Happy Birthday Mitt Romney

The American public may forget a political candidate faster than a bullet train leaving a Tokyo station, but Ohio Astrology doesn’t. OHA doesn’t write about a man for over year and just forgot about him. OHA is not so shallow.

Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican candidate for President, is turning 66 on March 12 (if this is truly his birthday and he was truly born in this country). Using the Astrotheme chart with time of birth allows the casting of a solar return.

The solar return is when the sun returns to the sign and degree of birth. Romney is born with sun in 21 degrees 11 minutes of Pisces. The sun returns to 21 degrees and 11 minutes of Pisces on March 11 this year (last year was a leap year).

It’s also important to know where an individual will be on his/her birthday to cast the solar return for that place. Not a personal friend of Romney, I cast the chart for Salt Lake City.

Looking at his solar return, I sure hope he stays in a high place this year. Romney’s solar return has seven (of ten) planets in water. Six are in Pisces (Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mars) and one in Scorpio (Saturn).

Pluto is in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini.

If I were some medieval astrologer (and I swear I’m not), I might advise Romney to stay away from water. Water, water everywhere . . .

Water is delightful in so many ways – it’s the better portion of our bodies, we huddle in the waters of the womb, we take nice hot baths and go for swims in pools and lovely beaches.

After the womb, we don’t solely live in the water, unless we are a fisherman or submarine dweller. Water is balanced with earth, air and fire.

The abundance of Pisces in Romney’s solar return represents both an emotional and spiritual year. Often emotional difficulties drive us to spirituality. Romney, with his religious history, may be up for this challenge. But challenges of religious duty are different than personal, facing a wall, spirituality.

Pisces Romney may be familiar with this too – I hope so, or it’s going to be a tough emotional year.

It was no surprise a month after the election to read Romney’s son proclaim his dad didn’t want to be president. OHA and the general public were onto that somewhere in July 2012. It was kind of sad to watch, in a way. It evokes the feeling of having to stand in front of a class in 4th grade giving a book report on a book you didn’t like and barely read.

The question remains – what does Romney want? Who was he serving in running for President?

The challenge of Pisces is to discern itself from others. This year Romney will be facing an image of himself in the mirror and may see others in that image. Or he may not and may feel very confused.

Hopefully Jupiter in his first house will encourage him (and OHA often does) to have some fun and forget that he must personally save the entire world.

Pisces really does want to save everyone, not in the hero way of Leo, but in a genuine caring for humanity way.

Pisces is also extremely psychic. That’s good, if you want to hang a sign and charge $100 a reading. People forgot (or don’t realize) that psychic ability is a two-way street. Your doors are open, others can walk in.

On other watery coasts, Saturn in Scorpio is nearing Romney’s Jupiter/moon conjunction. Has Romney been holding a secret for someone or some organization?

Scorpio loves secrets for the power it holds over others and Pisces loves secrets because it provides for a less-defined reality and more room to be something else if the opportunity presents itself.

Water signs can also be perceived as emotionally manipulative. Romney doesn’t appear to fall into that pattern but Pisces and Scorpio have intense emotional needs and this year no matter how much water is fed into the well, Romney will drink it all up.

A year of Pisces is also a nice year for poetry. Why should Jimmy Carter be the only man with “president” near his name that writes poetry?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Romney.

Link: Check out harenewscorp for a fill of information about Pisces. Harenewscorp specializes in Pisces personalities born mid-March.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Mitt Romney

  1. harenews says:

    Thanks for the shout out, OHA! I agree 100%, we need to keep an eye on this fish, but I also think we need to spend most of our attention going forward watching his offspring — particularly his grand kids. Happy Spring Solstice! Harenewscorp

  2. Joe Prago says:

    Looking at Mitt Romneys chart, I think he had a good shot at winning and came close in the ende to removing an incumbent President which is complex., but Obama had a lot going for him in the heavens at that time. Mitts chart is very good for a 2016 run if he should choose to do so, but I don’t think he will. When he says I’m out of the game, I think he means it. Unfortunately people did not see this stable quality because it was easier to paint him as a cold business man then see him as a compassionate man trying to save the country from an adverse influence. If he had the chance to prove it he would of surprised many. But what is is and what will be will be.

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