Saturn Conjunctions – Hitting the Brakes

As I was merging onto the freeway yesterday, there was a police car on the side of the road in speed entrapment position. The car in front of me hit the brakes.

Neither the car in front of me nor I were anywhere near the speed limit and if we had been speeding the police would have already tracked us.

The car in front of me probably knew that as well but hitting the brakes when seeing a police car is a visceral, involuntary reaction in many. We just do it.

We see authority, we clamp up.

Saturn is the planet of limitation, boundaries, rules and authority.

Hitting the brakes when seeing a police car is a Saturnian response.

Now imagine when Saturn is sitting next another planet in your horoscope (a conjunction). It’s like that planet seeing a police car and hitting the brakes.

Personal, social and outer planets

I searched my horoscope database for famous people with Saturn conjunct a personal planet – sun, moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars.

The personal planets represent our most personal characteristics such as the things we want to be (sun), the things we do for comfort (moon), the way we talk (Mercury), the things that give us pleasure (Venus) and the way we assert ourselves (Mars).

After these planets come the social order planets of Jupiter and Saturn. These represent our role in society including family structures, organizational structures and religious structures.

After that are the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which represent generational energies and energies that are not always personal. If we choose to reject an activity that gives us personal pleasure or convenience (such as dumping waste into a river), we are acting on transpersonal energies.

I looked for personal planet Saturn conjunctions because entire generations may have conjunctions of Saturn with social or outer planets. That means the generation is dealing with those issues (such as tearing down the establishment or cleaning up the planet or rebuilding the economy).

Looking in my database, I didn’t see a lot of Saturn conjunct personal planet. Maybe that’s telling and people who walk out into the public light naturally are driving without the brakes, without an inner police car waiting on the berm in ambush.

John Boehner and Rick Perry

John Boehner, current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has Saturn conjunct Mars in Virgo.

Rick Perry, current governor of Texas and former contender for the Republican Presidential nomination, has Saturn conjunct moon in Virgo.

What’s the difference between those two Saturn conjunctions in Virgo?

Mars is how we assert ourselves. The moon is how we react.

Saturn conjunct Mars in Virgo says, “Quit asserting yourself with detailed and discriminating words unless you use every word perfectly and have every detail correct.”

The image I get is of a child losing a spelling bee during the final round and vowing never to misspell another word for his entire life.

Saturn conjunct Mars is a nasty and caustic aspect. Wanting to assert and hold back at the same time causes internal combustion. In response, for example, to the feeling of not being perfect having lost the spelling bee, the Saturn/Mars Virgo conjunction then criticizes every spelling error found in others for the rest of its life.

Saturn conjunct moon in Virgo, in contrast, says, “Just analyze everything that happens and try to react perfectly. You’re not perfect now.”

Trying to be perfect is a recipe for insecurity and moon in Virgo fights with itself endlessly for not being perfect. That constant stream of criticisms creates nervousness which leads to . . . mistakes!

As an aside, I did feel bad for Perry up on that debate stage. Astrologers know he’s nervous but you just can’t admit that when running for President.

Virgo is the sign that rules health so putting the brakes on a Mars in Virgo or moon in Virgo leads to health problems, probably of the nervous sort. Those are the illnesses that result from “stress.”

Someone challenged me once to define “stress.” We use this word a lot but it is difficult to define.

I think of stress as a Virgo phenomenon. The term itself came out of the Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo generation (born in the late 1950s and early-to-mid 1960s).

Stress, I believe, comes from the mind. I think stress results from our thoughts rather than from the physical exertion that comes from doing the things that cause us “stress.”

Does doing the laundry cause stress or all the things we think about while doing laundry? While we do the laundry and think about mowing the lawn and balancing the checkbook and the 100 other tasks we want to accomplish on a rainy day is when we feel “stressed.”

Boehner and Perry probably feel a lot of “stress.”

Brakes are necessary

As you’re aware, brakes on cars are quite necessary. Likewise, Saturn in your chart is necessary.

The lesson of Saturn is to learn when and when not to brake. Braking on ice, for example, is a very bad idea as you can go into a spin.

Saturn conjunct a personal planet is a big lesson in how to use that planet and sign’s energy.

When to brake and when not to brake, that is the question.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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