in the deep water searching for a killer shark. If you don’t like Scorpio men after this one, you might want to have your blood checked.

A different kind of Scorpio energy – that of the taboo – can be found in the movies of Hanif Kureishi (who has Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio). Remember that My Beautiful Laundrette came out in 1985 while its subject may seem commonplace today. The Mother, which deals with mom’s sexuality, will probably always have a bit of the taboo. No one wants to discuss this.

Scorpio Actors

A personal favorite, Toni Collette conveys emotion like no other. Astrotheme says her moon is in Virgo which tends to think about its emotions rather than expressing them. However, the Pluto conjunct Venus in Collette’s chart seems to give her an added Scorpio boost.

Tilda Swinton has taken on some very interesting roles in her career, my favorite the classic Caravaggio. That’s a Scorpio movie to so add it to the list. Caravaggio’s emotions are raw – art, love, sexuality, betrayal. Good stuff with no parent filters, no romance filters.

Matthew McConaughey wears his Scorpio sexual charisma like a loose shirt. Wait, he does that too! This man loves being a Scorpio and you can love it too! Enjoy. You don’t even need to listen to what he says.

Ryan GoslingI’ve blogged about the stare, very Scorpio. A bit annoying too, really.

Scorpio Authors

For classic Scorpio check out Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Scorpio in the northern hemisphere is cold and rainy so you should have time to make it through a work or two this late fall and winter.

Scorpio Margaret Atwood was described in a review once as like cilantro – you either love or hate her. Scorpio’s intensity creates equally strong reactions as we see with Atwood’s reviewer. One of her famous novels The Handmaid’s Tale has been described as a “feminist dystopia.” Say it can’t happen here?

I’ve got to add Neil Gaiman in here for Coraline, so wonderfully Scorpio! Lonely child Coraline discovers a perfect mother living next door! And she can stay forever if . . . she removes her eyes and replaces them with buttons. A high price to pay for perfect love!

Scorpio Musicians

Lying in bed the other night I thought I’d like to hear some Adam Ant. The universe, as usual, provided and at the coffee shop a week later I heard Ant Music.

Adam Ant was aware of his Scorpio-ness, even putting the signs of the zodiac for his musicians on the album cover (back in the day, you had “records” in big, square cardboard containers). Ant sings in Friend or Foe, “I want those who get to know me to become admirers or my enemies.” Open, obvious Scorpio here.

Scorpio Diana Krall is my pick for these upcoming cold, November nights. Her voice will melt the ice, heat the logs and warm the cider. Peel me a grape . . .

Scorpio Politician

In the US, Scorpio is also the time of politics. It’s interesting that we have our voting during a time of emotional intensity rather than a time of intellectual curiosity (such as in June in Gemini).

Well, let’s take a look around and see what Scorpio politicians linger about . . . Oh, here’s one.

Hillary Clinton. Although it looks like she’s going to run for president and many think she will win, I wonder if that will happen. From a purely political standpoint, Clinton divides people. Wait, that’s an astrological standpoint as well as people love or hate Scorpio.

Saturn will be transiting Clinton’s first house the entire election cycle. Saturn in the first might be seen as bestowing that great responsibility she is seeking, but it’s also a great burden to carry a heavy stick on your back for two years. It might hurt and make her ill. Saturn, I mean time, will tell.

Feel the Scorpio!


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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