The Ohio-New Jersey Governor Swap

If sports teams can trade players and players can change teams, why can’t states trade politicians?

Take LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2003-2010 when he became what Wikipedia tells me is called a “free agent.” He was then able to negotiate a contract with any team in any state.

Aren’t all basketball players free? Isn’t this the land of freedom? No time to study this right now, so let’s move on.

As a “free agent,” James did what many a northern climate resident does – he looked south. It’s warm there, there’s no snow, I won’t blow tires in potholes, etc., etc. I’m guessing he had some “sports related” reasons as well. He chose to play for the Miami Heat.

As a native of Cleveland, it’s no surprise that after four years in, I mean “with,” the Heat, James realized the true nature of Cleveland and begged for re-entry into the halo of lake (Erie) effect snow.

If James can do this, why not the Ohio Governor, John Kasich?

If we can trade Kasich, I’d like to swap him for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. They are both Republicans so we don’t need to worry about political party brouhaha. Christie, like Kasich, says obnoxious things but in a lovable way that endears him to certain segments of the public. Christie is unpredictable. Christie is fun. Christie makes you remember every morning as you wake that you do indeed have a governor.

Ohio is a swing state and earns great focus during national elections. Yet Ohioans have no fun with this. Let’s have some fun.

Chris Christie for Ohio Governor

You may wonder why I’d select a governor for Ohio that was recently the focus of a political scandal. You can find his scandal in this nice WBNS 10 list of New Jersey scandals (see 2014).

My response is that scandal arises for politicians only when they are a threat to other politicians or large corporate interests. Christie has toyed with running for president which brings the scandals. Had Christie been in the politically soporific Ohio, there would be no scandal.

If Kasich should choose to run for president, we will learn much more about his finances. If I were an evil astrologer, and I swear I’m not, that is the first place I’d look for “scandal” for this man with sun in material Taurus and moon in material and controlling Capricorn.

Back to my favorite politician, Christie.

As I blogged in the past, I don’t think Christie will be president. With Pluto and sun conjunct in detailed and organized Virgo, we definitely have the control indicators of a man who would want to be president.

What will preclude Christie from becoming president is the Sagittarius moon which probably squares Uranus (in Virgo) and might even be in square to Pluto and sun (my own mark of a politician).

While that square might be the very drive to run for president, the compulsive need for control, it’s also the “loose cannon” factor that appears to be highly unpalatable in a presidential candidate. The political observer in me would say that to be independent minded is definitely a liability in national politics.

Sagittarius and Virgo are mutable signs. They are flexible and adaptable and, often, eccentric. The combination probably leads to changes in behavior that more fixed or earth signs would label as hypocritical.

For example, Virgo is tight about the rules and order. Yet Sagittarius is not. I’m imagining a guy who would rake someone over the coals for being five minutes late but then show up half an hour late to the opera.

With Pluto on the sun, there is also the desire to control. If you came five minutes late, then I will be ten minutes late to your meeting. Unless, of course, I was waylaid by my Sagittarian desire for freedom of movement then I’ll be 20 minutes late but not for the same reason I planned to be ten minutes late.

Make sense?

That is astrology, the mixing and merging of energies into what we call a “self.” The self is not a rational creature, but a unique mixture of qualities.

Across from the Pluto-sun conjunction in Virgo is Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces is a very nice placement for compassion. Opposite one’s Pluto and sun, however, it can create a bit of inflated ego which moon in Sagittarius would support (which astrologically is a T-square). In this placement, Jupiter in Pisces would think that everything I do is good for you.

Mars in Cancer in Christie’s chart suggests a desire to belong while Saturn in Aquarius says he never feels he fits in with the thinking of the group.

Not a good indicator for the presidency.

This summer transiting Jupiter will enter Virgo for a year while Saturn moves back into Sagittarius for its two year journey. Virgo and Sagittarius are prominent in Christie’s chart so he will be ignited. The Jupiter provides self-deluding confidence while Saturn on one’s moon forces emotional confrontations and emotional control.

The moon traditionally represents women but for a public figure can also be “the public.” To run for president, Christies must clamp down on the Sagittarius moon.

Have you tried to stifle a Sagittarian moon?

You can try, but the Sagittarian archer has the ability to both shoot arrows and jump over fences.

John Kasich for President

Kasich, on the other hand, may very well have a personality fit for the presidency. Kasich’s sun (and Jupiter and Venus) is in fixed earth sign Taurus. The American electorate loves, loves, loves fixed signs. Fixed signs take a position and stick to it (they don’t “waffle”). Most of the US presidents have been fixed signs (including our current).

Moon in Capricorn controls its emotions. Always.

Kasich does have his moments of irritability which may be caused by his Uranus in Cancer opposing the moon as well as Mercury in outspoken Aries. Irritability is a problem for Capricorn moon so Kasich’s presidential challenge is to look happy and content. Capricorn moon doesn’t laugh at itself much so that will also be a challenge, but one the strong Capricorn can handle.

Four planets in earth can make for a good soldier, one who tows the line, one who both believes in and respects authority. This is good stuff for the presidency.

Transiting Pluto is Kasich’s greatest astrological challenge right now. Pluto on the moon is transforming those authoritarian tendencies. Not sure exactly where Kasich’s moon is in degree, Pluto might be well on its way for the 2016 election.

Pluto on the moon for a politician also suggests the “powerful” public making its demands. Again, Kasich is a person who respects authority so he may simply be spending his quiet time in Ohio learning the new rules for his next political venture.

The Swap

You might be wondering why I’d trade a potential presidential candidate. It’s truly for the betterment of both men, and for the country.

Kasich in New Jersey will have the challenge of scandals. This might sound bad but it’s a necessary rite of passage for a presidential run, a rite which won’t happen in pastoral Ohio. It’s better to get prepared in New Jersey than to sit in Ohio procrastinating the inevitable.

Christie, on the other hand, could accept he’s too independent for the presidency and come to Ohio to shake things up and enjoy some fresh air. Christie’s Sagittarian moon would be free to wander (Ohio is closer to Las Vegas which Sagittarian moons sometimes love) without the glare of the Eastern media. We here in Ohio are far, far away from Eastern media. Christie shouldn’t forget that Ohio was once the Wild West (before we went west-er).

Christie can then toy with presidential candidates as they crisscross Ohio like ancient Indian paths during the 2016 election. During the last months of the 2012 election, Kasich made a funny (keep it going!) comment about wanting to tax them during their visits.

Since governor swaps are new, there should be no paperwork (ergo no fees). And I believe governors are “free agents.” Aren’t they?


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