You Can’t Ignore Leo Moon

An OHA reader found his/her way onto the site through the search term “ignoring Leo moon.” Was the reader looking for ways to ignore Leo moon? Or had the reader ignored a Leo moon to suffer the consequences?

You can’t ignore a Leo moon. Your Google search is over.

Moon as Comfort Zone

The moon represents how we react and how we find comfort. Today we call this our “comfort zone.”

Leo is a fixed fire sign, strong and proud. Like its ruler the sun, it shines – always.

The sun doesn’t turn on and off. The sun has no thermostat to turn down the heat when it’s too hot.

This is important to remember.

Leo as a sign represents creative self-expression, romance and children. Leo is known as the actor of the zodiac for its love of attention.

So the moon in Leo reacts by seeking attention. The comfort zone is to create drama. Show offs are actually feeling insecure.

The creator of soap operas probably had moon in Leo. Dramatic lovings and hatings occur daily on soap operas as they do in the life of a Leo moon.

Identifying Leo Moon

Below are scenarios to help you identify Leo moon in your immediate surroundings.

Work – This is the co-worker who comes in late for the meeting because while he was driving to work he saw a purse snatcher grab the purse of a little old lady. Stopping his car in the middle of the road, he had to run three miles to apprehend the thief who happened to be the CEO of a local bank who had just lost his job.

This same co-worker was late to yesterday’s meeting because while driving to work, a piece of the space shuttle landed on earth and happened to fall right in front of his car.

Home – This is the family member who arrives at the placid Thanksgiving dinner (maybe late again, Leo loves an entrance) with her new partner from a different ethnic background who no one has met (which makes them uncomfortable) and announces during the carving of the turkey that her psychologist said her problems in life were because mom never loved her. Mom runs off crying, dad tries to comfort the crowd and the siblings vow have a secret Thanksgiving next year.

Fishing – This is the man who’s caught the 1,000-foot fish (that no one has seen). If you caught a 1,001-foot fish, then his was 1,002-feet. Napoleon Dynamite is moon in Leo material.

Friendship – This is the friend who is caring and devoted until she realizes that you also have other friends and then has extreme jealous reaction. You are now not devoted enough and have betrayed your friend. Don’t let your Leo moon friend know that you have other friends and you’ll be fine.

Heart of Gold

Have you met a Leo moon? Do these stories make you laugh or pull your hair out?

If you like boredom, Leo moon is not for you. If you want people in your life who shake things up a bit and bring some fun to boring routine, a Leo moon is essential.

Leo rules the heart so no matter how self-centered a Leo moon can appear, it loves and want to be loved in return.

Way to Ignore a Leo Moon

If you find yourself in a situation with a Leo moon and want to ignore him, there is only one way. Move to another country.

If Leo moon is sharing space with you, it can’t be ignored.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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