Marissa Mayer – The Pregnantest Woman in America

On a radio news story yesterday about Yahoo’s ban on telecommuting, the NPR commentator mentioned that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer joined the company last year while pregnant.

Mayer’s son was born last September so it might have been more relevant to refer to her as “proud new mother” and Yahoo CEO. But no, Mayer was pregnant.


The woman-who-was-pregnant just banned telecommuting, working from home.


Pregnancy and home.

Pregnancy and Home

What signs rule pregnancy and home?

On pregnancy, Horoscopes Within writes:

“The moon is a powerful symbol of feminine energy and represents the woman in a man’s horoscope, the type of woman he would be attracted to and his partner. Universally it represents fertility, motherhood, womanhood and babies. The moon is most comfortable in its own sign of Cancer and the other water signs. The moon’s 28 day cycle also coincides with the woman’s menstrual cycle. Its waxing and waning symbolizes conception, pregnancy, birth and corresponds to the growth cycle of every living thing. The moon rules the stomach and our gut reactions. It also rules the breast, the left eye in a man and the right eye in a woman. The Moon has rulership over Cancer, the sign that governs the 4th house in the natural zodiac.”

On home, writes:

“The Fourth House represents the nurturing parent, home, environment, domestic affairs, and general condition at the end of life. Also rules the outlook regarding lands, property, and the result of undertakings with respect to these. Also represents the emotional warehouse of memories from which one operates subconsciously.”

Both home and pregnancy are related to the sign of Cancer.

Is Mayer a Cancer? Is that why she will ever-be-known as the woman who sought a job, and a high-profile job, while pregnant?

Marissa Mayer

Mayer is not a sun-sign Cancer. Mayer has sun and Mercury in Gemini and moon in Aquarius, both air signs. She is intellectual, social, curious, flowing, changeable, rebellious, talkative, extroverted, fast-paced, easily bored and constantly seeking the ideal best friend.

Air is often perceived as fickle and lacking in depth, following fashion and trends, constantly curious but never going beneath the surface.

Mayer’s extroverted qualities are emphasized by Mars and Jupiter in Aries (fire), Neptune in Sagittarius (fire) and Pluto and Uranus in Libra (air).

With all three air planets in the horoscope, the next task is to look for the grand air trine and we do have one by degree – Pluto (in Libra), moon (in Aquarius although time of birth may change this) and sun (in Gemini).

Depending on where the moon is, the air trine could be moon (in Aquarius), Uranus (in Libra) and Mercury (in Gemini).

A news organization is a good place for so much air. Yahoo feeds probably don’t come fast enough for Mayer.

With no earth in the chart, Mayer is in constant motion. No sitting or rooting or planting for this woman. Her eye is always on the horizon for the next opportunity, the next piece of information.

So why the focus on pregnancy?

Oh, wait! There are two planets I missed. What have we here? Saturn and Venus are conjunct in Cancer.

Saturn and Venus

Saturn and Venus in aspect, even positive aspect, according to Liz Greene in “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” “strikes also at a woman’s basic attitude toward her own femininity and her worth as a woman . . .”

Greene also writes that “Venus-Saturn combinations imply a certain amount of emotional pain and rejection in early home life.”

Greene goes on to describe how Venus is femininity while the moon is mothering. Cancer, remember, rules the moon. Venus in Cancer is femininity combined with motherhood while Saturn in Cancer hanging around says one isn’t a good mother or female.

Saturn and Venus conjunct in Cancer is the wallflower of Mayer’s horoscope. The rest of Mayer is out on the dance floor, being approached by boys, boldly approaching some herself, wearing a silly dress and big feather hat.

But another part of her personality hangs off to the side feeling it doesn’t belong.

Media Focus on Pregnancy

Looking at Mayer’s chart, I’m beginning to wonder if being pregnant in the public eye wasn’t a bit of a conscious or subconscious desire.

If this mothering part of Mayer is a bit insecure, then putting the pregnancy in the news for all time might provide a bit of image reinforcement of motherhood.

Rather than focusing on Mayer’s extraordinary air and fire qualities, the media focus moved to her biologically female qualities – the ability to bring new life into the world.

Air signs are very often into the idea and image of things – they make natural rebels for this reason. They challenge ideas.

Maybe taking a high-profile job while pregnant was the ultimate rebellion. How many women would dare do this?

Or was it an effort to prove to the world she can be a mother as well as a professional woman?

The Cancer in Mayer’s chart squares the Aries (self) and Libra (partnership) energy. Mayer is much more comfortable as friend than mother. Wife might be okay with Libra and Gemini, but mother is where the insecurity lies.

Venus of Yahoo


Like the Venus of Willendorf, Mayer is carved for all time as the woman-who-was-pregnant when she became CEO of Yahoo (picture from Wikipedia).

Venus of Willendorf was carved 24,000 years ago, according to Wikipedia. Like Mayer, she’s a bit of an enigma

Is she really a figurine of fertility?

Maybe she was a Neolithic fashion model. Or maybe she was Queen of an extensive Euro-Asian community. Or maybe she was the wealthy landowner who enjoyed the fruits of her land.

Maybe when we look at a prehistoric female carving or a modern-day news story about females, we are doing the same thing – projecting our own gender ideas.

Who was the Venus of Willendorf? And who is Marissa Mayer?


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