Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon – Redux

Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat this week to a narcissistic, openly-vulgar candidate with disdain and contempt for his fellow men brings me back to the point in Clinton’s chart we didn’t see in Clinton as a candidate – her Pisces moon.

Or did we see her Pisces moon?

Astrological thought like any other thought changes focus and terminology. Today’s Pisces moon might be described in its positive sense as empathetic, compassionate, artistic, musical, creative and spiritual. These are wonderful and needed qualities for a world enmeshed in materialism and self-interest.

At the beginning of my astrological studies way back when, Pisces was described a bit more harshly as the sign of self-undoing. Pisces as the 12th sign of the zodiac and ruling the 12th house represents disintegrating boundaries and merging with other energies. The 12th house is what’s hidden, the subconscious, the skeletons in the closet. If you dream of being a monk, you might like this house. But few have that dream.

Pisces’ understanding of the pain of others leads to compassion in both its productive and non-productive paths. A fine example of the latter is Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford who with Sagittarius sun and possibly Pisces moon spent his life in “championing social outcasts and unpopular causes.” This led him to offer assistance to a notorious child murderer who appeared to be using Longford’s compassion to further her efforts at parole while convincing him that she’d reformed.

This is Pisces’ downfall – trying to rescue those that can’t be rescued and suffering the pain they are trying to help others avoid. While it’s easy to rescue others physically such as removing them from a house fire, it’s exceedingly difficult to rescue others psychologically. We humans tend to be our own worst enemies so saving us psychologically means saving us from ourselves and how can one do that?

Pisces at worst is the victim. Pisces comes to you with its pain and you feel compassion until you realize that Pisces won’t remove itself from the situation, even in situations where it might be easy to simply walk away.

Clinton displayed her Pisces moon by walking into the same situation she encountered in 2008 – she appeared too politically powerful to challenge until a contender comes out of nowhere and takes the prize.

Clinton has been disliked intensely since arriving in Washington, DC in 1993. While she’s had many successes, she’s also suffered humiliating blows that would have sent others packing from her initial desire to reform health care in 1993 to her husband’s infidelities and a humiliating presidential run in 2008. Yet she came back for more.

The Female Factor

While I know it’s impossible to separate Hillary the candidate from Hillary the female, I believe female energy compared to male energy factors into the choice the US made as a nation. In hindsight, there may have been one clue that portended the results of the election.

In the second Republican debate in September 2015, there were 11 candidates on stage – 10 men and one woman. At the end of the debate, the candidates were asked what woman they would put on the $10 bill (later, Harriet Tubman was chosen but for the $20 bill instead). The answers are revealing and the order of the answers is important.

From Time.com:

  1. Rand Paul: Suffragist Susan B. Anthony, suffragist
  2. Mike Huckabee: His wife, Janet
  3. Marco Rubio: Civil rights activist Rosa Parks
  4. Ted Cruz: Put Rosa Parks on the $20 bill and keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 [OHA note – Cruz first recommended the change to $10 and $20 before mentioning Parks]
  5. Ben Carson: His mother, Sonya
  6. Donald Trump: Rosa Parks [OHA note – Trump first recommended his daughter before mentioning Parks]
  7. Jeb Bush: Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  8. Carly Fiorina: “We shouldn’t change the $10 dollar bill or the $20 dollar bill. I think, honestly, it’s a gesture. I don’t think it helps to change our history. What I would think is that we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group. Women are the majority of this nation, we are half the potential of this nation and this nation will be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses.”
  9. Scott Walker: American Red Cross founder Clara Barton
  10. Chris Christy [sic]: First Lady Abigail Adams
  11. John Kasich: Nobel Peace Prize-winner Mother Teresa

While there could have been 11 answers, there were only six unique historical woman chosen (Anthony, Parks, Thatcher, Barton, Adams and Mother Teresa). Although Cruz and Trump chose Rosa Parks, they made this choice after Rubio in a way that suggested lack of consideration and more the acceptance of some default choice. If we assume that for a national currency we would chose a person who either was born or spent much of what they were known for in the US, then there were only four unique women (Anthony, Parks, Barton and Adams).

Of note is that three individuals chose a family member – Huckabee chose his wife (the woman beside him), Carson chose his mother (the woman above him) and Trump chose his daughter (the woman beneath him).

Compare the women chosen to the viscerally-hated Clinton. Anthony, Parks, Thatcher and maybe Barton are the only women who come close to matching the energy of a woman challenging her role in society.

That the men and woman on stage couldn’t come up with more female role models is no surprise. History kept women from public roles. Only Thatcher, who is not American, represents what Clinton was trying to accomplish – national political prominence.

Clinton’s Pisces moon and Neptune transit

The irony here is that the majority of the female role models chosen by our Republican candidates (wife, mother, daughter, Mother Teresa, Barton and Adams) resonate more with Pisces moon from humanitarian interests to personal support and nurturing of others (which doesn’t suggest the individuals involved are/were actually doing that, but that the roles represent support rather than dominance). Mother Teresa is the ultimate Pisces moon character – total sacrifice and discarding of self.

The Clinton that is so hated isn’t the Pisces-moon Clinton. I believe it’s the Mars/Pluto/Saturn in Leo Clinton that has the fixed determination and seriousness to challenge the system. It’s also dominant with strong need for control. It’s not traditionally female (note that both Clinton and Fiorina were advised to smile more in the debates).

Neptune rules Pisces and is currently transiting Pisces. Neptune transits a sign for 15 years and will be in Pisces from 2011 – 2026. Neptune transits like Pisces disintegrate, dissolve and confuse. On the flip side, this transit spiritualizes and creates awe. Neptune can spiritualize anything from an individual to art to business. Neptune in Capricorn spiritualized business and corporate conglomeration (“it creates jobs”), in Aquarius obsession with technology and now in Pisces . . . spirituality itself? Neptune is not of this world and, at worst, seeks escape from this world – notice the rise of 24-hour media and drugs (both legal and illegal) since 2011.

Neptune will take a few years to orb into Clinton’s Pisces moon (around 2019). I suspect the fixed-sign Clinton (three planets in Scorpio, three in Leo) will pick herself off the floor and re-examine her life. I’ve suspected for a long time as an astrologer than Clinton would seek spiritual goals under this transit.

Now that Clinton’s fixed-energy personality has been thoroughly rejected in our culture, maybe she will reveal her Pisces moon side to her people in her future pursuits. Not the Pisces moon of victimization as scapegoat; but the Pisces moon of compassion for the good of all that does not destroy its host and inspires other to reject the vices that have become socially-acceptable.

What president has done that?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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6 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Pisces Moon – Redux

  1. Ed Augusts says:

    I suggest the possible reason Trump decided on Rosa Parks as a good choice for the “$10 bill” is that he stood beside her as a co-recipient in the 1986 “Ellis Island” award ceremony for ‘brotherhood, humanitarianism..” etc. :


    I don’t think you’ve fully considered Hillary’s many scandals and shortcomings implicit in her unpleasant natal MARS-PLUTO-SATURN conjunction on her Ascendant! How could you prefer soneone SO sinister? All Trump’s macho assertiveness can be explained as MARS Rising in LEO. Not nearly as bad!
    Best, —–e. a.

    • I’m not suggesting Clinton should have won, just that it would be humiliating to lose to someone so vulgar (who makes fun of handicapped people or calls Mexicans rapists and murderers, for example). Like many, I would have preferred some fresh items on the menu – both sides.

  2. miss g says:

    awesome bit of writing Madame Ohio 😀

  3. harenews says:

    Thoughtful piece as always, OHA!

    Certainly, Geminis are the heavy champion of liars.

    Secretary Clinton got beat at her own game: Lying. Obviously, she had the added handicap of having to lie for two — her and her ex-husband –which is like trying to get a lower score in golf than Jack Nicklaus at Trump National Golf Course — when The Golden Bear is the head pro and it’s his home course — and he’s playing only 18 holes and you are playing 36.

    I knew you would appreciate the Upper Arlington/ Buckeye metaphor. You’re welcome.

    From an astrological standpoint, Saturn has moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius which explains the reduction of John Boehner, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in political power. All of whom are Scorpios. Donald Trump is a Gemini which is adverse to Sagittarius. The universe has selected Donald Trump to counterbalance the winds of Saturn in Sagittarius. He will likely face a lot of conflict the next two years. His voice is likely to become severely weakened after Saturn moves into Capricorn in December 2017. And the pendulum swings from the exuberance and grandiosity of Sagittarius to the pragmatism of Capricorn. Look for Capricorn Michelle Obama to broadcast a few choice words in President Trump’s direction.

    I also find it fascinating that Hilary’s birthday is 10/26 and Melania’s birthday is 4/26. They are complete opposite poles of the zodiac.

    When Uranus enters Taurus in May of 2018, Melania may be better prepared to deal with those headwinds. Look for her to take on a bigger role as Urnanus enters Taurus and her 70 year old husband ages.

    Do not be surprised if you see significant conflict between Melania Trump and fellow Taurus Mark Zuckerberg. Melania has already vowed to make online bullying on social media her top priority as First Lady.

    Thanks again for all your tireless work. It’s much needed and much appreciated.



    • blacktea89 says:

      In the world of politics, how do we judge “lying”. For those who’ve bothered to actually research her career and study her beyond the image certain media heads have been determined to betray her, she is actually one of the most “honest” politicians there is, of course no one could compare to the inherent lying engaged in by Trump who is on a whole other level since his objective is to twist reality to suit his vanity.

      William Saffire was the first to call Hillary a congenital liar in a disgusting piece of journalism when the media drummed up the whitewater scandal (helped on my conservatives). We tend to forget how much the Clintons were outsiders to the Washington establishment and their bruising battles with the press. Her scorpionic loyalty ensured that she would do anything to protect her family, including her husband.

      Anyway, I think in many ways, especially the way OhioAstrology explains ither image is very much shaped by a Piscean influence but the Scorpio energy ensures she’s always seen as a threat and provokes extreme reactions on people – either loads of sympathy or loathing.

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