Melanie and Antonio: Leos Split Before Jupiter Return?

When an OHA reader informed me that actress Melanie Griffith and actor Antonio Banderas were divorcing, I was not shocked. After the Al & Tipper Gore breakup of 2010, no political or celebrity breakup will ever shock me again (not even Bill & Hillary which would be a logical one).

What did make me smack my own head in wonder is how two Leos would break up just weeks, I mean days, almost hours from a Jupiter transit of Leo.

What are they thinking?

On the verge of Jupiter

Jupiter will begin a one-year transit of Leo beginning mid-July. Leo is ruled by the sun, is a fixed fire sign, and is known for its loving intensity, childlike and childish drama, exuberance, generosity, pomposity and anything superlative.

Melanie and Antonio are both Leo suns. Imagine going outside, say in Spain, on a clear day (which occurs often in that arid land). You’ve just woken from a delightful night of socializing, feel refreshed and the morning is cool and the low heat of the sun is warm and soft.

Now imagine that one more sun rises above the horizon.

Your paltry pair of sunglasses now can’t stop the rays from burning your irises, your level 45 sunscreen now needs to be doubled to 90, and the warmth quickly turns to oppressive heat.

Now imagine that the planet Jupiter, which “expands what it finds,” comes to expand the energy of these two suns.

There is no sunscreen that can protect you.

Need I go on?

Melanie and Antonio

Not only do Melanie and Antonio have sun in Leo, both also have Uranus in Leo. Melanie has the added pleasure of Pluto in Leo (29 degrees). Antonio, a tad bit younger, has Pluto in the next sign – Virgo.

Antonio has a wide fire trine with moon in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Melanie has moon in cool, detached Aquarius which opposes all her Leo energy. Believe it or not, she can be detached when she’s not 100 percent obsessed (which may happen 10 percent of the time, but can happen).

Jupiter should be good to these Leos, although Melanie might have some trouble during the full opposition to her moon.

Jupiter in Leo means the attention is coming. The key for both of these attention-seeking Leos is to filter and focus the attention into the positive kind. But, then again, for attention-seeking folk, attention is like ice cream and while not all flavors are equally palatable, it is ice cream.

Will their breakup be as passionate as their pairing?

While this Jupiter transit could indicate a fully-public, dramatic, divorce, I’m suspecting that the breakup right before the transit suggests that both will feel more energized from the breakup, from being apart.

Back to the two suns analogy – while you’re getting fried into a raisin wondering where you can find shade, the suns might also feel, how shall we say it, a little cramped.

I’m wondering if these two just need a little space, something neither horoscope would ever consider, obsessive as they are.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is crossing Antonio’s natal Saturn in Capricorn. This could mean some sense of failure or an awakening that one is growing old and life is now following the setting sun, not the rising sun. This realization can create some intense responses. Melanie dealt with that same transit (transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn) years ago, in the early 2000s.

Jupiter Cries with Joy

When you watch actors in a movie, you laugh with them, cry with them, rage with them. Actors have that unique ability to channel emotions and filter that through moving image so that you feel what they feel.

That ability transfers into news of their personal lives. They carry that ability to transfer emotions and we, the admiring public, feel with and for them.

One of the exceptional traits of Leo (and the other fire signs) is the ability to bounce back after just about any setback. With Jupiter adding to this trait, we may have a bit of bouncing from both parties.

Jupiter will be in Leo from July 2014 – August 2015. Then it will be in Virgo and soon after pass over Antonio’s Venus and then six months later Melanie’s Venus.

Who knows? Maybe they will spend a year of Jupiter in Leo realizing they both have Venus in Virgo which wants to be loved “perfectly” and that a partner with such similar energy kind of knows how to love quite-close to perfectly.


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  1. Emma says:

    I love this read!! I wonder what mine and my husbands pairing is like – both air signs.

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