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Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon – Redux

Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat this week to a narcissistic, openly-vulgar candidate with disdain and contempt for his fellow men brings me back to the point in Clinton’s chart we didn’t see in Clinton as a candidate – her Pisces moon. Or … Continue reading

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Humiliation Political Style with Huma Abedin

As I’ve pondered the rise of Donald Trump in American politics, it’s occurred to me that we simply like that he’s humiliating politicians in public for our enjoyment. While he’s purported to “speak his mind,” I don’t find much mind-matter … Continue reading

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Saturn in Sagittarius: Notes on Hypocrisy in the US Election

The planet Saturn is currently transiting Sagittarius which presents unique challenges in practicing what we preach. That’s because Saturn is the planet of contraction which demands discipline and order and loves structure and authority. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet … Continue reading

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Plays on Pisces Moon

If the Columbus Ballet Met director is correct, that humans seek the arts to reflect our humanity back upon ourselves, then Eugene O’Neill’s play Long Day’s Journey into Night reflects our self-pity. While watching this long journey into unproductive regret … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon

The New Hampshire primary occurred on February 9 while the moon and Neptune were both in the sign of Pisces. Prior to the primary, I’d wondered how the emotional moon and mystical Neptune would play out in the Neptune-ruled psychic, … Continue reading

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Astrologer Predicts Chance of “Real Debate” at Tuesday’s Democratic Debate

My cat asked if we should buy some popcorn for tomorrow’s Democratic Presidential Debate. I replied that I’d have to check first to see if we could watch it for free since we don’t pay for television. “We can’t watch … Continue reading

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Pisces Moon – Why So Secretive?

This week politician Hillary Clinton was under fire for using personal email while Secretary of State. In addition to legal issues this may cause such as important emails being lost to posterity, this also reveals Clinton as secretive. Secretive implies … Continue reading

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The 2016 US Presidential Election: Sponsored by Saturn (in Sagittarius)

Saturn entered Sagittarius late December 2014 beginning its two and a half-year transit of that sign which covers the entire 2016 US Presidential election cycle. It’s going to be a Sagittarius election filled with idealistic and lofty promises and a … Continue reading

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Feel the Scorpio

If you don’t like the energy of the fixed, water sign Scorpio, I’d like to suggest you take a vacation – to another planet (I have a few I could recommend). A few days ago, the sun, moon (which has … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe in Astrology, but My Cat Does

Really, I believe astrology is all hogwash and we people of the earth have free will, something you see each and every day as humanity greets the rising sun with a new, fresh approach to another day of consciousness. We’re … Continue reading

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