The Astrological Symbolism of a Gravitational Wave

As noted in the blog Does Mike Mouse Have a Personality? astrologers are excited by stories that include date, time and place. Imagine the glee of this astrologer to learn that a gravitational wave from deep in the universe was detected (for the first time ever) on September 14, 2015 at 05:51 am EST.

It took me a while to calm down.

Once my rational faculties returned, I, of course, noted that September 14 represents Virgo energy. I immediately connected the opposing Neptune-in-Pisces dot. And, yes, I didn’t forget that the scientists making the discovery might very well be of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo generation.

So what the heck am I talking about?

A gravitational wave of course. You probably detected it as well, but in a different way.

The Virgo-Pisces Polarity

Virgo and Pisces are one the the six polarities that make up the 360-degree wheel of the zodiac. This polarity is mutable – changeable, malleable and flexible.

Virgo is the discriminating mind which analyzes. Pisces is the indiscriminate mind which synthesizes.

The Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo generation, which is now mature and in positions of influence, has evolved our culture to be excessively analytical, especially in the Virgo realm of work, health and diet. We can no longer eat a piece of food without analyzing its properties. We count our footsteps. We time our physical activity. We walk in the sunshine not because we are humans who need the life-giving properties of the sun, but to get Vitamin D. But we, at the same time, avoid the sun for fear of cancer.

All very Virgo.

Neptune is making its 15-year journey through Pisces, the sign it naturally rules. Neptune is enhancing the natural polarity of analysis-synthesis by adding some emphasis on intuition and feeling. The lesson of any polarity is balance and here a balance between critical thinking and intuition.

In the analytical world, there is something called “paralysis by analysis.” Analysts are often asked if they tend to see the “trees or the forest” in the sense of seeing the detail or the big picture. Most analysts, regardless of answer, are obsessed with the trees.

Paralysis by analysis involves digger ever deeper and deeper for that one, last piece of information that provides “the answer.” Virgo seeks perfection which, I would argue, is a delusional state that swings it to the far side of the opposite polarity – Pisces.

Pisces sees the big picture. In dysfunction, Pisces is escapism, avoiding all that nasty Virgo stuff that defines daily life – work, chores, cooking, cleaning the house, stopping for toilet paper on the way home, etc.

Pisces in function is the friend who understands your tears without needing the detail. The detail is the symptom, not the cause. Pisces knows from intuition; it can study facts too, but is not the know-it-all who can tell you all the historical and modern rules of baseball but can’t actually play the game.

September 14, 2015

On this September 14, 2015, Jupiter was transiting Virgo at six degrees with Neptune transiting Pisces at seven degrees opposite. The sun was farther into Virgo at 21 degrees.

Jupiter and Neptune are both beneficent planets. They provide good will through expansion (Jupiter) and connection (Neptune). The overindulgent Jupiter does everything “too much.” Overindulgent Neptune lives off of the emotions of others in a dependent state.

The gravitational wave from deep in space provided great Jupiterian joy and Neptunian awe to scientists.

What creates the joy and awe?

The analytical scientists (Virgo) will claim there is one more piece (or validation) to the theories of the mysteries and origin of the universe. Scientific and non-scientific observers will feel awe (Pisces) at the thought of force arriving from the other end of the universe.

What happened to earthlings experiencing this gravitational wave?

Researching events that occurred on September 14, I was astonished to find a Jewish holiday and tradition that corresponded to that date.

September 14-15 was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This new Jewish year seems to be the end of something called a Shemittah cycle. This article claims that Shemittah means “release.”

I’ve learned through astrology that shifts in energy can release pent-up energy or provide new energy for a change in direction or focus. Energy release creates reactions both positive and negative. It’s no wonder there are always “doomsday prophecies” associated with energy shift.

Per the article linked above, the first year of Shemittah is a release from work (Virgo) to focus on spirituality (Pisces).

As well as giving the people an opportunity to put their faith in G‑d and see it fulfilled, the year-long abstention from farming also allowed them to collectively take a breather and focus on higher, more spiritual pursuits—as the people packed the synagogues and study halls. Even today, when the vast majority of Jews are not involved in the farming industry, the lessons of Shemittah are very germane. During this holy year we are expected to concentrate more on our spiritual mission in life, and a little less on our material pursuits. More on why we are needed, less on what we need. More on faith in G‑d, less on faith in our own talents and wiles.

Gravitational Waves

Gravity is ruled not by Neptune however, it is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the three-dimensional world which also covers time and space and all the rules you have ever known.

While astronomy feels very Neptunian – forces from the end of the cosmos have arrived after a billion years, it’s actually very Saturnine. It’s also very Virgo – if we only could find the library at the end of the universe with all of its stored history, we’d know the answer.

Astrological Saturn was transiting Scorpio on September 14, 2015, just days away from moving into Sagittarius. There we go – another shift.

Scorpio is a water sign concerned with relating and sharing so rules death, sex and taxes. Scorpio is true connection where physical boundaries are crossed and assets are shared. Think about your tax advisor knowing more about your finances than your friends or family.

Sagittarius is mutable fire sign which seeks knowledge and experience. Sagittarius fights for causes and is the ultimate activist.

As the gravitational wave from deep in space arrived, we experienced shift. Scientists had a physical shift (the force itself) and an intellectual shift (validation of a theory until that time unexperienced).

Others may have experienced a shift of analysis and synthesis (which is back and forth right now) and shift of connection to cause. There may also be a shift from concerns of daily life to concerns of spirituality. The natal horoscope reveals in which area of one’s life Virgo-Pisces plays out. The shift could have been in finances, romance, education, core belief system or any other area of one’s life.

The next analytical (Virgo) question is: what happens after the shift? Ok, so there are gravitational waves. So what? Should I get up tomorrow and go to work? Should I eat something different for breakfast? Do I still need to save for retirement?

Gravitational waves are Virgo and the detection of them Pisces. What’s next for Virgo-Pisces?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to The Astrological Symbolism of a Gravitational Wave

  1. Patricia moreen delong says:

    This is the y ear of the millineum. This is why you s re feeling gravitational waves due to planetary shifts, creations and eliminations to balance out the universal life and planetary forces. This very seldom occurs and is yes, sometimes predicticted ad the possible doomsday. This is not neccesary if we all work together to establish a unified peaceful cohabiting planet of people. By sharing, caring, giving and receiving love manifest love thru christ consciousness we can absolute out of this fase and nuture our planet and animal resources to build a lssting environmental planet. The sun is hear for your health too. It nutures you while uou may choose to balance your life by eating healthy non meat products, eccrrsizing, to maintain proper nalance in uour physical health. Walking is an excellant way to achieve this. Balance is also achieved by creative arts, dance, and music, etc. To enrich the spirit. The soul growth potential is achieved by spiritual enlightment thru various religious forms entailing love manifested. Compassion may also be achieved thtu the joy of service work for God thru the people, animal care, and enronmentall resource work together. As we manifest this unified together we can reach a higher rate of peace, love and compassion on this planet than ever before achieved. This is the element and y ome gor this to occur in creation as a whole. It is up to you people to establish this too as your govetning wish to maintain a healthy environmentally healthy planet gor the bext many years to come. Self healing is well as many oyher educational awarenesses. Plesse feel free to see facebook groups for god of love, also love manifest love thru christ. God bless you all.

  2. Kapil says:

    The post of your is really interesting with a new approach of astrology. Yes, In Astrology, Energy release effects can be negative and positive at certain time.

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