Astrological Yin and Yang – Ice Cream and Cars

MarketingProfs sent this interesting article in its daily feed on what men and women want. The research, if I understand it correctly, analyzed social media conversations where the phrase “I want [blank]” was stated.

The research then separated the objects of desire by gender.

What did they find?

Men want cars and women want ice cream.

The study does say that both men and women listed cars and ice cream (and pizza) but that the order was different by gender.

Any research study leads to methodological questions such as how men and women were identified, if the sample was large enough, if it was truly random, etc.

Scientific or not, the results are believable in the small universe of my personal existence. It also says something about what makes us (I’m guessing Americans) truly happy. Maybe we should all sit in our cars with pizza and ice cream and leave the world alone.

What I find fascinating as well is how women want a YIN experience and men want a YANG experience.

Yin is internal. Ice cream is put inside the body.

Yang is external. Cars are something we put our body in.

Women want internal pleasure and men want external pleasure.

Women want comfort and men want power.

Astrological Yin and Yang

Each sign of the zodiac is considered feminine or masculine. Yin and yang are related to feminine and masculine respectively. What I think is important about the concept of yin and yang is that it’s not about being a girl or boy. It’s about internal versus external energy patterns.

I think Jung said it best when he said that the penis is itself a phallic symbol. The symbol, or energy, is higher than the object.

Penises are yang and vaginas are yin.

Fun stuff.

The fire and air signs of the zodiac are masculine or yang. They are externally focused and social.

Take Leo energy, for example. Leo is the show-off actor. Can one be an actor without an audience?

Gemini loves to talk. What’s the point of talking if there is no one listening?

The earth and water signs of the zodiac are feminine or yin. They are internally focused and responsible, often shy and self-conscious (especially in youth).

Virgo is often concerned with diet and health, pondering every bite of food and every freckle on the body.

Pisces loves to daydream. Daydreaming is an internal dive into the magical waters of the imagination.

What sign of the zodiac are ice cream and cars?

I’ve already blogged on ice cream. I’m convinced it’s a Cancer, a water (feminine) sign concerned with comfort and belonging.

Cars I’ll give to Aries, the first sign, a masculine fire sign. Cars are about self, drive and power. Need I say more?

In our cars with the windows rolled up, I feel, we are our true selves. You make nasty faces, flip the bird and yell at drivers going 45 mph in the fast lane. But would you do that if you passed them on foot?

On the drive to work, it feels like we are all Aries.

Maybe the key to a safe drive to work is to pass out ice cream at intersections. Remember, it’s what everyone wants.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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