If you want to have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, what sign should you be?

Taxi TV show actress Marilu Henner purportedly has a memory that can re-live events from the past in extraordinary detail and has written a book on it titled “Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Take Charge of Your Future.”

Her extraordinary memory is referred to as “Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory” (HSAM) which has the Greek-ier name of “hyperthymesia.”

In my quick research on the subject to find more than one person with HSAM I discovered this Wikipedia entry for a Jill Price who was the research subject who spawned interest in the topic.

Husbands of the world are probably not surprised that HSAM is found strongly in two women.

Don’t all wives remember every little slight and mistake of their husbands?

Is this truly a disease or Female Gone Mad? Or something else?

Marilu Henner & Jill Price

Marilu Henner is sun in Aries, moon in Virgo and Mercury in Aries. Jill Price has sun in Capricorn and moon in Pisces or Aries and Mercury in Sagittarius.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs.

Virgo is the differentiated mind and Pisces the undifferentiated mind.

Virgo lies awake at night wondering if they locked the front door, ate too many carbs today, calculated correctly cell A183 on that Excel spreadsheet and if that bump on the left side of the big toe of the right foot is a rare jungle disease (because they brushed past a co-worker today who went on a safari last summer).

Pisces lies awake at night wondering if they were too direct to the bus driver, have insomnia because of childhood issues with the father, said they were sorry for moving the neighbor’s doormat out of place and if the people at work really like him/her.

See the similarities? See the differences?

Both signs have strong memory, but for Virgo it is about detail and for Pisces it is about emotion.

Both can be extremely nervous and anxious.

As I’m writing this blog today the font looks funny. Okay, I’ve got some Virgo/Pisces energy so I did confirm that my document usually opens in Calibri 11 point and for some reason part of the document is in Ariel 10 point.

If you’re a Leo, you wonder how I noticed or why I care.

If you’re a Virgo, don’t think too much about it; I figured it out. I cut and pasted from the Internet which changed the font at the top.

Superior Memory or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

The Wikipedia article discusses how Price’s brain scans resembled those with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In fact, according to Wikipedia, she compulsively writes diary entries.

If Price does have moon in Pisces, she has her moon tied up in the generation with Uranus/Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces. Her Mercury in Sagittarius would then create a mutable T-square.

This was hippie time when structure (Saturn) broke down (in Pisces) and people dropped acid and made love in public.

That type of behavior probably lurks under the skin of Price while she holds it together with excessive memory.

Is the memory a defense against getting lost in daydream or emotional memory? Is she taping together a world that wants to go Pisces? The current Neptune transit of Pisces will be unpleasant for her.

When I get that $1 million grant for astrological study, this is on the list.

I couldn’t find the scoop on Henner to see how this memory affects her life. As an actress, it seems like an awesome trait to have to memorize lines. I’ve never understood how a person could remember so much (I do not have HSAM – in fact, I keep having to look up the words for the HSAM acronymn).

Henner doesn’t seem to be bothered by her HSAM. But no one asked her how many times a day she washes her hands . . .

With Aries sun and Virgo moon, she’s probably aggressive and pushy with her recollection of detail and about the smallest details of your life (“Go back upstairs and floss. I can see bread between your teeth!”).

Sheldon Cooper, a character on the Big Bang Theory, claims to have “eidetic” memory and like Henner can answer what he was doing on a particular day, any day, at almost any point in his past.

The character Sheldon Cooper is excessively brilliant as well and also demonstrates obsessive compulsive traits.

I voted for Aquarius as Sheldon’s sun sign. I could add a Virgo moon to that for his OCD, unusual habits and brilliant mind.

If you want to have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, what sign should you be?

Once again the sample is small, but I’m guessing some Virgo-Pisces energy is necessary, with a slant toward Virgo.

Remember this. I’m not telling you twice.

*     *     *

Addendum: Right after posting this blog, I happened upon this article about Muppet order versus chaos. That’s Virgo (order) and Pisces (chaos) spelled out for you!


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