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Patty Hearst – 45 Years Later

On February 4, 1974 Patty Hearst, granddaughter of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by a small, cult-like group calling themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) which was led by an ex-con and consisted of a band of late-Hippie … Continue reading

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The Astrological Symbolism of a Gravitational Wave

As noted in the blog Does Mike Mouse Have a Personality? astrologers are excited by stories that include date, time and place. Imagine the glee of this astrologer to learn that a gravitational wave from deep in the universe was … Continue reading

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March 16: The Day Between

Today is the infamous Ides of March (March 15). Ides merely is a calendar designation that means the middle of the month. On this day in March some odd thousand years ago, Roman emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated. Two days … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mitt Romney

The American public may forget a political candidate faster than a bullet train leaving a Tokyo station, but Ohio Astrology doesn’t. OHA doesn’t write about a man for over year and just forgot about him. OHA is not so shallow. … Continue reading

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The Santa Story’s Missing Character

Last year I pondered deeply, very deeply, about Santa’s sign of the zodiac, and this year I gave more consideration to Mrs. Claus and the elves. Santa, to me, is a Sagittarius as I wrote about at length here. Sagittarius … Continue reading

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What Sign of the Zodiac is Rain?

“If the rain comes they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead. If the rain comes, if the rain comes. When the sun shines they slip into the shade (When the sun shines down.) And drink … Continue reading

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What’s the sign of zodiac most likely to go with the flow?

After writing about trustworthiness in the zodiac, it occurred to me that signs not ranking high might feel slighted. While trustworthiness has a very positive connotation, the universe appears to me (through astrology) to seek balance. Trustworthiness is needed, but … Continue reading

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If you want to have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, what sign should you be?

Taxi TV show actress Marilu Henner purportedly has a memory that can re-live events from the past in extraordinary detail and has written a book on it titled “Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Take Charge of Your Future.” Her … Continue reading

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Reality and Imagination

Think about your favorite TV show, the characters and the interactions. Notice something missing? What’s missing are all the things we do in our daily lives. If we track the hours of a day spent preparing food, eating food, cleaning … Continue reading

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There are Four Kinds of Lies

Mark Twain said there were three kinds of lies “. . . lies, damned lies and statistics.” Twain was wrong. There are four kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics and political debate answers. I believe we all lie, we … Continue reading

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