The Phone and the Bottle

While recollecting where I read a particular book the first time (I do that), my thoughts recreated a late 1980s Greyhound bus ride from Kent to Columbus. As I remembered that ride, like an overlay on an overhead projector, I saw that same ride occurring today.

While I’m not one hundred percent sure I didn’t have a beverage on that trip, if I did it probably wasn’t water. I am, of course, sure I had no cell phone as they weren’t (readily) available at that time.

Today I’m unable to embark on a road trip without my cell phone and water. Yet for most of my life, I traveled extensively without these two items. I was once able to leave home and walk to the store without any communication other than that around me.

How did I change so quickly?

Uranus and Neptune

Cell phone and Internet usage rose in the early to mid 1990s as Uranus entered Aquarius (January 1996 – March 2003). A few years later, Neptune also popped into that sign (February 1998 – April 2011). These two outer planets represent generational energies. Uranus brings the energy from a lightening bolt and Neptune spiritualizes it in a bank of fog. Uranus is the idea; Neptune is the movement.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is associated with genius and futuristic thought. While the Aquarius water bearer is often misinterpreted to be a water sign, Aquarius is an air sign indicating mental and intellectual connection. Thoughts and ideas that are years ahead of their times are associated with this sign.

While communication is ruled by the planet Mercury, the technology behind communication (electricity) is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is lightning, enlightenment and sudden realization. Technological advances would also be ruled by Uranus. The discovery of Uranus as a planet in 1781 occurred during the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

The Uranus-in-Aquarius launch of modern cellular and internet technologies was the exciting, fun portion of our journey with paradigm-shifting technology.

As Uranus and then Neptune changed signs and moved into watery Pisces (March 2003 and April 2011 respectively), something changed. Now the fun technology was such a requirement of daily life that we feel naked without it. Neptune, by the way, is the ruler of Pisces so is traveling through its own sign.

The rise of bottled water consumption (first chart) follows a similar trajectory to the rise of cell phone and internet usage (second chart). Curious about our other beverage addiction, I found a chart for Starbucks sales and its curve (third chart) is more closely aligned to the technology curve than is bottled water consumption. (Chart credits are at the bottom of the blog.)

bottled water
Internet and phone users Did Facebook and Google Just Kill Off the Phone Company-Starbucks_stores_graph

Cell phones and Internet are so modern; water and beverage is so ancient and fundamental. What’s the connection?

Is the Connection Connection?

While Aquarius technology has allowed us to connect mentally and socially, Neptune seeks to connect spiritually. Aquarius is words; Pisces is image. Social media is an interesting amalgam of words and pictures. But true connection involves an exchange of energy which requires physical proximity.

The beverage connection may be the physical need to connect not met by the overwhelming volume of word and image which confront us daily. Words and images are “about” a thing, not the thing itself.

As we connect via social media and hand-held technology, are we seeking some physical sensation which leads us to reach for water and beverage? Or are we truly more thirsty? Or is it that we are bored without constant mental and physical sensation?

What’s the connection between phones and water?


Chart credits:

Chart 1 – Washington Post – America’s growing love affair with the most wasteful thing to drink there is

Chart 2 – Brad Larson Google+ site (chart similar to others found online but with more years & technology covered)

Chart 3 – Wikipedia


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