The Ohio-New Jersey Governor Swap is Canceled

The Ohio-New Jersey Governor Swap is officially canceled as Chris Christie entered the presidential race and John Kasich is expected to enter on July 21.

Christie entered the race on June 30 with the moon in enthusiastic and fiery Sagittarius. That’s where Christie’s natal moon is placed – perfect timing for the “straight talk” public relations message. An astrologer couldn’t have planned that better after missing the sun in Taurus period (May) when all the other Virgos entered the race.

Both Christie and Kasich are known for straight talk. Let’s take a look at their straight-talking suns and moons. Christie has sun in Virgo and moon in Sagittarius. Kasich has sun in Taurus and moon in Capricorn.

Earth Signs

Christie and Kasich cover all three earth signs. They are:

Taurus is the fixed earth sign. The earth quality it brings is sensation which can also be literalness and simplicity. When folks “stop to smell the flowers,” often our minds are busy with other activities – What kind of flowers are these? Should I post a picture to Facebook letting all my friends know I stop to smell the flowers? How can I categorize these flowers? Taurus is probably the one sign that actually smells the flowers with no other purpose than the sensation of smelling. In that way, Taurus’ literal here-and-now doesn’t complicate simple acts and gets enjoyment from daily life.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign. The earth quality it brings involves health, diet and work – all of the earth components you experience daily. The Pluto in Virgo (with help of Uranus in Virgo) generation is bringing you green and sustainability movements. They also made you use hand sanitizer by making you afraid of germs (hey, your mom couldn’t do this). Virgo is ruled by Mercury so is mental like the other sign ruled by Mercury – Gemini. For Gemini, however, thought brings fun. For Virgo, thought brings worry. That’s the earth.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign. The earth quality it brings involves work, career and authority. What’s a world without stop signs? Imagine, if you can, a world without government. Next time you complain about the government ask yourself if you truly could live without it. We do want boundaries but often rebel against those boundaries. As ruler of boundaries, Capricorn is serious, ambitious and often known for a shrewd, calculating nature. This goat is climbing up for a reason – to get to the top. Don’t forget that.

Mercury communication

Mercury, the planet of communication is in Aries for Kasich and Libra for Christie. Aries and Libra are opposite signs. Aries is fire, Libra is air.

Aries is definitely outspoken being the first fire sign and very demanding of attention to the self. Libra is the sign of the other known for seeking partnership and usually willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve balance in relationship.

Mercury in Aries yells at cops. Mercury in Libra tells you what you want to hear. Kasich’s Mercury in Aries is in square to moon in Capricorn which is what makes his irritability rise to the surface.

Who’s more the straight talker?

I vote Kasich, and not just because I’m from Ohio and he’s my governor. Straight talk can be plain boring, like Kasich. Christie’s “straight talk” is more fiery and challenging and, of course, more fun. But is he really telling it like it is?

Christie and Kasich at the dinner table

If Christie and Kasich were brothers, Thanksgiving dinner might be like this.

Christie, with moon in Sagittarius, would upset the apple cart by bringing to dinner a person of different physical, racial or economic background from the family. As this person sat at the table and the family went into uncomfortable silence deciding what conversation was appropriate, Christie would send Virgo sun criticisms about the turkey and stuffing all the while enjoying them with Sagittarian gregariousness.

Meanwhile, brother Kasich, with Capricorn moon, would take charge of getting the situation under control (a comfort zone) by bringing up a very Capricorn/Taurus conversation point that offends no one – the weather. He might later talk about relatives as that’s what often happens when family gets together as that’s what you have in common – you’re family.

After discussing the weather and departed relatives, Kasich would be sure to thank the parents (and god) for dinner as Taurus/Capricorn is both respectful and loyal. That would remind Christie to provide his thanks as fire is never outshined by earth signs and Christie’s newest bumper sticker promotes community values which involves remembering all that mom and dad truly do for you.

Later, in the corner by the bathroom, Kasich confronts Christie and asks him what the heck he is doing disrupting the charming Thanksgiving festivities. Christie defends his behavior while Kasich defends the family stability. Christie walks out in a huff calling Kasich too conservative and boring. Kasich then challenges Christie’s ideals but asking if his community values involve all or are truly selective in some way.

Need I go on?

This makes me excited for the debates.

Candidate Update

In addition to Christie, two other sheep entered the fold in the last couple weeks. Republican and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal entered the race more quietly than a cat jumping on the counter to knock over your salt shaker. I couldn’t even find his running-for-president website (it’s there now).That’s kind of surprising for a guy with sun and Mercury in Gemini. But maybe that Saturn/Venus conjunction just keeps saying, “You’re not worthy.”

Here’s the 2012 blog on Jindal.

Democrat Jim Webb has also entered the race. He’s got a nice presidential chart with lots of fixed energy. As I’m always saying, Americans like their presidents to have fixed energy. As I watch the Greek economic drama unfold with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras playing craps with his country as the ante, I decided I’m on board too with needing fixed energy (although Tsipras is a fixed fire Leo).

Here’s the blog with a write-up on Webb.

Looking at sun signs, we now have 19 candidates with 9 earth signs, 5 air, 4 water and 1 poor little fire shouting in the distance (Lincoln Chafee).

Looking at Mars, the planet that always wants to drive, we find the fire in this campaign. There are 8 fire signs, 5 water, 3 earth and 3 air.

The first debates (Republican) are in less than a month right here in Ohio. Let’s see who makes it to the podium.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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