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The Santa Story’s Missing Character

Last year I pondered deeply, very deeply, about Santa’s sign of the zodiac, and this year I gave more consideration to Mrs. Claus and the elves. Santa, to me, is a Sagittarius as I wrote about at length here. Sagittarius … Continue reading

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Does the Easter Bunny Promote Promiscuity?

Some holiday and mythical figures such as Santa Claus and the Toothy Fairy have vague mythical and/or psychological origins. The Easter Bunny, on the other hand, is an astronomical and astrological delight. Easter is clearly connected to the seasons, to … Continue reading

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What Sign of the Zodiac is the Tooth Fairy?

Nerds have all kinds of interests from the physics nerds of The Big Bang Theory to astrology nerds like yours truly. I’ve been thinking about the zodiac sign that best describes the tooth fairy when I could have instead been … Continue reading

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What sign of the Zodiac is Santa Claus?

Santa is clearly a Sagittarius. He is jolly and generous. Santa’s full figure is an indication of his jolly nature – he indulges in all the cookies left for him by the fire. He lives above us (the Arctic Circle) … Continue reading

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