The 2016 US Presidential Election: Sponsored by Saturn (in Sagittarius)

Saturn entered Sagittarius late December 2014 beginning its two and a half-year transit of that sign which covers the entire 2016 US Presidential election cycle. It’s going to be a Sagittarius election filled with idealistic and lofty promises and a strong battle of ideologies.

Jupiter, which travels faster, will pass through portions of three signs – Leo, Virgo and Libra during the election cycle. The outer planets are transiting the same signs they were transiting in 2012 – Pluto, Capricorn; Neptune, Pisces; Uranus, Aries.

What 2016 Presidential Election cycle you ask? You say it’s too early to start campaigning for an election that will occur on November 8, 2016?

Think again.

Spring 2015 is when we meet our potential presidential suitors, looking for that personality spark, that connection. We see them in the news, maybe they write a book about hope and community and love. We want to believe that our political partner will change our world. We begin to fall in love.

Summer 2015 is when the heavy dating and debating begins. This is the best part of the cycle – who doesn’t love a new political romance? Debates, done right, reveal the true color of the candidates. This is when we must look ’em in the eye and wonder, “How could this fellow have run a Federal Reserve? Is he good enough to be President?”

Late fall 2015 is when the dating gets serious and we have to break off with a few candidates who we realize are not our type: s/he’s too extreme in views; s/he’s less cerebral than we’d like; s/he’s extramarital affairs are revealed; s/he’s changing views on abortion are confounding; s/he’s run out of money and no one likes a cash-poor candidate; or maybe we just decide we’re not compatible and move on to another candidate or, even, another party.

Then in early 2016 we vote in primary elections!

This election will be even more fun-filled than the the 2012 election as both the Democrats and Republicans duke it out in the primary elections.

You may still be saying, “Who cares? This election is practically two years away. Shut up and look at my new iPhone.”

Keep in mind that if you skip the dating portion of the election cycle, you will find yourself in an arranged marriage come 2016. You’ll then go to the primary box and wonder how two aliens from the planet Mars ended up on the ballot.

Don’t let that happen – date now.

Political Match.Com

So before we go on a first date with the presidential candidates, let’s take a look at the candidate dating site 2016 Election Central and take a glance at how the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits might affect our potential suitors.

There are too many candidates and too little time, so I’ll focus on five. I planned to be fair and choose an equal number from each party to include Joe Biden. I left Biden out, frankly, because he’s just too boring and he really hasn’t exhibited any “I’m running in 2016” behavior. I know the veep must be silent to support his presidential benefactor, but Biden is so quiet, I wonder how many people know that he’s the veep.

I’m choosing those I’ve heard most about in the news recently. I would love to add Chris Christie because he’s so much fun to think and write about, but I’ll leave him for later, maybe for next summer when Jupiter enters Virgo creating Christie shenanigans.

Jeb Bush (Republican) – Here’s where astrology can fail even the most die-hard astrologers. I’d love to analyze former Florida Governor Bush’s chart for indicators of success/failure but when you have a family name behind you, does it matter?

What matters in this case are the motivations and outcomes of such powerful influence. Bush is of the Pluto in Leo generation as will be many of the other potential candidates as this generation is making its last hurrah in the world of success. Pluto in Leo is the “Me Generation” also known as the Baby Boomers. As they are older, they’ve had more time to develop connections and power bases.

Jupiter transiting Leo conjunct Pluto brings the big show-down with Pluto Power Plutocracy. Robert Hand in his book Planets in Transit describes this transit as bringing “the urge to achieve to the forefront of your life” and a “tremendous drive to gain power.”

To run for office, you’d need this drive, but remember during your political dating that Bush, Clinton and Webb have this drive as a compulsion. Compulsion often leads to irrational behavior.

The Astrotheme chart has a time of birth so this Jupiter transit occurs in the 11th house of community and group relationships. Bush’s natal Pluto is opposing his 5th house sun in Aquarius – a very tight opposition. Born of a powerful family, we see this in Bush’s chart – could he say no to power if he wanted to? Could Henry VIII have said no to power if he wanted to?

Pluto transiting Capricorn is near Bush’s moon in Capricorn. Sun in Aquarius and moon in Capricorn makes for a rational individual who is distant from the feeling nature, so distant, in fact, that this is the person you send to put the pet to sleep.

This Pluto transit will force him to feel which for moon in Capricorn is a bit like dental surgery without anesthesia. Transiting Pluto is taking a bulldozer to Capricorn ideas of duty, obligation and responsibility. This Pluto transit will square a natal Neptune/Saturn conjunction in Libra for Bush (which itself makes a wide square to Uranus in Cancer). Capricorn wants to make the rules but Libra wants everyone to get along which creates a conflict. In the 2nd house, this can involve money and assets.

There’s a lot going on in Bush’s chart right now, including a Saturn transit of the 3rd house of education, short-distance travel and neighbors. When Saturn was in Scorpio for the last couple years, it was in the 2nd house of money and some loans may have been called due. Transiting Uranus will move into the 8th house of others money in June 2015 so Bush may suddenly request new funds from others.

Transiting Saturn in the 3rd house is in Gemini’s playground – a place to learn, explore and grow. Saturn in that house tells Bush he doesn’t need to learn or explore anymore, that his Sagittarian viewpoint is all he needs. If Bush does run, evolving his message based on electorate feedback will be particularly difficult.

While these powerful influences may put him into office, I can’t imagine him feeling happy inside. The kings that toppled other kings may have felt that rush of adrenalin, but what about their children who were raised in the protected castle and inserted onto the throne? Happiness is probably a plebeian thought anyway. Happiness to a powerful family may be like green peppers to a cat. Then again, for Capricorn moon, lots of duty can be happiness.

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) – Secretary of State Clinton just experienced a Saturn transit through the sign of Scorpio in the 12th house (using the Astrotheme chart). In that sign, this transit can feel a bit like wringing out a wet towel – and you are the towel.

Saturn has just begun its transit of Sagittarius which is conjunct Clinton’s natal Jupiter in Sagittarius. Hand says of this transit that “you should work very hard to take advantage of every opportunity for growth and expansion that presents itself.”

Nice advice for a politico who has done just that for most of her adult life.

Jupiter is transiting natal Pluto in Leo which for Clinton also involves Mars and Saturn. Mars/Pluto/Saturn is a powerful and cruel aspect – consider that you are joining the God of War, God of Underworld and God of Responsibility in one room with a bunch of Leo “me” energy hanging about. Pluto and pals square Venus and Mercury in Scorpio.

Love, communication, pleasure and power – all the same for this personality. The Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction is in the 9th so there was definitely an upbringing that demanded personal power and success as criterion for love.

Clinton’s moon in Pisces is the ultimate feeling, empathetic placement. No matter how cruel and calculating she can be, there is something that can feel so I’m wondering how she deals with this. Maybe this moon in Pisces is the reason in a room full of men watching Osama bin Laden being assassinated, she’s the only one appearing shocked.

Neptune has been transiting Pisces since February 2012. It will take a long while (10 more years) to touch Clinton’s moon. Neptune dissolves and I’m still wondering if Clinton isn’t experiencing some health degeneration. I still suspect she will sit out of the presidential election due to health restrictions.

Uranus transiting the 5th house of children often brings children or grandchildren, which I believe just occurred for Clinton (grandchild). It also brings spontaneous and impulsive personal expression. Transiting Uranus opposed natal Neptune in Libra might bring some unexpected change as to how she interacts with the world. Clinton in her earlier years was associated with children’s causes – maybe that will be re-ignited.

In medieval times, when royalty “retired” (which was rare since most died natural or violent death first), they often went to the monastery, the original retired living home it seems.

I’m wondering if Uranus transiting the 5th and a Neptune closing in on her already monastic moon might not turn Clinton to a religious path. Religious sentiment, like any other trait, comes in a variety of flavors. For the politically powerful, religion might also contain elements of power and control. But Neptune’s lesson is the opposite of all that – it dissolves. It’s a scary feeling for those who like to remain in control of their personal selves and entire surroundings.

Pluto is transiting Clinton’s 2nd house and money and will enter the 3rd house of education, close-distance travel and neighbors. Maybe Clinton will found her own school/church?

I’m still not seeing Clinton politically or astrologically becoming president. Politics suggests to me (as a female) that it’s a long path to the White House for a woman. As an astrologer, I think Clinton will take some unusual and new path.

Rand Paul (Republican) – While the Pauls – Ron and Rand – aren’t royalty, there’s still a father-son political mentoring occurring. Astrotheme has no time of birth for Rand, so we’ll have to look at a noon chart.

Kentucky Senator Paul has sun in Capricorn and moon in Gemini, like Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine. This is a shrewd combination, able to play and win the shell game, but not particularly able to feel for others. Rand’s only water (feeling) placement is Jupiter in Pisces.

Neptune transiting Pisces conjunct natal Jupiter may be bringing out the feelings in Paul. While that can be a good thing, for controlling Capricorn it can feel like being in public without your pants on. According to Hand, this transit “is one of the most idealistic of times of your life. This transit arouses your natural sympathies for others and makes you want to help them.” If Paul runs, he will certainly feel inspired by this transit, feel he’s running for the sake of others.

At the same time, Pluto transiting Capricorn is conjunct sun in Capricorn so Paul might want to dig deeper on how much the “helping others” truly supports his own goals.

Saturn just entered Sagittarius and is smack on Paul’s Venus. Someone might be walking out the door – if not now, in about a year or so when Saturn opposes moon in Gemini (since no time of birth, not sure when this will occur).

Paul has mutable square energy with Jupiter (in Pisces), moon (in Gemini), Uranus/Pluto (in Virgo) and Venus (in Sagittarius). Mutable energy is adaptable and flexible. In US politics, these are characteristics viewed in a highly negative light. “Waffling” might be the charge filed against Paul.

Rand’s natal Mercury in Aquarius is widely conjunct Saturn. Aquarius is the sign of “the people” but Paul may not have the ability to connect with them verbally. While his personality is flexible, his speech comes across much more rigidly as though the plan is laid out and you’d better follow if you want to be a good citizen.

Looking at Paul’s horoscope in 2012 and now, I’m struck with the same sense – his personality is not coherent and cohesive enough for politics. It’s a talented personality for many activities and interests, but politics requires fixed and focused energy that Paul doesn’t possess.

Charisma, a magical and mystical quality, seems also to be associated with fixed energy. Not sure the connection here between fixed energy and charisma, but writing this blog has given me new admiration for fixed energy’s ability to stay on track and bring others along as willing, devoted follwers.

Jim Webb (Democrat) – I’ve added Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb not because I’ve seen him on the news, but because, according to Election Central, he’s formed an “exploratory committee.”

I’m not finding a horoscope for Jim Webb on Astrotheme; he hasn’t even earned a noon chart. How can an individual think to win the presidential election when they don’t even have a chart on Astrotheme?

Webb has sun in Aquarius (cushioned by Mercury and Venus) with moon in Taurus or Gemini. The moon sign can make a big difference here about Webb’s nature. Aquarius/Taurus is extremely fixed energy, which as I mentioned is a plus in US politics.

Moon in Gemini is more changeable, unpredictable. Aquarius/Gemini is more the idealistic, futuristic academic/scientist type. This type is more comfortable with ideas, including the “idea” of people rather than their scented and germ-filled corporealness.

We have in Webb another Pluto in Leo generation so the Jupiter transit of Leo is bringing the powers that be to his doorstep so that he can fulfill “the urge to achieve to the forefront of [his] life” and actualize the “tremendous drive to gain power.”

Jupiter opposes the Aquarian energy in his chart which can create expanded thinking of the type called delusional. Jupiter in square or opposition to the sun can create inflated ego; if there is no earth in the chart, the work needed to fulfill the ego’s ideas is delegated to others which makes for an arrogant appearance.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is opposed to a natal Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer. Mars/Saturn is a harsh combination not known for being nice about your ugly new haircut. In Cancer, there’s a strong desire to belong to group (and family) yet a sense of rejection at the same time which creates the need to create a new, select group to call family. Ultimately, there is a lack of trust in close groups.

Uranus transiting Aries is opposing Jupiter in Libra. According to Hand, “during this transit you should watch the affairs of your life very carefully. Situations will arise suddenly that can be extremely productive and beneficial if you recognize them in advance or extremely difficult if you do not.”

Now that’s some medieval astrological advice!

Hand goes on to write, “Events happen so fast that you will not have the usual time to figure them out before you act.”

If Webb’s moon is in Taurus, this could be a problem. Taurus is methodical in the extreme and needs to know the plan before putting the toe in the water. Moon in Gemini is much more quick to comprehend and react which would aid in this transit.

I’m not sure how to assess Webb without knowing where that moon resides. If the moon is in Taurus, the fixed energy is there as well as my “mark of a politician” moon square Pluto. If the moon is in Gemini, it may be making a wide conjunction to Uranus which provides additional unpredictability.

The Aquarius/Taurus combination makes me think of the idealistic “serious statesman” more than the model of the current US President which involves some rock star element of charisma or powerful family background.

Marco Rubio (Republican) -¡Oye! Have you heard that Florida Senator Marco Rubio plans to run for President? ¡Mira! Just look at the news and you’ll see.

We can’t leave out the outspoken Rubio. As with Webb, we don’t have his time of birth to known house placements or moon placement.

Rubio’s sun is in Gemini and moon is in Cancer or Leo. His prominence suggests Leo as Leo moon has a compulsive desire to be center of attention (as opposed to sun in Leo which simply adores being center of attention). A sure-fire way to identify Leo is watching for excessive focus on the appearance of hair (ones own and others).

In searching for “Marco Rubio hair” I noticed that others are focusing attention on Rubio’s purported balding. That’s Leo energy, but not coming from Rubio. But has any other male candidate received attention for his hair? Hmm. Maybe the media are sensing some undue attention by Rubio on his hair and are exploiting it. If so, more evidence for Leo moon.

If moon is in Leo, the Jupiter transit brings extra attention and additional feelings of self-worth to Rubio. During the election cycle, Jupiter will transit through Virgo, where Rubio’s Pluto is placed.

The Pluto in Virgo generation is different from the Pluto in Leo “Me Generation.” The Pluto in Virgo generation manifests great anxieties about work and health with fears of germs and illness that border on collective obsessive-compulsive disorder. As this generation has matured, anxiety disorders have been Virgo-identified and Virgo-categorized so that we all carry one of these labels.

As with a Jupiter transit of Pluto in Leo, there is “the urge to achieve to the forefront of your life” and a “tremendous drive to gain power.” In Leo this is for personal aggrandizement; in Virgo, it’s more like an obsessive-compulsive urge to put things in order and make things perfect.

During the first portion of Jupiter’s transit of Virgo (early fall 2015), it will square Rubio’s sun. This is when the true anxiety will begin for Rubio. Jupiter will travel to about 23 degrees of Virgo then go backwards for awhile then forwards as it finally meets Rubio’s Pluto at the very end of August 2016.

If Jupiter is guiding the election cycle for Rubio, it will be back and forth for him until August 2016, which is about the time of the Republican convention. The back and forth will be anxiety-provoking both for Rubio and his admirers.

Without Rubio’s time of birth, it’s difficult to assess Uranus, Neptune’s and Pluto’s influence on his life. By aspect, only Neptune is noticeable squaring Rubio’s natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. That square, coupled with a potential Leo moon, brings a confidence of the type associated with Don Quixote. Right now, transiting Saturn is also sitting right atop that Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. External forces are saying to Rubio, “If you want to chase that windmill, do you know that you have to do, really do, to get elected? You need to do this and this and this? Can you really do this?”

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is trine to natal Venus/Mercury in Taurus and wide trine natal Pluto in Virgo. This bodes well for the practical, money-collecting aspect of the campaign. This candidate is not cash poor! However, Rubio’s natal Saturn is in Taurus suggests feelings of lack with regard to material resources and physical affection.

Saturn in Taurus could live in a palace and still pine for insignificant material objects that others possess. Rubio definitely has sentimental value attached to many of the objects around him. Do not take his toys away!

Although the Saturn conjunction and Neptune square to Rubio’s idealistic Jupiter/Neptune in Sagittarius could be a huge liability, don’t forget that idealism is powerful and may draw organic followers that aren’t concerned with one’s financial situation. That may be a life lesson for Rubio – it’s not really about the money although he may have the subconscious belief that he must impress others with material success.

Looking at Rubio’s chart, I’m wondering if it isn’t time for the Pluto in Leo generation to step aside. Current President Obama has Pluto in the very early degrees of Virgo. Maybe the Pluto in Leo generation has already passed from power.

If Rubio does make it to the convention in the summer of 2016, he’ll be taking his generation’s anxiety with him – anxiety about health, work and the environment. Whether or not he personally cares about these issues may make the difference in his future.


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