The Astrological Four-Element Political System

This morning after the Michigan and Mississippi primary voting while I was managing my anxiety over the thought of a Donald Trump presidency, I had a positive realization.

While Trump has won many primaries, he rarely gets a true majority of votes due to the large number of candidates running for the Republican ticket. While that fact has helped Trump and, to some, hurt the Republican Party, it also represents an important fact.

Americans don’t want to be divided in half and called “Democrat” or “Republican.”

Amongst my friends and associates I’m quite familiar with the response that politically one’s views have a little of both parties. This year’s election may indicate my friends and associates are representative of the whole.

This is great news to an astrologer that studies polarities and cycles and shies away from the constant dualism created as false choices. American dualism may be coming to an end . . .

What comes after the dualism?

Astrology teaches about cycles and the balance of polarities represented by elements (fire, earth, air and water) and modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable).

Your horoscope contains all the signs of the zodiac as does the horoscope of everyone you know. We’re all the same!

What’s different about each of us is the force and play of where the planets are placed in that 360-degree zodiac. Those planets may get along, or they may not. You may struggle with work while others struggle with relationship. You may find financial management as easy as breathing and others may find it an abstract and confusing mess of numbers that have nothing to do with the loaf of bread on my table.

It may be time for a new American political system and the ancient art of astrology is definitely the creative solution.


The Current Astrological Situation

Currently we have four candidates across the two parties that are rising to the top in the primaries. Here’s how they shake out element-wise looking at the sun sign (our active nature):

  1. Hillary Clinton – Water (Scorpio)
  2. Ted Cruz – Earth (Capricorn)
  3. Bernie Sanders – Earth (Virgo)
  4. Donald Trump – Air (Gemini)

The four candidates have three of the four elements but we are missing fire. To find the fire that we see in the news, we need to go to the moon sign (our reactive nature).

  1. Hillary Clinton – Water (Pisces)
  2. Ted Cruz – Air (Libra)
  3. Bernie Sanders – Fire (Aries)
  4. Donald Trump – Fire (Sagittarius)

Since there’s no overlap with sun and moon signs, we have eight of the twelve signs present. We’re only missing Taurus (earth), Cancer (water), Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air). Three of those signs are what we call fixed (Taurus, Leo and Aquarius). Scorpio is the fourth fixed sign. We have a lack of fixed energy in this election, a mode normally sought by the American electorate. Our culture is changing.

We can see how the moon-in-fire candidates (Trump and Sanders) were not expected to do so well but have prevailed through the ability of fire to create excitement and, as we see in this election, anger. Fire also represents hope and optimism. Let’s hope that “hope” arises sooner than later. But since fire-sign (Leo) Barack Obama used that word in his campaigns, hope may be off the list of adjectives for this election cycle.

Sanders and Cruz are the earth signs which are serious, responsible and practical. As you’d expect, your earth signs are good at providing the detail and reasons behind their beliefs. Usually those beliefs stem from practical concerns and often your “rags to riches” stories come from this element. Earth is heavy so is not as exciting as fire or air. But remember, you build houses from earth, not fire, air or water.

Trump is the last air sign standing. Air is an element not really discernable to the naked eye. You need it for life (as you need the other elements), but you can’t hold it or store it (as with fire). Air is intellectual, social, gossipy and concerned with images. Trump is the best of air and fire (which feed each other) which creates and sustains the zeitgeist. Since Trump’s air sun constantly feeds his fire moon, he is a self-sustaining energy system.

Clinton is water, water everywhere. Water is sensitive, emotional and intuitive. Don’t be surprised if she truly feels although she’s got that self-centered Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Leo (which is fire). Water, like earth, isn’t as motivating as air and fire although it makes for great therapists, spiritualists and psychics. But offering to understand and share pain with others isn’t as much fun as creating images for the self.

The Astrological Four-Element Political System

As we examine the flaws of having only one or two candidates who most likely have no astrological elemental balance as evidenced by their desire to control the world as president of the United States, we need to expand the system to contain more individuals so there is true representation for an increasingly diverse electorate.

While there are many details to work out, the ideal Astrological Four-Element Political System would have not two candidates on each ticket but four – one from each of the astrological elements so that there is complete balance.

So instead of just president and vice-president, we can tack on a vice-vice president and vice-vice-vice president. Later we can find appropriate titles for these extra two candidates.

The four candidates would represent the four elements – fire, earth, air and water. The candidates don’t need to have sun in these elements if they can prove they have a horoscope with a preponderance of an energy that provides balance for the four-person ticket.

There can be any number of these four-candidate groups running for the executive office which can be renamed the Balanced Elements of the United States. Since each group is balanced, no one loses when one group is chosen over another. My group may look different than your group, but all groups are balanced. With all four elements present, conflicts will work themselves out naturally.

If the air sign wanders off, then the earth can take over. When earth gets too boring discussing the nitty gritty of the tax code, fire can come in to motivate. When fire becomes overbearing, the water signs can listen to complaints. When water compiles the complaints, air will become interested again.

The Balanced Elements of the United States prevent self-destruction and authoritarianism through a natural cycle of give and take.

Let’s elect the Balanced Elements of the United States for president, vice president, vice-vice president and vice-vice-vice president.

Let’s start the astrological revolution!


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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1 Response to The Astrological Four-Element Political System

  1. Francesca says:

    Thanks for the presidential candidates natal chart interpretations! I found your website because I was interested in Mr. Cruz’s chart as there are rumors he is a sociopath. I understand that every candidate has been given that label at some point, but I find the Cruz rumors particulary interesting. Thanks for your work!

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