Republican Veep Fight Club: Bobby Jindal

Last night as my cat Lacy and I were deciding what to watch on TV, she asked if we could watch the TV show with all the guys.

“The Big Bang Theory?” I asked.

“No,” she answered. “The one where they wear suits.”

“Mad Men, you mean?”

“No.” She looked at me like I was stupid. “The one where they stand up and yell at each other.”

“The Price is Right?”

“No,” Lacy said patiently. “The one where they argue about health care and immigration and stuff.”

“Oh,” I finally understood.

“That’s not a TV show, that’s a Republican debate. Those were for real. Those are over until after the conventions this summer. That’s why the Sunday talk shows discussed some men who got drunk and slept with prostitutes, like that’s news.”

Bobby Jindal

To keep my cat happy, I looked at another supposed Republican Veep candidate and read her his chart to put her to sleep.

I’m not suggesting Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana is boring. A Gemini sun and Gemini Mercury is never boring.

With moon in Capricorn, however, the fun always has a purpose, is to achieve an ambitious end.

Jindal has a nice, tight opposition of Saturn and Venus in Taurus with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jindal likes nice things and preferably those that others buy for him.

Mercury in Gemini is opposed to Neptune in Sagittarius is a lively and fun story teller. Just remember that some facts are inserted for the benefit of the story.

Jindal’s Mars is in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra so we’ve got a loose grand air trine here. Air is social and talkative and Jindal probably rarely misses a committee meeting or professional club networking event.

Pluto in Virgo squares the sun (in Gemini). Jindal is probably a walking dictionary. If you need a word in your crossword puzzle, text him for the answer.

Or if you need to know the capital of Angola or the average rainfall in Mali. He probably knows all that too.

Jindal is smart and shrewd. I bet he’s an awesome chess player, if he can stay in the chair long enough.

Deep down Jindal is a serious person who has probably considered important issues since childhood.

But he probably won’t show you that part of himself.

With Pluto transiting Capricorn right now, Jindal will receive feedback from others to open up a little more. Uranus transiting Aries is creating an opposition to natal Uranus in Libra so if Jindal doesn’t open up a little to partners, those partners may exit his life suddenly.

Ohio Astrology Assessment

Ohio Astrology gives Jindal 6 stars out of 10.

Back to love, I just don’t think Jindal will love Romney the way a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon should be loved.

The Jupiter/Saturn opposition lands right on Romney’s moon in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio wants to convince Romney that it’s not after his wallet. But Saturn and Venus in Taurus are trying to accumulate goods and like a friend with wealth.

On the other hand, Jindal’s almost complete lack of water in the chart (except for that Jupiter in Scorpio) could provide and completely detached, emotionally uninvolved point of view for Romney.

If Romney needs someone that can send the command to launch the missiles, Jindal has that type of self-control that can do it (if he has morally decided he would do it).

Moon in Capricorn respects authority and takes on the tough jobs in life that others might avoid, such as issuing the command to make a foreign enemy disappear in the night.

Jindal can definitely handle the job, that’s for sure.

Jindal might prove a loyal companion to Romney, but only through sense of duty and not necessarily out of personal admiration.

OHA wants Romney’s new political marriage to be borne of love and admiration, not resume-building so gives Jindal only 6 stars.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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