What Does Jupiter Transiting Your Sun Feel Like? Ask Comey.

While browsing through a copy of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) there he was again – former FBI Director James Comey. It’s true that the FBI is everywhere.

Former FBI director Comey, it appears, was a Chemistry major in college. And, alas, after being fired by the narcissistic and capricious President Trump, Comey is now showing up in the most unlikely of places. I’m expecting to see him on the cover of Vogue soon. Comey is now a rock star.

In what universe does the man who oversaw our mass surveillance become our hero?

I’m not suggesting that’s all the FBI does or that an FBI is not needed. It is strange, however, to have such an authority figure as hero.

This is a good lesson for Americans as we watch our fellow earthlings join what we consider fundamentalist and/or militant groups. Trump as President is authoritarian and extreme: our current allies are somehow his enemies and our current enemies are somehow his trusted advisors.

Ultimately Trump is a supporter of pure, raw authoritarianism and in response those humiliated and purged by this despot are receiving our compassion and admiration. Boiled down it’s the “enemy of my enemy” syndrome.

It’s a simple formula that plays out continually on the world stage. Possibly Americans can now understand our fundamentalist foes; they are responding to external authoritarianism (often by the US) by closing the gates and developing a more protective, internal authoritarianism.

Rock Star Comey

Comey’s trajectory from beleaguered bureaucrat to sympathetic victim-hero follows some astrological patterns. Comey is a Sagittarius sun.

Your Sagittarius sun friends have been through a lot in the past couple decades. From 1995 to 2008 Pluto, the planet of transformation, was transiting Sagittarius. Pluto pulls the rug out from under you (unless you have great awareness and have stepped off the rug) and when you get up off the floor, you are a new person.

The 2016 election was brought to you by Saturn in Sagittarius (late December 2014 to September 2015). Saturn is the planet of contraction and provides discipline, caution, and limitation. In Sagittarius, Saturn brought us a contracting fear of some things typically associated with Sagittarius such as foreigners, philosophical thought and travel. Our worldview contracted.

Pluto and Saturn transits tend to be tough, especially if you are a fire or air sign which are more naturally extroverted and adventuresome. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign.

The universe can plan rewards for struggles and since November 2018 Jupiter has been transiting Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so allows Sagittarius to be its expansive, adventuresome, headstrong self. The gates have been opened and this centaur is now running free. Sagittarius is outspoken about its causes and is talking.

Do you want to know what it feels like? Ask Comey.

Hopefully Comey will enjoy this one year of Jupiter in Sagittarius as he is vindicated and supported by those left in the FBI who are willing to speak on his behalf. The most recent is Andrew McCabe who has written a book suggesting the FBI wanted to secretly record the president and possibly invoke the 25th amendment to remove him.

McCabe, unfortunately for him, is not experiencing a lovely Jupiter/sun transit. McCabe in under the influence of Neptune and must tread very carefully as Neptune creates fog and often you’ve walked toward a cliff and have not known it.

If you want to learn about Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter transits, you’d better talk to Comey before December 2019. At the beginning of December, Jupiter will transit into Capricorn where it will join Saturn and Pluto. Since authoritarianism appears to be increasing in the US (call a national emergency/override a national emergency/veto an override of a national emergency/ban the ability to call a national emergency, etc.), expect Jupiter to bring questions of authority to a crisis level.

Hopefully Comey’s personal astrologer is recommending he find other employment by that time. According to Wikipedia, Comey may have decided to be a professor, a very fine career choice for a Sagittarius sun.

By the end of the year, with Uranus also having changed signs (into Taurus, for seven years), it’s going to be a very earthy earth as astrologically we have a preponderance of earth energy. Fire and air signs may feel restricted, that the fun has been taken away.

So Comey might want to do all his lectures, photo shoots and magazine interviews by the end of the fall. He can then frame a few photos for the wall of his (in my imagination) oak-paneled office. Sagittarians may want to stick to the broader world of education rather than the narrower, tightening world of politics until Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023.

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